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Wentworth Miller Has The Tape

Wentworth Miller Has The Tape

Welcome back readers! Once again, let’s cut to the chase to “The Good, the Bad, and the Pretty” FOR for Prison Break episode “Sweet Caroline.”


C-Note did not die! Hanging always made me squeamish anyway. Luckily C-Note might have a way out since he appears to be willing to corroborate with Wheeler. How great it was to see Lincoln flash an honest, genuine smile when he met up with his old friend Derrick for that favor. It’s a rarity.


Mahone showed his weak side when he and Sara sort of bonded over their addictions. He’s definitely losing his game but too bad Agent Lang is on her tail. Speaking of bad, T-Bag loses the money at the airport. And Bellick manages to catch up to Sucre. Guess which two are going after the five million now? Kellerman isn’t able to kill President Reynolds. Darn it! And we learn from the tape exactly how close Caroline was to her brother Terrance. One word: EW!!!!


Wow. Wentworth Miller was ridiculously hot in the episode. When he and Agent Kim came face to face again, I almost expected Michael to snit, “Last time I saw you, you were my hood ornament.” Sadly he did not. Besides getting beat up (poor guy!), he managed to spit blood in a non gross way, stand his own ground with madam President and make these outlandish demands (Did anyone expect him to whip out the jazz hands? Just me? Ok.) and walk away (fairly) unscathed. Oh yeah, and Michael tells Linc and Sara that he loves them, collectively of course. Michael and Lincoln’s joy over a few sips of beer was short-lived as the President Reynolds strays away from the original plan of presidential pardon.

What will happen next? Is Panama on the horizon? And Sona is NOT good! Just 3 more episodes left this season. Stay tuned in two weeks for “Panama”!

(Written by geniass)
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  • Nunya

    I kept saying to myself “don’t hit his face!” – agent Kim needs his ass kicked! Oh, and First!

  • tia

    Finally an PB episode that I LOVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kmillz

    I thought the episode was okay…..they could have ended it this season…no need for a season 3

  • tanique33

    you need to have a good, the bad, the ugly and the stupid.

    the only thing worth the hour for me was cnote not being dead, and SUCREEE shirtless saying cherries in spanish. the rest didnt do anything for me. it’s getting too circuitous, and i’m getting bored.

  • Kitty

    Did anyone catch that Michael said “I want a pardon for me and my MOTHER” when he was talking to the President? I watched the scene several times, and I swear it sounded like MOTHER to me. Someone please let me know what you heard.

  • checkers

    Too bad, the lady president quit!! now they are in hiding for good!!

  • marie

    I never would have guessed that Caroline and her brother had this kind of relationship and that’s what the tape was about….I was shocked!!!!

  • tanique33

    jared, you are SO trying to be my best friend. thank you for my boy in the bed. HOT!!

  • Lisa

    I don’t care what anyone says, they can keep this show going for 8 seasons and I’d still watch. I love every minute of every episode. KEEP IT UP!!

  • WM is one sexy man

    It was a pretty good episode, but dang, what’s up with Michael and Sara’s relationship??? Couldn’t she at least said “I love you” back to Michael, I mean show some sort of emotion, any emotion?!?! In Season 1 it was hot just the way they looked at each other, (more so on Wentworth’s part) But I don’t feel any of that heat this season whatsoever, nothing, nada! Shoot, If 100% of the female population had a chance to be in SWC shoes, we would DEMAND a love scene with Went ASAP! :lol:
    Gun-toting Kellerman was hot as usual and Kim’s a little punk!
    Every scene with Went in it was abso-freakin-lutely hot! And all I can say about the tape is Ewww, yuck!

