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Angelina Jolie's Thank You Note for Vietnam Orphanage

Angelina Jolie's Thank You Note for Vietnam Orphanage

Angelina left a thank-you note for Tam Binh orphanage in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, thanking them for taking such wonderful care of 3-year-old son Pax Thien Jolie. Angelina‘s thank-you note reads:

“Thank you for taking such wonderful care of my son. He has been with you for years. I’m sure he will miss your beautiful caring staff as much as you will miss him. — Angelina Jolie

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  • please

    Thanks you Angie for taking Pax as your son.

  • tabloids

    God bless the Jolie-Pitts.

  • rock on

    Welcome home Pax.

  • kids

    Kids are precious. Angie you are a blessed woman, the mother of four. Keep on the good work.

  • ed

    WOW! I’m next! Congrats Brad & Angie!

  • bradandangie

    Brad and Angie keep up the good work as humanitarians.

  • Simone


  • angelah

  • thanks

    Thanks JJ. You are on a roll, keeping up with the updates. I hope they are on their way home to America.

  • angelah

    I wish the fam to have more blessings in their lives.

  • Moroccan

    Angelina is such a great person, beautiful and so nice esp. to her kids.

    Keep up the good work!

  • aline – Brazil

    Congrats Brangie!!
    Welcome Pax!

  • Hiya

    Thanks, JJ, for keeping us up-to-date on the J-Ps and their good deeds!

  • shout out

    I’m giving a shout out to all Jolie-Pitt fans around the world. What a pleasant news.

  • ohh


  • jjoy

    wow…just back from lunch….and here’s a new thread….thanks JJ and Audrey!!

    congratulations to the Jolie-Pitts and welcome PAX….May God Bless All of You!!!

  • papapitt

    Come home to daddy!

  • jjoy

    hey angelah, how’s your exam??? i bet you that you’re one of the top students…..

  • Keeping it real

    jjoy Says:

    Fraud …

  • Websurfer

    wow – Meli just posted this! You’re good JJ & Audrey!



  • Estelle

    You are awesome JJ, 2 more new threads, you are killing the trolls here aren’t ya!…killing them slowly with your thread that is…. muahhahahahahaha!.

  • Websurfer


    Thanks, raqchel.
    She brought life back into the label.

    piper, with a low:
    Nice to see you, here!
    I agree – she will continue to do great film!
    She’ll probably be more picky now, though. That is why she chose to do the animated and CGI ones because this left flexibility with the scheduling.

    Yeah – quite unfortunate about the Vietnam officials(this must be their first exposure to such media-frenzy). They must have been excited with all the attention.

    Also, did a bit of web-surfin..And, the overwhelming news is VERY SUPPORTIVE of the JoliePitts!!
    The adoption families have come out in support of her! Yayy!!
    This is understandable since they, first-hand, understand the treacheries of the adoption process and moreover, the international ones are so diverse in how together they are.

    This is the most that they can come up with, and this is REUTERS:
    Title: Adoptive parents of Vietnamese look beyond celebrity
    Some choice quotes -
    “The real concern should be the future of the child, not who the parents are,” said one French single mother who adopted her son from Vietnam in 1994.
    “Is it a crime to give money to an orphanage? Could we forget the fame and just think of the child?” she asked.
    Jolie and pop star Madonna, who is in the process of adopting a baby boy from Malawi who currently lives with her in London, have been criticised for using their celebrity status to bypass laws. But this puzzles many parents.
    “Whatever is going on in the Jolie-Pitt family is none of your business,” one blogger, identified as Sandra Hanks Benoiton wrote on
    Psychotherapist Beth Dobrish and her husband Jeremy of Maplewood, New Jersey, in the United States adopted a baby girl from Vietnam last year and found the process complex.
    Dobrish said in an email to Reuters that international adoption is “very problematic in many ways, with a lot of people doing their best.
    “I like to believe Angelina and Madonna are doing the same. I don’t find their actions any greater or worse than any average person adopting,” she said.
    Others say the state-run system is corrupt because of a multi-layered process that involves agencies, central government, provincial government, police and orphanages
    Outside the justice department building where Jolie signed adoption papers on Thursday, a Vietnamese mother, Nguyen Thi Thuong, 39, had high hopes for the boy’s future.
    “It is lucky for him. It’s wonderful to be adopted by someone really famous. You can have a good life,” she said.
    These are REAL people supporting Jolie!



