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Kate Bosworth: Thin Is In!

Kate Bosworth: Thin Is In!

Kate Bosworth stomps onto the rail thin scene as the cover girl for the April 2007 issue of V Magazine as photographed by Mario Sorrenti. This issue hits newsstands this Thursday, March 8.

Kate, 24, has a film coming out later this year called The Girl in the Park co-starring Keri Russell and Sigourney Weaver and directed by David Auburn. Here’s a brief synopsis:

Enduringly traumatized by the disappearance of her 3-year-old daughter 15 years ago, Julia Sandburg (Weaver) has cut herself off from anyone once near and dear to her, including her husband Doug and her son Chris, who tried for years to penetrate her wall of isolation and despair, without success. But when Julia meets Louise (Bosworth), a troubled young woman with a checkered past, all Julia’s old psychic wounds painfully resurface, as does her illogical and increasingly irrational hope that Louise may be the daughter she lost so long ago.


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  • james hugh ferreira shaw

    no longer a crush lol

  • Mr. Ed

    Nice message we’re sending out with that photo. Real nice.

  • hollyword

    Shes less thin than she use to be.

  • Jo

    I find it awfully ironic that they have “sexy’s back” next to that atrociously thin stick. And she used to be so pretty. Now it’s painful to look at her.

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    She is now absolutely disgusting.

  • Slow Down Young Lady

    “The biggest V ever?”


  • magnus: The Biggest D Ever

    That really is an unfortunate headline. :D

    She’s got great legs though. Nice body on her.

    Maybe if she was black you guys would like her? What am I saying, of course you would.

    There. I brought it up first this time.

  • leva

    I don’t get the hint at Kate to be black, just nonsense. Black or white she’s scary she used to be adorable!

  • Ex

    She looks great on the cover,amazing!

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    there go mag’nuts

  • angela

    It’s amazing how she gets all “model-ly” and people start saying she looks great. News flash people: if there were paparazzi pics of most runway models you’d be saying “Ewww” just like we do with the pap pics of Kate. Real life ain’t a mag cover!

  • kae


  • dwight

    I just feel so bad that Sigourney is in a movie with this anorexic trash.

  • R

    I’ve got to say, she looks disgusting. SHe looks like a twelve year old girl and it’s sad because she is on the cover of a magazine that will make thousands of girls hate themselves because they don’t look like what “we” as society see as beautiful. We reinforce this idea with Kate Bosworth plastered on a magazine showing her anorexia and not realizing how damaging it is. I am really glad I don’t look like that because I don’t hate myself that much that I need to look like a Holocaust survivor right when they came out of the concentration camps.

  • UncleNugli

    This is a new low, this whole cover. You can see her labia majora hanging out. I’m telling you, it’s not going to be long before the new trend for young girls is to go out in public with a big blast of sperm on their faces or in their hair. One day people will wish they’d listen to those Christian family organizations… Take the media back from these denizens of the darkness, and you know who I’m talking about. Yeesh.

  • sDot

    Why is it that a heavy girl looks at a thin girl and automatically starts bashing her with stupid accusations of being annorexic or sick, or whatever. Meanwhile, when people call you fat, or unhealthy, or disgusting, you get offended.

    Can’t we just get to the point where people come in different sizes, colors, shapes, and all that.

    It seems nothing more than jealousy. If you’re not on a magazine cover yourself, I think that gives you right to STFU.

  • http://none sNot

    No we aren’t fat girls bashing skinning girls we are just saying why can’t they put a magazine out that supports healthy girls. The idea is to have women that are not obese and not anorexic looking. That is healthy

  • Elle

    I’m 85 lbs, can’t I have a magazine that supports my weight class?

    Doesn’t matter anyways, not the best picture, but she’s a pretty girl.

    I don’t care if your fat or skinny treat her like a human being. Just because she is thin doesn’t mean she or the mag is promoting thin. She’s promoting an independent movie!

  • Surabhi

    Yeah, HEALTHY….this aint it! I don’t care what her natural/healthy size is….this aint it.

  • xenu

    Ew, kill it.

  • cryptical

    To “Elle” : well if you are 85 lbs I hope for you you are near the 5 foot tall! If not well… You have an eating disorder! But I’m sure you are aware of that! If you have people who love you near you they probably already told you!
    This picture is promoting skinny, anorexia (NOT HEALTHY ONE) as an ideal and it’s not OK. It’s totally outrageous! Whatever you say, this is not promoting a movie. It’s promoting this star who is playing in some kind of movie. And this star is TOO SKINNY. We treat her as a human being : she uses her image to promote things well let us tell the world that HER image is WRONG. That’s our duty. This is not ok and that’s it.

