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Moore Stroller Rides

Moore Stroller Rides

Julianne Moore and director hubby Bart Freundlich take their daughter Liv Freundlich, almost 5, out for a stroll in chilly NYC.

The happy family was spotted in SoHo this afternoon. School was in session for their son, Cal Freundlich, 10.

Julianne, 46, just ended her three-month run in the Broadway play The Vertical Hour yesterday. Her next film, Next, co-stars Nicolas Cage and Jessica Biel and opens April 27. Julianne will play Callie Ferris, a government agent who must use all her wiles to stop a nuclear bomb from detonating in L.A.

Bigger picture after the jump…

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  • weffie

    Why the hell does a 4 year old need a stroller? Doesn’t she have legs?

  • Lily

    She’s 46?!?!?

  • natalie

    Yeah…weird. Cute kid though.

  • Chase

    Because 4 year olds whine constantly about not wanting to walk. Then Dad has to spend the rest of the day at the mall trying to carry her while also trying to keep his pants up since she thinks its so funny to push her feet in between his pants and belt. But Mom won’t leave early because the Children’s Place is having a great sale on socks.

    That’s why they have her in a stroller.

  • Jordan

    I was also wondering why she was in a stroller at almost five… but then again, it would probobly be really hard to have to worry about you’re child holding your hand while you have people taking a bajillion pictures of you.

  • Jessica

    Thier daughter is absolutley beautiful.

  • sprite

    Oh please where is the outrage… a five year old is still in a stroller? Brad and Angie have a two year old in one and people say, “What’s the matter can’t Zahara walk?” Something must be wrong with her. It is just amazing how one can do everything right (um 5 year old in a stroller) and the other does everything wrong (um a TWO year old in a stroller). Thank the Lord Angie lives her life her way without you simple minded (hateful) people think she should live it.
    Liv is a pretty girl, and looks like her Mom.

  • vicki Pasadena, CA

    Happy… you think these people look happy?

  • Dirty Denise

    That child is way too big to be in a stroller. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had a pacifier in her mouth.

  • Elise

    Uhh.. no, putting a 4 (almost 5) yr old in a stroller is just lazy. Geez.. people complain that our American children are obese… this is why! God forbid your kids have to walk for themselves and get… GASP.. exercise.

  • Stella

    Oh please people! A child can not walk as fast as an adult. If you want to get where your going, you either A) drag the kid along which he will complain that his feet hurt; B) walk at a slower pace or C) let them walk a little and ride in a stroller. Children are not build like adult and do not have our endurance.

  • Name required?

    I guess some of you don’t have children or are very inconsiderate. It is convenient I will give you that bvut not lazy. Besides the obese comment doesn’t even apply here. If she was fat then I would say the girl needs to walk. Otherwise I think you guys need to lay off on the parenting skills and criticising the children. So and so’s id is ugly why is zahara always eating and shiloh isn’t why is shi’s cheeks so red blah blah blah. Leave em alone already you jealous freaks.

  • the queer of all media

    Amazing actress!!

  • Jessica

    I agree that celebrities get hacked on by people who constantly want to find fault in their parenting skills. The bigger the celebrity, the nastier the comments. Britney, Brad and Angelina along with Tom and Katie get the worst comments about their children- what they’re wearing, eating, etc. and it’s ridiculous. Worry about the welfare of your own children instead of nitpicking others, it may decrease wrinkles.

  • Name required?

    Her hubby kinda looks like Eric Bana? Doesn’t he?

  • Reader

    LMAO @ Chase’s comment.

  • Name (required)

    A four year old in a stroller is beyond ridiculous, unless there is a medical reason she is unable to walk.

    Sure kids can be a pain in the arse to walk with–although by four they shouldn’t be much trouble–but the point is you do what is best for them, not what is convenient for you. Walking is the healthy and natural way for humans to get around, so why would you give your kids the message that being lazy is fine? Do they chew her food for her as well?

  • inkwerty’shumbleopinion

    Her daughter is her mini me! She is sooo cute! Love the hair!!

  • Erika

    Too much walking can damage a child’s kidneys.
    My brother, his sons are four and three. If he knows that they are going out and walking will be required, if it is say a short distance, the kids walk but if he knows that it will be a long walk, that even an adult will get tired he makes sure to bring the wagon, this way the kids can walk a bit but if they tired out they can get in the wagon.

  • amara

    People without children are always making commets about others parenting skills. Four year olds after a few blocks or 10 minutes in the mall are complaining to be picked up so, a stroller is a good move.

  • Jen

    Geez. They live in NYC which requires alot of walking and probably too much for a 5 year old. What’s the big deal and who cares??

  • Kacey

    They live in NYC. They do alot of walking. She is only 4. Do you think strollers go up to 65lbs in capacity for any other reason. American children are not obese becasue their parents use strollers. They are obese from eating fast and processed foods.

  • Lori

    I have a double stroller and yes when I take my daily three mile walk my two year old and 41/2 year old ride in it. There is no way they are going to walk 3 miles. Neither one of my children are obese because they get plenty of exercise running around outside and playing sports. Should have known there could actually be someone out there making a comment or observation about my parenting skills because I want to give my little guys legs a little rest. Some of you people need to mind your own business.

  • Bella

    There have been seen so many pics of the whole family walking together. I say smart move, $hit, I get tired after walking 5 city blocks in NY.

