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Nicole & Keith Kiss and Don't Tell

Nicole & Keith Kiss and Don't Tell

Hollywood “A” couple Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban share an intimate kiss at a local eatery on Sunday in St. Barth in the French West Indies. How sweet!

Keith kicks off his Love, Pain and the whole crazy World tour next month. Don’t miss all of the latest pictures of Nicole and Keith in St. Barth.

Note: This is the answer to the latest installment of “Celebrity Guess Who?” Congrats to thong expert Jenna for guessing Nicole first! High five!

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  • hello
  • Jillian B

    Nobody wants to see your underpants, b*tch!

  • hello
  • Adrian

    @ Jillian B,

    Shut up you retard, I see no ‘bitches’ but you.

  • JAlba

    very cute!
    Just Jared…It is possible to see a bigger version of the pics in the circles?

  • ceecee

    #2 – why such hatred?

  • Hohan

    i’m so happy they are ok now.Nicole deserves all happiness in this world!

  • COGirl

    Cover it up, Nicole. Showing your “thong” is not flattering on a 39 yr. old woman, it’s slutty.

  • ISA

    My God, they are wonderful together!!!

  • Mary

    How cute!!
    I love seeing them happy together

  • justine


    they are so happy.

  • justine

    I love seeing them happy together

  • amara

    He will be back in rehab or either filing for a divorce. Nicole is pale, thin, ugly, and gross. Waking up to her for the rest of his life screams for large amounts of alchohol and drugs.

  • ju

    Such a sweet couple!

  • ceecee

    #13 – lots of unhappy people here. sad :-(

  • COGirl

    Holy cow she’s got her PR working overtime here!! :) :) :)

  • Danielle

    I certainly don’t wish them ill will, but they just look awkward with each other. She’s too thin and pale. Hopefully she’ll get some sun and eat something!

  • Daisy

    She is pale skinned. It is not good for her to tan!! Geez people. There all different skin types.

    They look happy to me.

  • Vanessa

    Some people are so stupid. You criticize, just for envy.
    see the pictures, this couple is very happy.

    Envious, sad people

  • Not Buying It In Nashville

    Funny how as soon as WOMENS DAY in Australia wrote about how they were pissy with each other at the Oscars – and how everyone was commenting she was on vacation alone – she made sure to have the PHOTO OPS to counter all those rumors.

    Keith is not leaving her until after the Australian tour. He needs her for people to pay attention to him.

    And she needs him because she’s pathetic and her movies flop – the more people talk about her, she hopes it will translate into more scripts and demand for her.

  • I agree.

    I agree totally with Not Buying It In Nashville. Those of us who live here know for a FACT Keith is already catting around. It’s part of the reason he went into rehab. You don’t drink yourself into oblivion at a local bar, engage in a very public making-out scene with one of your many exes, and then get away with it.

    The formula reads something like this: Nicole + PR = Diversion Needed = Rehab.

    Happy? Yeah. Okay.

  • Me

    This couple is wonderful.
    True love! Happiness for Nic and keith

  • amanda

    ok people are you soo pathetic that you have to pick on two happily married peeps.and hey atleast shes wearing undies!stop spreading the hate!

  • amanda

    o yhea p.s i luuuuuuuuuuv u keith!

  • amanda

    and nicoles cool 2!

  • Woman

    May be they love each other but this is definately PR. Keith has a tour!

  • Stephanie

    ohmygosh what fabulous pics of Keith and Nicole..can anyone else find the one of Keith in the blue shirt kissing Nicole? Im needing it for a project.

  • Patti

    I’d be glad to know he was happily in love … but if he does love her, I doubt it can last. The trip to rehab so soon after they got married just completely convinced me that this relationship is not good for either of them, but most of all, for Keith.

    These pics look more affectionate than any I’ve seen of them before, so I hope it’s legit. But I have to admit to being skeptical about that. It’s too convenient right after the speculation that they are less than happy … suddenly we have happy couple pics. Me thinks it’s contrived, and just a way to down play the rumors. They both have a busy working year ahead of them and there’ll be lots of apart time. Why not start that off with a picture of consolidation … voila … happy loving couple on vacation pictures.

    Good luck to them, but it looks staged … and if it’s real, I doubt it’ll last.

