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Seacrest, Cowell Visit Africa

Seacrest, Cowell Visit Africa

Scope out these pictures of American Idol host Ryan Seacrest and judge Simon Cowell giving back and serving in Africa.

Says Simon, “Having witnessed some of the appalling conditions in Africa firsthand, I’m especially proud that our show is offering Americans the chance to help those most in need.” Ensuring that American charities will equally benefit from these efforts was one of my priorities, and I’d like to thank our sponsors for their support and generosity in making this possible.”

Added Ryan, “I thought I was prepared for what I would see in Africa, but the level of poverty was beyond anything I could have imagined. You see it, you smell it, you taste it. However, despite the extreme conditions, you feel an incredible sense of hope from the people … especially the children.”

Of all the pictures, this one of Ryan doing his GQ pose cracks me up the most!! He’s even wearing Justin Timberlake‘s label, William Rast!!

(Images via G. Moyes/Comic Relief Ltd/F. Courbet/Panos Pictures)

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  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    Ryan Seacrest is a coool-dude, I wonder why people dont like him. [Haha]
    Seacrest Out!

  • bleh

    ‘cuz he won’t come out of the friggin closet.

  • powrmate

    Ryan Seekats is a HYPOCRIT.

    He acted so petty when he bashed Ange at the Golden Globe.

    Such a pathetic person.

    I have no respect for him

  • powrmate

    bleh Says:

    March 8th, 2007 at 10:28 pm – flag comment
    ‘cuz he won’t come out of the friggin closet.


    Is he gay?

  • T

    Oh my, a Brangelina fan here…who cares about that…I think this was a really great thing for them to do…nice to see Simon smiling with some kids…

  • please

    May be Ryan now understands what Angelina is working on in Africa. Good for Angie, good for Ryan, good for American Idol. God bless those who help little children.

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    Why do people keep talking about Angelina when speaking of Ryan, Like he tried to kill her or something. Poor guy, just because Angelina didn’t want to talk to him on the red carpet of the globes, he catches slack. lol

    A few stupid questions doesn’t make him pathetic. it makes him rich. since he gets paid a lot of money to ask those stupid questions. lol

    I hope Simon doesn’t bash those kids, even tho that sh*t would be hella funny.

  • Courtney

    I think thats great!! Good for them. Glad they are bringing attention to this.

    (plz check out my site, click my name)

  • the bear

    Wow that picture of Ryan, it looks like he has tears in his eyes, very touching.

    Where in Africa did they go? it’s a big place!

    See Brangelina can suck nuts, a lot of people go to Africa and support the beautiful people there.
    Yes there is poverty but you can still see how much integrity and humanity people have beyond the material goods.

    US is too materialistic.

  • syrene

    Wow! Thats the happiest I have ever seen Simon Cowell. Bloke looks genuinely happy to be with all those kids.

  • kmillz

    These celebrities with the exception of some are going to Africa to hold orphans like its the latest fashion trend.This idea came from the creators of A.I. Ryan seacrest is just there for the ride, they probably forced him to go. he never gave a shit before. anyways angelina fans don’t dislike him for what happened at the golden globes but for what he said about Angelina on his show.

  • tanique33

    how much do i love ryan stylin in africa? cracks me up too jared.

    i actually love this idea from AI. i could care less about motives if money is being raised for a good cause.

  • Pumpkin

    Where in Africa are they? We all should know by now that AFRICA IS A CONTINENT, NOT A COUNTRY. IN WHICH A LOT OF PEOPLE FROM DIFFERENT RACES LIVE.

    Charlize Theron- African?

  • T

    Who cares about the Brangelina incident already…some people behave like they actually know Angelina and Brad or cannot seem to comment on any of these blogs without mentioning them…check back into reality!!…and I hate the game of which celebrity is better than another when it comes to humanitarian work…there are a lot of people who do aid work (along with the thousands of nameless faces who actually do field work day in and day out…you think they are a little more deserving of credit than any of these celebs??)…think of Mia Farrow…she’s been adopting kids for decades now and visiting 3rd world countries or Audrey Hepburn…I say good for anyone who wants to lend a hand…AI can bring some necessary attention to the cause…and who is to judge who is authentic or not in their deed? I say good for Ryan and Simon…some much needed maturity on JJ…

  • AddictedtoBAMZs+1

    Some key information is missing here, such as just how were they “giving back” and “serving”? These two look like they have no idea what to do except sit around smiling for the camera. Why is Simon the only one drinking a soda? Were the kids offered a cold drink? Need a little more information before I can be convinced it is anything more than a photo op.

