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Jared Leto's Weight Transformation

Jared Leto's Weight Transformation

Scope out these new Purple Magazine pictures of Jared Leto and the wild weight transformation he underwent for his upcoming film Chapter 27 about the 1980 murder of John Lennon. Here’s a little blurb from Purple:

Two photo shoots: first one, superstar actor-musician Jared Leto ballooned up big time to play Mark David Chapman, Lennon‘s assassin, for the film Chapter 27; second shoot, six months later, deflated back to his sexy old self, by Terry Richardson

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jared leto weight transformation 01
jared leto weight transformation 02
jared leto weight transformation 03
jared leto weight transformation 04
jared leto weight transformation 05
jared leto weight transformation 06
jared leto weight transformation 07
jared leto weight transformation 08
jared leto weight transformation 09
jared leto weight transformation 10
jared leto weight transformation 11

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  • tanique33

    wow, he’s so sexy in that last shot i dont ‘know what to do with myself. the way the ribs just stick out. ugh, hot. but the pose in the first was is also hot.

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    Lmfao. Now thats an actor.

  • Susan


  • New York Pundit

    WoW! Thats alot of meth usage! He does look nice and ready for rehab tho… A shaved head, a car beating, a 666 on his forhead, and a bedsheet around his neck and he would make the perfect Disney prodigy!

  • SON


  • Rose

    I don’t doubt that he lost an abnormal amount of weight, but still, a lot is being done here by way of posing and photo retouching to exagerate the weight he actually lost.

  • dheenz

    OMG!!! Are these for real????? o_O

  • AjumaPower

    That ain’t nothing compared to Christian Bale’s weight loss for his role in “The Machinist” and immediate gain for “Batman Begins.”

  • Que?

    Who is the creepy old guy hugging him, and why is he in the photoshoot?

  • Amy

    AjumaPower Says:

    March 6th, 2007 at 3:30 pm – flag comment
    That ain’t nothing compared to Christian Bale’s weight loss for his role in “The Machinist” and immediate gain for “Batman Begins.”


    For sure. I think Bale is one of the greatest actors to not have gotten an Oscar yet. It must’ve been exhausting because look at how buffed up he was for “Batman Begins” then how emaciated-looking he was for “The Machinist”. Not to mention he was super fit for “American Psycho” before as well. Talk about weight fluctuation. I mean, it seems to me that it’s a lot easier to gain weight then lose it, than to lose weight then rapidly gain it in a course of six months along with muscle and stuff.
    Yeah, Jared looks a lot better now.

  • KC

    It is too bad jared will never be taken very seriously beacuse he acts like such a douche..

  • Nunya

    SO gross!

  • Neve

    Que? Says:
    March 6th, 2007 at 4:15 pm – flag comment

    Who is the creepy old guy hugging him, and why is he in the photoshoot?

    That’s Terry Richardson, the photographer.

  • Vera

    Well, he’ s becoming a serious actor.
    I hope everything is ok, cause it seems like he lost weight too quickly. Not sure it all happened naturally.
    Congrads, Jared!

  • Jo

    So what? He’s supposed to be an actor not some circus freak. What does this have to do with his abilities to portray another character?

  • Maldoror

    I’m sure Jared used speed to lose that weight that quickly. No doubt about it. Still, it takes discipline to stop eating. He added extra impetus after he looked so fug and was getting ragged about it after the movie wrapped. He’s doing a yoga move, sucking in his stomach. The transformation’s pretty cool.

    As far as Christian Bale, he did “The Machinist” BEFORE he did Batman. I read interviews where he said all he ate for the machinest was NOTHING, but coffee and cigarettes. Disgusting. He looks great now though. “The Machinist” was a great picture, and he was even THINNER in that movie than Jared is in the above photos. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  • Courtney

    I LOVE HIM!!! Hes a really cool guy and his music is AMAZING! A Beautiful Lie is one of the best albums of all time!

  • T

    Those pictures are quite scary…I have never understood the mentality of the film industry today…they like to reward actors who undergo these unhealthy transformations for roles…it promotes eating disorders and unhealthy eating habits…a sure way to win an Oscar: gain 75 pounds, let the industry de-beautify you and make sure you lose that weight again to show the true commitment…it is sick and unnecessary…I find nothing impressive about promoting ED’s and bad health habits…

  • lila

    Sexy old self? No way, that’s anorexia for sure.

  • madeline

    I used to think Jared Leto was sexy… now, not so much. If I wanted to masturbate to the image of a starving Somalian child, I would just do it.

  • Orla

    I am from Ireland and I met this guy about 8 years ago . He is the biggest sleeze ball alive – he likes underage girls and has the most awful sense of humour … I loved him years ago but after meting him and hearing what happned to a good friend of mine when she was with him in a hotel room I was quickly turned off . He is a nasty piece of work

  • HR

    he looks like a research gone wrong……lol

  • no-nick

    I can’t understand why they don’t look for an actor who just fits. It’s unhealty to gain and lose weight like this.

  • A.T.

    ew…I regret looking at this now.

  • Thani

    Well…that’s just……… nasty.

  • Dean

    I love Purple Magazine. Great fucking idea. Terry Richardson doesn’t usually do any retouching. I’d guess these are plain old before and after shots.

    He’s a fox when he’s skinny.

    Is Issue 7 of Purple Fashion on the newstands now?

  • jessica

    WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO HIM? i think he lost a bit too much weight, are you sure he doesnt have a eating disorder now? and plus hes not even that good looking, he reminds me of jeffery dahmer

  • Computer

    I wish he stayed that way for 30 Seconds From Mars.
    Set a new trend.

