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Leonardo DiCaprio Storms Israel

Leonardo DiCaprio Storms Israel

Leonardo DiCaprio is rushed by his bodyguards past the media during his visit to the Western Wall, Judaism’s holiest site on Monday in Jerusalem, Isreal. Leo has been on a “private” visit with his girlfriend, Israeli supermodel Bar Rafaeli.

Bar’s father is pictured above, exiting the van carrying Leo, 32, and his daughter Bar, 21. The swarm of paparazzi surrounding Leo and Bar may prevent the couple from attending the birthday party of Bar‘s brother at a club in Tel Aviv.

Two of Leo‘s bodyguard’s have been arrested after a scuffle with photographers in Jerusalem yesterday.

Does Leo really accomplish anything by covering his face?

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Video footage of Leonardo DiCaprio in Israel
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  • tanique33

    well he’s not a willing participant with the pap. the joke is they continue to go after him and never get good pics. so my question is, what are they accomplishing? just go away.

    i much prefer him, to those making careers out of smiling for pictures. albeit it’s usually those lacking any talent.

  • Michelle

    Most Israelis hate Bar because she’s a draft-dodging slut. She’s known to sleep with rich powerful men to advance her career. Leo is no exception. Bar broke up with him but then went back after she realized that without him she’s a nobody. When did Bar becoe a “supermodel?” Sleeping with Leo and posing for Sports Illustrated does not make one a supermodel. At least Gisele, whom I’m no fan of, but at least she deserves the tilte of supermodel because she’s worked for it. The only “work” Bar has done is spreading her legs.

  • Netty

    I am glad he covered his face, given that the paparazzi have no respect by storming such a important and holy place, he’s effectively given them two fingers up by not giving them what they want.

    It’s such a shame that the paparazzi are ruining his and his girlfriends time with her family.

    I like that Leonardo is private and isn’t a famewhore.

  • New York Pundit

    But Leo is a fugly mother f’er… He is actually saving our eyes from the burn! Good going Leo, keep up the good work!

  • Ruth

    I hope that Leo manages to enjoy his first trip to Israel despite the disgusting behaviour of the press. The paparazzi are quite unbelievable and I am delighted that they haven’t yet managed to photograph the couple. Leo is entitled to his privacy on a private visit to Israel or anywhere else – the press has no shame.

  • mari

    It would be awful to be constantly hounded by the paparazzi the way he is. I wonder if he’d be better off agreeing to pose for a shot or two in exchange for being left alone (if that would even work). I do like the way they almost never get a good shot of him – usually just the back of his head.

  • Anonymous

    Most Israelis hate Bar because she’s a draft-dodging ****. She’s known to sleep with rich powerful men to advance her career. Leo is no exception. Bar broke up with him but then went back after she realized that without him she’s a nobody. When did Bar becoe a “supermodel?” Sleeping with Leo and posing for Sports Illustrated does not make one a supermodel. At least Gisele, whom I’m no fan of, but at least she deserves the tilte of supermodel because she’s worked for it. The only “work” Bar has done is spreading her legs.
    Can you prove that she sleeps with famous guys to be famous and advance her career?
    Also, SI isn’t her only career highlight. She is one of Israeli’s top fashion models and is famous for her work, not only for dating Leo. BTW, That description you said of Bar, can be also used for Gisele.

  • Vanden

    I love how they can never get a good pic of him. I wish other celebrities would stop pretending they can’t avoid the paps. He’s just proving them all to be a bunch of famewhores. His career is based on his talent not his exploits, so good on him.

  • Miller

    Re: 2
    Why are you being so morally hysterical when it comes to her alleged sexual behavior and yet you ignore the men? Did she put a gun to their head? If it’s okay for men to use power to get sex (and the majority seem to prefer to have sex with women) then why hate on the women alone? Do you honestly think that these women can turn down such powerful men and not be blacklisted? Haven’t you ever been to a bar where a woman politely turns down a man and gets called a bitch, just for rejecting him? Now imagine that man with power over her career. Even if she never faced any coercion and did have sex to gain assignments, I wouldn’t single her out nor would I care. It’s modeling, for crying out loud.
    Draft-dodging on the other hand, now that’s offensive.

  • kp

    “She is one of Israeli’s top fashion models and is famous for her work, not only for dating Leo.”
    honestly i didn’t know who she was until she dated di caprio

    i don’ t care about what she does with her body but she is with him to be more famous& richer
    cause leo is just a cheater
    who would like to be with a cheater if it is not for money

  • inkwerty’shumbleopinion

    That video is disturbing. It is completely abnormal to try to go anywhere and do anything with 50 photographers trying to take your picture. You couldn’t see right in front of you with all those flashbulbs going!! I can’t imagine how weird that is.

  • beck

    Why don’t the paps go bother someone like Brangelina who want the attention and leave people like Bar and Leo alone? They have made it plain that they have no desire for media attention and should be left to enjoy their holiday in peace. Leo’s visit to Israel should be made to feel welcome and regardless of what “people” think of Bar she is someone from that country who should be welcomed home simply becaue she has the power to bring attention to the troubles they are having.

  • Kadi

    that is just unbelievable.. What is wrong with people today.!!

  • Angelina

    Fortunately, the latest is that the bodyguards were released without any charges being brought against them and instead the paparazzis were given a restraining order to stay away from Bar and Leo – that’s justice (as reported on TMZ com). By the way, to the Bar-hater, you come off as being a jealous angry person. You do not speak for all Israeli people. A lot of people, especially girsl emphasize with her. Who wants to get drafted into an army when you are young? They should draft the older men who are so into fighting. It has nothing to do with loving your country.

