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Angelina: I'll Be a Stay-at-Home Mom

Angelina: I'll Be a Stay-at-Home Mom

Angelina Jolie talked with Ho Chi Minh City’s Law newspaper:

“I will stay at home to help Pax adjust to his new life. I have four children and caring for them is the most important thing for me at the moment. I am very proud and happy to be their mother. Photographs and press coverage will make him upset. I’m very worried about that. I would like to say I’m sorry for bringing this into Pax‘s life. Everyone would agree that children need to have a family. I have the ability to help children fulfill that desire. Why should I say no?”

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218 Responses to “Angelina: I'll Be a Stay-at-Home Mom”

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  1. 26
    Sheri Says:

    Hi Izzie! And all BAMPZS fans!

  2. 27
    JoliePitt Says:

    hiya Sheri. was asking for you on the other thread :) how are you?

  3. 28
    Lee Says:

    God bless Angelina… what a huge heart she has, I wish I had the resources to do the same thing.

  4. 29
    Amaya Says:

    I’m going to repost this Hugh Jackman quote for those who may have missed it.

    “We’re still trying to have our own children,” Jackman says. “But we’ve always known there’s a need for mixed-race adoption. What’s the point of queuing up for a blond, blue-eyed kid? Adoption, in the best sense of the word, means that regardless of physical or background traits, you’re willing to take on that child and assimilate him into your family and community.”

  5. 30
    Oh Please Says:

    Mimi Says:

    What kind of cheese do you want with your whine?

  6. 31
    Tijen Says:

    Good Morning Ladies-

    Glad to see Pax will be coming home soon. Angie is going to be a very busy mom. It is great they she will be taking some time off for her kids.

    Medi- I hope your mom feels better soon. She will feel better having you and her granddaughter there. You’re so lucky to be living not so very far from home.

    Guli- Great idea! Not to let crazy hating people ruin a beautiful day and a new post.

    I’ve got to go to Parent/Teacher Conferences now. My husband says in the US most of the high school seniors’ parents don’t really go to these things, well I do!

    Have great afternoon!

  7. 32
    Get Over It Says:

    Now Angelina’s passport photo is on TMZ. Can’t the officials in Vietnam keep anything private. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEM.

  8. 33
    Isabelle II Says:

    Sheri Says:

    I thought we all were :lol:

  9. 34
    susie Says:

    wow, another new thread. Thanks JJ

  10. 35
    Reposting Gussie's post Says:

    Gussie Says:

    March 15th, 2007 at 8:31 pm – flag comment
    1. Pax was abandoned as a nameless new-born and registered as Pham Quang Sang by the whim of some bureaucrat in the Vietnamese legal system. The name was not the meaningful bequest of loving parents. If the kid was American, an identical bureaucrat would have called him John Smith. Or even John Doe.

    2. No American parents would keep this exact original name. In Vietnam family name come first, then a middle name chosen from a very short list of possibilities and at last the given name. So if AJ and BP had decided to keep Pax’s Vietnamese name he would in effect be called Smith Doe John.

    3. So I suppose all the onomastics experts (cof) who have been criticising AJ will graciously concede that she would at least have to change the order of the kid’s names – which gives us Sang Quang Pham.

    4. And the same onomastics and adoption experts (cof cof) will also kindly concede that she would have to change Pax’s meaningless surnames to those of his parents – which gives us Sang Jolie or, in the near future, Sang Jolie-Pitt (gosh, they will go cuckoo again next week when Brad and Angie petition the American courts to change the surname to Jolie-Pitt due to Brad adopting the kid).

    5. Those onomastics, adoption and child psychology experts (cof cof cof) will moreover benevolently concede that a toddler is not particularly attached to a middle name, which is usually more symbolic, frequently used to remember an ancestor, a patron saint, some cultural heritage. Thus accepting that AJ is not endangering Pax’s well-being by choosing a symbolic middle name, such as Thien – which gives us Sang Thien Jolie-Pitt.

    6. Now, dear beloved onomastics, adoption, child psychology and pedagogy experts (cof cof cof cof), we may surely agree that little Pax is going to grow in a western society, as a member of a western family, with at least (gosh they will go absolutely bananas when the next pregnancy is announced) three siblings who all have meaningful given names lovingly chosen by their parents?

    7. So, darling multi-experts, would you want little Pax to be the only Jolie-Pitt without a western sounding given name? The only Jolie-Pitt without a given name chosen by his loving parents? Tss, tss… and the trauma? The identity crisis? The horror! Therefore… I give you Pax Thien Jolie-Pitt!

    8. Finally, you multi-idiots, rest assured that the transition from Sang to Pax is going to be smooth. Little Pax’s mother took the trouble (as the most babbling orphanage director in the world informed us) to learn some Vietnamese, in order to ease communication with her new son. Do you think she is going to start shouting Pax! Pax! Pax! to the toddler until he identifies with the name? To induce recognition and identity in a 3-year-old (in every 3-year-old) is a daily task. And a very basic and straightforward one too. By the time the fifth Jolie-Pitt kid arrives, Pax will be Pax will be Pax – and won’t even remember he was once a Sang Doe in some orphanage.

