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PostSecret's Mystery Celebrity Dad

PostSecret's Mystery Celebrity Dad

PostSecret, a site that publishes secrets anonymously on one side of a homemade postcard, just posted a really juicy secret. It reads:

“One of these men is the father. He pays me A LOT to keep it a secret!”

Potential celebrity fathers pictured (l-r): Vince Vaughn, Adrian Grenier, Patrick Dempsey, Nick Lachey, Leonardo DiCaprio, Marc Anthony, Ryan Phillippe, Freddie Prinze Jr., Christian Slater, Justin Timberlake, Jim Carrey, Ryan Seacrest, Orlando Bloom, Kevin Federline, Simon Cowell, Matthew McConaughey, Brad Pitt, Tobey Maguire, George Clooney.

Of note: xtiffanytwisted says, “When I right-clicked to save the image, I saw that it was titled ‘Christian.jpg’. That probably has nothing to do with it, but I thought it was interesting.” Interested indeed.


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  • katlin


  • hanna

    of course brad pitt

  • onursmg

    i think he’s freddie prinze jr.

  • spot


  • Carol

    ryan phillippe

  • ablove

    ryan phillippe

  • SoHappyForSalma

    i will have to go for brad pitt or ryan phillippe.

  • Mimi

    I would have to say Christian Slater because he and Patrick D. are the only married guys pictured. And having a kid and being single wouldn’t hurt any of the others careers. Although I secretly wish it was Leo’s.

  • Christianne

    I don’t think the filename has anything to do with it. The site owner probably noticed him first and just decided to name it that.

  • **!!!**

    Vince Vaugh ‘cuz the b*tch Aniston dumped him.

  • Shoegal

    mmm…this is juicy :D

  • MIMI

    #8 says:

    I agree with the married element. I think it can only be out of the five married men pictured…Ryan Phillipe, Mark Anthony (whose been accused publically before), Patrick Dempsey, Freddie P, and Christian Slater.

  • campy_dude

    Simon Cowell!!

  • stephanie

    the guy who scanned the postcards wrote the file name, not the writer.

  • Jenny

    yah, “he pays me a lot to keep it a secrete” sounds like Leo, people

  • Ryan

    It’s Ryan Seacrest

  • bluemoon

    I’ll go with Leo

  • duh

    its stupid to think it would be Brad, when he has always wanted a child. He would claim it and help raise it.

  • james

    matthew mccoughnaughey

  • 69 YEARS OLD!

    Vince Vaughn, he’s a player.

  • Bo-Jangles

    Sorry, am I missing something here? The father of whose baby are we talking about?

  • Tina


  • katlin

    It’s Kevin Federline.

  • Maja

    What baby? Who’s baby? I’m confused O.o

  • piper, with a low

    No way is it Brad Pitt. Why would he fall in love with Maddox, and then Zahara, co-create Shiloh, and then feel content with writing a check for child number 4? And you know that if ___ had a whiff of this secret, everyone would know about it, if only to garner more sympathy for herself or possibly torpedo Brad and Angelina’s relationship.


    You know, this sounds a lot like the situation that Ginger Lynn is involved in. On her THS, she talked about her little boy, who was the result of a tryst; she mentioned that the father wanted nothing to do with her or the kid… actually, she made it sound like an ultimatum. She chose the kid and the guy offered her money in order to keep his name out of it and to prevent her from going after his fortune. During the course of the program, they mentioned George Clooney and Vince Vaughn as casual acquaintances of Ginger Lynn. And her child is dark-haired and dark-eyed, while Ginger is blonde (?) and blue-eyed.

    It makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

  • Chickapoo

    My first thought was Christian Slater.. to me he gives off a “shady” vibe!

  • Chickapoo

    Maja Says:

    March 11th, 2007 at 9:40 am – flag comment
    What baby? Who’s baby? I’m confused O.o

    LOL… the baby is a secret! Shhh…..

  • Lori

    HAHA that is hilarious

  • gina gee

    George Cloonywoony he doesnt like to be attacted lol it all doesnt make sense thou lol

  • gia

    slater of course

  • angelah

    Adrien Grenier

  • gia

    On 2nd thought… Toby Maguire IS engaged to that FUGLEE Jennifer Meyer, daughter of Ron Meyer, NBC Universal’s president and COO – who I would venture to guess carries quite the weight in Hollywood – so he’d indeed have a lot to lose…

  • Name required?

