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Clay Aiken is Camera Shy

Clay Aiken is Camera Shy

American Idol Season 2 runner-up Clay Aiken wears his trusty Burberry bucket hat to hide from paparazzi as he arrives at LAX airport.

Clay, 28, traveled with his pet pooch(es) Raleigh and/or Durham (both Border Terriers), in a shoulder bag dog carrier.

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Photos: Bauer-Griffin
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  • hollyword

    seriously clay aikens the ugliest person iv seen.

  • Nando


  • bdj

    When did Clay turn into PeeWee Herman?

  • Laura


  • jasky

    How is that Clay Aiken?!

  • Lori



    He takes care of his animals. That makes him good peoples in my book.

  • michelle

    oh dear. now that just wont do.

  • sencho

    huh? how does that look like PeeWee Herman. Clay’s ok, he can sing. Needs to shave though

  • Brittany

    OMG …….. he is so hot !! That beard is amazing. Clay always looks different, but always so self confident and hot. And how adorable is that dog ?

  • Cee

    I think that he is cute – in a scruffy sort of way.

  • bohemouth

    I dunno, looks like a dude going on a trip to me. What’s the deal?

  • Gina

    Clay looks better with the extra weight. He used to be stick skinny. Like the sweater and beard too.

  • lissa

    WOW. He is lookin hot with that beard. Doesn’t look bad at all.

  • mdc

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some people you don’t even have to see their picture to know how ugly they are. Glad Clay’s not one of them.

  • AdempC

    If he’s the ugliest you’ve seen…then you need to get out more.

    He’s looks kinda hot to me.

  • flimflam

    Man has NO fashion sense.

  • brkwht

    Well it sure didn’t take long for all the haters to come out of the woodwork. :)

    You people sure spend a lot of time checking out what Clay Aiken is up given how awful you think he is. YAWN!

  • Brad

    Maybe he is in LA to cheek out the Greek. Dosen’t he have a concert coming up there?

  • Bobbi

    He looks like any other guy I see walking through the airport. Like the scruffy look. Like his singing. Like that he takes his dog with him first class. As for the Peewee Herman comment, that’s just idiotic.

  • Daysend

    How does he look any different then any other person travelling. Who in the hell dresses up everytime they go out. I’ve seen Justin Timberlake wear shit far worse then this when he’s on down time.

    The haters alway need their voice heard.

  • Kate

    Clay = Multimillionaire, career, many fans, friends, and family, no vanity

    Haters = No life

    Game, set, match

  • abbysinger

    The guy just got off a plane, give him a break.

  • debbie

    He looks hot and so sexy. I love a man with facial hair. As for the haters responses above its to be expected and I so agree “yawn”. Now back to looking at Clay again and Clay you look fantastic.

  • Anne

    Clay Aiken with his puppies….how cute is that? A person who is kind to animals is always “good people.” I kind of admire someone who is famous and doesn’t think they have to dress “famous” when they are on their own personal time.

  • Kate

    Clay looks good in those pictures. He’s always had a “unique” sense of style.

  • Jess422

    love, love, love the beard………..he looks great and how sweet he totes his dog/dogs along with him. Rock on Clay

  • Tweety

    Dressed up, dressed down. Long hair, short hair. Shaved, unshaved. Glasses, no glasses. Hat, no hat. Doesn’t matter. I love me some Clay any which way!

  • Mary

    Clay always has a different look and each is magnificent. He is absolutely hawt. Love his singing and his look. Hope he is in California doing something big. He has his dogs, so don’t think it is a short trip. Way to go Clay!

  • Augusta

    yum I love mr scruffy . No vanity here . He is prob heading out on a unicef trip .

  • Super Hero Fan

    Clay looks better than ever. He sings the best of any Idol ever. Clay was the only contestant with the “it” factor. I just adore him! Go clay go!!!

  • Paige

    Damn, Clay has filled out. He looks like a man and not a little kid now. I didn’t even recognize him at first. He is a great singer. Does anyone know if he will appear on American Idol this year? Last year was hysterical with that look-a-like guy on finale night.

  • Chriss

    He buffed up from carrying those pooches around on his shoulder

  • Pat

    As the old saying goes, Clay laughs at you haters all the way to the bank. HA.

  • Lily

    WOW! That’s Clay Aiken. He certainly has blossomed into a nice, hunky man. I love the beard. I think the dude looks hot, hot, hot. and yeah, he takes his dogs with him. I love a guy who loves his dogs. So, who are these creepy people who stalk Clay Aiekn all over the internet? I think they must have 0 going on for themselves since they don’t even like the dude. Just leave it alone if you don’t like him. I don’t get that kind of mentality. It is really messed up. Dude can sing like no one else out there. I hear the vocals and the arrangements on his new CD are great. I have to pick it up.

  • fletcher

    He doesn’t carry the dog wherever he goes like Paris Hilton. He’s got the dog in a carrier because he’s going on a trip. Homophobe much?

  • Linda

    What a hunk! Love scruffy long-hair Clay. He’s filling out those sweaters nicely…Yum. Hope he’s in town for a new appearance or photoshoot or movie or what-not. Can’t wait to see him on tour!

  • Pamela

    You defenders are as ridiculous as the so-called haters.

    Even a fan like me might think he looks like shit in those pictures. I don’t like the scruffy, the beard, and especially the weight, which I don’t think he carries well at all.

  • Billie

    Clay is ugly? Put the mirror down and look at the pic. Clay is hawt!!! Love the stubble.

  • HA

    If there is anything about Clay that hasn’t changed it’s that he has millions and he still wears what anyone (without fashoin sense) does. he’s a regular guy. I love it. He probably kept the beard to hide even more. He hates crowds so I hear.

  • Janet

    Gee, I think he looks kind of hot with that beard thing happening. The hat, notsomuch…He sure looks good to me.

  • Sunny

    Clay looks adorable no matter what he is wearing. Like the others who have said this before me, a man who loves animals is worth loving. He is as caring to the human race as he is to dogs,and dang, he can SING ,AND LOOK HOT TOO.

  • Bobbi

    Gee, I’d better tell my husband to stop carrying our dog or he will become gay. Thanks for the laugh. I love a man who is richer than sin and doesn’t flaunt his wealth. He looks normal to me.

  • Tammy

    Beard, no beard. Short hair, long hair. Glasses, no glasses. Who cares?! The man is hot! Love his voice and his heart!

  • Jeannie

    Clay is filling out. Looks good!

  • merily

    Or it could be a simple matter of different strokes for different folks. Some folks get turned on more by the scruffy, filled out look, some like him better clean-shaven, with delicate features. Doesn’t mean either one is being “ridiculous.”

  • Amanda

    He is hot and sexy. he is a great singer and does so much good stuff for UNICEF and the bubel aiken foundation which promotes Inclusion of all kids.

  • HA

    You can see the sunburns he got from Brazil. his knees and arms are still red. I wonder if he shaved at all on his vacation last week.

  • suellen

    It’s great to see Clay being himself! Obviously he has been on vacation. Clay doesn’t waste his time worrying about the haters. He keeps busy with life. UNICEF, his foundation (TBAF) his family and friends, his music connections.
    I love his outlook on life AND his awesome voice!

  • Ray

    I enjoy Clay’s voice, but could he cover up those feet? Just my personal flip flop aversion…