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Angelina Jolie in Vietnam for Adoption

Angelina Jolie in Vietnam for Adoption

Angelina Jolie leaves from Ho Chi Minh City International Airport and is escorted through Vietnam with 5-year-old son Maddox under the protection of her personal security officer Mickey Brett. Here’s Angelina‘s expected agenda during her stay:

  • Travel to Tam Binh orphanage outside Ho Chi Minh City to receive 3-year-old child (most likely a boy)
  • Participate in an adoption ceremony with officials in Ho Chi Minh City
  • Meet with U.S. consular officials to review the adoption and grant the child a passport.

It appears that Brad Pitt is home in L.A. taking care of his two daughters, Zahara, 2, and Shiloh, 10 months.

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  • Vanden

    I wonder if Maddox is excited. Looks like he’s getting driving lessons : )

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft



    Paps leave her alone

    Good luck Ange …love ya…you are my inspiration!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    I guess I was only second…oh well…..

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    I love this woman. I want to live my life the way she has: adopting kids and giving to charity.

    Ange, you are a TRUE woman!

  • BAMZS+1

    All the best to the growing family! I pray the haters and paps will leave them in piece to enoy this special moment.

  • Alicia

    oh how cute!! its in the eyes :)

  • Mrs. Smith


    But where is the pink shirt, Mickey?
    I can hardly keep my mind on work today as I’m so excited for them, can’t wait to see the new addition, hear his name, not to mention, becoming an aunt again!!!

    THANKS Jared! You’re still the best!

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    Can’t wait to see the new son.

    His name should be: Orleans Marchelin Quan Jolie-Pitt (MY PICK!).


  • Mondo Bongo!

    So happy to see Mickey, always feel The family is safe when
    he is

  • Maddox is excited


  • mickey brett fan

    mickey looks ready to smack someone around.

  • checkers

    I’m so excited for the whole family!!! I’m glad that Maddox is with Ange so they can bond sooner!! can’t wait for some pics!! God Bless them!

  • Lily

    So excited for them!! Can’t wait to see Jolie-Pitt #6 :) And I’m really excited to see what letter we’re adding to BAMZS lol

  • mickey brett fan

    Orleans? that is a horrible name.

  • Watch out

    Don’t mess with Angie and Maddox when Mickey is around.

  • AngelinA

    This woman is an example !!! Her fight against poverty in the world, her generosity, her BIG heart !!! My dream is to adopt a child and give him a better life…She knows what she wants and she does all to get it !!! GOes on Goes on Angelina !!!

  • Sandy

    Can’t wait to see the latest addition to the family!!

    I’m so happy because of them!!!!

  • neil

    Mickey is the reason why a lot of the tabloid media hate her. He made them look like the pencil neck cowards they are.

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    mickey brett fan Says:

    March 14th, 2007 at 1:28 pm – flag comment
    Orleans? that is a horrible name.

    It’s symbolic of the city of New Orleans.

    Was thinking of the name for myself if one day I have a son since New Orleans is such a great place. It’s a good name in French!

  • whateva

    How about Alexander? Then it could be ABAMZS?!?

  • Lady G

    Thanks Jared….!

    I am so glad that everything is coming together for BAMZS+1. Bless them and I hope that Angie, Mad, and new addition makes it back safetly.

    It’s nice to see Mickey and I know he will have Angie’s back.

  • isitreallythatserious?

    I’m happy for them. The ceremony sounds beautiful and I hope everything goes good for them. I also hope that this new little Jolie – Pitts doesn’t have to face all these razzi but it seems like they are there and right ot snap away….sad.

  • the real tita

    oh, my goodness! there’s Mickey!! He’s not in jail after all. Well, if diCaprio’s bodyguards were let go after a truly big brawl, why not our Mickey who only makes threats when pressed?

    Way to go, Angie. We’re so excited for you and Madd. I hope the little boy doesn’t get scared of all the hou-hah around him. Good luck!!

  • Estelle

    Thanks JJ for the update. I can not wait to see the new son of Angie and Brad. Congratulation them and their family.

    Team Lara Croft Says:
    LOL, it doesn’t matter what is his first name but the last name will and always be Jolie-Pitt….muahhahahahahahahaha….

  • Surabhi

    Yeah Micky! I missed him.

    I also want to (and do) live my life like she does! Personally helping (& holding, like that boy in Chad) others, adopting kids, & giving money. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to, but discovering this actress & learning about her has definately clinched that desire for me to the extreme.

    I’m so excited about this adoption because I have been thinking (long before this announcement) a boy from vietnam is were I want to start!!


  • Surabhi

    ooops: Vietnam

  • susie

    whateva- Alexander would be nice. It’s my son’s name, lol

  • kk1

    Jen’s Love Says:
    “Shiloh would be prettier if Brad had her with Jen”.
    Mickey’s on duty. Mad’s getting a new little brother who likes to play soccer. Zee and Shiloh have another big brother. Angelina and Brad are getting closer to the 6-7 children they have BOTH said they want. The Jolie-Pitts continue to prosper and thrive. Oh, the ranters explosions have begun!! Will wait patiently for the first pix of the SIX Jolie-Pitt’s. Happy Happy Day!!


  • briseis

    Good afternoon, BAMZSers.

    Boy, all the buzz on the internet and the entertainment news is about this adoption. The power of Brad and Angelina is really so evident — whether you love them or hate them (it seems there is no middle ground) everyone has to have their 2 cents in.

