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Beyonce Films Samsung Commercial

Beyonce Films Samsung Commercial

Beyonce Knowles works overtime on Friday afternoon, filming a new Samsung commercial at the boutique Hotel Gansevoort in NYC’s MePa. At the same time, Beyonce was really trying to sell you her own fashion line, wearing her own label’s House of Dereon jeans.

And why is Beyonce promoting wired headsets? Aren’t we in the age of wireless technology and Bluetooth?

UPDATE :: Beyonce just racked up a leading three nominations for the Soul Train Music Awards including best female single and the Michael Jackson Award for best music video (both for “Irreplaceable”) and best female album for “B’Day.”

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Photos: Bauer-Griffin
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  • [Fug Face Maniston]


  • (Blow Fish)

    She’s pretty.

  • johnson

    she soooooooo overrated….everytime you turn around there she is…its getting annoying ! She even bought herself the cover of SI, what a disappointment to all of us guys who love looking at those gorgeous Brazilian babes….BEYONCE , enough already, lay low for a while, were sick of you being shoved down our throats every 5 mins …geez ! Shes pretty but not that great, the only woman who should and could be on the cover of every magazine every month is ANGELINA….cmon you all know its true !

  • Mia


  • Impeach Bush, NOW

    Oh, Beyonce is a cutie pie.

  • Impeach Bush, NOW

    To: johnson and Mia, she is not overrated. ‘She’s all that’ and more! She’s Beyonce!

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    Mia? [lmfaooooo] Mia who?!?

    There goes the only Mia fan on the planet. You know Beyonce’s on her grind when people say she’s everywhere. B can be annoying, cause she is by far better than all of her competition.

  • http://g dsd

    SAMSUNG is the best company.

  • smith

    It is amazing the amount of hate directed at B. It goes to show, the more powerful, sucessful and influential a black person becomes, the more hate is directed at them.

    Case in point, review any post on a black celebrity on blogs including, perezhilton, justjared etc. it there is always hate direced at them, racist comments, calling them fat, ugly, overated, they are not humble (does anyone every say ANGELINA JOLIE, NICOLE KIDMAN, JENNIFER ANISTON have to be humbke? etc. But look at Jennifer Hudson posts – everyone complains she is not humble.

    Anything on Oprah, Tyra, Halle, Jada Pinkett Smith, Will Smith etc., you will find that they should be humble or they are diva. Because as Blacks you posters expect them to be “grateful” to be successful and as such should be humbe but white celebrities are allowed to be whatever they want – whether succesful, nice, brash, rude or whatever, no labelling restrictions are placed against them.

  • lw

    overrated. untalented. unintelligent. inarticulate. typical of what middle america loves: mediocrity.

  • gia

    why, but why, does she – and every chick over size 0 – insist on skinny jeans!
    a disgusting, sausage-casing look.

  • Mia

    Everyone is allowed to have their opinion i never said anything bad about her i just don’t worship her like eveyone else. If you need to compensate one opinion with idiotic
    comments then so be it. She’s talent i never disputed that so why the need to get all defensive. Honestly children

  • Miller

    It’s just not blacks or other ethnic minorities, but the hate because almost laughably extreme when it involves female celebrities (which is most, obviously). No matter what a man does, the worst he can be called is something alone the lines of bastard, jerk, creep, etc. You don’t even need an excuse to throw out all sorts of crazy anti-female slurs, which have basically become synonyms for girls and women today or used as the ultimate insult. Apparently you can’t call them out on it or they’ll hide behind pathetic excuse. They even think you exercising freedom of speech to question them is the equivalent of…censorship! Fucked. Up.
    That Perez Hilton is just one heapin’ pile of hate. Bigot extraordinaire.

  • rayray

    she’s a great singer, seems like a nice person from interviews i’ve seen, she’s not ghetto but she doesn’t pretend to be stuck up either, u guys r haters, whether u like it or not she’s famous because she’s great at what she does, if u don’t like her, don’t spend time writing hateful comments

  • marzbar

    con’t get me wrong, beyonce is a nvelty these days:
    pretty,multitalented,andmillions of fans allover.
    im tired of all ways seeing your name/face in every direction i turn in the mall
    people all ready luv you, you dont need to show it at every opri tunity you get.

