Salma & Francois' Dinner Date

Salma & Francois' Dinner Date

Salma Hayek and fiance Francois-Henri Pinault step out for dinner together on Saturday at Valentino’s in Santa Monica, Calif.

Says Us Weekly‘s source, “Salma and Francios haven’t even been dating a year. They were friends for awhile. The truth is that Salma is 40 years old and really wanted a baby. She’s gotten to the point where she really wanted a baby. Francios treats her amazingly and she knew he would be a good father. Most of her friends barely know him! They’re just really happy for her because this is what she’s wanted. She’s spent years with the wrong guys, but she finally found someone that treats her really well.”

Salma announced her pregnancy and engagement to Francois last week.

UPDATE :: Apologies, picture replaced!

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  • LV

    Good for her!

  • stretch

    Salma Hayek and Elmer Fudd!

  • magnus

    Yay for the gold digging whore!

    Wait for it…someone tell me I’m ignant or “hating”…wait for it…

    Now she can be an air head billionaire’s wife and give up “acting” in shitty movies and producing one of the worst shows to ever be aired.

  • (sighs)

    Be happy. There is still hope for ugly men as long as you have the money.

  • isabella

    HAHA, he’s not ugly, he’s just average. like most people.

    She’s smart why pick an actor or musician who probably will be tempted
    and not value her for who she is. Hollywood is image conscious.

  • pricolatino

    I thought Jimmy Durante was dead…

  • jerky

    Well There One thing that cannot be denied ………and thats the fact that Salma Hayek Is a Really fine Specimen of a Woman. Beautiful in Everyway, She really had the Capability of Capturing any man she wanted. he is a Lucky Guy thats for Sure. I really Dont know why she Choose Him but she alreayd Did and she is carrying his Child …so therefore they will Always Share some kind of Bond. I hope He is good to and ..and not jkust financially as well.

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    love salma! good for her for picking a real man!

    salma was born to a very rich father – she is used to rich men!

  • haaaaaa

    … more like Mr. Magoo.

    Real man? Time will tell. He’s rich, so there are no guarantees he won’t have affairs. At the end of the day, There is always someone prettier that he can buy.

  • nick

    Yeah, he’s wealthy but so is she. She may put acting on hold for a while just like Julia Roberts did. Keep in mind Salma is the executive producer of Ugly Betty. This is one of the hottest comedies on television so she is still getting paid. Producing is where the money is anyway.

    As for Francois being ugly? Come on people. Just because he may not float your boat doesn’t mean he’s not the man for her. If she ended up with a dancer (Spears), extra (Sorvino), camerman (Roberts), than you would say the guy is after her money.

    Ever think that she could really be in love and happy? It does happen for celebrities and real folks too.

  • nick

    hey haaaaaa, men with no money have affairs too. And so do women in relationships.

  • Miller

    No, you’re not ignorant…just “ignant.”
    Pathetic fool.

  • sorry


    a millionaire is NOT a billionaire. he is from a total different level of wealth. it’s something that not many of us can really grasp. his wealth can take countries out of debt, hers cannot.

    44 yr old billionaires (or really wealthy people) are not romantic. they are calculating. he will not marry this woman but he will give her and this baby financial security. and when her voice starts to really bother him than he will have her off-ed

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    she was in love with ed norton and it did not work so she did try the hollywood cute boy relationship.

    now she is trying a man with a life outside of the biz.

    good for her.

    she can’t do wrong in my book. love salma! yeah for her!

  • pipi

    He seems like a nice guy in most of the pics I’ve seen of him in the past, his smile makes him cute. If they’re happy good for them

  • ross

    get a life people, they seem to…

  • magnus


    Eat my nuts.

    And thanks for playing right into what I said you stupid f*ck.


  • http://justjared nadia

    nice to see beauty and the beast in real life. sometimes it makes for a great and lasting combination.
    i think he went for the beauty while she was thinking about other things or….maybe things just happened. right??

  • Rose

    He is your classic European billionaire. Low-keyed, discreet and not given to Hollywood types. For him to be with Salma means she is more than the usual self-absorbed, empty-headed, happy crotch Hollywood bimbo.

  • sue

    there is another thing that can’t be denied, her hair looks better straight. the pooh-do had to go.

  • Miller

    Love the emiticon. You’re just pissed that for someone so judgmental–and jealous–you can’t even do it without betraying your stupidity. All I did was use your own words against you, yet you make it out to be some dramatic scenario on par with some “You fell into my trap” James Bond shit. You’re sad. I’m done replying.

    Anyway, congratulations to the happy parents-to-be.

