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Angelina: I'll Be a Stay-at-Home Mom

Angelina: I'll Be a Stay-at-Home Mom

Angelina Jolie talked with Ho Chi Minh City’s Law newspaper:

“I will stay at home to help Pax adjust to his new life. I have four children and caring for them is the most important thing for me at the moment. I am very proud and happy to be their mother. Photographs and press coverage will make him upset. I’m very worried about that. I would like to say I’m sorry for bringing this into Pax‘s life. Everyone would agree that children need to have a family. I have the ability to help children fulfill that desire. Why should I say no?”

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  • anon

    And Oh Yeah, fellow BAMPZS… if you are going to reply to this “Keeping It Real” person; PLEASE reply to him/her as her REAL user name… “Keeping It Stupid”!!

  • love

    Angelina Jolie Saves Fashion Label St.John

    Beauty Angelina Jolie, has successfully revamping the fashion label St.John since becoming shareholder of the company in 2006

    Jolie, who will model in the autumn/winter 2007-8 campaign, is said to have been a key factor in the rejuvenation of the label, now worth over £200 million,

    “Angelina is definitely part of that creative team and I’m proud to be a part of it too,” added Kelly. “We lost our way for a while with the product. We’ve got the business back on track. Things are proceeding really well,” said St. John chairman Jim Kelley .

    St.John chairmen Jim Kelley summed up recent events, “We lost our way for a while with the product. We’ve got the business back on track. Things are proceeding really well”.

    Kelly Gray, daughter of St. John founders Robert and Marie Gray and former creative director, announced that she is rejoining St. John this week.

    “What I missed most about St. John was not working with my father. He trained me from when I started there, from when I was 12 over my summer vacations until I became creative director and president more than two decades later,” she said recently. “I am excited to be back as a creative consultant. And no, I’m not going to be back in the ads,” she told WWD

    Kelly’s mother Marie, co-founder and former head designer, Bruce Fetter, former co-president and chief operating officer and former designer Maria Lopez will also return.

  • Sam

    I believe Jolie wants to give these children a better life.
    And they children will certainly have more luxury than they would have received if they weren’t adopted by Jolie/Pitt.

    It has been mentioned by previous posts that it was ill conceived to change the boy’s name. A name is a person’s identity and it’s the only thing this child is familiar with. It’s quite different giving an infant a new name from giving a 3 year old a new name.

    I also question Jolie wanting to adopt a child soon after giving birth to Shiloh and Zahara only being 2 yrs old. Children need to bond with their parent/care givers, and their new adopted son will need his parents time and energy. But the daughters also need their mother’s attention. I hope Jolie has enough energy and time to spare because her children each need quality time with their mother.
    I have read the first 6 yrs of a child’s life is very crucial to their development.

    I wish this family well. Jolie/Pitt’s intentions are from a good place.
    I hope the media gives this family some space, especially their new son Pax.

  • love

    i wish the Jolie-Pitt family happiness, love and more success in their day activities.

    greeting to all BAMZSP fan from Russia and goodnight to all.

  • Oh Please


    Why don’t you worry about what decisions you make in your own life. That’s the only life you can affect.

    Leave the decisions about Angelina and Brad’s life and their family to them. They know what they’re doing since they’re the ones that are living it.

  • julia

    I can’t wait till Bradley is reunited with His Family.. It’s gotta be so tough on Him….
    Maybe He will fly down this weekend and accompany them all back home to L.A.

  • melovebamztoo

    I agree with JoliePitt. Maddox has a sense of style and he’s gettin’ cuter and cuter everytime I see him. But, may be given a new haircut and get fashion advice from his big bro, who know Pax can beat Maddox? I’m havin’ a lil faith here.

    btw, keeping real, can’t you see that you better shut up. You bore me to the MAX!!

  • bdj

    Sam Says:
    March 16th, 2007 at 4:35 pm – flag comment
    Considering it is not your life, your family or your reproductive rights, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Live and Let live. Peace.

  • Sam

    It’s okay for others to have separate opinions from your own.
    We all don’t have to agree.