    is that really george clooney at the end or could it be jake gyllenhaal? It can’t be kfed nick ryan seacrest or grenier they aint that rich in order to pay off someone with that “big” a secret. IDK to me it seems it’s pitt his whole face is covered that could be a clue. Maybe he f*ed around on jen and got some ho pregnant and now that he’s with angelina he can’t risk it. Christian does seem so shady and f*ed up. George is known to be a playa but maybe he’s sterile cuz lets face it a lot of women would lie about taking the pill just to get knocked up by him. justin seems like such a p**sy if it is his it would have to be when he was a kid lol knowing them southern ppl no offence(hey if yall can crack on brit I’ll crack on him) Leo always looks like he’s hiding a secret.Vince is just straight up nasty I don’t think he’d give a s**t if he had a kid I’m not even sure he would even pay child support lol. Freddy seem slike such a good guy to do that but then again the good guys always have a reason. Mathew is very respectful of the relationships he’s been in and he’s really good w/ kids I would think if it was him he wouldn’t be one to shun it. It could be simon he’s succesful and He don’t like kids and he’s british lol no offence again. I doubt tobey Idk Imsurprisd his girl got preggers to begin w/. Orlando seems like he goes both ways he seems to much of a pretty boy and I doubt he’d go throught the trouble. Patrick Im iffy about he used to be really cocky when he first started out as an actor he married a woman twice his age for gods sake. Ryan always seemed shady and reese seems to have had him whipped I wouldn’t be surprised if it was him and reese found out and was like as**ole take care of your own shite. Jim carrey had a ruff life maybe when he was a teen he got someone knocked up he got famous and she came to him and he paid her off. And lastly marc anthony he’s a control freak druggie need i say more?

    These are my picks:

    Last note: I wish we knew how old this child was or children for that matter it could be easy to zero in on who the daddy might be.

  • Dancer

    For those of you confused about the baby–it is on this site (whic is great):
    People write secrets on post cards and send them to Frank Warren and he posts them. He has several books out that feature various themes. Some are truly sad and just a few words makes you want to cry, some sly and malicious, others are very funny, and of course there is everything inbetween.

  • guessing

    I think its Leo.

    I heard he adpoted a child from Africa. He sends him money every month and make phone calls. However, does not want to bring him over as he does not have time to raise a kid !!

  • Anon.

    Father to who???I’d like to see a picture of the kid along with the pictures of the potential father so I can make a better decision.

  • Anon.

    Guess I’ll go with the married guys like Ryan Phillippe (oops! Used to be married!) or Marc Anthony.

  • Miller

    Ryan! Or some actor that depends on female fans for his salary so he would need a family man image. (Maybe McDreamy?)
    Leo is so damn secretive (read: controlling) there’s no way he’d let someone publicize his private shit to the world. He’d have a strict contract of some sort.
    I hope it’s not Christian Slater–he’s so B-list, at best.

  • Name required?

    guessing Says:

    March 11th, 2007 at 11:36 am – flag comment
    I think its Leo.

    I heard he adpoted a child from Africa. He sends him money every month and make phone calls. However, does not want to bring him over as he does not have time to raise a kid !!

    As if the kid had the exact address in which to send this to ,postage, paper, glue and pictures of all the supposed fathers. Besides it isn’t a SECRET that Leo chose to do that. The key word being SECRET!

  • Lele

    How do we know this is real?

  • ava verhaal

    Georgie Clooney.

  • Chris

    Nick Lachey

  • Kelsey

    Ryan Phillippe is the center of the post card, so my first thought was him. But then I decided I like him too much to think he wouldn’t take the responsibility. Plus, I don’t think he has the dough to pay someone off. So that also eliminates K-fed, Freddie, Nick Lachey and probably Adrian, because I believe they arent bringing in as much dough as the other guys. Mark Anthony is out because nobody cares since he’s had extramarital affairs before. Its gotta be someone with a lot of money and a lot to lose.

  • dia

    it is obvious that is not Brad Pitt!

    i say is Marc Anthony because he was accused of something like before

  • Guessing

    I go for LEO

  • Shimmeringdew

    Ok, I guess the point of guessing is no good unless we would actually find out the truth…
    Who ever it is – has no class – having a child married or not and not claiming it is low. I would think that would be the breaking point of thier career or for what ever reasons they choose to keep it secret.
    If its over a marriage to loose well, they should have kept it in their pants. But if its over a career – low low low – They would have more points against them this way.

    ***KEEP IN MIND**** – it doesnt mean the baby is new it could be a toddler already.

  • Gingerot

    I know it’s not Ryan Seacrest! He’s not capable!
    But I will say Christian Slater.

  • bobo

    Marc Anthony – he is hte only one on that list that would want to keep his image squeeky cleaned

  • http://justjared susy q

    Hahahaha! Hilarious how others are even thinking or pointing a finger at Brad Pitt. He loves kids. Hello!!!

  • Sarah

    It would be pretty devastating to find out Leo is the father..but of WHO’S baby? I’m so confused. Who is the person that is making this claim?

    For fun, I’m going to guess Marc Anthony