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Nicole Kidman Bares Bikini

Nicole Kidman Bares Bikini

At least the bottom half!

It was girl-bonding time for Nicole Kidman as spent Friday afternoon yachting and swimming with some friends while vacationing in St. Barth in the French West Indies.

Noticeably missing was hubby Keith Urban, who gave a very spontaneous show last night to members of Keith‘s official fan club, Monkeyville, at Nashville nightspot “City Hall.”

Nicole‘s new movie role involves a load of bull. She recently told UK’s The Daily Mail that she learned how to round up cattle and castrate bulls in preparation for her latest movie role in Baz Luhrmann‘s World War II epic, Australia.

In the film, Nicole plays an English aristocrat who travels to Australia after inheriting a cattle station.

Says Nicole, 39, of her newly acquired skills, “I don’t know if I’ll have to do that, but it’s best to be prepared. In seven weeks, I’ll be riding a horse and chasing young bulls.”

Nicole‘s new film His Dark Materials: The Golden Compass opens Dec. 7 and co-stars Casino Royale‘s Daniel Craig and Eva Green.

UPDATE :: Keith Urban was, in fact, spotted cuddling at St. Barth with Nicole on Saturday. The pair most definitely seem to be staying strong.

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  • Dirty Denise

    She looks like a bean pole. I can’t see any man finding her attractive.

  • Jillian B

    She has a pale stringy boy body. Nothing feminine about her body.

  • Amy

    Really Dirty Denise? there is nothing wrong with being a beanpole and better yet she is not single so I guess her hubby finds her attractive coupled with the fact that she is rich and doesn’t even know you exist so that must bite, eh? She has a couple of male co-stars who can’t help but share how they feel about her, 2 fantastic musicians write music for her, anyone done that for you at all lately, Denise? Dirty Denise, sometimes, stupidity needs to be kept at bay. She is a beautiful woman, those legs are enough to make one crazy. Maybe you should stop piling yourself fat with donoughts, eh and you won’t feel so fat? Envy doesn’t look good on anyone.

    She is in great shape, not everyone wants to look like a Michelin sibling.

  • Amy

    So? she herself has said she doesn’t have a woman’s body. So, what? she is still alive, rich and gets to places you wouldn’t even get to in your lives. You can insult her and other celebs as much as you like but they don’t know of your existence so all these “barbs” have about as much chance of hitting a nerve as radio remote control on a TV.

  • pickal

    Girls vacation? Was Naomi with her?

  • maxine

    I wonder if Naomi was there but I doubt it. Naomi probably got back to New York to be with Liev who’s stuck there until late June starring in Talk Radio. As to Nicole’s looks, I heard from people who saw her in real life that her face is too botoxed to look natural and she’s too thin to look sexy. Yes, she has money and fame but I don’t envy her, I think she’s a sad soul. You really have to hate yourself to punish your body so much and inject toxins in your face. No money in the world can compensate for that. She used to be so gorgeous, back when she had red hair and more meat on her bones.. I don’t know what happened to her since. I’m not convinced she’s so happy with Keith either–I mean, he has serious issues. I like Nicole but she’s changed a lot since the Oscar.

  • JOE


  • lamb

    Married less than a year, hubby only out of rehab for little over a month and she goes on a girl vacation. Does this seem a little odd to anyone else?

  • kuala

    She looks good for her age, but did she have a boob job?

  • Terri

    She used to be pretty, after the Oscars people are noticing that she isn’t a pretty woman anymore. Her face is plastic and she is looking desperate. She is on her way to look like the Catwoman. I have heard that she isn’t a nice woman anyway, very cold and manipulating. Sad soul indeed.

  • Chiniston

    Her face does look very strange these days, botox or whatever. And her body is boyist but she still has cute little natural boobies. At least I think they are still natural.

  • QQQQ

    lamb Says: 9:19 pm – was thinking the same… i don’t know why they even bothered showing up together at the Oscars…

  • jq

    She’s still pretty and elegant, but sadly too much botox might affect her facial expression as an actress. she ‘s talented and a versatile actress, she really don’t need it, look at Merly Streep, aging naturally and still getting tons of script.

