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Melinda Doolittle is a WOMAN

Melinda Doolittle is a WOMAN

Are we watching American Idol or ARETHA Idol?

The most enjoyable American Idol performance of the night from the Top 8 girls was Melinda Doolittle‘s rendition of Peggy Lee‘s “I’m a Woman.” Melinda, 29, blew the roof off with her performance and the judges went wild.

  • Randy said, “You were the hottest one of the night. You deserve it. You’re a consummate pro! You’re ready to go into the studio and just make a record. You’ve got it going on.”
  • Paula said, “You are so pheneonmal. You’re so likeable. You’re lovable. You’re brilliant on stage. You’re fantastic.”
  • Simon said, “You little tiger. I thought we had a Pussycat. I love that!”

MEOW! Watch the video of Melinda Doolittle‘s performance of “I’m a Woman” below! W-O-M-A-N!

Don’t miss Carrie Underwood on American Idol tomorrow, when she’ll perform her new hit “Wasted.”

Pictured below in Row 1 (l-r): Melinda Doolittle, LaKisha Jones, Gina Glocksen, Jordin Sparks Row 2 (l-r): Antonella Barba, Haley Scarnato, Stephanie Edwards, Sabrina Sloan.

Melinda Doolittle performs “I’m a Woman” – American Idol, 3/7
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  • bdj

    Great Performance. Melinda Dolittle is becoming the front runner in American Idol. I like her voice and style.

  • sue

    she’s HOT! probably the new american idol HOT!

  • Jordan

    I think she should win, I don’t watch the show regularly but I have seen the recaps on the news. She seems so down-to-earth… maybe that’s just because she graduated from the same high school as me and she seems more real.

  • the bear

    haha they feel guilty because they voted off J. Hudson. idiots.

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    She sure is… a very u g l y w o m e n.

    With a good voice.

  • tanique33

    oh my.

    i’ve decided i have to listen to her, not look at her, but not because i think she is ugly. she is like celine for me. i’d rather hear them.

    she was indeed the best vocally. lakeisha needs an uptempo, i’m over the power ballad. i pretty much enjoyed everyone except the two that need to go. slutty pics, and whatever her name is in the red. let’s be real, the road kind of just drops when it gets to them.

  • sweetgirl

    I cannot pin point what melinda looks like.. I don’t find her all that pretty but girl can sing.. I personally want Lekisha to win though or Chris S.

  • Linda

    Melinda isn’t pretty, but she is attractive in her own way.. mostly because of her endearing personality. And oh yeah, she can sing the freakin lights out. Awesome.

  • Nicci

    You’all are foul. Melinda is beautiful….well, cute, anyway. Her performance gave me chills…

  • simonsucks

    ok let me just say this simon is a douche-bag.

    and melinda has an amazing voice!

  • DoolittleFan CCornel

    So Jared, I’m delightfully surprised to see you feature the Next American Idol on your site — and so fast too !! It’s just too bad that it took you a week before you realized that Melinda Doolittle is the one. For me, and others, she WAS the frontrunner when she belted out that incredibly wonderfull jazzy rendition of My Funny Valentine last week. And she clearly remains so. That’s when the whole AI audience stood up and took notice of Melinda. I only wish you’d dig that performance up on YouTube or something and feature it on here for everyone to see, if they haven’t already.

    So tell me: Does this mean you’re coming around to the Doolittle side and leaving Stephanie Edwards behind? I liked that Chaka Khan song, but Steph couldn’t hold those high notes and she kind of faltered. She was, dare I say, “pitchy.” To me, she’s a poor man’s Beyonce.

    Jordin and Sabrina are cute and talented, but they can’t hold a candle to the main frontrunners. I still say it’s between Melinda and Lakeisha in the final. If there’s any justice, that is.

    – DoolittleFan CCornel

  • Caylea

    Loved her performance. She isnt my type of singer, I prefer the Gina Glocksen type, but no denying Doolittle was awesome.

  • Tim

    that was great

  • ofthrees

    love her. LOVE her. she won’t win idol, but she’ll have an album out by fall.

  • mercredi


  • sc

    how many people reading this page could stand in front of a national audience and not break the camera. 85% of people are not “pretty”, there is usually some flaw that mars the looks of most of us. magnified when its on camera. melinda is not “pretty”, she has the degree of look of most people of the folks on the street a “6″, i think she has a cute, adorable quality working for her, and her mad skills will take her the rest of the way. her and lakinsha can bring it. frankly now its just matter of who are they going to sign with and who will be writing their songs and what genre will they choose.

  • John


  • Michael

    Absolutely lover her!! Fantastic Melinda!!

  • It’s About Time

    I luv her voice, she does seem like she has a cool down to earth personality too. Melinda is a natural, wonder why she hasn’t been discovered yet?! I’m so sick of the Diva/Beyonce/Barbie Doll Clones, bring it on Melinda, you got it going on girl!!!!: A beautful smile too!:)

  • JON

    Great voice but where is her neck??

  • Ex-Lurker

    Beauty fades (with time despite, plastic surgery), talent stays and will only get better in time.

  • someone

    If she doesn’t win, she should, I think shes better than the rest of them put together…her voice is awesome, and I think shes a cute girl with a really great personality,

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    sex sells.. melinda is far from sexy. it might sound f-ed up, but she’s to ugly to be an american idol

  • bailey

    lakeisha gets my vote….awesome, she gives me goosebumps!

  • Annie

    It is not all about looks. I like Melinda’s personality and oh boy, she can sing!!!!!!!!. She is awesome. It also helps that when she sings, she exudes confidence, which is hard to do when some people thinks she is ugly. To me, she is beautiful.