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    Beyonce is one of the most hated and disliked people on the Internet, I think It started with people joking around insulting her, and it just caught on and became the cool thing to do… Everyone talks s h i t about her white and sadly black [black women]

    She sings better, performs better, wins more awards [by far], acts, and sells more records than all her peers, and she is still disliked the most, Its amazing.

    She should get pregnant, wear tiger prints and come out with a trash song called ‘wind it up’, maybe adopt a few kids. [that should get her some Love]
    Or get a spray on Orange tan so she will resemble a Oompa Loompa.
    Sienna gets a lot of press even tho she’s a drugged up smut who hates the states, maybe Beyonce can do what she does, which is Ummmmmmmm…..?

  • helena

    All those who say she is overrated are HATERS!!! Stop hating!!! Jealousy eats you up and you just can’t handle her. What has angelina got that makes her better johnson? a pretty face with mellons on a stick for a body? I have nothing against her, but she stole someone’s husband had incestous affairs and just because she adopted orphans you rate her. B is doing what she loves and doing it well. GET OVER IT!!!!

  • hmm

    Nr. 16/Fug Face Maniston: Wellspoken!

  • Mia

    I think some people are taking this too far getting a bit sensitive wheres skin colour come from? I think this is because Johnson said he prefered a brazillian women on the cover of Sl. Loads of people have said horrible things about Britney ‘hillbilly’ ‘white trash’ etc.. and all the Brangelina fans slaughter Jen Aniston from ‘ugly’ to ‘ ‘Hoffman look a like’.

    But some people obviously don’t realise that and magnify what is said about Beyonce and try to make it out as if it’s because of her skin colour. That’s ridiculous. ‘Brand Beyonce’ is trying to sell us music, films, clothes, perfumes, make-up, hair dye and now a mobile. For me its ‘over exposure’ – not colour

  • bdj

    Make that Money Beyonce and remember to give some of it back. You are the hardest working girl in showbiz. Make the haters, your motivators.

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    Beyonce is stunning. Mos girls only hope they were that attractive. Be honest. And the way she dances! Wow!

    That said, Beyonce is a philanthropist and has given millions to charities. She is friends with Bono and has supported many of his campaigns.

    I like her – I think she might be overexposed (thanks to her weird Dad) but she is ultra sexy, no doubt about that – how can tat be debated?

    All one needs to do is watch the Dangerously in Love video and it is clear this woman exudes sex appeal. That is why she is this famous isntead of the countless other songstresses (that and her voice of course).

  • Yeah

    Beyonce is doing her thing and all the hates envy her! No husband stealing, whorish issues or around-the-world adoptions for publicity is required for Bey!
    Not to mention, no rehab issues or baby-daddy bullsh!T drama either. So keep on hating, your lives must be pretty miserable!!!!!

  • shimika

    ^ haha ur obviously hating on angelina. “so keep on hating, your life must be pretty miserable”.

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    Yeah Says:
    March 10th, 2007 at 7:27 pm – flag comment

    Beyonce is doing her thing and all the hates envy her! No husband stealing, whorish issues or around-the-world adoptions for publicity is required for Bey!
    Not to mention, no rehab issues or baby-daddy bullsh!T drama either. So keep on hating, your lives must be pretty miserable!!!!!


    hmmm, ok. your shakespearean syntax is inspiring.


  • Mondo Bongo!



    I hate Beyonce. She’s just annoying. Anyone else agree?

    check out my site :)

  • io

    Someone in the above comment said that Beyonce is a great singer. Um okay. Did you not watch her Oscar performance (among others). She was screaming! Not singing. It was painful to listen to.

    Her clothing line is bland, her videos are bland. (seriously 2 nominations for that piece of s*** that is Irreplaceable?? What a generic video. Way to reward creativity. I HATE Mrs. Stefani’s videos too btw, the harajuku girls are pretty much treated as living dolls = creepy).