  • Not Buying It In Nashville

    Well Hi Wendy – I mean Amy – I guess Beanpole’s “Hubby” finds Amanda Wyatt even more attractive.

    You, my dear Amy, are about as attractive as a COMMODE.

  • maxine

    Her boobs.. that’s interesting. I think she had a discreet boob job long time ago. She used to be as flat as Kate Hudson except when she was much heavier (the Cruise years) but I don’t think she’d retain such a shapely and perfect rack after losing so much weight.
    “Not buying it in Nashville”– who is Wendy? Amanda Wyatt??? I hear that folks in Nashville don’t love her all that much. True?

  • KrUnG kRuNg

    maxine Says:

    March 3rd, 2007 at 1:00 am – flag comment
    Her boobs.. that’s interesting. I think she had a discreet boob job long time ago. She used to be as flat as Kate Hudson except when she was much heavier (the Cruise years) but I don’t think she’d retain such a shapely and perfect rack after losing so much weight.
    “Not buying it in Nashville”– who is Wendy? Amanda Wyatt??? I hear that folks in Nashville don’t love her all that much. True

    speaking of boobies, did ne1 here watched the american idol thursday? Kelli Pickler performed n ohmigod her boobies r huge, it’s so obvious that she got a boob job, they r gigantic hehe, Kelli P. ur so obvious girl…

  • Sir John

    I always thought about when she and the half sized Tom Crusie having sex. “Yes little rabit do it to me” winding her unbelievable long legs around the dwarf like a anaconda, while he is struggling and struggling to not diasapoint her.

    Maybe he can do some tricks wth his big nose to her, who knows why she was that long time with him. He must had some qualities we even can imagine.

  • audrey horne

    she is freakin gorgeous. not a womans body???? tall thin, gorgeous, LOOK AT THOSE BOOBS….HOT!!!! and christ, if i had cameras in my face constantly, if i made a living with my face in movies, and had people constantly judgeing whether or not i looked old now etc, i would probably have botox done too! gimme a break, why not????
    I think she is absolutely gorgeous, even with some age, even with botox etc.
    She does need to DUMP that loser Kieth Urban though, she sure does not know how to pick her men.

  • kidi

    Sir John——Interesting visual, but what leads you to think she and TC EVER had sex?

  • drainbreath

    Her contract with Tom C certainly paid dividends. Will probably do the same for Katie Holmes in about 5-10 years.

  • Nobody

    I suspect she and Urban are already on the rocks. They don’t seem to show up in the same places much these days. And who goes on vacation with their girlfriends to St. Barths when you just got your husband back out of rehab? I give it six months max. And then watch her turn up with Daniel Craig. Two movies together….some good chemistry…and he is so much hotter than Keith Urban. Who could blame her?

  • Reatty

    Nicole is gorgeous!! Most women would kill for long toned legs like that. She is in great shape. She’s actually gained weight since she’s been with Keith. When was the last time you or your friends said you wish you had a big bottom… Most women want to be slender. I saw her on stage during the Oscars and she looked beautiful so i think these negative comments are just jealousy. If Nicole wasn’t taking care of her face and body, the same people would be talking about how she let herself go. I also saw the Oscar special where she said she and Keith will stay in Nashville and that they want to buy a farm. Looks like two people planning their future together to me.

  • Reatty

    Whose to say that he didn’t leave Nashville and join Nicole on vacation. We don’t know everything they do. Gwenth Paltrow and her husband don’t do the red carpet type stuff together either and on purpose because they want to protect their privacy and not have a big, public “Hollywood” marriage.

  • TLC

    Is this not the same women who supposedly had broken ribs and couldn’ fly like 2 weeks ago and now she is diving into water!!!! I find all of this very strange. She should be in Nashville supporting her husband. Keith is doing a radio show this weekend in Nashville and making the rounds to the establishment and she should be there in case he needs her, not off partying on some yacht!!!

  • blurb

    I guess she is not pregnant.

