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Barron Trump Will Break Hearts

Barron Trump Will Break Hearts

Donald Trump and wife Melania take their cute-as-a-button baby boy Baron Trump, who turns 1 in one week, to attend the 16th Annual Bunny Hop at FAO Schwartz after leaving Trump Towers.

That Baron sure is a head turner. He’s definitely going to be one little heartbreaker when he grows up, for sure!

The event was held to benefit the Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center on Tuesday evening in New York City.

For more pictures of the Donald, Melania and baby Barron, CLICK HERE!

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  • voice

    Suri and he could match perfectly

  • Callie

    Hopefully looks won’t be all that are necessary to get through life – after all look at the child’s father (he’s rich and NOT bankrupt, remember?). Ewwwww! Perhaps a young and very sweet looking Baron will grow to have some manners, some compassion and perhaps his head won’t be full of himself. DT’s other children seem like hard working young people – so there is hope!

  • New York Pundit

    But will he sport his dad’s cheezy comb-over in later years?

  • lw

    kinda cute but he reminds me of a kid from village of the damned. and i won’t even go into what a jacka** his father is.

  • tanique33

    WHOA, that really is a good looking kid.

  • Ruth Truth

    Cute kid….to bad that is his father.

    He will most likely take after his father and grow up to be a small minded comb-over racists sexists pig who treat woman like crap….

  • sue

    adorable…hopefully he won’t grow up bald . God help him if he decides to grow out his sideburn and sling it over his head.


    I’m hoping he’ll be fat like Donald and his older brother. It would be poetic justice seeing as he gave Rosie such grief. It makes me laugh as Donald’s oldest boy doesn’t even have a jawline.

  • anon

    He is possibly the most beautiful baby I’ve seen in a while. Those curls, the eyes! He’s precious. Again, let’s hope he grow up to be a kind soul.

  • Nisha

    How uncomfortable does Donald look holding him? Goodness, hold your kid much?

  • Mondo Bongo!


  • Lori

    I cannot believe that baby is that cute, but then again Ivanka is very pretty.

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    Cute kid, got hair like his daddy. I can see him Hitting on Shiloh and Suri, trying to buy their love with his daddys money. [lmao]

    I heard he already has beef with Jamaica [kingston], reports say Barron called Jamaica “pathetic and ugly”

  • Cutiepie

    Aww.. what a cute little fella!

  • susie

    He is a little cutie and I love his rich boy clothes, adorable!

  • SSM

    That kid is magically gorgeous!! My niece is soo beautiful… just saying

  • hmm

    not donald’s kid. too cute to be his kid. she must have been sleeping with the pool boy

  • gia

    i am amazed at/that:
    1. just how cute and expressive this kid is
    2. the fact that melania hasn’t yet gone in search of her asian relatives (whoa nelly on the botox!)
    3. the fact that she interacts w/him like a true mom, not like the-nanny-is-his-mommy type mom
    4. people are incensed re trump’s comments on fat as$ rosie, like they are altogether forgetting that she picked the fight in the 1st place! who asked her re miss america?

    anyway, back to the kid – hopefully he won’t grow up to be the next brandon davis – is that the whale’s name?

  • lurker opinion

    The first pic of the baby looks like he is starting the comb over already.
    Hoepfully the baby will look like his mom because Donald’s other sons are not that good looking almost ugly.

  • Colleen

    He’s adorable!

    I agree that Melina seems to be hands on (at least here)
    However I don’t think I’ve ever seen a man look more uncomfortable holding his own child.

  • Elle

    Ewwwww. The Donald looks more like his grandpa than his daddy!
    And I agree with the two other posts, I’ve never seen a father look so uncomfortable holding his own baby!

  • kidi

    I hate when little boys are dressed like that.

  • jen

    he and shiloh have got to be the cutest babies ever

  • cdn_grl

    The boy NEVER smiles. Expressive, yes, but not much in the way of happiness. Poor little rich kid.

  • faithinher

    Baron is definitely a beautiful baby. Love his eyes. I just hope he doesn’t become like his father.

  • lila

    Beautiful boy!

  • Angie

    He’s got a cute face. But seriously, that coat? The child is gonna need a stylist when he gets older.

  • Gds D

    It will be interesting to see how this child behaves after his gilded nursery surroundings. He certainly was misbehaving at his father’s “walk of fame star” ceremony. His ugly father introduced him as vicious at that event.

    With the Donald’s seed being spread across several wives it will be interesting to see if there is a power struggle, similar to the Murdoch offspring, when the Donald becomes senile.

    Cliniqua, I agree with the poetic justice…

  • hunnybunny

    I think he’s cute. The Donald has publicly admitted to never changing a diaper or doing anything with babies, so no wonder Barron is squirming to get away from the ‘creepy strange man’.

    All those Trumplings will get their values from their mamas and then have to figure out how much they want to please the Donald. Don and Ivanka seem okay to me. They work for a living, which is more than can be said for many a richb**ch. And they work for the family business — not a big deal, millions do, whether it’s the farm, the bodega, the dry cleaner, the media conglomerate, or the real estate ‘empire’. (I loathe the Donald and his egomaniacal ways, but until the kids ‘go Hilton’, they’re okay by me). The one I worry about is Tiffany. She did not hit the jackpot in the genetic brains lotto, and as I said above values come from Mom, and I don’t think she’ll do so well there either.

  • squid

    hunnybunny ITA and thanks for the laugh!

  • anne

    he is very cute, but he looks like he doesn’t really know his parents.
    he is probably think who are these people holding me? lol

  • Fashion Critic

    He’s a cutie alright…a real heartbreaker. I hope he does not inherit his dads hair

  • Layla

    Wow. I bet that kid’s outfit costs more than my whole wardrobe. Snazzy little outfit you got on there fella. And no worries, by the time Barron gets to kindergarten, dear ole dad will have moved on to wife no. 5 and he’ll only have to see him during summer vacation.

  • http://deleted Tilly

    He got his mom’s looks totally, but that could change. He’ll be cute. When “The Donald” was young, I thought he was handsome, so the boy cannot go wrong.

    Trump has the biggest ego. He’s known for being an excellent father. It shows. He would never allow his offspring to bring shame to his name. That’s why he makes sure he raises his kids right. Anything connected to him has to have excellence.

    I hate his ego, but agree with his parenting skills. He sows good kids because he puts in the work.

  • baifan

    Wow, he looks very cute. I want to grab him through the screen and kiss him on those cheeks. LOL.

  • Lily

    Hmmmmm…………….He and Shiloh would be adorable, no? But she’s probably too good for him :)

    Gorgeous Boy :)

  • Si

    All the family manbers are ‘Beautiful’ comgratulations Bairron is Beautiful!Beautiful!

  • Vanessa

    What a beautiful little boy. He looks like Melania (of course.)

  • bellissima

    He’s cute I gotta say. Pretty blue eyes.

  • Mondo Bongo!

    I wasn’t going to comment on this money shark ,but…. after
    his latest jab at Rosie[no great love] i would like to say he has
    more B*tch in him than Rosie what a ‘A’ hole!!

  • ana Silva

    I think Baron is very cute. The photos of Beth O (howard sterns girlfriend) playing with Baron. she really wants to have a baby. Howard better think what he wants if she wants kids.

  • Natasha

    OMG !! He is so cute !!

  • Elizabeth

    Wow, that child is adorable. I have a feeling that his outfit costs more than my house…