    To “Sdot” : You told us : “Can’t we just get to the point where people come in different sizes, colors, shapes, and all that.”
    That’s really not the point here…. We all know that everybody is different. Here we are seeing that girl who was FABULOUS in blue crush because she was looking HEALTHY and totally in shape!!! She was normal at that point! She was perfect! Now we see her so skinny that we feel sorry for her! So don’t tell me that people come in different sizes and all that. The size which was hers was the one when she was healthy and here she isn’t.

    And finally to “The biggest D ever” : well… nothing to say! that was soooo totally out of the subject…

    It is just sad that people are so over influenced by what they see and now thinks that THIS is OK… Get help and stop.

  • M

    Homegirl needs to gain about twenty-five pounds.

  • Elle

    To cryptical: I’m 4’8″… and even if I was taller did it ever stop to think maybe their was another reason for my low weight? What if I had another illness or was going through a medical treatment where I couldn’t eat? I don’t think it’s right to just assume someone has an eating disorder. Think before you speak.

  • neil

    I know there’s a lot of explanations for why young women and girls feel the need to be skinny, but, she WAS so friggin sexy before all this nonsense. I just don’t get it and I think Kate, ironicaly, is hurting her carreer by revealing to serious directors that she is just one more shallow, neurotic actor.

  • marty

    let’s just state the obvious here:
    Girl’s a coke whore. BITCH IS ON DRUUUUGGGGGS.

  • lila

    Another young “starlet” succumbed to anorexia … how sad.

  • Aimee

    some people are naturally this thin.

    but i’ve watched kate bosworth’s earlier movies and she’s definitely not this thin.

    she looks quite ill when the photo is not a set up – i.e. at premieres etc.

  • sintech

    Starving yourself doesn’t make you look hot. In this case, neither does Photoshop.

  • thin-girl

    u fat , racist and weird people !!!!! she looks amazing!!!!! yeahhhhhhhhh THIN IS IN and always be (that’s a sad truth u all have to deal with ) la la la la la la…..

  • coalharbourqt

    thin-girl: HEALTHY thin is always in, BUT when the public has watched a beautiful girl waste away for the past year and a half, it’s safe to say that she is NOT healthy, and therefore THIS kind of SCARY thin is NOT IN. If you believe that Kate Bosworth is NOT anorexic/using drugs to achieve her low body weight, then I suggest you take a close look at how the media is influencing your perceptions of what a healthy body ideal/image is all about and at your own health/body image.

    They had to photoshop Kate’s legs to look BIGGER, and when 99% of stars are getting photoshopped to look smaller I think it’s pretty safe to assume that there something unhealthy going on with her. Most of the opinions expressed here aren’t from fat, racist, weird people but from people (mainly women) who are probably a bit wiser than you and have a better understanding about what a healthy, thin woman looks like. Sorry you aren’t capable of making that distinction.

    As for the picture itself, not at all attractive – I don’t want/need to see her, umm, pubic bones, shall we say. I wouldn’t care what her body type is – I don’t want to see any female celebrity from that angle, thank you very much! :-)

  • Charity

    Okay I’m near 5’1 and I weigh 115. I used to be ana and was down to 78. These photos are part of the reason why at a very healthy weight (now) I can’t stand the way I look. People are constantly telling me how healthy and beautiful I look but I can’t see it and I really do blame it on photos like this. I love Kate, she’s an amazing person but she’s starting to turn into a very very poor role model. I don’t know. I just wish they would have normal women on there. I’m a size 3 and I’ll never get back down to a 00 like I “should” be apparently for someone my height. By the way, if you want to know what anorexic 5’1 woman looks like at around 78 lbs look at the photo because its pretty damn similar.

  • sNot

    To Elle Says: Did you just say “maybe their was another reason for my low weight? What if I had another illness or was going through a medical treatment where I couldn’t eat?” If that’s the case then you aren’t healthy and people in general don’t want to see sick people on magazine covers.

