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Gerard Butler's Butt Exposed!

Gerard Butler's Butt Exposed!

Scottish stud Gerard Butler bares all as King Leonidas in 300, going nude in his scenes with his Queen, played by Lena Headey. Although the raciest scene of the film, producers did a very good job of stylizing it very tastefully. Beware, NSFW naked Gerard Butler ahead!

For more pictures of Gerard Butler’s butt, CLICK HERE!

UPDATE :: More pictures were added of from the UK premiere of 300 including Gerard Butler, Lena Headey, Rodrigo Santoro, David Wenham, and Michael Fassbender.

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  • Canadian Chick

    got damn it! he is so hot

  • Amy

    Hot! Great movie, too.

  • bdj

    Thanks for the warning Just Jared, but not necessary. I was squinting and wiping my glasses to see what I could as it is. The Man is fine, but extra large pictures next time will go along way in indulging in the fantasy. Thanks in advance.

  • bdj

    I mean a very very very long way.

  • pingyponga

    sigh, why naked? i will die after watching this movie

  • Estelle

    phewwwwwww….hot hot, between him and Daniel Craig…wow, I’m glad I don’t have to choose :lol:

  • Yolanda

    Lord have mercy. Just to find him standing by my bed, looking like that, would be a dream come true. He has some nice big manly hands too. Gerard Butler is sooooooo fine!

  • Tijen

    I can’t see it!

  • angelah

    fine arse..go see 300!

  • magnus

    DL’ing movies is illegal in America JJ!

  • ikho

    is this the guy from lara croft tomb raider??????

  • Alexandria

    Yes he was in Tomb Raider.
    He is so fine UGH. Rip me off a piece

  • SSM

    Ladies- I’m buying this movie as soon as it goes on DVD. 1st) by boyfriend loves it (he reminds me of a Spartan) 2nd) and most importantly it gets me revved up like an animal. Just Saying…

  • Shannon

    Damn…..I love this movie. I am ready to see it again. This was one of my favorite scenes in the movie. I can’t to get this on DVD to pause this scene of his butt. YUMMY!!!! I can’t believe that this is the same guy that was in Tomb Raider. I liked him back then.

  • magnus

    He’s from Lara Croft: Cradle of Life. Daniel Craig was in the first one.

  • Kat

    OMG…I loved that scene ( i thought it could’ve been longer if you know what i mean!)…he is looking mighty FINE! Geez, i need a cold shower after that!

    Gerry is a hottie….and i agree with whoever said it, i love his hands too! THey are nice and big and manly, looks like he can work wonders with those hands (ok, i’ll stop myself before it gets too hot! LOL).

    I LOVED the movie….I cant wait to see it again!

    BTW, Gerry’s fine self is on the cover of Entertainment Weekly, they have a story on 300, make sure you grab a copy!

    Thank you JJ for keeping us updated on Gerry!

  • Fleasha

    Man, that scene got me all hot and bothered!
    Word has it that some people were caught masturbating during that scene in the movie theaters. Can’t blame them though, I can totally understand why ;)

  • Boopboopteedo

    Click it to make it bigger, the pic, not his butt!

  • iambernd

    Greeks like fresh air. So do I.

  • SweetIntoxication

    That is one HOT movie! And Gerard is one very HOT man!

    Yes, that was a good scene. *wink*

  • canuckistani

    I’m tongue-tied, the man makes me lose my ability to think straight. Mmmmm.

  • Monica

    I see a lot of you are just now becoming familiar with GJB. Well I want to welcome everyone to my long time obsession. Someone (I’m too lazy to scroll up to find out who) asked about Tomb Raider: Cradle of Life…indeed, he played Terry Sheridan. I wanted to mention a couple other movies you might not have been aware of…

    Dracula 2000, yeah thats right, he was Dracula!! Like I needed another reason to think vampires are hot.
    Dear Frankie
    Reign of Fire
    Timeline, not the greatest movie ever but he looses his shirt at least
    007:Tomorrow Never Dies, a very small part
    Beowulf & Grendel, i wouldn’t watch this unless you like the story of Beowulf, it could be extremely boring otherwise, but i love it

    Check out his profile if you want to see a full list of his movies and TV shows.

  • european trash

    Typical prude americansky article. Where the hell can you see his but? In europe no media would put out such irrelevant articels with such weak proofs.

    My good you guys who live in the bible belt are so ridiculous. Now go all to your priest and confess.

  • Monica

    just wanted to add that his first movie Mrs. Brown was good as well. It can be hard to find but my local blockbuster has a copy. Enjoy ladies….and I’m sure there are a few gentlemen drooling as well.

  • LOVE

    that whole movie is a total TURN ON!

  • Alexandria

    For those of you getting all excited over GB’s hands there’s a website with a page dedicated to them! haha
    I usually like long, thin, creepy fingers on men but I have to agree his hands are lovely and MANLY!

  • Yolanda

    I would love to have his hands and his body all over me. Oh and I can’t forget that beautiful mouth too.

  • dammitjanet

    motherpussbucket!!! He is GORGEOUS!! Sexiest Phantom ever (that puss Raoul should have stayed under water). 300 is great bloody fun and I am completely obsessed with GB. Hot Scot!!!

  • IhateLA

    My fiance is an amazing looking man and a total woman magnet. Im pretty sure that if I had THAT guy standing over me or him, i would shove him out of bed and take GB.

  • rory30

    He is one “HOT” man! I would love to meet this Scot for sure. My husband loved the movie and I swear, that scene made me horny! I’m buying it the minute it comes out on DVD! Men want to be him, and women want him!

  • Phanfan91

    I agree with everyone. He is gorgeous and sooo sexy!!!!!! And his hands are nice. I wouldn’t mind having them all over me.*blushes* That scene is really hot, but I always like to imagine that I’m her. It makes things so much more evjoyable if you know what I mean. He’s just sooooo hott. I can’t even think straight when I think about him.

  • queenbutler

    So, it has been a long time since someone has left a comment, I’m just keeping things currrent. Yes the man is fine. Yes the man is sexy. And yes I wish I could get All of that! The movie was great! I could never get tired of the movie, especially this scene. I know I’m not the only one that keeps that pause button handy!Sorry Gerry, but YOUR HOT and you know it.

  • dreamer

    ok. I watched 300. what did I miss?? love scene, hot?? where? saw some boobs flapping around that was about it. is there another version of this movie out??

  • che susxui

    Hot Man

    Gerald can make die hard straight guys gay or bi