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Scarlett Johansson: I Look Like a Boy

Scarlett Johansson: I Look Like a Boy

Parade Magazine has the scoop on Scarlett Johansson in this coming Sunday’s issue with an interview by James Kaplan and photographs by Andrew Eccles.

  • On looking like a boy: “I don’t think my features are entirely feminine. Yes, I have full lips and obviously I have no facial hair. But…take somebody like Penelope Cruz. She’s so feminine. Think about it. She has, like, long eyelashes, and to me she just looks very feminine. When I wake up in the morning and I have no makeup on, like right now, I think I look like a young boy.”
  • On avoiding the paparazzi: “There’s plenty of restaurants and neighborhoods that I just try to avoid. It sucks—especially in New York, because you want to feel like you can walk around anywhere. But it’s okay. I think it’s an adjustment. It’s horrible that you have to make the adjustment, but being as I can’t change the state of where we are now, and I’m sure it will never change, you just have to make the adjustment. What’s the alternative? I don’t want to move to the middle of nowhere. I’m a city kid.”
  • On being called sexy: “It’s a nice compliment, I guess. It’s funny, because for a male actor the idea of being sexy can be very daunting. A lot of young male actors want to be chameleons and play all different kinds of characters. For a woman, I think it’s always a compliment to have people think you’re attractive.”

You can read the rest of the Parade web-exclusive interview here.

Scarlett, 22, was last spotted shopping in Paris yesterday with BFF Jessica Biel shortly after sitting in on the Louis Vuitton runway show. Five different Reebok ads have also been launched featuring the lovely Scarlett.

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  • Kim

    She does look like a boy, especially in that movie with Dennis Quaid and Topher Grace. Very overrated actress.

  • Natalie

    I can’t stand Scarlett, except in Lost In Translation and Ghost World. She seems so conceited, and all of the articles and lists naming her “sexiest woman” don’t exactly help…

  • James

    She’s gorgeous and looks like a really nice person.

    Yeah I’m sure the people here who say she’s ugly are more good looking. ¬¬

  • Amy

    She doesn’t look like a boy for sure, but she’s not “sexiest woman alive” in my list. She’s lucky she has such a great natural figure because not many women can have such large boobs at her weight. I hope men know that you can’t have everything in a woman (ie: skinny with big boobs and ass). Don’t happen very often.

  • Chase

    I am a Johansson fan simply because she walked into the Scientology celebrity center looked the Hubbardite beasts in the face, turned them down, and walked away.

  • Rose

    Scarlett Johansson is by far one of the most OVERRATED actresses working today.

    Its another thing to be known as sex symbol and another to be taken as a serious actress, I have a feeling Ms Johansson concentrates really hard to be way too sexy.

  • Chickapoo

    She’s pretty!

  • AjumaPower

    She looks fine in movies, but BOY, in print she’s all chin.

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    She does not look like a boy. She looks like a very curvy, very pretty and healthy girl. Bravo to her for being atypical.

    Sexiest “Girls”:

    1) Angelina Jolie
    2) Angelina Jolie
    3) Angelina Jolie
    4) Penelope Cruz
    5) Salma Hayek
    6) Halle Berry
    7) Iman
    8) Jessica Biel
    9) Scarlett Johanssen
    10) Helen Mirren

  • amara

    Overrated both as an actress and a sexy attractive woman. She looks way older than 22. Furthermore, anyone who admires Marilyn Monroe is an idiot another woman who contributed nothing to the world but overrated sexuality and no intellligence.


    Wow. I agree with her. From the neck up, she truly does. When she’s made up I think she looks like a slightly less attractive Charlize Theron. But with little no make-up and styling. She’s, meh. Not ‘beautiful’ in the way that a Natalie, Angelina or Charlize is.

    I love how actresses try to act so non-pretentious by picking someone they think is beautiful who’s like 12 years older than them (Her Penny Cruz example) — why not pick Natalie who she was just in a movie with and had to look at, a LOT. Oh wait, competition.

