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David Beckham Walks with a Cane

David Beckham Walks with a Cane

A hobbling David Beckham leans on a cane for support as he tries retail therapy at a Gucci store on Thursday, accompanied by wife Victoria Beckham.

The pretty pair walked hand in hand down the Golden Mile with the recovering Becks supporting his future soccer team by wearing an ‘LA’ cap. Vix looks a bit cold there! Brrrrrrrrrrr.

The 31-year-old Los Angeles Galaxy-bound midfielder tore ligaments in his knee during Real Madrid’s Sunday game. But he’s the hottest man alive walking with a cane to date, right?

The David Beckham Academy will officially kick off its 2007 season later this month on March 30.

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Photos: Bauer-Griffin
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  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    If its so cold that he has to wear a scarf? But warm enough he doesnt have to wear a jacket? lol

  • tanique33

    i’m clearly going to need more pics jared. he’s working the scarf, baseball cap, cane look. hottie.

    and by more pics i mean sans the wife. you know how you like to kill fantasies.

  • sue

    knee injuries are bad news. OUCH! They take a long time to heal.

  • Ashley

    Posh is a mere whip away from being something that she wouldn;t want her kids to see.

  • Mediterranean

    I don’t get it, every single day of her life, she buys things. Does she have a time to wear them all or is it a kind of sport she practise?

  • Katrina

    is it me or posh doesnt look so stick skinny like she usually does she ACTUALLY has a shape? even though shes wearin black . . . hm . . .

  • just thinking

    Sorry for Becks – his US football career is dead at the start. He keeps getting injured – age will do that – he is past his prime for this game. He will probably end up coaching or making megabucks from the rich and famous to train their kids. Think his millions will be long gone from the pitch – but hey there is always movies and endorsements.

  • Sandbitch

    That’s not a cane or a stick, that’s his Mrs.

  • Lulu

    “just thinking”, the way he was injured has nothing to do with his age, he could be 20 that would be the same.

  • Ex

    This is the first time i have seen them not hold hands of ocurse because of hos condition,i hope he gets better.She looks really good here,i love that look.

  • ella

    Ex Says:

    March 8th, 2007 at 1:50 pm – flag comment
    This is the first time i have seen them not hold hands of ocurse because of hos condition,i hope he gets better.She looks really good here,i love that look.


    they ARE holding hands!!!! look closer!

    becks looks as stunning as usually and victoria looks really good – not too skinny at all!!!

  • whatevs


  • queeneetha

    i really don’t like her look at all…not natural..always posed…and where does she buys those funny bumpy bras?

  • Julie

    That black cane looks a little too tall for David…Oh! That’s his wife.

  • queeneetha

    If his knee is so bad, wouldn’t he be getting off it and letting it rest from the tear? I don’t get it.

  • tanique33

    i’m sure his well paid doctors, have told him how much exercise he is to get. i doubt he’s taxing himself by doing a bit of walking, to a car no doubt.

  • *~*kimbers*~*

    queeneetha Says:

    March 8th, 2007 at 2:02 pm – flag comment
    If his knee is so bad, wouldn’t he be getting off it and letting it rest from the tear? I don’t get it.


    what for 6 weeks!lol! hes gota keep moving it otherwise it would get worse. hes keeping off it enough just by walking with the crutches – and it is the first time hes been out on it since sunday!

    victoria looks really good! looks like shes putting a bit more weight on – her legs definatly look more shapely! they had little cruz with them too … so cute!

  • brooke…

    Julie Says:

    March 8th, 2007 at 2:01 pm – flag comment
    That black cane looks a little too tall for David…Oh! That’s his wife.


    cheap dig – because the girl actually looks real good. no where near as skinny as she has done. they both look hot!

  • 16 Year Old Boy

    Enlarge Pic #4 it\’s hilarious, it looks like some guy is pointing at her boobie!!

    heh heh :lol:

  • Lu Lu

    WOW- LA is really getting there $$$$’s worth with this hobbling good for nothing!

    One word for both of them::: OVER-RATED!

  • electra

    Victoria actually looks pretty good here, not as skinny as she looked in LA few weeks ago (and she’s wearing black!).

    Poor David though, i hope he gets well soon.

    They’re such a lovely couple.

  • jakejake

    Lu Lu Says:

    March 8th, 2007 at 2:29 pm – flag comment
    WOW- LA is really getting there $$$$’s worth with this hobbling good for nothing!