  • Jo

    Charity, I totally agree with you and I’m glad that someone who was/is in this situation speaks up and tells how covers like this have an influence on young women. I for myself don’t know wheather I should feel terribly sorry for Kate or not. Right now I’d love to smack some sense into her if she really believes that her looks right now are healthy or a good role model. Seeing this I’m doubting that she understood anything that was going on these past couple of months when everyone was saying she was too thin. Or she simply doesn’t care about it which might be even worse. Not commenting on anorexia rumors is fine but showing your bony body off in a way that will make people get the impression that “thin is in” is totally wrong and irresponsible. Especially now when young women starve themselves to death just to look like some star.

    It saddens me to see what became of Kate. She used to be so sweet and pretty… :(

  • coalharbourqt

    Charity Says:
    Just wanted to say thanks for your honesty and bravery in sharing your struggles – that takes guts girl! Although I can’t say I’ve gone as far down the path as you have, I’ve certainly had times in my life where I’ve gotten too thin – how absurd that at a size 2 (and 5’5″) I saw myself as not being skinny enough. Even scarier is that nobody around me ever asked me if I was taking things too far!! The only thing that saved me was a stress fracture in my foot from overexercising – I had no choice but to stop spiralling further into the madness.

    I really object to pictures like these on covers and in the media too – they’re a trigger for those who are already in trouble and send the wrong message to women even though we KNOW deep down that this is an unhealthy body image to aspire to.

    Even though Kate did put on some muscle for Blue Crush, she was NOT this skinny before she starting ‘muscling up’. That argument just doesn’t wash.

  • shannon chiodo

    She does look a little less sickly than she did say a couple of months ago, (maybe photoshopped to put weight on?), but she still looks way tooooo skinny and will probably make young, healthy, impressionable girls go straight to the bathroom and vomit. It’s sad that we would put a person as ill as Kate on a cover to be idealized, but not ever a morbidly obese female, same difference. Fat or thin it’s all about mental health and our whole entire society has gone nucking futs.

  • shannon chiodo

    Charity Thank You-Thank You-Thank You, for being the voice of truth. we all know it but for some reason it persists.

  • shannon chiodo

    Thin girl #30 your obviously like 12, so plz listen to what these people, the majority by far are saying b/c you are only contributuing to the problem by being defensive. You may be thin , but you don’t have to be an idiot.

  • magnus: The Biggest D Ever


    I love the armchair doctors in here. You after school special Dr motherf*cking Phil wanna bes.

    She’s hot.

    Healthy is not determined by body fat percentage. She probably has more lean muscle on her than you butterballs. Fat people wouldn’t know healthy if it was sitting in front of them covered in fudge.

  • H

    Okay I’m near 5′1 and I weigh 115. I used to be ana and was down to 78. These photos are part of the reason why at a very healthy weight (now) I can’t stand the way I look. People are constantly telling me how healthy and beautiful I look but I can’t see it and I really do blame it on photos like this. I love Kate, she’s an amazing person but she’s starting to turn into a very very poor role model. I don’t know. I just wish they would have normal women on there. I’m a size 3 and I’ll never get back down to a 00 like I “should” be apparently for someone my height. By the way, if you want to know what anorexic 5′1 woman looks like at around 78 lbs look at the photo because its pretty damn similar.

    I’m also a recovered survivor of an eating disorder.
    With 20 years hindsight and much education on the subject…I disagree that magazines are the problem.
    Yes, I used to strive to look like models and would constantly compare myself to women in magazines…but magazines did not CAUSE my disorder…nor were they to blame.
    A f’ed up childhood and a controlling mother who tried to put me in fat camp at 12 yrs old (I was 5’4 and 120 pounds) was the real cause of my disorder.

    Now at 37, I’m 130 pounds and a very healthy fitness fanatic. Do I still think I’m fat?
    Do I still have to control my disorder?
    Do I now look at Kate B. and think she is a role model?
    HELL NO!

    Do I want to look like that?

    I now realize my disorder is a problem with ME…I cannot blame anyone else…or society…I just have to work on the issues in my mind.
    And I do not expect Hollywood or the media to care for me…or you.
    We need to be responsible for ourselves and understand that all young people look up to media images (regardless of the content). It is just a fact of life.
    Raising strong, healthy, and loved children is the answser.
    Attacking the media is not.

    None of us know about Kate’s health…and it really isn’t our business.
    Judging her (as a person) is just as bad as the media selling her image as “sexy.”

    It is entertainment…and those of you who take it so seriously need to look within yourselves and find the real issues that make you so angry.

