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Carrie Underwood is "WASTED"

Carrie Underwood is

Who got the boot tonight after 37 million calls and text messages? Jared Cotter, Sundance Head, Sabrina Sloan, and thankfully Antonella Barba.

But hello!! America!! Wake up!! Sanjaya Malakar is in your top 12!! S-A-N-J-A-Y-A-M-A-L-A-K-A-R!! AHH!! JJ reader e dawg remarks, “I cant believe this kid made it though again! Could it be our votes are being “outsourced?” Think about it, America.” HAHAHA!!!

Watch the video below of tonight’s performance byAmerican Idol Season 4 Winner Carrie Underwood. She performed her latest hit single “Wasted” and looked fantastic singing it!

Carrie Underwood performs “Wasted” – American Idol, 3/8

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  • Nicci


    Sanjaya made it cause I voted for him….Oops!

  • sue

    someone get the gun out now! I can not believe sanjaya is still there. WHY??????

  • tanique33

    america america america. it’s ridiculous. well we got one off. she had the nerve to be shocked. the best line was “your fans want to hear you sing one more time” um nooo, they just want to see you naked. lets be real.

    ugh ol’ flatiron. where did it go wrong? i’m with simon. people must watch him muted. that is just a wasted spot.

  • d

    i cannot believe haley outlasted sabrina sloan. i wanted sabrina to win…..

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    The smut is gone, GREAT. But everyone else who got sent home should have stayed

    Sanjaya should quit, he knows he shouldn’t be there, and everyone else on the show knows it. He’s embarrassing himself, and every time they speak about him, its never positive. He’s an on going joke.

    Carrie Underwood = BOOOOORING

  • Emma

    Thanks Jared, I love Carrie!!!

  • e dawg

    I cant believe this kid made it thru again!!!! could it be our votes are being “outsourced”….think about it really America…you know who im talkin about

  • tongt0ng

    seriously… sanjaya? he’s nice but no idol. and i was rooting for sabrina too.

  • John

    I voted for antonella because Justjared likes Chris R. and he sucks!!! I thought i would balance out the world, but something went wrong!!

  • lamassabrosona

    To me the only disappointed of the night was haley she took Sabrina spot and that was very bad.

    The trust I did not like Sundance at all… I do not care if Sansaya is still in the competition… Jared Cotter was so so…. I did not care one way or another… Sundance, Sansaya or Jared who cares…I do not understand why people liked Sundance was horrible that is the trust. :D :D :D

    But Haley took Sabrina spot that is bad… :( :(

    I am super happy that the witch is gone the witch is gone.. ha.ha.ha :D :D :D that is of curse Anthonella Barba… She was a horrible singer with horrible attitude. :| :(

  • Nicci

    Sorry about Haley, too…All my girl votes went for her just because Simon was hatin’. If I knew she was beating out Sabrina, I would have switched it up…. So sorry…. Oops again….

    Hey… All the Sanjaya hate?? He won’t win, so don’t lose sleep over it. Maybe the judges should choose their words better when they are bashing a contestant….It drives the sympathy vote (i.e. Sanjaya & Haley)…

    lamassabrosona…couldn’t agree more…the witch is gone….

  • bmxmom

    i justa bout fell off the chair when haley and sanjaya made it in…if they make it one more week then something is fishy in denmark.

  • angelah

    Thanks for the clip, j! Carrie and Kelly C are my fav American Idols (thus far)

  • Melissa

    Does anybody wonders why EVERYBODY HATES AMERICANS? Is anyone scared? Do you spend your time on stupid blogs not caring about the USA being one of the most hated in the world? I love my country but sometimes it scares me: People are so UNEDUCATED and do care about nothing else but celebrities. So scary…we are going to pay for that one day as a nation :(

  • River


    … You both kind of sound like ignorant racist assholes, actually. HAHAHA!!!

  • River

    (But hello!! America!! Wake up!! Sanjaya Malakar is in your top 12!! S-A-N-J-A-Y-A-M-A-L-A-K-A-R!! AHH!! JJ reader e dawg remarks, “I cant believe this kid made it though again! Could it be our votes are being “outsourced?” Think about it, America.” HAHAHA!!!)

    … You both kind of sound like ignorant racist assholes, actually. HAHAHA!!!

  • city

    I actually like Sanjaya the most, i hope he wins. even though his performances kinda of sucked, he still has the best voice out of them all. he just needs to be pimped out a little

  • Tara

    That Sanjaya dude didn’t even deserve to make it in the top 12~~ he sucks sooo bad! Him and his wierd Farrah hair. Then Carrie Underwear acted like she didn’t even want to be there. That stuck up bitch….

  • Ashley

    Sanjaya over Sundance? What were the voters on??

  • C

    The “outsourcing” comment was uncalled for. JJ, why would you think this sort of ignorance still acceptable to publish?? Maybe you should think about outsourcing your commentary.

  • John Caruso

    This guy wants to ban American Idol because of Sanjaya making it to the next round. He also plans to “rig” the vote next week using VoIP.

    American Idol Banned!

    As far as Sundance, I think because he’s a rocker that hurt him. He’s 10X better than Sanjaya. Perhaps rock just isn’t American voters’ genre. I suppose that could explain why Chris Daughtry also got the boot last year. American Idol is all about “pop music” and “country” unfortunately.

  • M

    LOL.. That outsourcing comment is too funny..

  • Nicci

    Sanjaya made it because Sundance’s fanbase was not behind him; they just didn’t vote. Everyone who is complaining about the vote being rigged or votes being “outsourced” are being ridiculous. I’m sure that the producers think that Sundance’s appearance in the top 12 would give the show better ratings than Sanjaya, so why would they rig their own competition to keep someone in that some think would hurt ratings? Think about it…they would not hurt their own competition. Sanjaya’s fanbase came out in droves…that’s why he’s there. Sorry…

    Next time, you guys should vote for someone who you think is more deserving and maybe it will make a difference….

  • punxass

    carrie sux

  • Carrie Lover

    For all you people who dont like Carrie need to get alhold of yourself because she is the best ever!!

  • toughguybarone

    city….you are an idiot