  • kls

    Have you ever lived in NYC – do you know how tiring it is to walk several blocks, skirting people, facing the wind…give me a break folks – there’s not one reason why this child should have to walk when she can still easily sit in a stroller…

  • Kelly

    Are you serious? we all know how we become tired walking around alot! But it is not the same with a child ,because they are unable to understand that it’s a normal part of life! If the walks are that long then “Dont bring her” and if you really wanted her to enjoy a nice walk and see nature or whatever( because you see more stuff walking than in a car or a stroller) then you would really have her walking!

  • momof1

    Maybe they don’t have the option of “not bringing her.” Maybe the child does have some kind of physical problem that makes walking long distances difficult or impossible.

    Julianne Moore and her husband are this little girl’s parents, and they make the decisions for her. They aren’t doing anything that will harm her, and I’m sure they put their daughter in a stroller for reasons that make sense to them.

    Go have your own kids and put them in strollers – or not.

  • My opinion only

    This is not a good picture of Julianne Moore. She is not aging well. Her face has dropped in the first picture and it appears as if she left her top teeth in the efferdent at home. I am wondering if this is really Julianne Moore or a poor look a like.

  • tina

    There child, if they want her in a stroller then thats there decision no one elses, it is not nice when people pass judgement or comment on your children or your parenting skills, as a parent you do whats best for your children and pray that it will be enough.

  • Kelly

    momof1! I have a kid!!!

  • http://justjared julie

    Ridiculous!! Kids never will walk any distance if they ar pampered. She’s farr too old to be in the buggy and definately shoul d be walking. In UK she’d be at school for god’s sake!!!

  • b

    A) It is NOT a good pic of Julianne. Having seen her up close and personal after “The Vertical Hour” which just closed, she looks fantastic. It was probably her day off from the show, and you try doing 8 shows a week where you’re not home until close to midnight…then still having to be a mommy.

    b) There is nothing wrong with Liv or her ability to walk. She was walking just fine on Sunday after the show. Like others have said, in NYC you WALK and kids get tired easily.

  • Kelly

    You people make me sick – who gives a crap if they have her in a stroller or not – get a life and leave these poor people alone – is it really bothering you that much or do you get off on slamming other people and their innocent children. I’ve seen plenty of pics of this family with Liv WALKING in NYC – maybe she was just tired or they were in a hurry and the stroller was faster – WHATEVER THE REASON – WHO CARES??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Holly

    Why is this even a subject for debate? If someone wants to put their kid in a stroller for whatever reason, why can’t they do it without being subjected to a barrage of criticism? I have a 5 year old who walks everywhere, hasn’t been in a stroller for more than a year, but we’re about to make an overseas trip and I’m bringing our umbrella stroller with us. The jet lag is hard on kids and sometimes they need to nap during the day to catch up on sleep. It’s easy to do that in a stroller if the rest of the family has enough energy to walk around. (Celebrity kids are often flying back and forth between time zones, too.) I hope no one dares to comment on my 5 year old using a stroller for two weeks because they’ll definitely get a curt “mind your own business” response from me. These “selfish parents who only act out of their own convenience when it should really be all about the kids” comments really rile me up. IMO it’s narrowminded, overly harsh, and vindictive to try to impose that very personal viewpoint on others.

  • Amanda

    Its not that they are pushing her, its the size of the stroller. if they were pulling her in a wagon it would be fine, she would fit there, but strollers have certain size and weight limits for a reason. they make strollers for small children for a reason. And honestly, they dont look liek they were in a hurry, would they be walking if they were in a hurry.

  • Kat

    that stroller is the Maclaren Volo – it has a 55lb weight limit.

    Honestly, they are probably letting her ride when she wants, walk when she wants, and why not, especially in a busy place like NYC, where not only do they walk a lot, but there are tons of people all the time?

    And the stroller is really easy to manage… it only weighs about 7lbs and comes with a carrying strap for slinging it over your shoulder.

  • in your face

    I know where she lives and I am not telling
    Well Liv is fu*king to old to be riding a stroller

  • angela

    I have been looking for a stroller for my five year old, but that’s because she can’t run 5 miles a day w/ me….

    Tina, I agree. For the most part, we all do our best, and it’s different for everyone, as it should be.

  • Stanley

    Older children do get tired on long days out at theme parks, zoos, holiday resorts, etc. when adults like to walk for a long time or for long distances.
    A stroller can be very useful for carrying bags and when required for the older child. As a child at 9 or 10 I sufferred from aching legs and would have loved a stroller or pushchair but never got one.
    Always get one and let the child decide if he or she wants to use it. It is not uncommon to see, strangely enough more boys than girls, upto young teenage using their younger sibling’s stroller at such places.

  • Amanda

    oh my lord ppl mind your own buisness!Liv walks plenty if you haven’t noticed!go to Julianne’s website there are TONS of pics of Liv WALKING!I have rarely seen Liv in a stroller this year(2007) at all,besides we have no buisness saying if her daughter is to old for a stroller its her child she can let her ride in a stroller if she wants!

    also they live in NY they walk ALOT I’ve only seen Julianne in her own car once,they are usually walking,she most always walks Liv home from school,a little child of 5 can easily get tired by walking even a couple blocks,plus children walk slower than adults you can’t spend hours walking home so a stroller is quicker I also believe it is safer for Liv bc there are alot of ppl in NY also well as paparazzi what if she was to be stepped on or hurt?you can’t be to careful.

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