  • the truth

    Oh, my god, beautiful, very beautiful…

  • Sue

    You people read too many tabloids. All this “I know for a Fact” crap. Get a life. Let these 2 live theirs.

  • Kathy

    Don’t you just love all the speculation about these two! Leave them alone none of us know what is going on with them and that is the way it is suppose to be. Our only rights to them take place on a movie screen and on a music stage. I hope they live happily ever after.

  • COGirl

    Kathy says: “none of us know what is going on with them…”

    That’s where you’re wrong Kathy, they just keep putting it out there for all to see. Who the hell do you think pays these photographers to take these shots???? On her honeymoon? In St. Bart’s??? At her “husband’s” rehab center??? If you think they just happen to find her, or follow her around everywhere, you’re WRONG.

    If they want to be private people, they CAN BE. But…she CRAVES fame, and will no way, let her ex-husband ever steal the spotlight from her.

  • darling

    These are the best pics I have seen of these two. Maybe this “staged” romance, if it were that according to “those in the know”, has turned into the real thing. If he’s faking it, he’s the one that should win an Oscar.

  • Gorgeous

    “I agree. Says:

    March 5th, 2007 at 5:37 pm – flag comment
    I agree totally with Not Buying It In Nashville. Those of us who live here know for a FACT Keith is already catting around. It’s part of the reason he went into rehab. You don’t drink yourself into oblivion at a local bar, engage in a very public making-out scene with one of your many exes, and then get away with it.”

    Your IGNORANCE about alcoholism is on display here. Do yourself some good and read about it. Also, your jealous rampage is sickening. If you are trying to convince people to your point of view, you failed miserably.

    I just love this couple. I can’t wait to see their little Urbans…..

  • Louis

    “the more people talk about her, she hopes it will translate into more scripts and demand for her.”

    You don’t know much about Nicole’s career,do you? You talk as if she is Jessica Alba or some other unimportant starlet.She already has four movies lined up: The Invasion,The Golden Compass,a movie with Noah Baumbach and one with Baz Luhrmann.Whether those movies are hits or not doesn’t matter,she’ll still get roles.Because her career is based on something called TALENT and directors and producers respect her(and they don’t care about her being married to Keith Urban)

    “Not Buying It In Nashville.”
    “Those of us who live in Nashville know for a FACT”


    “You don’t drink yourself into oblivion at a local bar, engage in a very public making-out scene with one of your many exes, and then get away with it.”

    You read too much tabloids.

    “Those of us who live here know for a FACT Keith is already catting around.”

    You psychos are getting so predictable.But I’m sure Lainey will love this new story/fanfiction.

  • Marcus

    The Invasion. What a joke.

  • maxine

    Very interesting. I can’t wait to see what happens next. I have to say that he was summoned to her girls-only vacation pretty quickly after she got some bad press for going alone. Again, I mervel at her ability to evade photogs when she’s supposedly with her kids and inability to do so when with Keith. Fascinating, isn’t it?
    Keith looks like a very decent, nice guy. I’m also puzzled why he ended up in rehab just months into their marriage. I wonder if he’ll be able to put up with the circus surrounding her much longer. He looked very sweet at the Vanity Fair party, she was very stiff. I don’t know, something is just wrong with them. Less obvious than Cruise and his robo bride but still wrong.

  • JoAnn

    There are so many pathetic folks here. Just trying to tear Nicole apart doesn’t make you any more beautiful nor likable. You are simply unbalanced, totally pathetic and downright losers!!!

    btw … take a good look at those pictures. That’s how she manages to have such beautiful skin – by wearing sunscreen, protective hat and long-sleeved shirt. All you jealous fools should learn from that.

  • scotteegirl

    In a radio interview this is what Nicole said about their relationship:
    “We have nothing to hide and everything to lose”. She said this is the mantra they live by. I, too, would like to live the way she does. She can flit off to any country she wants to at a moment’s notice. She can leave her teenagers behind while they play their soccer games and study at home for exams. She can “live” in Tennesse to “get away from it all” and leave the raising of her kids in Tom and Katie’s hands. I am just wondering if Tom left her because she just wasn’t that great of a mother. Obviously she is working her career for as long as she can while she still looks young. But, one day she will wake up and wonder why her grown up kids will have very little to do with her. Yes, I envy her for living the life I can only dream of, but I know if I couldn’t see my children everyday while they were growing up, I would be very sad and feel like I was missing out on so much. It must be nice to put your “new” husband a head of everything else. Just who will raise Keith’s and Nicole’s children?