    Hahaha…Scarlett – you’re so predictable, and obvious, and in danger of being severely over-exposed..but oddly enough, I don’t loathe her. I like her. She just needs to do fewer interviews, it’s like I’m always hearing from her and seeing her, and so one is led to believe she always has some boring movie out that will come and go. It’s a shame, because when she does have another Lost, no one will know or care because we’ve just been seeing her way too much for to many bullsh*t reasons.

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    Hahaha.. wtf! Am I seeing things?!?

  • Kroq

    Scarlett vs. Natalie. I can’t wait!

    I love them both but am partial to NP.

  • daphne

    this is a pretty woman. working hard to work the “sexy” image. getting extra points from, well you know what..

    natalie??? no comparison at all. natalie and scarlett is in two separate compartments.
    natalie is an OK actress, but she’s not trying to be the sexiest woman alive.

    oh, btw, i think scarlett is a bit overrated–as an actress. luck comes in. what can i say, good for her..

  • Elle

    She looks pretty with make-up

  • mickey

    Yes, Scarlett it is horrible that people wanting to take your picture force you to make an adjustment in your incredibly difficult life of money, fashion shows, and constant shouts of “Sexiest Woman Alive.” I’ll make sure all those who truly have a difficult lives (the impoverished, victims of war, etc.) cry a river for you.

  • EnglishRose

    Yes, Scarlett, you do look like a boy. A boy with very large breasts. Ick.

  • The Modern Goddess

    She has great attitude and doesnt give a shit. Well done, oh and she seems to have morals. Scorpian Queen!

  • Tony

    Well her face is only a 7 at best, but her tits are an 11.

  • anon12

    Oh, scarlett. I used to like you when Lost in Translation came out. But then you started taking on the same type of roles, focusing more on your sexiness than your acting ability and now you’re just boring. That male insecurity you speak of, that drives male actors to be chameleons and take on different roles, is…and please correct me if I am wrong…WHAT GOOD ACTORS SHOULD DO! Is Johnny Depp not the king of cool in the movie world precisely because he takes on roles that display his talent? The man is so damn good, that even as an ugly pirate, he was still hot! Now THAT is what I call sexy.

  • Sandra

    I wouldnt’ say she looked boy-ish – she has a bit of an air of boy-ish innocence in her facial features, though. I love these photos, though, that playfulness of hers is irresistible. I haven’t seen enough work by her to assess her acting skills, but I do think she is beautiful.

  • donatella

    she looks horrible without make up and pretty much like a boy! i can’t stand her when she opens her mouth in interview. she tries too hard to be called ‘sexy’ but it’s a shame that she doesn’t focus to become a better actress coz she believes too much all that she has to do is earn her ‘sexiest woman alive’ title. her boobs can be big but too bad that her brain is tiny :-)

  • eb

    Right on, Chase!

    For those who don’t think she can act – watch “Girl with a Pearl Earring” and get back to me.

  • bball42242442

    Scarlett is amazing, especially in The Island. Excellent movie too.

  • bball42242442

    Scarlett is amazing, especially in The Island. Excellent movie too. One of if not my fav.

  • *Meadow*

    To the idiots that are saying she looks like a boy: if she wasn’t saying that, you wouldn’t be saying it, either. You’re just here having fun with the whole anonymous thing on the internet, faggats.

    She does not look like a boy with or without makeup
    She’s very attractive but has a serious eye problem

    She was gorgeous in the Black Dahlia and the were scenes when she wasn’t packed with make-up and looked so good

  • my2cents

    i get what she;s saying, women with more diminuitive features (small eyes, nose, mouth) are considered more feminine. however, i do suspect she says things like that to deflect the fact that she’s quite the vain narcissist and recognizes the publics disdain for people who exude that attitude. these false self proclamations are Scarlett’s way of tempering her public image to make her more ‘likeable’.