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Jude on 'Holiday' in Japan

Jude on 'Holiday' in Japan

Co-stars Cameron Diaz (in Gucci) and Jude Law attend the Japanese premiere for their film The Holiday on Thursday in Tokyo, Japan. The film opens March 24 in Japan.

(Cameron accessorized with Cartier jewelry and Giuseppe Zanotti shoes.)

This smarter-than-average Christmas story also co-stars Kate Winslet and Jack Black and is directed by Nancy Meyers.

For more pictures of Jude and Cameron at the premiere, CLICK HERE!

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  • erin

    go back to blonde you two!

  • bdj

    I am calling first dibs on a torrid romance between these two. However, I also see a restraining order in the future. Not sure, my crystal ball is a little hazy.

  • tanique33

    i friggin love this movie, and these two in it. i could dig them together. although, he looks hottest when he’s single.

  • Laura

    I agree completely tanique ! And Jared, I’m so in love with you right now, thanks for the photos !

  • erica

    Loving the Jude, he is a sexy beast.

  • Sandy

    I love it when you stay on the story this way Jared. Great job this week. love ya.
    But what is with this photo? Too much sake? Only two head shots of Jude and such
    out of kilter pix – oh well, just because they make such good cameras doesn’t mean they make good cameramen. Cameron is addicyed to Black and white this
    year but she always looks elegant. Her real modeling background shows. they do
    make a lovely couple but they are also both good actors.

  • nina

    cameron look soo elegant and HOT , love the dress soo pretty and jude look sexy love britsh guy .

  • dolorescraeg

    aye, aye, aye…..jared thank you. if there is a hotter, sexier, more devilish looking beauty than our jude i’ve yet to see him. how cameron can just stand there, look at THAT face and control herself is a lesson in professionalism . of course what happens afterwards is another story. justin WHO?

  • Mediterranean

    I start loving to see these two together somehow.

    OK Cam had a miserable mother of (ex-)boyfriend for 4 years.

    With Jude, she might have a dominant ex-wife, a not-to-know-what-to-do-with-him ex-girlfriend and 3 kids. This is very heavy baggage to carry but I still love to see them together.

  • bobo

    jude is together with another starlet right now

  • dolorescraeg

    jude is not together with anybody right now…..regardless of what the tabloids say. he’s enjoying being singlle. remember he started a relationship with his wife sadie frost when he was 21….then sienna for three years. i think he’s glad to be unattached right now.

  • http://justjared jade

    he looks bloody gawjusssssss in these pics. But i wana no y its always these two together at the premieres wheres kate and jack maybe jude and cam want to be on there own hahhahahaa they fancy eachother its obvious i went to see the holiday 7 times lol,you could clearly see somethings going on thats what i personally think.

  • dolorescraeg

    do you see the way she looks at jude. it’s the way any of us would look if we had the opportunity. it’s as if she doesn’t believe what she’s seeing. cameron this was your golden opportunity.

  • Daphne

    Gorgeous pics especially that headshot of Jude with the quizzical expression. Cameron looks better now than when she had the dark hair last year. It doesn’t look so hard or maybe I am just more used to it. Anyway, they’d make a beautiful couple. I don’t see Cam being Jude’s type though, and I don’t know enough about Cam to guess her type. But Dolores is right. From some of the pics (not the ones here) she looks like she’d like to eat him. In old photos of the Cold Mountain premiere, Nicole Kidman looked at him the same way.

  • Sandy

    I thought of the exact same thing Daphne, Nicole did look at him the same way
    and I have seen it at other times too. it’s that I can’t believe what I’m seeing look
    and who can blame them. One interviewer said after 250 interviews when she met
    him it was the first time she couldn’t speak or even remember her name!There are
    more pix at Law News and they are breathtaking. After a while I had to breathe
    hard and close my eyes. What a bonanza. i hope there is a video of this someplace
    for us to delight in.

  • mr. senior wright, jr.

    camron is more appealing…yuck!