  • COGirl

    So she’s out swimming…with a t-shirt on. What’s up with that???? Nicole Kidman is indeed a very strange woman (and not just because of that). She’s just strange, period. I’ve never seen anyone so desparate for attention in my life. I feel sorry for her. Actually, I feel sorry for all the men who have ever been involved with her.

  • Bluebear

    Does she every take her children any where???

  • Anna

    Exactly Bluebear, why she’s never with her kids?????, with Tom doing a movie i think she could spend some quality time with the kids…….ODDDDDDDDD

  • Susan

    What I find very sad is that Keith Urban has not been in Nashville since getting out of rehab. He’s been basing himself in LA because Nicole was working (surprise surprise) there. And when he had to work in Chicago, Toronto or New York, instead of flying to Nashville between dates, where it was closer, he would fly back to LA to be with Nicole. And on Keith’s first trip back to Nashville, their home, his wife goes on vacation. What a way to show support Nicole!! Maybe she’ll show up in Nashville or Keith in the West Indies. I really am hoping so.

    And as far as wanting to buy a farm and a goat, can you say PR. It looks good for her public image as a supportive wife to say something like that.

    I’ll be surprised to see this marriage last much longer. And I hate saying that because I was one of those who were happy about this union. There is not a doubt in my mind that Keith Urban is in love with his wife. Even before he went into rehab, he made statements about Nicole being his best friend and all you had to do was listen to the songs he wrote and read his dedication to her in his CD liner notes. All I ever heard from Nicole was that she loved Nashville and she loved to ride horses. It seems that she married Keith more for the enviroment he could provide for her rather than the man himself.

    There was a very interesting German magazine article where Keith talked about people using things to mask feelings, such as anger and loneliness. Kind of makes you wonder.

    And if she did end up with Daniel Craig, that would just prove the old rumors of her falling for her leading men. I wonder if Nicole ever showed Keith the W Magazine article and pictures. Hope not.

    I also believe that Tom Cruise emotionally ruined her. She just seems completely different since then. Very cold.

  • maxine

    Susan–I couldn’t agree more about Tom ruining her. I think she also learned a few media tricks from him. The “barefoot and pregnant” talk, the goat and a farm talk.. all good PR.
    Reatty: I would agree except that Gwyneth didn’t publicize her wedding at all, in fact, you can’t find a single photo from the event and nobody knew when it happened. Gwyneth never shows up with Chris on the red carpet or to events. Weird, but at least that’s her strategy and she’s sticking to it, no exceptions. Not to mention she has 2 kids with him and spends most of her year in London to be with him. That’s not the case with Nicole–her wedding rivaled royal weddings in terms of media exposure – I mean, they made ANNOUNCEMENTS to the press about it (how many stars make public announcements WHEN they’ll get married?). Then she had paps photograph her on her honeymoon (again, where are Gwyneth’s honeymoon photos?) and later in Nashville, shopping at Target (again, how many stars of Nicole’s magnitude and wealth shopt at Target–great PR though). She had Rupert Murdoch at her wedding for pete’s sake.. you can’t get more manipulative than that. Nicole appears like this innocent, fragile doll but only the most ardent, immature or young and naive fans buy this image. Her NKU fansite is so heavily controlled, most topics about her private life are forbidden or closed. It’s a very weird, Stepford-like environment over there.

  • Daisy

    No her wedding was not that publicized. They sent out ONE official picture & that is it. Nicole protects her children & she tries to protect her privacy as much as she can. You all need to leave Nicole & Keith alone to let them lives their lives how they see fit. It is not their fault if paparazzi follow them around.

  • Daisy

    Rupert Murdoch & his wife are long time friends. He is an Australian! That is why he was at their wedding.

  • Reatty

    I don’t understand this hatred directed at Nicole Kidman from people who don’t really know anything about her except what the media has fed to you and that includes what type of photos you see of her. Keith went into rehab back in 1998 and 7 years before he ever met Nicole, but I’m sure some of you will figure out a way to blame her for that too. Keith had a concert here a month or so after they got married and Nicole was with him. If she openly supports Keith, you say it’s just good PR for her and If she isn’t with Keith or openly supporting him by following him around then you say she isn’t a good wife. Keith is not a child that needs to be monitored by his wife at all times. Those three months he was in rehab were very stressful for her, while Keith was safely protected from everything and getting the rest and help he needed. Well maybe now Nicole needs a break from everything. She mentioned her daughter during one Oscar night interview and you can tell they have a close relationship.