    Get off, Ryan. You should have checked in with Angelina about Africa instead of asking her what she made for breakfast. It was the perfect opportunity, if you were really interested.

    Someone really should have edited the pictures. Check out the kids on the right in the second picture.

  • teddy bear

    Ryan can suck nuts too, right the bear?

  • :)

    What a media Wh*re

  • Melissa

    Does anybody wonders why EVERYBODY HATES AMERICANS? Is anyone scared? Do you spend your time on stupid blogs not caring about the USA being one of the most hated in the world? I love my country but sometimes it scares me: People are so UNEDUCATED and do care about nothing else but celebrities. So scary…we are going to pay for that one day as a nation :(

  • Damn I’m Cute

    Do they really need to pretend like they care about Africa just to promote Idol?

  • Name required?

    I love how the kids are giving the finger in the second pic lol

  • leva

    it seems that only hypocrit smiles and photos matter to people than actual works. Instead of gazing at those hypocrits just think about how long have they been involved in humanitarians works, how much money and time they have given? seacrest and his likes have given anything so far!!!


    The Africa trip, and Africa American Idol show (with Bono, Stefani, and assorted others), was Simon Cowell’s idea, as someone said, ‘Lyin’ Peecrust’ was just along for the ride and because as host he introduces the shows and segments. This makes, even more baffling why he and his hench people from E! would snark on Angelina Jolie for no f**king reason.

    Having now been to Africa and seen what inspired Jolie’s work, you would have thought Peecrust would have a little more respect and graciousness towards her, instead he slams her and talks sh*t just because she wanted to take a backseat and let Brad have the floor – it was his night after all, as he was the one nominated.

    That co-talking head of Peecrusts, Debbie Matenopolous even said b*tchily of Angie, ‘guess she’d rather be in a 3rd world country,’ it was really nasty and contemptuous. Now all of a sudden her co-hort is in a 3rd world country feeling the pain. Shyeah, riiiiiiiiiiiight. That wussy is all about competition and biting off Jolie, his arch nemesis – suddenly acting like he gives a damn. My ass. He probably begged Simon to let him go – got him to bump Randy or some such sh*t. hahaha

    I couldn’t believe what I was hearing e those GG’s. He and E!, are the worst media wh*ring lame ass outfits in the business – they THINK the story is about them, forgetting they are no-talent hacks who are supposed to be covering the stars, not trying to be one. Instead, Peecrust gets offended because Angelina won’t eagerly engage him in conversation and smile like Bozo the f**kin’ clown.

    Peecrust is a simpering closeted asswipe, who’s cattyness towards Jolie was obvious, and spoke volumes: bottomline, he just wants to jump Pitt’s bones his damn self – and hates that Angie has him. Peecrust was as jealous and b*tchy as any Maniston fan in the ‘Brangelina’s’ presence. That’s all it was.

    Simon, however, YOU, are doing a great job, keep up the wonderful humanitarian work and cool ideas that will save lives ultimately…and most of all, keep b*tch slappin’ Peecrust and making him cry every week. He deserves it, and more.

    That is all.

  • tanique33

    who knew angelina would become a saint on earth. i’m baffled. it could rain today, and somehow it will be because angelina wanted it to be wet on the ground. my word, she is not the first person to help people.

    it’s scary actually.

    if ryan was uninformed, and is not more informed who cares? because he didnt’ come back with a child, he couldn’t be moved? and even if he went there to do a photoshoot, it brings attention to the continent as a whole, so that is engouh.

    but maybe if angelina blesses him, he’ll be ok then.

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    Wow, Ryan has alot of FANs. Look at all his fans.. Thats love.

