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Pierce on Protest!

Pierce on Protest!

Former 007 Pierce Brosnan shares a kiss with wife Keely Shaye Smith at the press conference for “Terminate The Terminal” on Saturday afternoon at the Malibu Pier in Calif.

Environment friendly couple Pierce and Keely (Malibu residents) were stepping up their campaign to sink BHP Billiton’s liquefied natural gas (LNG) project, which would build a 14-story-high terminal off the coast of Malibu. These terminals would allows gas to be shipped from other parts of the world to the terminal and then piped through California.

Pierce, 53, was Keely, 42, were accompanied by two of their sons, 10-year-old Dylan Brosnan and 6-year-old Paris Brosnan.

Pierce‘s other son with his late wife Cassandra Harris, Sean Brosnan, 23, did not attend. They also had two adopted children, Charlotte and Christopher.

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  • black

    Their kids look nothing like them.

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    Juggumz, I see a nip

  • Kina

    Pierce always was very gorgeus, but his kids are ugly

  • Irishgirl

    Sean is not Keely’s son. Sean is Pierce’s son by his 1st wife, Cassandra, who sadly died.

  • cheryl

    Pierce just gets better looking with age. His wife sadly not.

  • Callie

    Yes Sean is his son. There are two much older children (a girl Charlotte and a boy Christopher adults now) that were Pierce’s first (late) wife Cassandra’s children that he adopted. Sean is Pierce’s biological son with Cassandra. The two boys in the pictures here are not Sean (he’s about 20 now), they are Dylan and Paris both his biological sons with Keely.

  • Callie

    Ooops, I read that wrong – sorry, Irish girl is right too!! haha

  • Mya

    I so admire Pierce Brosnan! Love it that he’s not superficial and that he really loves his wife despite the fact that she’s gained lots of weight after having the kids.
    Pierce is a real man!

  • christ

    the kids are pretty cute. come on in 15 years they’ll be hunks. and his wife looks beautiful, healthy…

  • eric

    Nothing much to say but I do admire him.

  • Beefcake

    Holy shmoze…Keely has porked up big time.

  • hunnybunny

    Pierce introduced me to the concept of DILFs. I have been a fan of his since the mid-1980s, and his ability to deal compassionately and with strength with the death of Cassandra and the raising of their three children (no modifiers necessary) and then his hands-on fathering with his two youngest have totally impressed me.

    Keely is a lucky woman to be married to such a talented, family-committed (and handsome!) guy.

  • Just Jared

    Thanks, ladies! I corrected the entry…

  • Fleasha

    Beefcake Says:

    March 11th, 2007 at 11:51 am – flag comment
    Holy shmoze…Keely has porked up big time.

    I’d still hit it

  • amanda

    Nice family the Brosnans! Pierce and his wife seems to be genuinely devoted! His wife is beautiful and mr B always have a very happy smile on his face when she is around!
    Pierce seems to have been able to stay sensible and grounded in spite of years of Bond celebrity etc – impressive!

  • Calista

    I am impressed that Pierce is such a devoted family man.

  • gizmatage

    I HATE how media keeps putting the word “adopted” in front of people’s children. Who the hell cares if they’re these people’s biological or adopted children. They’re THEIR CHILDREN no matter what. PLEASE stop it!!! It’s very offensive! It makes it sound like there’s something “less” about being adopted.

    Someone here says that Keely is a lucky woman to marry someone who’s devoted as Pierce Brosnan. But from the look of things, I say they are BOTH lucky to have found each other. Let’s not discount the other person as it does take two to make a relationship work.

  • Mediterranean

    He looks so handsome, I like this guy.

    Their kids look so beautiful.

    She has a very very very pretty face, but she is fat. As long as she is healthy and don’t have a problem with it; it’s also not my business.

  • Alicia

    Dylan’s a cutie; i’d go there–in 10 years (j/k)… :D

  • ANI

    Keely is just a normal sized beautiful woman. I’d love to know where she got that jacket from. It’s really hard to get a great fitting jacket if you have a real woman’s bosom and aren’t built like a pubescent boy.