  • Hikaru

    still in japan?? yay…handsome

  • dulce myrita

    I agree with Daphne an Dolores, Cameron and have a real chemistry at The Holiday, but not in the real life. Jude is enjoying his uncoupled status, but in my opinion, I think he’s a guy that needs maintenance, you know what I mean? Mabye Cameron might try to break his (voluntary?) chastity… she’s got true admiration for Jude. An so do I¡

  • dolorescraeg

    do you really think jude has been chaste since november when he broke up with sienna dulce myrita? i somehow think jude has to fight the ladies off with a baseball bat. he’s still just a guy and the way the female gender acts when they’re around him makes me think chastity is not an option. unless he’s studying for the priesthood but i don’t think so.

  • Purple Worm

    let’s hope he’s got a metaphorical baseball bat on hand. careless shagging doesn’t suit him. let’s hope he’s learned that lesson, if nothing else from the women in his life. i suspect if something was going to happen with cameron it would have happened by now.

  • Luisa

    ” i somehow think jude has to fight the ladies off with a baseball bat.” lolol

  • Daphne

    Maybe he learned that careless shagging DOES suit him. In my book, it sure beats careless commitment, or the sort of commitment you’re roped into because you’re not used to being alone. As long as both sides understand each other, I say, shag away Jude. Shag whomever you want.

  • Purple Worm

    I was referring to the nanny incident from a few years back. but perhaps that’s ancient history for a lot of people. of course he can and does shag whomever he wants. he’s single and that’s what it’s all about. he’s a big star, though and people like that have to be careful. chill already!

  • Ria

    Hey, you guys have you heard the latest? People is reporting that he was “cozy-flirty” with natalie Portman at the wrap party in NY for My Blueberry Nights at Pop Burger. They said the two of them sat close together the whole aprty and left together at 2AM. LOL! Another name linked. Much as I would like it to be true, Natalie is still with her bf Gael. Although she did flirt with Jude a lot when they were filming Cold Mountain.

  • Ria

    At the rate it is going, Jude will be linked to a new girl/woman every week!

  • dolorescraeg

    jude with natalie…i would love that. i do agree jude has to be very selective in whom he chooses to s–g. he doesn’t need another twerp selling her story to the daily mirror. actually i feel for him. he can’t go about his life the way an average single guy would. that must take some of the impetuous excitement out of it for him. he’s really trying to keep his life on a high level and concentrate on work. if anyone despises the tabloids it’s jude. they really almost destroyed his life. but he’s got so much star quality and talent nothing will keep this man down. did i mention his looks?

  • Sandy

    Now c’mon – isn’t that what you would expect of a single guy with his looks and
    sexyness? Women crowd around him at every party he goes to and he need never go home alone. Natalie is by this time an old friend. They made two previous movies together and since there were only four people in CLOSER. they were all quite friendly and I believe have remained so. Jude seems to retain friendship with his female leading ladies and you have to remember that although we sometimes have the feeling that we know what they do every day and night, if we folow the gossip mongers, we don’t see the half of it and they do a lot of living the rest of those days. As they should. this Lindsay thing is her fantasy abetted by her PR and
    means nothing. As for Natalie this is her second time around with Gael – Who knows?.Only they do and when will we know? When they want us too.

  • Sandy

    Aw c’mon girls – if you are as gorgeous and sexy as Jude and women by the dozens surround you at parties, you are not going to be going home alone a lost.
    He seems to retain friendship with all his leading ladies (who repeatedly have ony the best to say about him) so why wouldn’t he spend time with Natalie?She’s pretty,
    she’s veyr bright, and they are old friends. For her this is the second time around
    with Gael, so maybe it really means something or not, with Gael or with Jude –
    If you follow the gossip columns you get get a real headache but this stuff with
    Lindsay is her fantasy (and has been for a long time) and the work of her PR. I’m
    sure he will be a little more discretionary this time but on the way to the next girl
    he commits too we are going to see a long trail. All I can say is , enjoy Jude – this
    is your time to live it up.

  • Daphne

    Like Ria said, it’s getting that he’s linked to a new woman every week. He’s friends with Natalie Portman so they behave in a familiar way with each other. “Cozy-flirty”, what does that mean? The papers make up these nudge-wink words to imply something happened, but what? I bet nothing ’cause if there was any kissing or holding hands, it’d be reported like OMG!

  • lolita

    beside that Natalie has a lot respect to Jude, they’re friends and she always hope the best for jude. It’s all I know. but I also think she admires him, hehe
    Jude is gorgeous btw,
    plus he’s fine actor that’s my opinion.

    -jude and natalie are my fave actor-