  • JoliePitt

    I don’t think that Ryan Seagay is sincere! I think he’ll only go because he’s the host of AI and want to show the world he is too doing goods. I don’t believe one bit. He sure looks like he’s posing for GQ alright on this trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • look at the boys

    The boys are flipping the camera off.and they want our help?………what little assholes

  • WOW

    they are giving the camera the bird.who taight them thaT ? ANGELINA ?/.,,,LOL

  • WOW

    THERE SAYIN F_U_CK ALL OF YOU. look at them boys go

  • JoliePitt

    Melissa Says:

    March 9th, 2007 at 2:06 am – flag comment
    MELISSA, have you ever thought that sincere and kind-hearted celebrities can make a difference???

  • Keeping it real

    Here come those haters. Go stalk B&A, whey are they being mentioned on this blog. They have nothing to do with AI. They are using their fame and audience to bring knowledge to an issue, the same way that B&A do everytime they go some where .. why is it ok for them and not other ppl? If these ppl didnt do anything you haters would have a problem with that too. Go hate somewhere else brangelina freaks! Simon totally rocks.

    PS. CLINIQUA you are so tired. Your cell phone bill must be outrageous.

  • Keeping it real

    JoliePitt Says:

    So would kindhearted and sincere citizen but you wouldnt know anything about that would you?? What you are doing to be a better person and make this world a better place. Why leave it up to B&A to save the world, what are you doing to save the world??

  • Keeping it real

    JJ can you get the video clip that they played during AI .. I thought it was a nice touch thanks for the pics on this.

  • KrUnG kRuNg
  • KrUnG kRuNg

    ’bout time they visit Africa, hey, better late than nevah ryt?

  • Kristi

    CLINIQUA, seriously, you need to shut the &^%$$# up. No one cares about your obesssion with Jolie but you. Quit trying to defend her. I agree she seems like a great person, but quit writing essays in her defense. Turn off the computer, fix popcorn, and watch Jolie’s movies all day. I know we all have a write to blog on here, but seriously, you’re everywhere. just CHILL.




    Now, stfu.

  • John

    As if Africa didn’t have enough problems already, now they have Simon Cowell and Ryan Seacrest showing up to contend with…. I’d also be flipping the camera off.

  • Gds D

    Ryan the hypocrite. Whine and cry because he couldn’t talk intelligently to Angelina, or anybody else on the red carpet. Now to up his Q level he hops to Africa.

    Nobody is canonizing Angelina, but isn’t it strange how many people are trotting off to third world countries, long after she started the movement. Some even credit her with the inspiration. But it is easy to trash her than give her any appreciation.

    So Ryan, I am looking forward to your intelligent questions in the future, take good notes and maybe you can tutor your friend Debbie Matenopoluos too!

  • the bear

    Helping people UNICEF, peace corps people were doing that in the 60s. JFK started the PEace Corp. It’s not a trend celebs started, but ordinary people like you and me.

  • Cowells RP stunt to Africa Deplorable

    Cowells RP stunt to Africa for IA gives back is false sickening and deplorable. This man makes over 150 million a year and is asking us the American public for donations on Idol gives back. I would be very interested to know how much money he has given any charity is probably ZERO. As on Anderson 360 has pointed out he is a greedy individual who isn’t happy with the amount of money he has …………sickening.

    Please at least be honest we know you don’t really care about poor people in Africa or America so stop pretending that you do!!

  • Cowells PR stunt to Africa Deplorable

    Cowells PR stunt to Africa for IA gives back is false sickening and deplorable. This man makes over 150 million a year and is asking us the American public for donations on Idol gives back. I would be very interested to know how much money he has given any charity is probably ZERO. As on Anderson 360 has pointed out he is a greedy individual who isn’t happy with the amount of money he has …………sickening.

    Please at least be honest we know you don’t really care about poor people in Africa or America so stop pretending that you do!!

    His publist Max Clifford probably recommend this to him

  • Sasha

    Comin’ in here late to give my opinion but…Cowell himself admitted that He and all the rest of the AI pack had to be “persuaded” to do this so-called charity work…and then Simon honoered himself by buying an ugly ass car…how many kids do you think he let starve?

  • mia

    good for them to do charity work

  • jolentini