  • suspicious package

    Love love LOVE me some Melinda Doolittle! She was the best last night! She sorta reminds me of America Ferrera, actually – kind of coarse features, but she just has this shining light of a soul.

  • Val

    Malinda is a beautiful woman, a true performer with a fantastic voice. I don’t know where anyone gets off saying she’s ugly. She’s just as attractive as anyone else on the show: she dresses well, appears to have a wonderful personality and is not full of herself. I can’t see anyone else surpassing her right now.

  • T

    I don’t understand the discussion on whether Melinda is beautiful or not. This is a singing competition, not Miss America. Does it matter? Look at Melinda compared to the other contestants. We have Antonella Barba whose definitely sliding on looks, b/c in comparing voices, Melinda blows her out the water. Antonella should have been eliminated last week and the week before. The true singers are easy to pick and I love this woman. Looks do not matter!!! If she can sing, she can sing! It’s very simple…

  • loveme

    wow she rocked my socks off last night. wow!!!!!!!!!

  • John

    hello people! this is a singing competition. Who said neck-less people cant win Idol? suck it up cuz she will be the first one!

  • suspicious package

    Actually, she represents what I love about Idol. People who are not normally considered “commercially appealing” (ie. physically perfect) have the opportunity to be heard, and they blow it out of the water! So far, she has outsung every pretty little thing out there (Ms. Aguleira excepted).

  • Ashley

    Melinda deserves to win this thing! And it isn’t even top 12 yet! Her singing is unmatched, and her modest personality is the cherry on top. Looooove her!

  • cheeky

    She is not too ugly to be an American Idol. Kelly Clarkson won didn’t she?

  • Ike

    She may be able to sing but she’s so ugly! She’s not going to be able to sell records.

  • whatevs

    She is AWESOME! Great voice and nice attitude. I think she looks great and I will repeat what has been said- IT IS A SINGING COMPETITION! Elliot Yamin and that Chicken Little dude were both ugly as dogs, but they were still on the show last season. Gees!

  • Rose

    To all you oversexed nit wits who think that bleach blondes with a pretty smile, a curvy body and an empty head is what makes a superstar, I say shame on you all. You are the very ones who helped convinced the no-talent, pea-brain Britney Spears, who didn’t even finish school, that she was God’s gift to entertainment. Gyrating half naked and sweating up a storm under lights in not singing and it is not entertainment.

    People should have more substance to them than good looks and a talent for chewing gum in public and night clubbing. See what happens to over-hyped lookers with no brains and no substance? They crack under the pressure of Hollywood and mindless adulation. They are all in and out of the revolving door of the rehab clinics.

    Haven’t you helped to created and encouraged enough losers? How about going for substance and personality for once? Someone who at least appears grounded and sensible and who might be able to survive stardom without disgracing womanhood?

  • strepsi

    Comments after the first week said it best — ” a black Lily Tomlin” (it’s the baby teeth smile) — and she is the only one who out-sang the backup singers! I think Melinda vs. Blake in the finals….

  • Jordan

    Wow! When did the world become so based on looks? This is SO sad. She is a real person. Listen to your mom “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all!”.

  • IMO!!!

    There are many sex pot boodie licious no singing divas out there
    give me a voice, i don’t need a video!

  • Dolittle_FAN!

    Wonderful performance! Outstanding! best vocals I’ve everheard. she’s going all the way to the top!!! Looks can be deceiving but its the voice that counts. hehehe She’s the best!

  • swadefoxx

    What a beautiful,talented,extraordinary young woman.WOW!I will pray for all of u who talk negatively about obviously have personal issues about yourself.(i.e.your appearance,personality,likability).God will elevate you MELINDA to even greater heights just to show people that it doesn’t matter what folks say,but what HE says.

  • Sassy Girl


  • KERA

    Sassy Girl, shut the F*ck up. Seriously, all of you who are jealous of talent should go fornicate themselves with a fork.

  • michelle


  • JEAN

    Sassy girl, you top the charts in uglihood, even your taste & personality sux!

  • Sassy Girl

    Ha, Ha, Ha that is sooo funny!! No neck Doolittle sure knows how to stink up the stage!! She needs to take her UGLYYYY A** home and hide away from the public eye. Can’t believe someone that ugly would show her face on TV!! BLAKE IS THE BEST!!!!!!

  • mimi

    Melinda IS pretty even without a neck, she is charming, smiling and seems genuinely surprised to be that good. It is obvious that at the beginning of the competition she lacked self-confidence and she was surprises by her own success. Now she might be acting a little which is understandable although she talked back to Simon with a very good sense of a-propos… She is remarkable, sweet and her singing gives me the shrills everytime. She is going to be more than an American idol, she will be an international legend and people who do not see it coming are blind.

  • Hot Kharl

    Reality time.Clay is selling more albums than Ruben.Melinda seems nice as pie,her voice isn’t that remarkable.You can find women that sing as well,or better in most southern black churches.It’s called “Idol” for a reason.Y’all know she looks like a hippo.She’s just not the total package.Where’s Frenchie?Even Fantasia,who is cute,is on broadway.Mainstream media is very superficial.Britany can’t sing,but she WAS hot and had an image.Jennifer Hudson was in the right place at the right time.Sorry folks,that’s the brutal reality of the popular musit industry.Now the Jazz scene…that’s another story!

  • Josh

    Melinda Doolittle looks like a cave woman I think she maybe the missing link !

  • Sassy Girl

    Melinda got ((((THE BOOT!!!!)))) Life is GOOOODDD!!!!!!!!!