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Antonella Barba & Sanjaya Malakar are the Same Person

Antonella Barba & Sanjaya Malakar are the Same Person

HAHAHA! Some people are convinced that American Idol‘s Antonella Barba & Sanjaya Malakar are the same person. Here, here!

Pokey22 asks, “Have you ever seen them on the stage at the same time?”

If you don’t agree they’re the same person, can we at least agree they both should go home?

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  • tanique33

    and just because they should go home, they’ll probably both stay, sadly. seriously his look is disturbing on quite a few level. did he piss a stylist off? who the hell votes on his look?

  • Matt

    Sanjaya looks and sounds more feminine then Antonella. lol and yes they should both go home..along with Haley and Jared.

  • Natalie

    I really, really hate Antonella. She is trash, and has no talent. I don’t care about Sanjaya, at all.

  • tb

    Agreed they should both go home. I hate antonella her voice is sorta retarded sounding

  • bdj

    Too funny!!! Sanjaya needs to wax his eyebrows a little more and put some nude pictures on the internet and he will be a perfect match for Antonella.

  • b

    Antonella out

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    Bye Antonella!

    There’s always Girls Gone Wild or Playboy.. Well maybe not Playboy, Your not that good looking.

  • Just Jared

    Thank goodness. THANK YOU AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brian

    But Sanjaya in, sadly.

  • sue

    i can’t believe he is safeWTH!

  • lamassabrosona

    Anthonella and Heyly have to go… The boys I like only one of the 12 therefore I do not care about…Sansaya…. The boys are so bad that it does not matter.
    I do not like the idea that Anthonella or Heyly can take a spot from a talented girl… That will be terrible. :( :(



  • Andrea

    What is keeping Sanjaya in??? I can’t figure it out. How in the world could Sundance lose out to this guy? IMO Sanjaya and Jared both should have gone home as well as Antonella and the last girl they left in. I can’t remember her name but IMO the last girl they left in should have gotten the boot too.


    Yeah! It just goes to show that America doesnt see real talent. Its all about the look. But that is really the ONLY thing Sanjaya has got going for him. He has no stage presence and barely poofs a sound when he sings…so weak. I just dont understand.

  • Sheena

    Just like Polkaroo.

  • CMAR

    Remember…………….Sanjaya has Indian heritage and is the first such person to make it this far on AI so i do believe all the Indian Americans (not to be confused wth the original/native American Indians) and everyone else in America with fond attachments to that subcontinent, are voting for Sanjaya. Remember his twin sister? She’s probably out organizinfg massive voting parties in support of Sanjaya (whos to say? lol).
    Anyhoo, i dont mind his singing and i dont mind his look either. Except, he acts too effeminately. If only he could act with more confidence and appear more masculine (with a bit of streetsmart-type action).
    Dont be surprised if Sanjaya takes it all………dont underestimate his support out there.

  • Andrea

    I think I know what’s keeping Sanjaya in now. Go to Evidently the sponsors of that site are rallying people to vote for the worst contestants on Idol. If I understand the site, they are doing this to protest the Idol audition strategy, claiming that Idol deliberately sends the marginal or frankly bad singers on to Hollywood (and sends some good ones back home) to give us something to stir us up, just like this is now… so obviously it’s not really a talent contest as much as it is just a reality show. Now I bet someone really gives this guy a recording contract so he can sound as idiotic as William Hung did, and make a gazillion bucks singing flat and barely above a whisper. Yes I am bitter that he made it through :) And yes, I do have a life other than Idol…

  • midhuri

    I think we should blame the judges, they’re the one who choose sanjaya become AI contestant.
    Maybe, if they reject him at first time, this won’t happen.

  • Diane Miller

    I was really dissapointed to see Sundance leave tonight. Sanjaya should of left weeks ago. I was surprised last week as well when he was voted in! I did not care for Antonella too much. I really like Lakisha for the girls and Chris Sligh for the guys. Good Luck to the remaining Idol hopefuls

  • ryan

    How did he not leave………who votes for him

    I mean seriously, stop voting for him, save my ears.

  • sue

    i don’t think it’s the judges fault. He had a great audition. I had high hopes for him…..until

  • yuzmama

    sanjay is a bhai chode,antonella is prally gonna get a photo “spread” in hustler magazine.

  • Randi Hostetter

    It was EXTREMELY disappointing that Sanjaya got to stay instead of Sundance and that Hayley got to stay instead of Sabrina. And it’s really shocking that Sanjaya
    continues to make it week after week. For how long? Maybe next time, the judges themselves should select the top 12 and then have people vote on the chosen group.
    It’s ridiculous that no-talents are beating out more solid performers.

  • jackie

    It’s a conspirancy. Remember that India is the call center capital of the world. I think all the Indian call center agents, who have access to US numbers are calling those 1-866 numbers and voting. Mwahahahaha.

  • Sandy Hoola
  • The Lizard

    If that was not Antonella sucking on cock as she claims, I bet that it was Sanjaya swallowing those man juices!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!