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'300' Movie Review

'300' Movie Review

Prepare for Glory!!!!!!!!!!

Just attended a private screening of 300 earlier this week and boy, was it bloody. Bloody fantastic!!! Standout performances from the entire cast including Gerard Butler (King Leonidas), Lena Headey (Queen Gorgo), Dominic West (Theron), and Rodrigo Santoro (Xerxes).

300 is the second graphic novel by Frank Miller to hit the silver screen and is stylized similarly as the first (2005′s Sin City). This time around, the story is more compelling. There are amazing Lord of the Rings-ish battle scenes, witty banter, comical moments (King Leonidas bites into an apple right after a battle scene) and tender scenes between the king the queen. (Gerard Butler fans, the luck of the Scottish will bring you Gerard‘s posterior in all its glory.)

So far, 300 has garnered an unheard of 100% freshness rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Here’s what some of top reviewers had to say:

  • “A blustery, bombastic, visually arresting account of the Battle of Thermopylae as channeled through the rabid imagination of graphic novelist Frank Miller.” — Variety
  • “Frank Miller’s graphic novel about an ancient Greek battle comes to vivid life.” — Hollywood Reporter
  • “In between all the blood and guts, 300′s careful costuming and sensuous style is intensely erotic.” — CinemaBlend

Gerard was also interviewed on Friday on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Queen Latifah was flirting with him the whole time saying things like, ‘You shave your whole body alone?’ Hubba, hubba. Watch the video below!

Gerard will be making a Monday appearance on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Set your TiVo’s now!

300 opens in theaters (including IMAX) nationwide on Friday, March 9.

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Gerard ButlerThe Tonight Show with Jay Leno, 3/2

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  • langtry

    He’s hot, but what’s with the “crotch shot” pics? Some bizarre “shout out” to Britney?

  • magnus

    Saw this one a few months ago. It’s really good.

  • Hannah

    Doesn’t seem like my kind of movie, but Gerard sure is hot!

  • me

    Oooh I saw his appearance on Jay Leno last night while I was flipping through the channels.
    I’m so glad I was bored and decided to watch it
    I think he is soo cute…..and funny……and I f’loove his scottish accent….
    Lucky Queen Latifah was flirting with him……*I’m Jealous*

    I hope to see more of him……the movie looks really good…….

    Aww…..I have a new celebrity crush……..

    If only I could find a guy my age like that…..*wishful thinking*……

  • canuckistani

    Poor Gerard, he didn’t know Latifah is gay! It was hilarious watching a gay woman have fun with a straight man who didn’t know she was gay. His gaydar is waaaay off!

  • Amanda

    I’m so excited for this movie. Gerry was so nice when I met him, so I really wish him the best in his career!

  • Yolanda

    Gerard Butler is the only guy who can make a gay woman have the hots. Butler is one fine and sexy looking man!

  • June

    Gerard is HOTNESS! I can not wait to see this movie. I hope it is a success for Mr. Butler deserves some regconition!

  • Alexanderina

    Gerard is hot and sexy

  • Alexandria

    This was so amusing haha. Gerard

  • crabbypants

    holy smokes, he’s seriously hot and gorgeous…and hilarious. I was laughing the whole time. Apparently looks could also come with sense of humour, lol.

  • MovingtoScotland

    He is the sexiest man alive!

  • Queen Bee

    Thanks Jared! I totally don’t watch Leno but great interview. Regardless is she’s gay or not Queen Latifah seemed to be feeling Gerard. Who wouldn’t!

    I hope this catapult’s Gerard up there with the A-Listers like he deserves. Loved him ever since Dracula 2000!

  • Caliente

    That man has large lovely hands:P

  • Bella

    That man can get my WHOLE CHECK


  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    Does Queen act gay? Cause I’ve never noticed it.

  • heehee

    How does one act gay? Did you expect her to start making out with another woman while taping the show? I think people assume she’s gay because she’s never seen with a man and as far as I know I’ve never heard her in a straight relationship, but there’s no real proof she’s gay.

  • The Few, The Proud

    The Marines.

  • A Certain Smile

    ITA #17
    Also, even if gay, How do you know she is not bisexual? how do you know Gerard isn’t gay and isn’t in on the joke as you claim?

    The man has charisma any one of any sexual orientation could see that. It was fun and made what is your usual boring talk show interview interesting and fun!

  • Karenenna

    The energy between him and Latifa was precious. MY LORD!!! What a yummy guy!!! Flirting is an art. Gay or whatever, they were clearly enjoying each other. I loved the end where he turned away from Jay to her.

  • Stacey

    He is the hotness. This movie will do for him what Gladiator did for Russell Crowe – make him an instant superstar.

  • me


  • angiefan jsr

    I’ve seen him in a lot of movies and he’s always good actor. Daniel Craig is now s superstar but Butler is still considered chracter actor. Hope this will give him a leverage.

  • mari

    queen latifah is gay???

  • Shari

    Thank you SO much for that! I swear, Gerard is just walking, talking sex. I love him!

    I seriously doubt that Queen Latifah is gay. Just because she doesn’t put her business out there for everyone to know doesn’t mean anything. Good for her for being able to keep her personal stuff under wraps.

  • Taylor

    Why are all of these rumors spreading about queen Latifah being gay? For one thing just because she played as a gay woman in Set It Off and hasn’t been seen in a straight relationship doesn’t mean that she is gay. Read this article and think about what she has been through and how she has become so comfortable with herself over the years.
    Just because she wants gay right and freedoms and might mess around with her friends who happen to be women doesn’t mean that she is gay. There are so many women who do the exact same thing but never get rumors started about how they might be gay.
    And even if she was gay, who cares?
    And as she said, “There’s still all kinds of speculation about my sexuality, and quite frankly, I’m getting a little tired of it … It’s insulting when someone asks, `Are you gay?’ A woman cannot be strong, outspoken, competent at running her own business, handle herself physically, play a very convincing role in a movie, know what she wants–and go for it–without being gay? Come on.”
    Just think about it for a second people and stop believing everything you hear about celebrities, because there’s a very slim chance that those rumors are true. So unless I hear it from her mouth that she is gay then I won’t believe those rumors. If one day she does happen to say that she’s gay then I’ll also be perfectly fine with that.

  • queenbutler

    OMG!!! He’s sexy hot.Saw the movie and loved it! King Leonidas is hard and Charming. I’d be his queen. Even his character in the movie has a charisma about him. Everything about him says greatness. Just damn adorable. I’m a little particular about my men, but he’s a full package…great personality, manly body, even his voice boast. All I can say is I’m in love. In reality first time I have had a celebrity crush since early childhood.Damn…mmm! By the way why comment on crotch shots? He’s perfect! Call me.

  • mara

    I thought is was too cute the way Queen Latifah was flirting with Gerard. What was really great was him flirting back. That was just too much fun to watch.


  • mara

    gerard butler is more than sexy, he lusciously sensuous!!!

  • queenbutler

    Okay your right he is more than sexy, but what you say that hasn’t been said yet. He’s so strong in every aspect! I just can’t get enough of this video or of him.