    I hope now that the restraining order is in place, Leo can visit Israel and experience his girlfriend’s country and culture.

  • Angelina

    P.S. I don’t get the people who get angry for Leo for hiding his face when he is on his private time. You seem to hate him anway so why do you want to see his face anyway? You seriously ought to spend you time looking at the celebs who happily pose and go to places like The Ivy and have lots of public displays of affection and just bypass the pics of Leo if it makes you that angry.

  • Mimi

    When celebs go to celebrity haunts like The Ivy, it’s so they will be mobbed by the papz and get their pictures taken. It’s all a set up. But frankly, the papz know it and would prefer to hound celebs at other places, when they’re on their own time. It’s pretty sick. But fans fuel it by buying the papers and magazines that carry the pictures and watching the videos supported by ads.

    And what is it with Leo? Why is he only interested in empty headed models? Is he afraid of women who actually do something and have minds?

  • Not a Model,lol

    Mimi Says:

    March 13th, 2007 at 6:29 pm – flag comment


    According to Forbes, Gisele made $30 million between June of 2005 and June of 2006.[1] She also appears in Guinness World Records as the “world’s richest supermodel”, with a net worth of $150 million.

    Sorry Mimi but anyone who has the business sense to make that kind of moola is NOT “empty-headed”…..don’t make assumptions as to their intelligence just because they are models. In other words, don’t hate them because they are beautiful. They are both probably a whole lot smarter ( and interesting) than you give them credit for. I say let Leo and Bar enjoy all that Israel has to offer, it’s a wonderful place.

  • Miss Potter

    I agree that Bar is just a model.. She’s a model in Israel. That in no way makes you a SUPER MODEL pulling in seven figures in addition to having nabbed exclusive couture or cosmetics contracts, your own clothing line, jewelry line, television show, etc… that authentic supermodels are doing. This young lady is not the love of his life. She’s just for now and for her, he’s just for now until she can exploit her relationship to the max with one the world’s top film stars. It’s working, they are now calling her a supermodel LOL!!!! If they didn’t want paps, they should not have gone. Leo will draw paps anywhere in the world. He should have known that. He needs to take a cue from stars more famous than he is and follow their lead.


    I like Leo, he comes across as seemingly such a down to earth person, and normal human being – which is why the penchant for dating models/supermodels 19-22, has always puzzled me. It’s like he’s got that Rod Stewart disease…you know, exclusively dates these models in perpetuity until they get past the age of 25, and then he dumps them.

  • Fanny

    I wonder how they communicate? I know when he started to date Gisele, she barely spoke English. Her English is better now.

  • Kate

    Maybe Bar already speaks it well, she’s been in the U.S. awhile I think. Hopefully the paps will back off them, way to ruin someone’s vacay.

  • Ari

    most israelis speak english pretty well. they teach it in the schools there starting pretty early.

  • Arissa

    Bar told a friend of mine that she would do “whatever it takes” to hold onto Leo for life. Apparently she dated a few D list actors (including some guy from Baywatch??) and now that she got her ‘leading man’ she’s not going to let him go. If Leo doesn’t know what she means by that, he should ask Tom Brady.I hope he’s more careful than Tom was. Also apparently Bar’s Mom has really been pushing the relationship, and she’s the one who alerted all the paparazzi before they got there. She loves the attention and loves to talk to the press!! Bar is only 21 and has already been ‘involved’ with A LOT of rich older men. I can think of many names for a girl like that. Do you think her history bothers Leo at all?? I mean she must of been like five when she started having sex!!

  • Vanden

    well if her history bothers him that would be a bit hypocritical. Who cares anyway, you don’t really know her, you just sound jealous. They’re an ok couple. He must like her quite a bit if he was willing to go through all that and meet her family.

  • Isaura

    I’ve known Bar is hated by the mayority people from Israel. Bar just only was known in Israel and her fame was bigger when she and Leo dated!
    We just know it! and I don’t think there is any love feelings. Gisele was the same thing, Kristing Zang… They became famous by the Leo’s fame and they just only want that, fame, ego.
    But it’s a shame for Leonardo who likes this life :(

  • Rose

    Goodness why all the hostility? do any of you’s know these people in real life??
    Leave them alone, Leonardo went to visit his girlfriend country on a private visit, this was Leo vacation..he is under no obligation to the razzis on vacation whatsover. The Bodyguards were simply doing their jobs, its was the razzis, who went out of control pushing, shoving,spitting, swearing even banging the car madly. Sure the bodyguards had to push these razzis (animals) back, it went totally out of control. It was an unfortunate moment. I’m sure Leo was horrified by this behaviour. Leo has a right to enjoy his time in Israel, as I am sure its a beautiful country.


    out of all the girls in holloywood im really upset that he picked an isreali Jewish Girl, hes really gonna lose a lot of fans this way. But whatever, hes still extremly handsome to me!!! maybe next time he can go out with a PLAESTINIAN GIRL….NOW THAT WOULD MAKE HEADLINES

  • ah :\

    I cannot understand what is the fuckink big deal ?
    so Leo came to Israel.. and ?
    I live in Israel , and I wasnt so excited.. I mean.. comeon he’s just an actor ..
    just so you know that some of us here actually have lives .
    also, everyone who hates Bar .. leave her alone , I know I do. she’s become so annoying that I just don’t really care she’s representing Israel .
    in one newspaper article she said she was ashamed to be an israeli citizen . so honey if youre that uncomfertable here you can leave .

  • john

    Bar is so beautiful!!!! god!!!! those jewish girls are so hot!!!! every one of them!!!! I wish I was leo!!!!

  • ADI


  • ADI