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Gerard Butler Watches His Own Movie '300'

Gerard Butler Watches His Own Movie '300'

MONEY SHOT! 300 star Gerard Butler is caught redheaded catching a showing of his own movie this weekend at the Grove’s multiplex in Los Angeles, Calif.

Gerard, 37, snuck in to watch the audience’s reaction on Friday, 300‘s opening night. He caught the 4:45PM showing. Did anyone notice him there??

Christina Ricci was just sharing about this on Jimmy Kimmel Live! the Friday before last. Christina said she would never watch her own film for fear of being caught and publicly humiliated.

Gerard has no shame and absolutely no fear. I love it!

And great news — 300 SLAUGHTERED the box office competition this weekend. Box Office Mojo estimates 300 ticket sales for Friday alone reached a potentially record-breaking $27.8 million.

According to Reuters, “That puts the Warner Bros. release on track for a $60 million-plus weekend, challenging the March record of $68 million set last year by “Ice Age 2: The Meltdown.”

If you haven’t already, go see 300 NOW.

WE!!!!!!! ARE!!!!!!! SPARTA!!!!!!!

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  • Just Jared

    And I just thought, the paparazzo must have had to pay full-price for his own movie ticket. I hope he made good use of it and watched 300 too!

  • angier

    I loved the movie. The acting, visual effects, and choreography was top-notch. Not for the squemish. If you dislike decapitating, blood and other graphic elements, stay home. This film is no for you. If you’re a history buff looking for a historically accurate film, stay home. This film is not for you.

    But if you are a person who wants to have a good time watching what will be the benchmark for the next generation of film, then run to the nearest theater.

    My friends and I have found ourselves quoting memorable lines from the film unintentionally. Excellent delivery from the actors. I cannot help but recommend this film to all my friends.

    A definite 10/10.

  • Queen Bee

    Too bad he didn’t come into our theatre. He would have felt great afterwards because the audience which was made up of most teens applauded when Dominic West’s character was killed and again at the end of the movie, which is rare.

    I’ve only experienced that once before during Dreamgirls.

  • Mimi

    I have to give the makeup artist a high five for making Rodrigo Santoro totally unrecognizable!

    Great movie!

  • Mimi

    This is a graphic comic book brought to the big screen instead of the Xbox or Playstation .. and don’t, please call what they do on screen acting. It’s yelling, it’s comic class violent action … it’s many things, but what the CGI enhanced people do on screen is not acting.

  • SSM

    The shear power of those men. That movie has put me “permanently” in the mood. Hallelujah!!! Not to mention was a huge motivator & it drew out of me every ounce of my immortal power, resting dormant inside of me. It was a great movie!!

  • leminie

    What is wrong with going to see your own movie in the theater??? Audience reaction is the most key element. As an actor and more importantly, an artist, it is of the utmost importance to see the reaction of your audience! I believe it is nothing more than helping to perfect your craft.
    Maybe Christina Ricci needs to take a few pointers from a GOOD actor!

  • angelah

    Mimi Says:
    I loved the graphics, those abs, and that powerful voice of Butler. LOL he makes me want to re-enact that first scene where he kicked the dude :roll:

  • Annie

    Mimi, I think it takes an enormous amount of talent to act against very little stimuli. It’s one of the reason normally talent actors seemed so wooden in movies like Sin City, Sky Captain, and the recent Star Wars film. I commend the whole cast but particularly Gerard Butler for rising above the challenge and turning in a really good performance.

  • Yolanda

    The all powerful Gerard Butler. What a handsome MAN!! Great actor. Great movie.

  • blah

    well the reviews have not been glowing, then again people on jj still think prison break is the best show ever. that isn’t saying a hell of a lot.

  • blah

    i see what you tried to do there, block a negative comment. very tricky.

  • Draya

    I admire the fact that Gerry Butler went to see it, AND paid for his own ticket. Actors want to do good work, regardless of the material. I suspect Gerry is going to garner a lot more fans after this movie.

  • sue

    i can’t wait to see this in IMAX, all that muscle and testostorone! mmmmmm:P

  • jkat

    and the last time Christina Ricci made a good enough movie worth seeing was when??

  • AH

    Guys, why the negativity against Ricci. Just cause she doesn’t like to see herself on the screen doesn’t mean she is criticizing those who do. Chill out.

  • Edith

    This movie looks very scary, although I haven’t seen it yet….but hey, at least he wore glasses

  • Jeanne Maranos

    I went to the premiere in Cleveland on Friday night. This movie will win Gerry an award. HE IS THE KING. His portrayel is just what we have come to exspect for him. He fully becomes his character, his performance is outstanding. He deserves an Oscar! #00 sold out at our theater. I bought my tickets early in the morning. It was so nice to see a full theater again. Thank-you Gerry! The hills of Hollywood will now be his throne.

    Jeanne Maranos of Cleveland, Ohio

  • maria cordovil

    I’ve waited all this time to see this movie and finally my dream will come true…
    and Gerry will be here too, ’cause this is the country where Rodrigo Santoro (Xerxes) was born…so…the brasilian people will see the King in person…Gerard Butler…

  • nick

    Wow, very interesting. I was in the same theater watching 300 at 12 a.m. that day, unfortunately i missed him by about 16 hours. That is the main theater i go to, so i recognize the background, entrance, etc. If the audience gave the same reaction at 4 p.m. that same day as they did at 12 a.m. then he must have been feeling pretty good = ) Everyone at the midnight show was going wild.

    I think its pretty sweet that he went out to catch his own flick. Why not check it out on opening day, especially if you are the star of such a kick-ass film.

  • Sarah

    I love the movie, did you see the all the half naked men with 6 packs!?! it was heaven…anyways..I thought the movie was great even though the dialog was sorta weak, but seriously now, we were all there to watch the graphics and battle scenes mainly. The CGI is great because we are exposed to new ways of how movie are created. Even though some people says that it is not real acting that is involve which can be sorta true, but without the advance technology we would not have the great graphics and effects. You can check out the behind the scene CGI clips on zannel if you are interested…Great movie and Gerard is such a hottie!

  • kfranc

    hahaha he said on an interview that the day the movie released, he and a few of the producers went “incognito” to different theaters to get the reaction of the audiences.

  • dave

    Funny how most critics dissd 300 yet they write rave reviews for crap like Brokeback mountain. I think its good he wen’t to see the movie so he could see what the audience thought instead of some stuck up critic. After all its the audience that counts in the end, their giving him his paycheck lol.

  • dave

    Ricci is just a bitch.





  • queenbutler

    I’m glad he went to the movie. A theater full of people can really enhance the movie experience. I hope he enjoyed it.

  • derince

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