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'High School Musical 2' Preview

'High School Musical 2' Preview

The New York Times featured a fantastic article about the upcoming High School Musical 2: Sing It All or Nothing!. I almost peed in my pants while reading it from all the excitement.

Here are 5 things I learned about High School Musical 2 and its cast:

  • Dance number “I Don’t Dance” pits Ryan and Chad’s teams against one another. It sets a baseball game to a musical score that fuses elements of hip-hop and swing.
  • There’s a new song called “Fabulous” has Sharpay and Ryan float around in lounge chairs in a pool and “pass around beach balls in a Busby Berkeley-like sequence.”
  • Zac wasn’t featured much on the High School Musical soundtrack because his “deep baritone had been deemed an uneasy fit with the rest of the cast” but he’ll be singing own stuff in the new movie and in Hairspray.
  • Lucas Grabeel‘s younger sister, Autumn Grabeel, is Monique Coleman‘s personal assistant
  • And here’s a little synopsis of High School Musical 2: “Sharpay Evans, the rich girl whom audiences loved to hate in the original movie, is on a campaign to woo Troy, the basketball coach’s son, away from Gabriella. The setting is a luxurious country club owned by Sharpay’s father, where Troy, Gabriella and their East High classmates have all landed summer jobs. Instead of a school musical, the source of conflict (and more than a few songs) is the club’s annual talent show, and Sharpay is scheming to get Troy to perform a duet.”

And one Zac Efron quote had a little OUCH factor, which stuck out to me: “Personally, I feel no competition with the cast because I’m not going for the same things they are. A lot of them are doing teen music things, and tours, various TV deals and other Disney TV movies and Disney albums. That’s the last thing I want to be doing at the moment. I’m setting my sights a little bit higher.”

High School Musical 2 is set for an August 17 release.

Pictured: Zac Efron is Troy Bolton, Vanessa Anne Hudgens is Gabriella Montez, Ashley Tisdale is Sharpay Evans, Lucas Grabeel is Ryan Events, Corbin Bleu is Chad Danforth, and Monique Coleman is Taylor McKessie.

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  • me

    Okay…..I agree with Zac about him aiming higher while the rest of the cast is doing Disney a certain degree……but….damn Zac…..that sounded a little arrogant… least if one of his castmates were to take it the wrong way….

    Anyways…..I actually am a fan of that damn HSM b/c of it’s catchy beats and dances…… I’m ahamed to admit I actually wanna see numero 2

  • lw

    maybe i’m just old, but this looks incredibly stoopid. the further dumbing down of america. don’t learn how to read kids (or anything else for that matter), just hire a publicist and you too can become a supah-stah!

  • em

    Two questions: 1) Who the hell is Zac Efron? and 2) Why do people like him? Way to bite the hand that feeds you, man.

  • Nando

    LOLZ @ musicals.

  • rachel

    Who does this Zac Efron think he is? He doesn’t feel any competition because he thinks he’s better than everyone…

  • Jen

    OMG i love High School musical! I cannot even wait for the second movie. I love Zac Efron too! Who cares if he said that quote. Let him do what he wants.

  • Michelle

    Who on earth goes to a dance rehersal in jeans?

  • b

    the guy sounds a little cocky! for what he didnt even sing…

  • michele


    HOW TRAGIC IS THAT?!?!?!?!?

  • http://justjared suri

    oh o hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh me 9999999999999

  • Sarah

    I’m married with kids and adore everybody from the HSM cast. Zac’s maturing and looking really good! I’ll admit that I’m anxiously awaiting HSM2 and Hairspray. I’m so happy that he’s doing his own vocals this time. I’ve heard a clip from Hairspray and he’s amazing!! He’s proven that he’s an extremely talented actor. (two words … Miracle Run)
    The quote does make him sound like a pompus a$$. I’ve seen too many other things where he’s humble, and grateful to Disney, to believe that he is as conceited as he sounds here. He seems to truely care about his fans. I have to wonder if this quote isn’t the media twisting things to sound the way they want. Give the kid a break!

  • black

    This boys arrogance will bring him down soon……..he can kid himself into being something bigger than he is for a while……but come on now…..he´s missing the “it” factor.

    And he´s boring.

  • Disney Kids

    makes me feel old!

  • Chickapoo

    The kid has set his standards high, nothing wrong with that. In fact, more power to him! Sounds like teen tours & etc aren’t his cup of tea at the this time. He did sound cocky, but like Sarah said, the media has a way with twisting comments around. And he always has shown respect for his HSM castmates, I don’t think he meant any harm, if he did indeed say that, it was just a bad choice of wording. He’s young yet, he’ll learn!