    So happy to see Mickey, he’s been a stalwart of Angie’s since her Lara Croft days and you know he would protect her and Maddox vigilantly since Brad is not there. But everyone’s right, I miss the pink shirt!

  • mickey brett fan

    Don’t have a heart attack but I think it is strange that Brad is not there, and that is all I’m gonna say about that one.

    Peace out ~

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    Estelle Says:

    March 14th, 2007 at 1:34 pm

    Team Lara Croft Says:
    LOL, it doesn’t matter what is his first name but the last name will and always be Jolie-Pitt….muahhahahahahahahaha….

    ditto! jolie-pitt, two names legally bound forever in the lives of FOUR kids now! yeah!

  • julia

    Thanks Jared!!!
    This morning I really wanted to hear that Brad was there with Angelina and Maddox. But I have to say The thought of Brad being home with His two Girls, waiting for them to arrive home, anticipating………That’s very sweet..

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    mickey brett fan Says:

    March 14th, 2007 at 1:42 pm – flag comment
    Don’t have a heart attack but I think it is strange that Brad is not there, and that is all I’m gonna say about that one.

    Peace out ~

    when picking up z, they did not have shiloh, now with two tiny ones, it would be hard for both parents to be away from the tots. shiloh and zahara would turn that malibu mansion upside down with both parents away …lol!

    also, they probably learned their lesson, after z, all the paps and hoopla – less cameras if only one of them shows up

  • kk1

    briseis Says:
    Yep, that Mickey in his pink shirts is too much. I hope Angelina is able to quickly complete the adoption process and be out of there ASAP. How special for Mad to be able to be there. He will remember this the rest of his life.

  • blah

    hes not even going to be a j-p. he will only be a j.

  • julia

    why is that?

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    blah Says:

    March 14th, 2007 at 1:46 pm – flag comment
    hes not even going to be a j-p. he will only be a j.

    until brad does as he did with mad and z, and legally applies to adopt him too then he too will be jolie-pitt.

    the world will be full of jolie-pitts! a state full of jolie-pitts. jolie-pitt state! how about jolie-pitt town?

    jolie-pitt university?

    i love it!

  • Mondo Bongo!

    Hey Guli ~ ~ chill the wine, i will do the same, and the rest of the resident
    wine connoisseurs [smile] can make a toast to the new addition when it happens.

    Wow i can’t wait, but i guess I’ll have to…sigh

    have to go …later!!

  • whateva

    BLAH: Why would you think that he will only be a Jolie? Waiting for the ignorant answer………..

  • julia

    Angelina said in her last tv interview. “WE will adopt next” Not I will.

  • tootootrue

    blah Says:

    March 14th, 2007 at 1:46 pm – flag comment
    hes not even going to be a j-p. he will only be a j.
    Brad’s adoption documents for younger son already prepared. Will be filed ASAP. So sorry to burst your bubble.

  • sad

    Im sad Brad is not with her.

  • Mary

    whateva Says:
    March 14th, 2007 at 1:31 pm – flag comment

    How about Alexander?
    Alexander is very pretty :D, but for me Daniel is the best

  • Interesting

    I find it a little strange, but I am sure there a reasons, if brad showed up then that would be against viet law (regarding adoption) It would defeat the purpose, It is a little sad he wont be able to see the ceremony. I do recall when Angie adopted Maddox she was married and Billy Bob was not there. They split soon afterwards. We have no idea what is truly going on, cause Brad is private and doesn’t really speak to the press like angie does.

  • truth

    What about Jolie-Pitt country? Brad said we want our own country and soccer team and dominate, did I quote him fairly right?

  • eyes rolling

    It’s great that Brad and Angie are adding to their family, they’ve said all along that this is what they want. I hope the kids all get along, I’m sure Angie and Brad will do everything they can to make sure each child feels secure in their love as a family and as individuals. I thinks it’s just absolutely wonderful that we are seeing a family coming together like this. I know it really must suck for the Jolie-Pitts to be under such intense scrutiny by the world but ohhhhhh what a wonderful example they are for those people who really, really believe in what a family is all about! I’m happy for them.

  • disappointed

    Im not sad,I’m disappointed.

  • stranger

    Great news!
    Thanks Jared!

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    truth Says:

    March 14th, 2007 at 1:53 pm – flag comment
    What about Jolie-Pitt country? Brad said we want our own country and soccer team and dominate, did I quote him fairly right?

    Maybe we can ask New Jersey to secede and rename themselves the State of Jolie-Pitt.

    Actually I vote for my lovely state of California.

    Jolie-Pitt country? i can see it. A beuatiful little island in the Pacific named Island Jolie-Pitt.

    I can see Zahara and Shiloh starting a Jolie-Pitt University with the money they inherit. Awesome!

  • Dancer

    I think Brad probably stayed behind figuring it would be better in terms of the pap rush! And to make this a special time for Maddox. I like how they do things that are for the kids–their kids–and don’t worry about the haters! Glad to see Mickey is back. I was just thinking about asking everyone on the other thread — where is Mickey? And wow! Here he is!
    Best to this lovely family and hope the paps have the decency to leave them alone. Can you imagine being 3 and newly adopted out of an orphanage setting–to have these crazy, insensitive paps rush you with cameras and shouts and yells. How truly awful.