    One word for both of them::: OVER-RATED!


    you quite clearly know fu*ck all about soccer! before becks got injured he was the best player for real madrid, which means compared to the players of the LA galaxy team, in fact compared to every player in the mls, becks out plays them 10 times over!

  • Caroline

    Poor David((They both look so hot!!!

  • KittyKat

    Beckham is hot!!! Posh is not!!! She is the luckiest girl in the world. So why doesn’t she smile?? (I loved the adidas add you showed the other day.) Oh yeah, what makes a guy incredibly irresistable is staying with his women, that is the sexiest!!!

  • Caroline

    KittyKat Says:
    March 8th, 2007 at 3:34 pm – flag comment

    So why doesn’t she smile??


    So why should she smile?

  • girl

    she is looking like a scary betch, yes betch. But she looks pretty sexy. Her outfit looks like a catwoman halloween costume that someone hoe in my class would wear. I have nothing against the woman, it’s just an observation.

  • KittyKat

    Caroline would you like to argue over my post? Get lost. Or better yet, Why dont you get lost?

  • Barry

    Do you happen to know what brand of stone washed jeans Becks is wearing?

  • Linda

    hugh laurie is pretty damn hott with a cane

  • yara

    they are the most stylish couple in the whole wordl. he’s just sexy and she looks really good in here she should earn some weight because she is a beautiful girl.

  • sue

    my daughter tore her ACL. she had physical therapy for 3 months . It still hurts , but the key is to keep it conditioned and strong. She was told to walk on it also! Happens to athletes all the time and they still play their sport. He will be fine.

  • sue

    my daughter tore her ACL and had to see a physical therapist for 3 months. She couldn’t get back to her sport for six months, but this is pretty common among athletes. The key was conditioning a strenghtening. They had her walking on it right away. I think he will be just fine.

  • sue

    sorry, thought my first post didn’t go through

  • LV

    I’d like to see her in some color.

  • you

    damn, he makes walking with a cane look cool

  • bdj

    I wonder if his contract comes with a Refund clause for the LA Galaxy. Posh may have to downgrade and buy a 10 million dollar mansion.

  • gia

    hot dang
    these bitches look all kindsa hot

  • Randi

    Damn, Posh has some scary looking breasts. Your nipples shouldn’t stick out like that all the time. I know the breasts are fake, I wonder if the nipples are too?

  • queeneetha

    that’s what i’m talking about…..

  • Mia

    Why, oh why is Becks tying his scarf that way??? People, please don’t tie your scarfs that way, it’s sooooo dated and naff!

  • Lu Lu

    jakejake- I know enough about soccer, er excuse me football to know that Becks is OVERRATED!- Almost all of his $$$ is earned through endorsements- yes- he is the highest paid player but that is mostly due to his boyish good looks and endorsement “power”- as for being a “good” player- he is NOT- he is “average” at best! You want me to name some “good” players: Zinedine Zidane, Thierry Henry, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Owen… need I go on? As I said Becks is nothing more than an overrated pretty boy that has super “endorsement” power- THAT’s IT!

    And don’t get me started on that Darth Vader “creature” he keeps around and calls his “wife”!– They are both OVERRATED, VAIN, EGO-CENTRIC & FAME HUNGRY/OBSESSED! Total wastes of space- BOTH OF THEM!

  • smooth

    Lu Lu

    You know nothing about football if you compare Beckham to strikers or Zidane. They are different players wich play in different positions and do different things. Beckham doesn’t need to score or to beat players he needs to deliver balls to the box,to pass and to cross! He did it in MU and he is doing it in Real,he is best in it.
    Beckham is the best passer on the world-Wenger said it,Arsenal’s boss. He was best assistant last year in La Liga and he could be this year if Capello wouldn’t decide to axe him because of his move to LA. And when Becks was back he won some games for Madrid in Liga and he was MOTH against Bayren so far….
    If just not this unfair injury he would be called back to NT against Israel.
    I advice you to watch football….

  • Lu Lu

    I wasn’t COMPARING Beckham to ANYONE- I was stating that he is NOT one of the BEST players in the sport– OTHERS’ are clearly better and more talented as far as soccer/football is concerned– B- is clearly just a “pretty boy” with minimal TALENT!

    There are clearly better/more talented super-star footballers who put B to shame! He is the highest paid- because he is the preetiest and has a show-biz marriage- THAT’s IT!– He is NOT a “super-star”, TALENTED FOOTBALLER!