    I wish the Jolie/Pitt family peace, love and happiness.

  • Oh Please

    Sam Says:

    March 16th, 2007 at 5:22 pm – flag comment

    Sure, it’s fine.

    It’s not your right or my right to question what is best for their family. You, nor, I have seen how they are.

    Do you give strangers your unsolicited advice and question their reasons?

  • The real lou

    Well I see it’s the same,certain people questioning adopting Pax due to the fact that Zahara is 2 and Shiloh being only 10 months old.Where was the out cry when Heidi Klum gave birth to Johan and Henry was only 12 months old and Leni was only 2 years old?No one gave a rats ass!But you will complain till the cows come in about Angelina stating her kids won’t have the proper “bonding time”what about Leni’s and Henry’s bonding time?Is this how it’s going to be for you so-called critics everytime this family has a new child?Cause let me tell you more are on the way bio and adopted.Oh well I guess the haters and critics will just be miserable ALOT!…”Go confidently in the direction of your dreams,Live the life you have imagained.” -Henery David Thoreau……Angelina and Brad are doing just that and I appauld them for doing so!

  • Anonymous

    I think Angie ought to get a place next to Sean Penn’s property in Marin County – that way, he can shoot all the papparazzi’s for her. Or at least people will think it’s Sean Penn.

    But seriously though. I’m sure Pax wouldn’t mind. Small price to pay to be with the people you’re meant to be with. Besides, the pappa’s will lose interest soon enough. Go do something worthwhile and you can’t *beg* them to show up…

  • Ugly Aniston

    Keeping it real Says:

    Hello are u lost?? don’t you know you’re in the wrong blog.. what are you doing here?? If you want to “keep real” your hate go to FF or Dlisted you will be very much appreciated over there HAG!! Or maybe becoz of too many HAGS like you over there you’re not getting any attention’re like a child suffering from attention deficit syndrome !!

  • You Are Ignorants

    I don’t know how anyone can have the nerve to sit there and berate any woman who is going out of her way to take care of children. You are ignorantly pathetic.

    What the world actually needs right now is more women like Angelina Jolie. My God! Women are abusing their children, molesting little boys. Men are increasingly becoming perverts via the Internet and snatching children from homes. If women do not take the lead, it will not get any better. Women must reclaim their strength and put an end to bad behavior. We give birth. We are supposed to protect our children at all costs, even if it means our life.

    Angelina Jolie is doing a great thing, so don’t you ever forget it. First of all, she has that motherly love, which not all women have. In fact, it’s getting worse and worse the way women are acting regarding their precious children. They lay up with anybody just to have a man, who turns out to be a predator.

    You people need to get real. You need to look at what is actually going on in this world instead of spending your time criticizing someone who is actually a help and not a hindrance. Half of you don’t have any children. Some of you here will have children you don’t really want because you can’t keep your legs closed. The animals in the wild protect their young better than most women today. The majority of you don’t even know how to properly care for kids, so shut up, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Maritza

    I don’t see what the fuss is about, Sharon Stone adopted, Michele Phfifer adopted, Nicole Kidman adopted and we never heard any circus media around them when they did. Angelina loves the attention she is getting that all! I mean is great for the kids but can’t she keep her mouth shut and do her stuff privately!

  • http://deleted sophie

    The fuss is because it’s Angelina Jolie, one of the most beautiful women in the world who ended up with one of the hottest men in the world after he left one of the plainest women in the world. Finally the racists of the world are mad about her rainbow family. How dare she?

    I love it. Keep on truckin Angelina. Do your thing, girl!

  • Jolie being outed by others

    quote from Mr.Atkins of Transracial Adoptions:”She (Jolie) has managed to circumvent the legislation that is there to protect children from people like her. Clearly money talks and celebrity talks.”

    bawhahahahahahahahahah whole article here

  • Hmm

    Of course money talks and celebrity talks. She’s not some child molester traveling to another country to get a child to abuse. She’s Angelina Jolie. Lover and protector of children everywhere. We know she’s good. Why waste time when a lucky child can go home with her?