  • LISA K


    Any chance you can get a picture from the episode when went’s talking to president reynolds and the part where he smiles??? she’s basically asking how she can trust him, and he smiles and says, “you cant” it was such a FANTASTIC part of the show..

    and number 2.. jazz hands woulda been hilarious

  • blah

    i think the next thing they should kill off is the entire show. last night had its good parts and those parts were when i was laughing at what i was seeing. the over-acting, the pointless scripts, the over-imagined tension… it’s just all too much. please, no more. i would have stopped watching but antiques roadshow wasn’t on. sad when that is more exciting.

  • Liz

    Home boy always looks GOOD!

    The only reason I would want the show to end is so that Went can act in movies, otherwise, I love and Season 3, bring it on!

  • meemee35

    I loved the episode. The details regarding the president and her brother were shocking! Wow, never saw that coming !

  • inkwerty’shumbleopinion

    This episode was better than the last. That being said… I am still disappointed in this season overall. If it wasn’t for Wentworth Miller I do not think I would still be watching. I still lurve Kellerman! But not enough of him last night and I could have done without Sucre this episode. Either do an episode that has more volume of these characters or not all all. I agree with tanique 33 about it being too circuitous!.. I just want something, anything resolved. If you don’t let us know what anything means…we lose interest in wanting to find out!…If this continues…Season 3 is going to be painful! I might have to turn the volume off and just watch dreamy wenty!

  • angie


  • tanique33

    that is my thing, its become lost on fox. it really is just more questions. i want just one person to not be corrupt. have someone be different. when the prisoners are the most honest people, it’s like come on.

    there really is just a general lack of focus. i must admit, i saw it coming once they took them out of prison.

    they either write themselves into a corner or just keep running in circles, what other options are there? who honestly will care if linc is still on the run next year? and once he’s caught, where do they go?

    the premise of the show was great if they were in prison longer, but it gets more unbelievable each week, for me at least.

  • Kitty

    The show has been difficult for me to follow because I never know which city they were in the past episode or where they are now or how they got there. Weren’t they in the west someplace the episode before they turned up in Chicago? It’s also confusing because the different characters have been in different places, and we only get a 5-7 min. (or less) scene with a character before they jump to the next one. It looks like now they’re getting a few more people together in one place — Bellick and Sucre going after T-Bag, and most everyone else in Chicago. But since Michael and Linc have to “disappear”, they’ll be leaving for a new location. I need a scorecard and a map to follow this show. Who’s dead? Who’s alive? Where are they?

  • Kitty

    P.S. I did enjoy last night’s show, and I’m glad that was fake blood and makeup on Michael’s face. I would hate to think that Babycakes got his face messed up?

  • angell cakes

    THIS WAS SUCH A GOOD EPISODE!! i nearly cried when bill kim was hitting wenty’s gorgeous face!! i was a little disappointed about Sara’s reaction when Michael said i love you both

  • PatrickKelley

    It was really ironic how in episode 17′s flashback it showed young T-Bag with his worthless father telling him he would be President some day, all the time getting ready to molest him, and you couldn’t help but think, yeah right, how likely would that be? Then it turns out that the current President had an incestuous relationship herself with her own brother.

    Anybody have any ideas what SONA means? And who will be the President now, the bald headed quiet guy, maybe?

  • anne marie

    sona is a jail in panama. it’s related to season 3.i dont want to say more, but you can check pb forums to see what’s coming…

  • Bunny

    Yep-never saw that coming……………and now they really have to run.
    Michael and Sara need to find a room. The ‘me too and I love you both’ just are not cutting it.

    Soooo Sona is a jail in Panama-where Michael ends up in season 3? That’s saying there is a season three?