  • sams

    GAG–high school musical is one of the most stupidest movies that have ever been made and released

  • i

    i dont like zac efron anyway… that kid can go do whatever he wants and i wont care.

  • donthate.

    Okay, so maybe it was bad choice of words. But i know Zac’s not as arrogant as he seems in this quote. Honestly, he seems like one of the nicest and most humble celeb out there. To add on to what others have said about the media twisting his words – the interviewer probably asked him a manipulative question such as “Do you see any of your co-stars as competition?” Which is pretty powerful territory if you ask me. So give him a break! He’s still young .. not to mention gorgeous.

  • katherine

    He probably didnt mean it that way, he probably meant that his goal is to go beyond Disney and DCOMS, whereas the other cast members such as Ashley Tisdale and Lucas Grabeel and Corbin Bleu might want to continue to with Disney longer as they have after HSM 1.

  • blundht

    I thought only kids cared for this kind of thing… And it feels pretty sad that even kids care:P

  • Meg

    I also think that they NYT interviewer must have asked some loaded questions to get the quotes from Zac Efron that he put in the article. It was definitely phrased to put him in a bad light. The part about Ashley Tisdale wasn’t particularly flattering either. I sure hope Zac Efron is more like his previous interviews. Surely his publicist will screen future interviews to prevent this type of negative exposure.
    I have young kids and I am happy that HSM and HSM2 were made. I love HSM, too, for everything it is and everything it is not. It’s just enjoyable to watch.

  • NirvyGirl

    I think the whole high school musical thing is really really funny…who but disney gets a bunch of 20 something year olds to play 14 year olds and markets it to 8-10 year olds? its really really funny…..and i have no idea who any of those ppl are. i kno one girl was on dancing with the stars, and one had a music video im not too sure wat it had to do with “HSM” b/c i saw it on MTV…..but watever stilll very very funny.

  • M

    1. Who is he? He isn’t famous and If he thinks just because he is in hairspray people give a damn, they don’t. If eh thinks people are going to see Hairspray because he is in it, then he must be delusional. Needs to get a publicist, his arrogance won’t get him far. The boy isn’t even cute, i don’t see why all the little disney fans are crazy over him.

    Never watched High School Musical, looks dumb but I knew a couple of the stars who are on it before him.

  • Cindylover1969

    In fairness, some of them do seem like part of the Disney machine (especially Ashley Tisdale) – but the movie was a blast, and I’m going to be watching the sequel.

  • Jango

    Disney will suck the life out of these kids. Way to go Zac, but his gabriella-girlfriend should break up with him after that arrogant statement.

  • Sarah

    “M” …. I’m waiting for Hairspray to come out and plan to take my daughter to see it. YES, we are going BECAUSE of Zac!! I’m sure we’re not the only ones either. I probably wouldn’t have even thought about going, if it wasn’t for him. :)

    Somebody mentioned questions that could have led to “setting him up” to sound this bad. That’s basically what I meant by “media twist” in the first comment. We don’t know the “whole story”. There is an audio clip where he sounds like the same grateful sweet-heart that his fans know and love.

  • http://? 2bmrsefron



  • Rana

    Im sorry but Zac isi’nt only hot…he’s not supposed to be looked at only like that…he’s also a real human being who’s super sweet and nice and has a heart of gold…its not only his looks that matter…anyhoo thnx for the article its really cool guys

  • Rachel

    Guys, please! zac is now 19! he has a freedom of speech and if he wants to set his goals higher, then let him! it doesn’t sound like zac in the quote and it has probably been edited and things over the internet dont show the expressions on our face. i could call one of my friends and ‘idiot’ over the internet and i would be joking but they wouldn’t know! My point is, is that zac is maturing and he is still a humble guy but is a bit more outspoken. We’re allowed a freedom of speech so i don’t see why actors aren’t allowed either!

  • amy

    hey ever since i was 5 i wanted to meet ashley tisdale i love her i want her to email me at plz i love her style so much plzplzplzplz email me.My Birthday is the same day as ashley tisdale and i am not lying 2nd july you will be turning 22 or 23 and i will be turning ten yey .p.s I LOVE ASHLEY TISDALE TO DEATH

  • xX_Goth_Ann_Xx

    I love Corbin (:

  • #1 HSM FAN!

    zac efron is the hottest guy on earthhhhhhh!!!!


    i LOVE high school musical :) its the best disney movie !!
    I even learned the dance moves to all the songs :D but overall, i think it has a great moral to learn from and i cant wait till the second one comes out! Plus, theres always going to be some people hating a movie and some loving it, so its just own our individual opinions. Personally, i already said, i think its a fab movie and i encourage everyone to watch it! Just for fun =D

  • jeaneth


  • Katie

    Dear people,
    I cant wait until HSM 2 comes out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I want to be the first one to see it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    (Even thow that will so not happen because EVERYBODY
    loves HSM). Well……………………………………..