  • Salome

    Salma has always seemed like a classy, intelligent, strong woman (ok so she’s not the best actress in the world, but since when does that matter in the entertainment industry?) so therefore it’s probably best for her AND her child that she marry someone OUTSIDE of Hollywood, with their own wealth & status, who is more likely to cherish her and treat her like the goddess she is. A woman that naturally drop-dead gorgeous deserves a powerful billionaire! Leave the dancers and mechanics to the average idiots like Britney Spears, JLo, and Sandra Bullock!

  • ok

    The majority of people do not marry for looks. Salma never went out with good looking guys. she was never about that. She’s a middleaged woman for goodness sakes and likes moneyed intellecutal types. He’s perfect for her in age, looks & money. The worst thing she could have done was pull a Demi Moore. Ashton is not even that good looking.

  • Salome

    SMART women never marry for looks. However, almost ALL rich men marry beautiful women. Tis the way of the world. It’s not good, it’s not bad, it’s just part of our genetic makeup: females want to maximize resources for their offspring, and males want the best possible genes for their heirs.

  • for real

    what genes does salma bring to the table? she is very short, with fake breast, a nose job and who knows what else she’s had done. she looks good now but pre-op, she was your average looking little person.
    i find this whole salma story very similar to her storyline on ugly betty. she is the queen of soap operas so there will be some drama

  • Evie

    Good for her!! Although .. .. Edward Norton matched better in the looks… I think.
    As long they are happy.

  • Mediterranean

    Some of you are really unbeliavable! I couldn’t believe in eyes when I read their comments.

    You claimed that Salma is a gold-digger; excuse me but you should also have claimed that 44-year-old (might look old, but who cares?) François-Henri was idiot!

    He is not handsome but not ugly at all! He has his own money then why did he have to have a child with Salma and got engaged with her if she was a gold-digger as you claimed?

    They marry or not, they are having a baby together! In France, they don’t prefer to get married just because they have kids or they love each other or people want them to get married.

    Salma is short; so what?

    Salma had a nose job; so what?

    Salma has fake breast; so what? (I DO TRUELY NOT THINK SO!)

    Salma is 40; so really what?

    As long as they are happy, keep your stupid comments to yourselves.

    P.S. Some of you write negative comments, only you want to vomit the negative things in you. I do recognise you from other threads. You don’t care who they are, you just use their names for your own hatred. That’s all!

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    for real Says:

    March 13th, 2007 at 2:59 am – flag comment
    what genes does salma bring to the table? she is very short, with fake breast, a nose job and who knows what else she’s had done. she looks good now but pre-op, she was your average looking little person.
    i find this whole salma story very similar to her storyline on ugly betty. she is the queen of soap operas so there will be some drama

    please post your pic for us all.

    we assume you are 10 times more beautiful than ms salma.

    please post your pic.

    only someone more beautiful than a woman world renowned for her beauty would attack her so.

    please post your pic and let us compare the two of you, ok?

  • disgusted

    Let me just say this in general,

    Not ALL beautiful women like ugly men. Just because you are beautiful does not mean you are automatically attracted to ugly. I think that if you are a beautiful woman and never find yourself attracted to a good-looking man, it says something deeper about you. Vice versa for handsome men who date only plain women. Some pretty people don’t want the competition of having an attractive mate. They want to be the only beautiful one in the relationship. That is just as superficial and calculating and controlling.

    I know of a beatiful Korean woman whose mother arranged her marriage to one of the ugliest Korean men I’ve ever seen. Her mother told her, “This kind of man, you won’t ever have to worry about.” So basically her mother chose a hideous man so that her daughter would feel security over passion. What kind of life is that? They married, but she was not in love with her husband. She was repulsed by him physically.

    I would never marry for looks alone. It’s just as bad as being a gold digger. Looks and personality. For me, that is a powerful combination. Call it shallow. I don’t care.

  • disgusted

    Hey Nick (11)

    Poorer people have affairs too, but super-rich people are usually more arrogant. Money gives a rich man more options than a poor, ugly weasel. Many rich men stay with their wives, but they feel “entitled” to have other beautiful women outside the marriage. They do it because they can. Their wives are so enamored with the money, until they don’t want out of the marriage either. They usually pretend their husband is not cheating and look the other way.

  • for real

    this is me without my war paint on…

    what do you think? hot, i know. i’m just salma’s type.

  • haaaaaa

    You guys really find Mr. Magoo average? Yeah I suppose he’s not the worst, but looks a little below average to me.

  • MariaPortugal

    Good-looking, not good looking. Aesthetic judgement isn’t science! I for one think he looks quite dashing. Anyhow, when you are 40, successful, gorgeous and decide to have your first child, I’m sure Salma picked carefully. All the best to the three.

  • Gds D

    for real Says:
    Tell me, your an Aniston fan right!

  • haaaaaa

    Maria Portugal are you serious? Dashing???????

    His money, right?

  • poguemahone

    Are any of you nieve enough to believe she would date this guy, let alone fuck him if he were not the 24th richest (inherited by the way)knob on the planet? Get real.