  11. 36
    guli Says:

    Thanks Jared and Audrey for the very many great threads. We love you, aprreciate you and have a wonderful weekend ;-)

    OK, this one is from preggyjolie (Krystal) again, I’m sure you’ve seen it, but just seeing them so much in love puts a smile on my face, plus I love “journey” and all their songs…

  12. 37
    bluemoon Says:

    Agree with Get over it, I don’t get why a imigration officer released Pax passport to the press, crazy. Well, in a week they will be back to the states, I just hope the next few days go without to much trouble.

  13. 38
    JoliePitt Says:

    Get Over It Says:

    March 16th, 2007 at 12:16 pm – flag comment
    Now Angelina’s passport photo is on TMZ. Can’t the officials in Vietnam keep anything private. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEM.
    this is TOO MUCH. don’t they have a confidential thing between angie and the vietnam agency? i am getting the impression that vietnamese government is milking the situation…..THAT IS JUST WRONG!!!!!!

  14. 39
    eee Says:

    Jennifer’s employees after more than two years, you don’t have receive life insurance , no medical /health benefits ,if I were you, I’ve already quitted have a job could rapport me profits .Quit your job you’ll find much better job than that.LOSER MOVE ON.

  15. 40
    Isabelle II Says:

    Well after working hard at the computer all morning, I’m atking a late lunch. Please ask Jared not to start another thread while I”m gone ;)

  16. 41
    Izzie Says:

    Sheri Says:

    March 16th, 2007 at 12:14 pm – flag comment
    Hi Izzie! And all BAMPZS fans!
    Hey Sheri – Hope you are having a good Friday. I am checking in and out while I am at the office also. Goin’ back to Florida tomorrow for a week, so am going through my piles fast and furious, delegating the heck out of it. Have one more budget to reconcile and the rest is a piece of cake.

    Nothing but great news for the Jolie-Pitts and their growing soccer team. I think Angie is handling the trasition for Pax in a very thoughtful way. She’s letting him get used to her and Mad, and then he can meet the rest of the family. After all, Brad will be his Dad for life. The HHHH’s just need to have something to rile the thread up. I am for ignoring, also. Have a good one…

  17. 42
    vicki Says:

    guli, i am kind of new to jj, can you tell me who is audrey?

  18. 43
    ooo Says:


    She’s leaving LA and moving to Broadway so, no problem

  19. 44
    JoliePitt Says:

    ooo Says:

    She’s leaving LA and moving to Broadway so, no problem
    my understanding the reason maniston moving back to NYC to do broadway is because she doesn’t have any movie offers! so she’s trying another route.

  20. 45
    Besane Says:

    Mimi Says:

    Think of the alternatives. Former “Sang”‘s future very well would have been a life on the street as child prositute. Name change is routinely done. It’s a new language, now environment, new family. Sure it’s difficult, but beats the hell out of the alternatives.

  21. 46

    Pax resembles his dad BRAD.

  22. 47
    sad Says:

    At this point Aniston could go wherever, she has nothing to do with Brad and Angie anymore , the triangle is so over, and i am so happy.

  23. 48
    isitreallythatserious? Says:

    JoliePitt Says:
    That’s exactly what they will do is milk this thing for all it’s worth but what is sad is for all those would say that Angelina is hated or not respect or whatever by the general public…things like this are leaked b/c there is a huge portion of the public that want to know about these things and will read/look at it. Simple law of supply and demand here.

    I just hope once they get back to LA that things won’t be so bad but I think it will be.

  24. 49
    AngieFanInTokyo Says:

    Credits to alaina alexie | March 16th, 2007 at 1:12 am

    There’s a defnite them going on with the names of Angelina Jolies kids. Here’s a breakdown of their meanings:

    ~ Pax Thien, 3: The family’s newest addition name was changed today from Pham Quang Sang to Pax Thien which means “peaceful sky”. Pax means “peace” in Latin, and “Thien” means sky in Vietnamese.

    ~ Maddox Chivan, 5: Jolie changed her first child’s name from Rath Vibol to Maddox Chivan. Maddox is a Celtic word meaning “beneficent” and Chivan has no identifiable origin. The family uses his nickname Mad.

    ~ Zahara Marley, 2: Zahara was born with the name Tena Adam. Zahara means “flower” in Swahili and “to shine” in Hebrew. Marley is a reference to the reggae singer Bob Marley.

    ~ Shiloh Nouvel, 10 months: Jolie gave birth to the Shiloh last year in the African country of Namibia. Shiloh means “peaceful one,” in Hebrew. Nouvel is a reference to Jean Nouvel, a famous French architect

  25. 50
    ooo Says:


    and meet new people that’s what she SAID, can you believe it?

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