  • anon

    Couple things – Sara and Michael = not feeling the chemistry. First season they were flirting and it was exciting, now they’re in a desperate situation and instead of passion and sparks we get this blah platonic flatline thing between them. Second, I was not feeling the whispery Michael. I realize that actors get paid to follow the directions of others (writers, directors, etc…), so I won’t blame Wentworth Miller for this awful ‘I’m so in control I whisper in a staccato pattern’ bullshit. It was painful to watch, which is really disappointing. Usually I think Prison Break nails the dramatic portion in a semi-macho yet completely believeable sort of way. Ex: Lincoln meeting up with his old friend to “ask” for a favor (while really demanding it). That was brilliantly done! I hope Prison Break steps it up a notch. I like Wentworth Miller, I think he’s very attractive, but he needs to pull back on the overacting when in an intense situation. Last week’s episode when he was asking the guy about his alleged asthma madication – that’s the nuanced quality acting that I’ve come to expect from this man; I hope to see more of that!

  • in kwerty’s humble opinion

    One other thing…why the HE*L do we have to wait 2 weeks before it picks up again. This is the other problem with this show. In two weeks I will have forgotten what has happened!!! FOX has to stop doing this …it’s ruining the show and incredibly annoying!!!!

  • cuellar07

    Ha, Ha! I thought I was the only one who thought of ‘jazz hands’. During that scene, Went was totally channeling his character from Popular, Adam. It was the most animated I’ve seen him in both seasons of the show.

    And was I the only one who was screaming at Sara to stay UNDER THE BED for more than the three seconds she actually did? I understand that the show must keep moving along, but if I was her, I would have stayed put for a lot longer than she did!

  • http://Jamie Jamie

    #24 I agree with you.

    Especially about the breathy-Wentworth…what ever happend to his real voice. I know it’s supposed to be a style of acting but do it occasionally not all the time, that just makes Wentworth look like he’s one thing he can do as an actor…it’s totally annoying me.


    I mad as hell!!


    Let’s all take a breath here people. Chill out. The show has been running smoothly for the most part. I thought they killed off the mob boss a little too soon. They didnt give him a big enough storyline, which really could have taken off pretty well. And crazy insane fellow, they could have taken him out long ago. He had no significance to anything or anyone, unless he got back to Michael and was able to help him in his crazy way. I thought Kellerman was going to kill the president off before michael had a chance to talk to her, which would have been brilliant also. But with the story going in this direction, I am very interested in seeing how it’ll turn out. Every episode does move the story along with intensity. I just love it, I just think sometimes the stories need a little help. As explain. Oh and this is just my opinion. so chill out..

  • louveciennes

    Mahone didn’t lose his game. That was all an act so Lang could tail Sara right to our boys. He knew torture wouldn’t break her.

  • Juls

    oh my god. when they were hitting Scofield… I literally sobbed and said, “NO! Don’t hit the pretty!!!”

  • http://Jamie Jamie

    Mahone is overated!1

  • Julissa

    omg i loved this episode i don’t care what no one says!!!!!….went was so hot even when he was beat up…when he spit when he was talking to the pres was so sexy…it would have been great if kellerman had killed the president i would of jumped on kellerman (in a good way lol) so quickly omg….sara was stupid…no duh mahone going to act like he left so you can get up…c mon be smarter then that….lincoln was really hott in this episode…sucre’s storyline is kinda stupid now he’s back at getting the money what is that??…bellick juss has to go back to jail badly…i loved when he was dum scared…loved it so much…now he’s enjoying freedom!! wtf? is that…t bag is a retart great actor but stupid storyline…let him reach bangkok and thats it…how many people he’s going to kill? it’s really getting old…I HATE THAT DAMN PRESIDENT she couldn’t at least give them the pardon….poor lincoln and mike now has to run forever…..all happy and celebrating then BANG I HAVE CANCER oh no wtf?…good episode over all but t bag, sucre, and bellick was lacking….mahone was great i loved him in this episode!!!!

  • http://jan jan

    I just think the producers and crew want a nice place to film so that they can be on vacation ……yeah! lets film in panama.

    I just laugh now ……it’s become a comedy. Even Wentworth looks like crap latley, I’m sick of that ugly grey sweatshirt.

  • ~Jade~

    I dig the show but I dig Went even more. He’s a Hot Tamale, he could wear a hefty garbage bag and make it look sexy!