  • sapphiress

    I think everyone’s taking Zac’s comment the wrong way.
    I think he’s just trying to say that he doesn’t want to go the way everyone else is going.
    “Personally, I feel no competition with the cast because I’m not going for the same things they are.”
    He’s not criticising them, he’s just saying that he can’t compare himself with them when he’s not doing the same thing – it’s like comparing Star Wars and Ice Cream.

    He just wants to get out of the Disney phase and do his own thing.
    For want of a better, less clichéd phrase, he’s breaking free.

    Don’t jump to conclusions about people. Read other stuff he’s said, and your opinions will be changed. From every other quote from him or about him, he’s portrayed to be a sweet, friendly, funny guy.

  • Luisa

    To all of your zac haters. u just jealous dat you aint good lookin! Zac Efron is really hot and no one can prove that he’s not. I hate people that say that Zac Efron is ignorant because the one who is ignorant is them. so Fuck you if you do’n like him. Beat it and get out of this website.

  • Hannah

    So wot if Zac said that. It doesnt make him a bad person he just chose the wrong words to express how he feels. Who cares if he has set his standards high. I say good look to ya Zac. I love all ya work and think you are a brilliant actor and singer.


  • Hannah

    Zac is a grown up so he can wear wot he wonts wen he wonts. michelle (number 7) had no rite 2 comment on Zac wearing jeans to dance rehearsals. Did you ever think that Zac feels comfortable rehearsing in jeans.

  • patrycja

    to jest boski film:) nauczcie mnie tego ukladu to zatancze z wami:)

  • ** ssexy nicole**

    Hey zac efron my friend joleen is like obsessed with you!!! She thinks your hot. hey corbin you are so cute!!!!!

  • gaelle

    when is hsm 2 and Hair spray coming out?
    Hairspary sounds like a good movie and I really want to see it.

  • kristen

    personally, i think zac is full of himself

    i hope corbin has a bigger part in this movie bc he is soooo finnnee and talented.

  • paola andrea


  • danni

    i lyk corbin 2!!!!
    he is sooooo fine. i think that this movie has broght out a good voice in him. (in his singing & music videos.)

  • Sydney

    I don’t care about Zac Efron i’m excited to see the song between Ryan and Chad, because i believe hat the most talent in HSM lies in Corbin Bleu! Hes an actor, singer, and dancer; also hes hot!

  • Katrina

    staring the amazing singer, dancer, actor, and hottie CORBIN BLEU as Chad Danforth!!!!

  • doublem

    Some people have different beliefs on this subject some say he’s gay some people thanks he’s hot but you are taking a small quote and turning it in to a big argument if everyone was like the stars then everyone would be on the internet for saying something that was misinterpreted I think everyone needs to take a chill pill and give him a break I bet you if you where to go up to the cast of high school musical 1 and 2 they would say they understand what he meant but you are going by words that you read and from a magazine that probably lies about a lot of stuff and not getting it from the source so next time you dog someone for saying something thank about what you have said in the past that has been taken the wrong way and then put yourself in Zac position and then come back are complain about it and see how many people will care what happen all we care about is what stars do and not what normal people do. Some people want to go see Hairspray because they heard is was good. I am sorry if this harsh and you can hate me all you want but it is the truth I will even give you my email address if you want to respond and give me your response to this post it could good or bad. THX

  • Meagan

    I LOVE Zac Efron!!!!!!!!!!!!He is sooooooooooo hot!!!!!!!!!

  • Meagan

    I L.O.V.E Zac Efron!!!!!!!! He is sooooooooo hot!!!!!!!!!!

  • everyfan246

    omg first,HSM is the bomb and there is no reason to blame zac for sying somethin u dont even know if its true,ZACis HOT and sweet so dont go on saying all this stuff unless you know him OK,and zac if ur reading this im ur #1 fan im really looking forward to HSM2,so 4 all u people that think he siad that u dont know the truth,and i know ur saying do u know him, well i dont but ive met him once and he seems realll nice zac is perfect, he is nice,handsome,athletic,andfamouse so back off