  • http://n/a gina

    Not an attractive shot, by all means!

  • Rose

    Well, the nanny tell-all books and exposes all say that Nicole wasn’t raising those kids anyway. Those kids were raised by Tom and nannies and Nicole posed with them every now and hen. Having said that, not everyone is cut out to be a mother and maybe she didn’t know that when she adopted them. Best of luck to Keith and her. They have not really comitted any crimes and they too deserve happiness.

  • love it

    Hey, thanks for those pics.. its great to see them outta character.. LOVE IT. thanks again

  • Me

    I adore Nicole Kidman to pieces but I confess it’s getting to be a chore to now search for new material on my favorite actress. Everyone is too busy minding her business to mind their own, it seems. Did she pay photographers? Maybe. Do you know for sure? No. So lay the fuck off. Is she not spending time with her children? Maybe so. Maybe not so. Do you know? No. I mean, honestly, your lives must be really boring ones for you to nitpick on every single aspect of this woman’s life. (and of other celebrities). Is Nicole the only celebrity who appears in photographs like this? With their husband doing god knows what? Princess Diana herself had photographs like theses on boats, kissing Dodi, yada yada. Did she pay the photographs, as well? Was it show off? Maybe. Maybe not. Do you have a clue? No, you don’t. Because believe it or not, you can’t possibly know about a person’s life from photographs alone. You CANNOT know their motives. You CANNOT access their minds and you CANNOT pretend to know them as well as you would like to. Or not. I’m surprised to see that so many people’s goals lie in dissing every person who shows on a tabloid. Go make nice comments about those you do like, whoever they may be, and refrain from bitching about things you will NEVER be sure of no matter how many guessings you throw around. Nicole Kidman is first and foremost an actress. Don’t like her work? Don’t like the way she presents herself to the public? Then just show yourself the door, geezus. Is that so hard.

  • Daisy

    Nicole is first & foremost a person. A human being like the rest of us who wants love because if she makes it to 80 will she be still doing movies, maybe. But what she has always said is that her family is the most important thing to her.

    Also that nanny who supposedly said those things in that book about Nicole & the kids later said she lied.

  • Jillian B

    Because I’m an evil lonely whore.

  • hello
  • Matthew

    You guys are completely ridiculous.. I am a huge fan of Keith and I know that this relationship will last. Yeah, he has had a few bumps on his road but it is amazing how he got help in rehab. Don’t make fun of him just because he was in rehab. Do not put it in a negative perspective, put it in a positive. It’s better than not getting help, then it’s negative.

    After watching that video about him being in rehab and thanking everyone for your support really took a majority of guts. Not every celebrity does that. Focus more on his music instead of his personal life. In my perspective, this is a bad topic. Leave them alone, let them find their inner happiness in each other and that will be all that matters.

    Fucking tabloids want to follow them around while they want their privacy.. It’s like someone watching your every move through a window in YOUR damn house.

    Bitch all you want, guys. I have one word that desribes you negative assholes: Jealousy..

  • Pandora

    COGirl, you are “on the money” — these “lovely” and “loving” pics are very much manufactured, and no doubt by St. Nic herself. And Maxine, when you said “I don’t know, something is just not right with them”, I think it’s because Nicole Kidman is trying to pass her geekly self off as a coolster and things she can harness this coolness by taking up with a wild man. Additonally, she seems to enjoy casting herself in the femme fatale role so that ultimately when it does not work out she’ll get the “oh, poor nicole!” cheerleaders coming out of the woodwork.

    She’s always given me the creeps and moreso these days as she appears to be someone who has just been released from a cryogenic lab. Keith is a very attractive man, though I doubt he’s marriage material particularly with someone so conservative. He’ll tire of the attraction that goes along with her big bankroll (no, he’s not hurting himself, but mayhap it’s somewhat of an aphrodisiac — Lord knows, she’s not).