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Jensen Ackles @ Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Jensen Ackles @ Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Jimmy Kimmel is the president of the Ackles-manics club!

Supernatural stud Jensen Ackles laughs up a storm on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday night. The 29-year-old Texas native co-stars alongside fellow Texan hunk Jared Padalecki on the eerie sci-fi series on The CW.

Apparently, Jensen has really pretty eyes. Jimmy‘s other guest, Latino actress Rosie Perez asked Jensen, “Do you curl your eyelashes?”

Watch the video below of Jensen Ackles on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

An all-new Supernatural episode (“Road Kill”) airs tonight, March 15 @ 9PM ET/PT on The CW.

Supernatural‘s Jensen Ackles – Jimmy Kimmel Live!, 3/14

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23 Responses to “Jensen Ackles @ Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

  1. 1
    winnie Says:


  2. 2
    Virgo Says:

    I was at the taping at it was hilarious how crazy the crowd was for Jensen. Even when we went out to see the band, people were screaming. The band thought it was for them until the warmer-upper told them Jensen was spotted backstage. Priceless.

    I’ve never seen such crazy fans for a guy who’s almost NEVER in the rags.

  3. 3
    Mar Says:

    I’m so in love with this guy!!!! he is cute, amazing, I love him, oh MY GOD!!

  4. 4
    me Says:

    He’s so damn sexy.
    Man….that interview was NOT long enough!!!!!!!

  5. 5
    Lúthien Says:

    dear god,
    thank you for for putting someone as beautiful as jensen on this earth for me to marvel at. he is the epitome of perfection in the male species. i don’t think you can out-do yourself after him.

    forever grateful,


    thanks JJ for posting this!! i completely forgot about it, after waiting for it for 2 weeks.

  6. 6
    Brandon Says:

    I watched that interview last night — it was funny as hell!

    He’s definitely the new “Man in Black”! He dressed sharp!

  7. 7
    Chickapoo Says:

    Woo-Wee… He’s gorgeous! Also, great interview.

  8. 8
    blah Says:

    i’m sure supernatural is good, it looks interesting, but i just can’t watch it because he is on it. that season he was on smallville just sucked so bad and so i have to blame it on him. now that i’m back on a smallville high i can’t risk it. l/l married? egadz. i smell a death coming on shortly.

  9. 9
    tia Says:

    Oh my God he is so cute I think I might have to cheat on my boyfriend Wentworth Miller with him LOL

  10. 10
    Fleasha Says:

    I wonder if any of the female studio audience touched themselves during his segment?

  11. 11
    Olivia Says:

    Jensen is such a fox. I’m not surprised all the girls lost it.

  12. 12
    H Says:

    He is visual perfection.
    I LOVE Supernatural. LOVE the car…love him and his brother. Love the humor.

    but this interview disappointed me.
    He doesn’t appear to have a humble bone in his body.

    I loved it when Jimmy said, “he knows it” when they were talking about him being gorgeous.

    I was thinking the SAME thing, Jimmy!

  13. 13
    Kai Says:

    D*mn that guy’s good looking.

  14. 14
    Rachael Says:

    I think the “arrogance” is just put on for the fans. It’s a joke. I’ve seen other Jensen interviews where he did not act this way and these interviews were not in front of a live audience. Jensen is a GREAT guy from everything I’ve seen.

    I love him and I always will!!!


  15. 15
    susannaheanes Says:

    ditto –jensen is usually one of the most self-effacing interviewees i’ve seen. i think perhaps he’s finally getting a sense of humor about the fan-craziness, because it used to appear to mystify/intimidate him just a bit.

  16. 16
    Taylor_Blue Says:

    Jensen is such a babe…but I think he knows it!! But I still love him anyways!

  17. 17
    oki Says:

    hot hot hot
    the hottest man in the world :)

  18. 18
    Dalma Says:

    Well…first of all I know that Jensen must be tired of all people telling him that he’s so preety, because we all know that he knows it…

    I don’t know If people understand my way of writting because I’m from Argentina…and I maybe this text is too silly… XD

    I hope you understand..

    Anyway I love Jensen… his nice face… his strong personality (what I can see on TV)… He’s just a nice guy and we all can see that…
    I hope one day to know him and tell him how much I admire him…(and how much I love him too :P)


  19. 19
    Cathy Says:

    Maybe God created Jensen in 5 days and the reat in one.

  20. 20
    Cheeks Says:

    Absolutely Sexy

  21. 21
    Innsbruck Says:

    Do you curl your eyelashes? HAHAHA

  22. 22
    Your Baby! Says:

    JIMMY ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Take look on this kick ASS Island!!
    WOW……Keep way ding! DID WE MEAT?
    Love Baby!

  23. 23
    Kristal Says:

    YES, he is so cute so Sexy, I love him !!

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