  • *justin*

    lulu in your first reply to this you basically said that la galaxy were wasting their money on becks. all jakejake said was that they clearly weren’t and that beckham was one of the best players at real madrid at the moment and miles better than any player in the american league – all of which is true! jakejake didn’t state that beckham was the best payer in the world he/she was just saying that what you first said was aload of rubbish – which is true! so your statments just show your bias against beckham.

    Beckham is a superstar footballer and always will be, hes played for the worlds 2 top clubs manchester united and real madrid and captained england for 5 years! you dont achieve all that just by being pretty and marrying a spice girl!lol!

  • Lu Lu

    *justin*== you are probably right- I am biased against the Beckhams’– I really, really, really don’t like them! They totally come across as vain, conceited and truly snobbish- so I probably don’t know as much about the “game” due to my dislike of this couple– I can concede to that… sorry :(

  • neato

    The Beckhams are cool. They’re a real live married couple folks who are raising children… they are rich and enjoying the comfortable life their money has afforded them. Yes, they are vain and excessive, etc. but so is Donald Trump. They are both beautiful.

  • shannon M.

    David’s wife Victoria looks like she is in Janet Jackson’s video Rythum Nation or she about to go rob a bank. LOL

  • smooth

    Lu Lu

    Again what doesn’t mean to be best player in the world? Do you know who is Cannavaro? he got golden ball this yera and now he plays in Madrid like a 18 kid that touch ball first time in his life. Why does it happen? Because football is a team game,you are not alone on the pitch,you can’t shine when the whole team is crap. You say becks is not talented?! Go and ask any MU fan who brought them a triple in 1999. Yeh it was a huge team with some very very talented players,if Beckham din’t leave MU he could be now playing legend like Scoles or Giggs. But he wasted 4 years in Real where goverment body thought that knows more that coach. It was hard days for him,he played out of position he had different coaches…..and he still mentioned to be one of the best in ths team-especialy in CL.
    LA galaxy fans will understan soon what the fighter they got,this man never gives up.

  • Thierry

    Jake, jake: Youre an idiot for calling Lulu, she was right.

    Beckham WAS NOT the best player on the team, theyhave no use for his skills set.
    He is a great free kick specialist and an average midfielder who has a reputation as a choker.
    He has played on two of the most talented squads ever put together so his defensice liabilities were covered and his offensive skills and field vision are average. He doesnt come close to Zidane for the way he sees the play unfold in front of him, he isnt the dribbler that most midfielders are. Average in all parts of the game but free kicks.

    For a US audience, he is Reggie Miller. His sister was a great player, Reggie just got great pub because he played one or two series against New York which carried him for a long time. He was a stringbean who couldnt defend his shadow, a flopper and a faker, his one talent was his 3 pt shot. There were better 3 pt shooters but he hit a few in some series against the Knicks and his reputation was made.

    Beckham is the most marketed name in soccer-football around the world but so was his wife when she was in that girl band?
    Did anyone ever claim that she was a great singer? A great musician? No.
    She was part of a marketing machine, her talent like those of all boy bands and pop idols was totally not important.

    You want to talk Ronaldinho, Cristian RonaldoEtto, T.Henry and a few others, sure, we can debate who is the best player in the world.
    The only people who believe Beckham, especially now that he is of no use to real clubs in europe and injured, are people who either dont follow soccer or are blinded by some allegiance to team and country.

    As for his knee ligament injury, yes, you are not supposed to let it atrophy but you dont travel across one ocean and a continent 3 days after you tear it to go shopping. His practice and training habits were always a bit fishy like demanding to leave the team to go to the Xenu lovefest in Italy during the season.
    I remember that Payton Manning got blasted last year for paying too much attention to commercial endorsements and those were during his OFF season. This guy spends way too much time flying, shopping, jet setting during a season.
    Then again, THOSE are the things that made him famous but as a sports fan, you have to ask yourself what his priorities are.

  • Julie

    Shannon M. , that was hilarious what you just said!!! Anyway, she really should smile and not pose so much like Paris Hilton. But I did see a funny video clip of her on some british show, and she was being interviewed by 2 little kids, and she was joking and laughing, and really seemed down to earth and cool. I don’t see why she doesn’t act like that all the time! She has a constant scowl on her face! I wonder how come she doesn’t smile for pictures. Whether it’s paparazzi, or a posed photo op, she NEVER smiles!!!!!!