  • angie

    When is she going to adopt from the Philippines?? Take me, take me, please, as nanny….

  • just thinking

    ((((((another new thread))))))) is up re: adoption papers

  • From the other thread

    Sometimes I think we lose the good news trying to combat the haters.
    Great Job Angelina!!!!!!
    raqchel Says:

    March 16th, 2007 at 2:35 pm – flag comment
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    Jolie, who will model in the autumn/winter 2007-8 campaign, is said to have been a key factor in the rejuvenation of the label, now worth over £200 million,

    “Angelina is definitely part of that creative team and I’m proud to be a part of it too,” added Kelly. “We lost our way for a while with the product. We’ve got the business back on track. Things are proceeding really well,” said **. John chairman Jim Kelley .

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    Kelly Gray, daughter of **. John founders Robert and Marie Gray and former creative director, announced that she is rejoining **. John this week.

    “What I missed most about **. John was not working with my father. He trained me from when I started there, from when I was 12 over my summer vacations until I became creative director and president more than two decades later,” she said recently. “I am excited to be back as a creative consultant. And no, I’m not going to be back in the ads,” she told WWD

    Kelly’s mother Marie, co-founder and former head designer, Bruce Fetter, former co-president and chief operating officer and former designer Maria Lopez will also return

  • joliebears

    gawd, even her hand writting is beautiful


    shes a lefty like me!!!


    ROof ROofoofrofoof!

  • jeannified

    Love her!!!

  • JoliePitt

    she has a beautiful hand writing.

  • vicki

    what a lovely and gracious person she is.

  • sherhona

    wow! i love this family, her writing is really unusual – in a gr8 way!

  • Original Curious

    The woman is class, pure and simple.

    Shout out to SHERI—-PLEASE? Stop sending me snow!!!!! :lol:

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    She’s Tha – [07 Mother Teresa]

  • Websurfer

    OK – if anyone wants to see my POSTS. I’m staying right here.

    This is the farthest I go since this is public signbook.
    Phewww…That felt wrong, esp. the Kid’s passport.


  • AngelinA

    All love, peace for All of them. Your an One Angie !!!

  • Websurfer

    Yeah – there are signature analysts. I wonder what they would say about her handwriting…


  • lurker

    I love her handwriting.

  • Websurfer

    heya lurker!


  • angelah

    Websurfer Says:

  • bdj

    From the other thread Says:
    March 16th, 2007 at 3:30 pm – flag comment
    Thanks for the information. It is good to see Saint John doing well and heading in a new direction. It is good that they are crediting AJ for their turnaround.

  • lurker opinion

    Don’t know about the signature. But Brad’s is worst. I think he just writes a B and P and T

  • bluemoon

    Thanks for the Saint Jhons info, great news :D

  • FAYE

    Saw Angie’s attorney email address at bafans

  • Meli

    Coming back to this thread,I realised that there was another thread about Pax’s birthday.His birthday are in 11/29.Remember that date.

  • iva

    oh God, you people are really went far with this idoalisation..stupid and funny.and btw she have terrible handw.she wrote it like from politness to get it done ….

  • bluemoon

    Saw Angie’s attorney email address at bafans
    I don’t know if he can do something. The imigration officers were the ones who released the passport scans of Angie and Pax to the press.

  • Gussie

    Graphology experts… tss tss… there is never one available when you need them.


  • hollyword

    her writings really nice especially her name its really graphicy (not a real word)

  • JoliePitt

    I like her handwriting!:) Her signature is cool, especially Jolie.