  • Daisy

    Reatty I agree. And it isn’t like Nicole & Keith never saw each other while he was in rehab. They had visits in the first month plus weekends & the trip to Australia. Also we have no idea how many counseling sessions or anything else. I just wish people would leave them alone to live their life how they choose to.

  • maxine

    I don’t have any hatred for her at all, I just find it curious that her fans seem to have blinders on when it comes to Nicole manipulating the media (btw, almost every star does it, just be honest about it). If they follow her everywhere, as you said, why isn’t she photographed with her kids more often? If she can protect her kids so well, why can’t she protect her honeymoon or rehab visits so that the paparazzis can’t take any photos? If she didn’t want publicity at her wedding, why announce when and where they’ll get married and why organize a three day wedding extravaganza in Sydney, where she’ll get maximum exposure? Why not just go to Fiji and take your family and friends there? I’m not saying I have a problem with her loving the spotlight but stop pretending like she’s some shy wallflower who hates it. If she doesn’t want anyone speculating about her pregnancy, why does she talk about wanting a baby every chance she gets? Sandra Bullock never talks about it because she TRULY hates people speculating.

  • Daisy

    They made an announcement because it was already being speculated on in Australia. The media made it out to be one of the biggest weddings, they didn’t. They had been engaged for a long time but never said anythign until May. They didn’t even acknowledge when the wedding was going to be until a week before it happened. They are two Australians, of course it was big news there. I highly doubt Nicole & Keith even knew that their honeymoon was being photgraphed. Any more then it looked like she knew the pictures were taken yesterday or during his rehab. Do you know how far away photogs can be? Oh & there have been pictures of her & Isabella in the last few months.

  • rol

    I also would marry her…

  • Reatty

    Well Gweyneth Paltrow actually proved that she loves media attention when she named her daughter Apple. She knew that would get her a lot of attention. Speaking of Hollywood moms, how often do you see Annette Bening photographed with her children? Almost never and she’s is known as one of the most hands on loving moms in Hollywood. You don’t have to have your kids pictures out there if you want to protect them. I see plenty of photos of John Travolta with his little girl, but you never see the boy. So does that mean John never see’s his son because “you” don’t see them together… Just because you always see certain stars out photographed with their children that doesn’t make them better parents. Just means they like to parade their kids around for the attention it brings them. Any body see the movie Mommie Dearest? Joan Crawford’s kids were always on display, but at home without the camera’s on them they weren’t so special…

  • penelope


    Do you actually believe these paps just happened to be floating around out in the waters of St. Barths? Or at Betty Ford (where no other celebrities have been photograhed), or out in the middle of a park in Nashville?

    I am sure she has them on speed dial

  • Reatty

    Do you actually not believe that for the right amount of money paid by the tabloids that the paps wouldn’t go to the ends of the earth for certain pictures? Nicole and Keith both had shocked and angry looks on their faces when they noticed they were being photographed at Betty Ford.

  • maxine

    Reatty: your last post sort of proved my point. She’s VERY much in the spotlight, it’s very hard to hide unless you really want. Annette Bening and John Travolta? 10 or 15 years ago their pictures were everywhere but not anymore. Of course it’s easy for Annette to be hands-on and not in the tabloids because NOBODY CARES to see her photos. Everyone wants to see Nicole and her kids because there is so much speculation about why she is NOT seen with them. Yes, I’ve seen pictures with Bella but that’s it. I doubt you wouldn’t see any if they really visited her. IN fact, I think her publicist would make sure the photos were taken. So I really doubt they’re with her very often unless they sit at home and never go out when they visit her. Please don’t insult my intelligence by trying to tell me that Nicole is a hands-on mother like Annette Bening. In fact, don’t insult Annette who actually sacrificed her career to raise a family. I used to defend Nicole when people accused her of being an absent mother. I used to think (and I still think) that her ex is controlling the situation. That being said, I’d never give up my kids to be raised by a lunatic. Regardless of the consequences.