  • The sink

    Jamie Says:
    March 7th, 2007 at 11:51 am – flag comment


    I mad as hell!!


    Huney, why do you even watch the show if you can’t stand anything about it!
    Think again and find yourself something else to watch for Christ sakes, no one has strangled you to a chair forcing you to watch Prison Break

  • True_wm_fan

    This last episode was thrilling! So many things happened, i must say i only wanted to see what was gonna happen to Michael because i knew he was gonna get beaten up (thanks to spoil others by the way!) and i really don’t get why people say Wentworth is overacting! Michael isn’t supposed to be all relax now that his brother isn’t on death row anymore, he’s on the run, he knows he and his brother can get caught any minute, so please gimme me break when you say his breathy voice is getting old! This must be the most stupid thing i ever heard! Just a little reminder to say that Wentworth Miller is one of the best actor at the moment, ok people don’t like him but before bringing his work down, just try and do better than him!

    I can’t believe this season is almost over, gonna be looking forward to find out what season 3 is about…

  • http://Sara Sara

    Post#35 Sink….your an idiot, everyone that posts comments on this blog ikes PB, back off and leave Jamie alone. I too am sick of how bad the show has gotten, and by the sounds of the majority of posts on this thread everyone is dissapointed about the quality…so just back off and let everyone have their opinion without you hating on them.

  • superfan

    i think the producers have a penchant for clint eastwood’s “dirty harry” character when they cast bill fichner’s “alex mahone” character for this show! all he needs now is a 44 magnum, and a line like “do you feel lucky, well do ya punk”? ;)

  • The sink

    #Sara: Me? I am the idiot?! At least I saw the chemesty between the characters in the show!
    But I’ll follow your advice and back up, of course I felt the love for the show in Jamie’s post, especilly with her saying what a waste.

  • Kitty

    I think the real problems with the show began after the money was found and everyone went off in different directions. There were too many sub-plots to follow and too many locations. The chemistry between the actors got “watered down” because they weren’t all together to interact.

  • marymi

    JARED! you did NOT post the story on Lane garrison AGAIN! how would we know about his verdict concerning his SUV accident last december! we’re so SICK of seeing JS with jonny mayer getting “LOVEY DOVEY” in public! so, spare US the MISERY of seeing THEM together!!!! and post a story or even a video on your website about LANE!!! NOT them!!! PLEEEEAASE???!!!

  • Raw

    I thought Went did a great job when he was getting beaten up very convincing he looked like he was really in pain.Also The Sink you are right on the money what ‘chemistry’ people want to see what they want regardless if these characters’ don’t have it!

  • http://Sara Sara

    #39 Sink…..People can still like PB & Wentworth but be disappointed with the episode, there’s nothing wrong with that. Most of the posts on this board are not happy with the direction the writers are taking the show. I think what #Jamie was trying to say was that previously there was better chemistery,everyone wants the quality from the first season, if not the show might get the boot. Personally I think if they had more love story with Went & Sara people would be happy….SORRY!!….your not an idiot my apologies I was wrong to say that.

  • SweetyKat

    I liked this episode. A few questions were answered. That’s always nice.

    The only other thing I have to say is that Sucre/Amaury looked so deliscious “laid” up in that bed!

  • SweetyKat

    Sorry, I meant delicious!

  • nev

    Yes, I heard it too Kitty! He said MOTHER! XD

  • mrs_Purcell_I Wish

    I wish i never came on here, im behind with the episodes i havent got fox on my tv.i recently watched the episode where lincoln met up with his father i was screaming at the tv,can someone tell me how behind i am or have i been missing episodes???? I watch it on channel five. im sooooooooo happy theres going to be a season three!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PS Dominic Purcell is hot hot hot

  • superfan

    i saw a t-shirt that says “madame president” on it!……it was for hillary clinton’s presidential campaign :D