  • ANI

    It’s great to know Pierce Brosnan prefers a sexy, real woman. I bet he found all those stick thin ‘lollipop head’ bond girls a real turn off with their ironing board straight boy’s bodies.

    I do worry about men who are attracted to women with no curves and boys’ bodies, and what their actual sexual preferences might be.

  • you never know about these stars

    I’m thinking there is some underlying problem in this relationship. He is an attractive man who seems to be too faithful to his women. This wife was pretty once upon a time. What happened? What is driving her to gain so much weight and not be able to lose it? Doubt it’s that she just loves food so much. More like emotional eating.

    Wasn’t there an interview where he admitted he’d had a relationship with a man long ago? He could be bisexual and stepping out on the side.

  • Mediterranean

    Penelope has curves, Salma had curves before she got pregnant etc.

    Keely is fat or let’s say overweight.

  • Carol

    No, he never said he was bisexual.

    Since when is being faithful and happy with your partner an underlying problem in a relationship? Too faithful to his women? Because he didn’t cheat on Cassie as her body was ravaged by cancer and she died weighing 80 lbs? Because he doesn’t cheat on Keely because she’s gained weight? Shocking as it may be for some people to believe there are those that actually love the person they’re with more than their body.

    The kids are very good looking. Dylan looks like his mother but with his father’s freckles and chin and Paris looks more like his father with his mother’s chin. That’s what happens when two people have kids and not clones.

  • J.H.

    Pierce Bronson loves his wife dearly. In an interview a few years back he said that he thinks she is beautiful even though she is hard on herself about her weight. You could tell in the interview that he sincerly loves her and thinks she is “sexy” no matter what size. He said that marrying Keely was the best “mental therapy” he could ever have and that she has brought him so much happiness. Pierce Bronson is an extrodinarily grounded man, a family man and has a wonderful marriage and loving family.

  • Qisabella

    I knew her years ago from her tv days and she always struggled with weight. She once told me that when she was a model she was always starving. I think she naturally tends to be bigger.

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    she is very pretty. nice to see him with a “real woman”. the kids are cute. whether she is heavy or not, guess what? SHE is the one with pierce brosnan.

    case closed.

  • alero

    “Pierce’s other son with his late wife Cassandra Harris, Sean Brosnan, 23, did not attend. They also had two adopted children, Charlotte and Christopher.”

    Well did the two “adopted” children attend or do they not matter?

    Keely Shaye Smith is a beautiful woman.

  • Carol

    They live in England. Sean lives in L.A. So there might be some expectancy of his attending.

    Charlotte and Christoper are also not Cassie’s adopted children — they were her biological children with Dermot Harris (brother of Richard) . Pierce legally adopted them after their father died, years after Pierce had already been raising them.

  • Mediterranean

    Because he has been loyal to his wives, you call him bisexual! I can’t believe it.

    If you fall in love with someonelse after your official separation from your ex-wife-to-be-very-soon and application for divorce, you are call the cheater.

    If you are loyal to your wife, you are called bisexual.

    Make up your mind, you idiots!

    I don’t get this “real” woman stuff at all. If a woman is fat, is she really real woman? I am not skinny, slim but I am not fat, overweight either. That makes me what now?

  • dolphingirl

    I saw an interview with Pierce a few years back that addressed Keely’s weight. He said that she has a hormal condition, possibly thyroidal I forget exactly, and that the medication is very strong and the side effects are severe and unhealthy. Consequently she chooses not to take the medicine and live with her larger size. He said he supports her 100% and couldn’t be happier. Considering he already lost a wife I can understand not wanting to take any unnecessary risks with your wife’s health.

  • dolphingirl

    Sorry..I meant to spell HORMONAL

  • #22

    It’s not impossible for a great-looking man to stay faithful, just unlikely, especially one so famous. Same goes for anyone who is completely absorbed in the 3-letter word. Expect a cheater.