  • Reatty

    10 or 15 years ago pictures were not out there of Annette Bening’s kids because she has always protected them from that. Annette Bening works just as much as Nicole does. Have you seen pictures of Britney Spear’s younger child? No! And the paps follow her everywhere. Have you seen many pictures of Tim and Faith’s girls? No! And don’t insult my intellligence by saying that just because somebody is seen in photos with their kids that that makes them mother of the year.

  • JoAnn

    IMHO, those who are constantly photographed with their kids are out for publicity. For example, before Tomkat got married, they like to be pictured out and about with Bella and Connor, just to show she is a good stepmother. After the birth of Suri and the wedding, Katie is rarely seen with the kids. Nowadays, she’s mostly seen shopping, dining or attending fashion shows with Victoria Beckham. *gasp* does that mean she is now a bad mother????

  • Nicole

    realised who are those that are so hateful about nicole? they are either Tom Cruise’s die hard fans or all those pathetic women who are full of jealousy because of something so different in Nicole that they hate to admit.
    if she is so botoxed, she wouldnt be praised by all critics for her 7 minutes close up shots in BIRTH, that famous scene which depended solely on her facial expression. If she is so botoxed, she would not be named one of the best actress of our generation.
    you know why she has such a good skin? thats because she is so pale and white. By the way if you look closely, she does have lines around her eyes and foreheads but she is too white and with strong lights, that disappeared!!
    you know why she is so pale and white? thats because she takes great care of her skin, yes she is that stranger who swim with full suit on, jog with full jacket. Naomi Watts once said Nicole wouldnt cross the road without a hat.
    you know why she hardly appeared in public with her children? thats because she doesnt need to gain publicity by selling her children to media (No offence, Tom). SHe is nicole kidman, one of the best actress of our generation.
    so you sour grapes, start taking care of your skin, its probably too late now.
    Nicole Kidman is epitome of class and elegance, she is probably the one and only actor who is closest to the glamour of Hollywood’s classic.

  • Marcus

    Another Nicole fanatic or Wendy Day. Nicole and her PR people are master manipulators of creating the false image of Nicole Kidman, what all of her gullible fans will believe. Classy Nicole and all of her graphic sex scenes, classy Nicole in a bathtub with a 10 year old. Nasty whore Nicole. Classy Nicole and her affairs with men on her movie sets, classy Nicole and her pregnancy by a man other than her husband.

  • Daisy

    What Nicole does in movies has no bearing on her personal life. The things she does are called for in the scripts or she would not do them. BTW/Wendy Day is not her only publicist. It is funny how she is the one who always gets blamed for Niole’s press.

  • Reatty

    Nicole sued that publication that said she had an affair and she won!!

  • Daisy

    Update in case you missed it from Jared.

    UPDATE :: Keith Urban was, in fact, spotted cuddling at St. Barth with Nicole on Saturday. The pair most definitely seem to be staying strong.

  • fran drescher

    i would love to do it scissor style with nic. those long legs would be so sexy wrapped around my body.

  • Danielle

    Everyone knows Kidman uses botox and if you look at pictures of her from the late 90′s and before, she’s had a lot of other work done. Unfortunately, she is now pretty scary looking. There was a lot of press saying just that at the Oscars this year. Her beauty is now plastic and far from natural.

    As far as her marriage to Keith Urban, I think it’s poison to him. He ended up in rehab after 3 months of marriage. I saw him slowly unravelling after they got together until he looked depressed and miserable…and needed 90 days of treatment! He is a hugely talented artist. The relationship is having a negative impact on his career. He needs to distance himself from her, or he is going to lose fans.

    She is self centered and insecure. I don’t think Kidman is capable of the sacrifice that is required of marriage let alone supporting a husband with addiction. If she suppored him, she’d have gone home with him to Nashville this last week, where she feels so “earthed” … spent a few days there with him and then, gone on vacation together. Since getting married, they’ve been apart more than they’ve been together and I find her actions to be selfish and not consistent with a newly wed in love with her husband. It’s more consistent with a narcisist in love with herself.