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Gisele Bundchen: Pregnant!!

Gisele Bundchen: Pregnant!!

Well, this throws a monkey wrench into the works, now doesn’t it.

Popular Brazilian celebrity website reported yesterday that Gisele Bundchen may be pregnant with Patriots quarterback boyfriend Tom Brady‘s child.

Brazilian bombshell Gisele can’t be further than two months along and is rumored to have told close friends and family. But Brady‘s boys are working overtime, aren’t they?

This is so juicy!!!!!!!!

Just two weeks ago, it was revealed that Brady‘s ex-girlfriend Bridget Moynahan was pregnant with Brady‘s child.

Tom‘s agent Don Yee has not commented on this rumor while Gisele‘s rep at IMG has denied the report. Even Moynahan‘s rep had no comment on all the hoopla surrounding Gisele‘s possible pregnancy.

Gisele, 26, and Tom, 29, have been dating since Christmas 2006. The pretty pair have been spotted in each other’s arms in NYC and Paris.

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  • tanique33

    WHAT?? oh my. my kind of gossip. juicy is right. i do wonder if it’s true.

  • Julianne

    I hope it isn’t true! What a complicated mess that would be!

  • Yes

    See why he wouldn’t marry Bridgette? OH YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • janan

    hope its true then us weekly and its kind can have a real triangle. lol @ the pic

  • lw

    what really creeps me out is that they don’t even know each other and may have already had sx with without using condoms. std swapping. good times.

  • McDork

    What a mess.

    Its bad enough to think of your ex dating someone else 4 weeks after you break up, but finding out your pregnant, and the new women also possibly pregnant too. Must be a lot to handle..

    oh well. At least now Bridget cant be seen as “trapping” Tom, because if he isnt gonna use protection with a girl he just met and started dating, i’ll bet he wasnt willing to use it with someone hes been comfortable with for 3 years. *shrug*

  • Tim

    wow what a mess. hope this neg. impacts his playing next year.

  • Jorge

    Tom’s a busy boy. At least his kids will grow up together.

  • Emma

    What’s with that picture? Why does her stomach look so big already?

  • Jules

    Damn. I didn’t even know they had been seeing each other long enough for her to miss a period……..if she even has one. LOL>

  • Anto


    is his second name Sperminator? lol
    It’s unbelievable!
    Could someone illustrate him how to use condoms?

  • ava verhaal

    it is fake. this site is a joke (i am brazilian and i know).

    they copy news from you guys, but they don’t know what they are doing.

    another day, they put a list of the las year’s richiest people in USA, and off course there was Mary Kate and Ashley, and they were asking: but how they make all that money if the girls doesn’t working or anything.

    it’s all bla, bla, bla.

    Gisele can’t be pregs because her contract with VS says that she can’t get a kid until 2008.

  • elizabeth

    I completely fail to see what is so special about his guy. He looks like another meat head athlete to me.

  • Jillian B

    Wow, she’s really showing….hahahahahahahaha


    LOL!!That is funny as hell, but her sister and father have already denied saying that site made up the story and Gisele is not pregnant.

  • Lolita

    She better quit chain smoking if she’s preggers. Why would Tom date a smoker anyhow?

  • isitreallythatserious?

    Darn Tom!!!!!!! I feel for everyone in this thing if this is true but I hate to admit it…I love seeing Gisele and Tom together but he might need a class or twelve on the inner workings on how to use condoms and other forms of protection.

  • KrUnG kRuNg

    what’s the problem, Tom obviously can afford as many kids as he wants, oh heck, the more babies the merrier, loves it, go Tommy go hehe…

  • Mediterranean

    It’s getting scary even to stand beside this guy!

  • anon

    Would LOVE IT if it were true. The drama of it all would be so hilarious.

  • Rox

    What a manWhore. The fact that he *might* be a daddy again makes me think he’s had one too many hits to the head playing football. Has the man ever heard of a condom! Syphilis? AIDS???? And what about Gisele? Girl, have you not heard of birth control? As the self-professed devout Catholic, Brady is making himself look very, very foolish.

  • Amy

    If this is true, my what a lovely world this is gonna be. I mean, he is a total manwhore, but he’s hot. Imagine what it’ll be like when those two kids grow up then? (Assuming they’re both gonna be fellas), it’s gonna be hot. Even better if they both decide to play football, and they’re both QBs. The drama is delish.
    Oh, but LT’s future baby will totally whip both their asses.

  • Maria Luiza

    No. isn’t true. She isn’t pregnant

  • SSM

    I had a job where I frequently waited on him with his family & other times where he was with his teammates. He is terribly average. Bridg M. is terribly average also. However, Giselle seams sooo beautiful. So, I’m kind of glad his fame brought such a captivating women into his life.

  • Rose

    Gosh, people can be so gullible. Believe every little gossip they read and run with it. Stop with the negative commentary on every little idle gossip. Doesn’t look smart.

  • Mediterranean

    He is a portable spermbank!

  • gia

    -aren’t they all!

    dunno, all prego rumours do nothing 4 me – i mean, give it a little time and there’ll be no denying anymore if it’s T, or no statement at all if it’s F. big deal.

  • angelah

    Oh, but LT’s future baby will totally whip both their asses.

  • bdj

    This is too much baby mamas drama for me.

  • Jillian B

    You can CLEARLY see by the picture that she is pregnant or has a very large tumor…lol

  • Sasha

    What a great revenge this is towards Bridget!!!! I read Tom is visiting Gisele’s parents in Brazil. They’ll probably marry so “this baby” is going to be legitimate!!! Way to go GISELE!!!!

  • Whatthe??

    Oh this sh*t is too funny!!! I thought only Black men did sh*t like that!!!! I can’t to see if it’s really true.

  • vishnu5

    Tom can afford it???? Hah!!!! Gisele is reportedly worth $150 million and she can afford it if Tom can’t.

  • MIchele

    Tom, you man-whore! Talk about the “Brady Bunch”…

    Guess Tom is the NFL’s latest MVP – Most Valuable Pollinator!

  • http://dontknow mishelle

    hehehe fook dat shit tom is a nigga

  • http://Jess Bradee

    Tom Brady is a huge nigger

  • http://Jess Bradee


  • susan

    Why is no one saying this shit is false. Gisele is not preg.