    Peace out.

  • xenu

    To the Bonesworth apologists:

    You do know it’s possible to defend her without insulting everyone, don’t you? All the namecalling does is reinforce the widely-held notion that her fans are a bunch of unstable, hostile idiots. Eat some carbs or something, the low blood sugar is making you cranky.

  • Raf

    NOT naturally thin at all. I know, I’m n.t. myself and I’m not the shape of a bone, never been. I’m sorry for her.

  • LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ELLE- girfriend you are just burning for attention……so I will comment to you and make you feel good, well maybe not. My guess- your more likely 250. lol!! oh, and thanks for the laugh.

  • Healthy

    I am 5’8” and 112 lbs – naturally – i look great in a bikini and i can eat whatever i want and never gain a poud – im also 26 years old and have been thin my entire life – i love food – i love a good steak – i love ice cream – i love bread – i probably eat more than you – thats called genetically blessed – not unhealthy and not an eating disorder – eat your heart out haters – if youre unhappy with yourself, do something positive about it

  • “Healthy” is fat

    “Healthy”- honey you know you are currently 300 pounds and sitting in front of your computer eating bon bons. Thanks, It’s been a long time since I laughed that hard!!!!!!!!!!

  • Glam

    I am skinny by nature. Born this way. And its hurtful when people around me started assuming that I don;t eat. They will be like ” You should eat more” blah blah all the shit. For your information, i eat like 7 full meals a day excluding deserts and snacks. I tried so hard to be in the so called “healthy weight” but to no avail. At one point, i was so depressed. But friends came to make me realise its not my fault. And now, whenever people commented on my weight, i will be like ” so what AT LEAST i am healthy.” But sometimes its really hard being skinny because some people said hurtful things to your face.

  • magnus: The Biggest D Ever

    Fat women are useless.

    See that’s how you say something hurtful.

    Fat women are useless and they de-sexualize themselves with their sloth and over eating. They’re self involved and secretly face down the inevitable acceptance that they are in fact fighting a losing battle with natural aesthetic appeal. Big will never be beautiful and there’s a good reason that girl is getting paid to be on screen and you’re getting paid to hide in your over sized cubicles.

    Bah…I don’t really give a sh*t. I like em muscley like Beil!

  • Ashley

    There really is a double standard in the US. Obesity is not healthy, yet no one posts the same level of nastiness on Jennifer Hudson picture posts. I do think Kate is on the thin side, but it is no worse than Jennifer Hudson being on the obese side.

    And for those of you getting ready to reply with your “…but she (JHud) is healthy” posts, see Jessica Biel, Scarlett Johansson. Those ladies are “healthy”.

  • me, me, me

    okay so maybe she is thinner than she used to be, have you lot never heard of a diet – most poeple in the world have been on one and yes it makes you lose weight, but it does not make you anorexic! doctors are always telling you to lose exercise and eat healthier to reduce risk of cancer and heart problems and the minute yo follow there advice and lose the weight you are in the wrong and are criticised for it!
    to lose wieght you need to have will power, to be anorexic you have a mental illness and feel like you have no control and think you are fat, there is a major difference!
    no body knows what kate thinks in her head about her body and food and so we cant determine whether she has or hasnt got an eating disorder.
    However, i do have an idea of how she must feel to have people branding her for her weight, talking about you behind your back, hearing from other people that your own friends think you have an eating disorder but would rather discuss it between them selves than confront you about your supposed problem. it really makes you paranoid when strangers are coming upto you saying god youve lost weight, are you eating properly. then you try to defend yourself and explain how much you have eaten (a normal amount) and people look at you to say “okay love whatever you say” like you are a complere LIAR. imagine that. imagine how she feels to have the whole nation talking about you in this way and making these accusations. nobody is with her 24/7 to know what and how much she eats and because she cannot defend herself, its cruel to brand her on this website.
    if this one picture can cause this much converstaion then i bet if she saw this page she would be frightened to ever be seen in public again. her confidence would be totally destroyed and all because people are judging a book by its cover.
    unless you have been through accusations like this then you will never know just how heart breaking it is to know that people are labelling you. you feel like you have noone you can trust as you push them away before they say other spiteful things about you and your weight. if kate did have a problem then who would she turn to? she would just feel like she is proving everybody else right in what they thought about her.
    why cant somebody be skinny anymore?! its ridiculous.