    I’m dissapointed in Beyonce’s personality change from the strong, independent self-assured lady of the Destiny Child survivor days (even the Austin Powers videos) to the overexposed, materialistic sexed diva. (And for those that disagree that she’s overly doing the ‘sexy’ part please watch the baby boy video in which she’s pretty much faking sex. Or the car scene in the crazy in love video.)

    Oh, and saying that Beyonce has haters only b/c it’s cool; b/c she’s black or b/c she’s so immensly talented is IDIOTIC. Just b/c you like someone doesn’t mean others don’t have their reasons for disliking them. (and just b/c I dislike Yoko Ono doesn’t mean i can’t handle an asian person being famous etc etc)

  • helena

    Shut the f**k up

  • Amy

    what cellphone is she promoting?

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    [io] I wish I could just Sl******P the hell of of you, for fun.

  • Dirty Denise

    Looking good Miss B! What a pretty girl.

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    io Says:
    March 11th, 2007 at 4:53 am –


    I get why black people feel sometimes the attacks on a black person is about race. If you go to Perez Hilton’s site right now and look at any post about a black celeb, you will read some of the most racist and vile comments you have ever heard of – even if the post has NOTHING to do with race.

    It seems posters are unable to post about a black subject without making a deal of their blackness.

    If it is a post about a white person, their ethnicity is never mentioned yet a post about a black person always brings out the idiotic racists so in fact people DO make it about race and it is not black people’s fault that this happens.

    Look at Barack Obama. The man is quite impressive and actually has a white mother but I have yet to read an article about him where some issue is not being made of his race.

    We unfortunately live in a deeply racist society – all you have to do is spend a day reading Perez Hilton posters and you will have proof of this.

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    If you read more than 10 comments on Perez Hilton you’ll go blind. [Dont Do It- PLEASE]

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    [Fug Face Maniston] Says:

    March 11th, 2007 at 10:09 pm – flag comment
    If you read more than 10 comments on Perez Hilton you’ll go blind. [Dont Do It- PLEASE]


    lol :)

  • peg

    Black Barbie is all I can think of whenever I see her, really cute face, great figure and her looks don’t seem to have ever gone to her head. But I do wish she would let someone else write/produce her music I only like one of her songs of the many she has had out there.

  • Taylor

    i lllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvveeeeeeee your b phone

  • lola

    k first of all beyonce is gorgeous and johnson ur just perv, u prob jerk off watchin brazilian “babes” there not even pretty u nast perv ya’ll just jealous. Haterz

  • lola

    k first of all beyonce is gorgeous and johnson ur just perv, u prob jerk off watchin brazilian “babes” there not even pretty u nast perv ya’ll just jealous. Haterz. ANgelina is a skinny ugly person lol she has to gain weight damn.

  • http://none The Truth

    Im sick of Beyonce. She is overrated. Ms. Perfect can’t do no wrong. I’ve seen that skank without make-up, fancy cloths, and them outrageous weaves she ain’t all that. Stars like “Aaliyah {R.I.P.}” “Keyshia Cole”, “Sade” and “Rhianna” all have a natural beauty and realist about themselves. Im sick of Beouwolf’s music is stupid. Including the “Beyonce Experience” crap. I was really done after “Irreplaceable”. For her 2 say she only makes “Black Music”, im from the hood and noway in hell nobody from my city ever bangs her music. U would never catch me or my home gurls playin that bullshit. Tell u the truth I don’t even like her clothing line. THE BITCH NEEDS 2 GO SIT HER TIRED, FAKE ASS DOWN. Monique the comedian oughta be slap 4 being on that tramps tits the way that she has especially Beyonce would never be ridin her like that. I loved it when Beyonce felled down them stairs at her concert. That’s what she gets especially catchin an attidude wit “Michelle” when she slip. I hope “Perez Hilton” continues to rip her apart.

  • Nik

    Beyonce is hot.i dont kno y pple cant c rihana is trying 2 b bey.rihana wants 2 b called sexy n she’s succeding by copying b.ashanti tried n failed

  • bhawani

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