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Avril Lavigne: Best Butt?

Avril Lavigne: Best Butt?

Avril Lavigne has said buh-bye to the dark, brooding girl she used to be — and is finally happy saying hello to a whole new kind of happiness!

Avril Lavigne certainly knows how to work her totally hardcore punk audience in the upcoming April 2007 issue of Seventeen Magazine. The cover reveals we will learn how love finally made Avril happy and how to get your BEST BUTT. It’s a secret everybody’s been wanting to know for years!

You still have a confrontational attitude toward the paparazzi. What’s the story behind you spitting on some photographers last year? I was at [the nightclub] Hyde, and there were a million paparazzi guys. They’re all these gross older men, like disgusting — scum of the earth. They follow you around with clipboards and these glossy pictures of you and a blue Sharpie. They show it in your face when you walk out of a club, then sell it on eBay, so I went “**** you, **** you, **** you” on mine. [Laughs] Then I spit on them. And they love it. They’re all laughing — “Avril spit on me!” But I’d been spitting on them for two years and that one time it became a story.

And great news for the Canadian pop singer! Avril boasted the chart’s top debut with her hit single “Girlfriend,” ranking in at No. 5. HECK YEAH, SHE’S THE MOTHER ******* PRINCESS!! A best career debut on the Hot 100 for the 22-year-old. Her third album, “Best Damn Thing” is due in stores April 17.

Avril‘s cover and interview with Seventeen Magazine April 2007 hits newsstands March 13!

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  • Mycah


  • blah


  • New York Pundit

    That wretched hag needs to lay off the meth, and become aquainted with soap and water!

  • loveme

    what, it’s cute. don’t be so negative, people. have you had a no. 5 hit on the billboard charts?

  • me

    I must say she changed alot…
    …her teeny bopper/emo/punk rock fans must be sad…

  • mariootsa

    dear all posters everywhere:

    we do not have to have attained a certain level of success to have an opinion on a dang website. no, you’re right, haven’t had a hit on the billboard charts. guess that means i’m just supposed to love everything and not have an opinion, even when we are talking about a snot-faced little poseur who is actually everything she is supposed to be against. make this idiot go away, please.

  • misstypea

    She looks really cute! And her cd isn’t at stores yet and her song is already at the Billboard! GO AVRIL!

    I can not understand you, people who says she is a poser because she changed her style… COME ON! When she starts she was 16! And she used to have an style. But can you imagine a 22-years-old married woman walking around with her skate and with the kind of clothes she wore when she was just 16?
    She grown up! She’s not a girl anymore, and it would really be ridiculos if she keeps acting like the girl she was.
    You should grow up to…

  • tina

    best butt? in the first place, does she have any?

  • Damian

    Do people even remember what punk rock was like back when it started? Real punk rockers would beat this chick up in a second.

  • maxy

    Nunca fue punk joder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gianna


  • avrilxinha

    Hey, avril ..

    Linda demais !!

  • avrilxinha

    avril lavigne ..

    I Love you !!

  • What do u even care?!

    If you like the superficial girly airhead fake blonde pop singer she’s turned into, ok, fine, I think you’re either completely mental and you need to be locked up, OR you have some sort of no-taste desease, but it’s fine, I guess. I mean, it’s YOUR opinion.
    But insulting PUNK by calling HER music PUNK??????????????????????
    Oh, no. I totally agree with Damian. 100%. My SISTER is more mature and she’s five. Please, would you just leave these things to people who actually KNOW what REAL PUNK sounds like?! And I don’t mean myself, though I love it, but I mean the people that actually KNOW WHAT THEY’RE TALKING ABOUT.
    And while you do that, could you ask your beloved so-called”punk” princess what the hell was SHE thinking of?!

  • kristy

    u guys shouldnt be so negative towards her!! ur prolly just jelous:P
    i think avril’s AWESOME!!

  • erik

    Shut tha fuck up fucking morons dont write shit about avril!!!!!! avril rocks i hope she will spit at the paparatzzi more cause those unsuccessful fotigraphers should die or burn in hell!!!!!

  • Reenie

    avril is sooooooooooooooooo cool i love girlfriend it is sooooooooooo kool.
    who cares if she changed her style she is alloud to do that.
    its not ur guys place to say that she has to stay one style or that she isnt what she is
    she can be whoever she ******* wants to be and so can all of you guys
    plus she is pretty and has a cool voice so there.

  • sara

    yahh, sure, shes allowed to change her style. but when she changed her style from punk rock to whatever the hell she is now, she WAS NOT growing up. Tell me, how is a married woman singing about stealing some guy and being a persons girlfriend considered “mature”? Se was wayy more mature before this stupid dumb blonde crap. Her lyrics stopped making sense a long time ago. And why is her, running around wearing shorts that are shorter than short, and skirts that are minier than mini considered “mature”? PLEASE!

  • sabi7

    I love avril even if she changed i still love her yaeh it sock but that just means that your not a real fan. blond is her real couler and she is showing the real her so why do you hate her for a stupid reson?

  • austine

    fuck to whatever you fools say about her…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SHE ROCKS!!!! let her be what she want to be!!!
    you’re just jealuzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Francesca

    Well her butt couldn’t be worse than her insufferable sour constipated “punk” face.

    God she’s tacky and self-righteously dumb. Pls. why hasn’t someone, anyone, beat the living crap out of this ugly vindictive twit?! Karma Police!

  • Sonora

    I feel dizzy and slightly nauseous. Should come with a warning.

  • Robert

    You people are so dumb. You call her a poser because she changed her look? Madonna for an example changed her look many times ago. But no one calls her a poser.