    My question about his bisexuality was not a joke. I read it on another site. Some guy said Pierce gave an interview admitting a relationship with a man a long time ago.

    When did his wife’s thyroid swing out of normalcy? She looked pretty good before marriage and having children. I read another interview that bascially painted her as having some kind of eating disorder. That’s usually from nerves and anxiety.

    The sons are not pretty boys, but cute. I think they will turn out to be very rugged-looking, handsome men.

  • Rose

    For the past few years Keely was twice the size you see today. Pierce was always by her side loving on her when she was big as a barrel. I’m sure that helped and gave her the self confidence to lose some weight for herself and not for him or the Hollywood glamour machine.

  • zae

    She’s beautiful whether she’s ‘f’at or not. I mean you can be skinny like other unnamed celebrities but if you’re not beautiful, you’re just not. But Keely shows, that so what if she’s ‘fat’, she’s still pretty and check out her husband who is gorgeous and loyal and sweet and loves her. Now that’s what I call a real, true gentleman. Guess if a man really loves a woman, he loves her no matter what.

  • http://perceonprotest eskıcı

    orospunun kendine benziyo piçleri parazit lahamfaresı götündeki osuruklara engel olursa lng engel olur parazit kertenkele kelly öhöööööööööööööööö

  • joyce

    To me both of them are good at putting on an act.Keely is a journalist,one site said she ran a restaurant, a model,soup star, environmentalist, writing a book!!!She married a high profile movie star to gain fame.What people say is not always what they feel.We’ll never know how really loving they are or not.I think she must be unhappy about something, even her face doesn’t look like she is at peace.But she is unhealthy fat and what an excuse about her thyroid.He is an aging once very attractive,handsome man,even though he is still not bad looking he is loosing it.Both must be having problems.Good luck to them.

  • susan

    Oh, for heaven’s sake, why all this tolerance of her fatitude? She looks very matronly — like a curmudgeonly society matron. Plus, her suntanned skin is going to becoming leathery. Cassandra Harris had a much better face and figure. Lean is still more attractive than fat!

  • Gina

    call in 15 years, the kids. too young

  • Yadda

    Here is a picture of the woman Pierce fell in love with: with
    She didn’t pork up until after she had kids in her 30s. Thryroid condition, my skinny excuseless @ss!

  • Yadda
  • Anne

    She use to be on Unsolved Mysteries as a reporter, helping Robert Stack. She was very attractive.
    I think she looks like a mom who rears her kids, loves her man, and works hard at being a wife!

  • Greg

    Pierce, youre a good man and husband for having the looks and celebrity that you have, and still be married to a fat woman like that.

    I’m sure Keely is a stay at home mom, the least she can do is get back in shape, get some lipo, gastic banding, or personal trainer (they can certainly afford it), and look good for her husband. Yea, beauty is skin deep, but in show business, looking good in movies and at functions is what brings the money….and until they make the next bond girl a 300 lb whale, dont tell me that if Pierce had a choice, he’d choose a 300lb Keely over her more skinier past….AND THATS THE BOTTOM LINE WHETHER YOU WANT TO BELIEVE IT OR NOT

  • weerwolf01234

    Come on ! Pierce looks good for his age and keely to ! there are more people on this world who look like her So WHATEVER !
    The boys looks good !
    this family is a real family and pierce is a a real family man who enjoys his life and love his wife&childeren !

  • Marchello

    God his wife is so curvy and hot!

  • http://facebook Zulma

    admire Pierce for many years when it was not yet so famous. I really glad you have a beautiful family. He is a great actor but mainly a great human being. I dream to meet him someday … why not? All my love to you and your loved Pierce family.

  • Zulma

    I admire Pierce for many years when it was not yet so famous. I really glad you have a beautiful family. He is a great actor but mainly a great human being. I dream to meet him someday … why not? All my love to you and your loved Pierce family.

  • Julie

    We need gas lines and fuels because people like them live in huge malibu mansions and drive SUVs (have personally seen them in their giant range rover). can’t stand celebrity hypocrites

  • Ed

    @Julie: Prove it