  • aj

    people need to get over it! Jared Leto is the greatest actor on the face of the earth! im sure he is used to the challenges that come with acting. i think he lost a good amount of weight, but i think he should build up a little more muscle. I LOVE U JARED! 30 Seconds to Mars rox!!!

  • Natalia

    JAred’s the best!… Any actor is like him!!!….Look what he’s done??… he was so fat for that fuc***** movie … and LOoK NOW!!!…He’s Amazing!!!…
    And… He’s too beautifulllllll to be fat!!… jej…HE’S The Most Beautifulllll Person in this fuc***g WOrl!!!!…… I LOVE YOu JARED!!!
    I’d do anything just to know you!!!…. I Love 30Secs2MArs!!!!!
    30 Secs 4EverR…
    He’s a very veryyyyy good Actor!!!!… I Love Requiem For A Dream!!!
    People…. JUST GET OVER IT!!!! He is… and will be the best on Hollywood!!!

    I’m Argentinian….I’m sorry about the mistakes… jej….I’ll try to be better on next!!! Anyway….. I LOVE YOU JAREDDDDDDDDDDD XD YEAHHHHHH….The Kill 4ever!!!!! jiji

  • Faith

    This makes me sad. I love Jared and I hate for these pictures to open the door for people who dont like him to rip him apart. Really really heart breaking I love Him still even though these are the most outragiously disgusting photographs EVER!!! He is still amazing at every thing he does.

  • faye

    I hope that the skinny pictures were photo retouches he is pretty in some of his pictures but sure the hell not these pictures and I hope he’s not a sleeze ball because I think for now that he is a beautiful actor his earlier pics from when he was younger were hott

  • Jules

    For me as a fan of Jared it’s hard to see those pics ! Noone should do things like that (gaining/loosing so much weight – so it’s a very bad idea and I would never have shown that pics to the people.

    But now he’s looking f.cking SEXY (and healthy!) again, have you seen that “malibu magazine”-shoots – WOW !!!

  • TheGaminGamine

    I do love Leto-Face, no matter how bizzare he acts, he’s wonderfully delicious…

  • valeria

    Jajaj is very funny to see him
    Jared, it is simply handsome,
    Where what you see, whether fat or remains , crazy enough to be accustomed.

  • falling tears

    these pictures always scared me lol, but i think he’s the only celeb that can make fat look sexy. he still looks great chubby.

  • L

    oh wow now that is just darling.


  • http://n alex

    omg!!!! is jared ok he looks too thin in the last shot i really hope he is ok!!!

  • tuck

    Jesus, put some boxers on.

  • holly

    Funny how female actors get slated for weight loss even when it’s for a role (look at Renee Zellweger between Chicago/Bridget Jones) but male actors get commended for their dedication to their art *rolls eyes*. This is not healthy for him, or his fans who will be swayed to think that rapid weight loss is an okay thing to do.

  • scornfullearner

    I’m thinking this was photoshopped to some extent. Granted, our Jared is quite skinny, but I don’t think he’d let himself look that unhealthy.

  • Lee

    the weight change is awsome I would love to see more pics of him as he looked in Alexander. I wonder why he ever gained that much weight??

  • Emily

    omg these scared me, i didnt think they were real
    was he really that fat then anorexic :/

    either way
    hes still hot now >.<
    jared leto ftw <3

  • nic

    I met Jared about 3 years ago…….over in the UK…….I got his autograph and bumped into him later on in the evening…He is not sleazy in any way……He was kind, and we chatted about his music and films…….I am a huge fan of his…….and I get so pissed of with the amount of NEGATIVE CRAP on all these internet sites from the stupid US press who just slate him…..Of course he is going to always be in the public eye……he’s an actor and not a bad one……..there is certanily no right or wrong way of acting……..Jared is what if he has a different haircut/different clothes……every few months……only in bloody hollywood do they rant on about stupid crappy little things..ohh who is he dating……some stupid blonde bimbo…… if that is the be all and end all……….So what if he plays up to the cameras…….so what if he and Shannon act like stupid kids…..they are brothers and they are really funny……infact I do not even know why I am bothering to write this…….at the end of the day JARED and his entire entourage are the bomb……..How many other actors are singers……..and recieved such a massive turn out at Wembley!!!!!!! And for the part about under age girls, they are stupid enough to go with him…….that;s there fault……no his……….JARED YOU ROCK………

  • Gabrielle

    Don’t tell me these are real.Because they’re REALLY GROSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I don’t and I won’t believe in these f***ing photos.

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  • Sarah

    je l’adore moi !!!!! pas sur ces photos mais je le soutien dans tout ce qu’il fait ! ses films, sa musique aussi (d’ailleurs si on pourrait se faire un petit duo tous les deux… (je fais du violon et de la basse)) bref MON Jared je te soutien dans tout ce que tu fais et sache que tu as au moinss une fan qui ferait n’impporte quoi pour tes beaux yeux !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! je t’adore je t’adore les autres ne t’arrivent meme pas à la cheville mais sache que faire des photos comme ça pourrait tromatiser tes fans et tu pourrait les perdres mais sache que moi tu ne me perdra jamais !!!!! I LOVE YOU !!!!!

  • B

    rather jared is fat or skinny, he’s still hott

  • Blakely

    WOW:D I LOVE jared leto and i think he is a very great actor:D he seems very dedicated and I would love to meet him or work with him in a movie;D