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Hilary Duff Goes to WAR!

Hilary Duff Goes to WAR!

Some new movie stills have been released of tween queen Hilary Duff on the set of her new movie, War, Inc. co-starring John Cusack and Marisa Tomei (both pictured above).

Hilary, 19, filmed this movie in Sofia, Bulgaria and will be playing a European pop star, Yonica, who gets caught in an assassin’s scheme in a fictional Middle Eastern country called Turgastan. She even gets to shoot a machine gun in the film!

Said Hilary about War, Inc., “It’s off the wall and nuts and really smart and controversial and really proves the point. And I was so excited about it, like, ‘Gosh, can I do this? I don’t know if I can do this!’ Because you know what, when people won’t take a chance on you, you have like no confidence.”

War, Inc. will be released nationwide later this year.

Future Hilary Duff appearances:

  • Monday, March 26 – Good Morning America
  • Tuesday, March 27 – Live with Regis and Kelly
  • Friday March 30 – The Tyra Banks Show
  • Monday, April 2 – The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
  • Tuesday, April 3 – Jimmy Kimmel Live!
  • Tuesday, April 3 – Dancing with the Stars
  • Thursday, April 5th – The Ellen Degeneres Show

Hilary Duff – UK’s PopWorld Interview, 3/17

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  • Nadine

    first! i think…. omg hilary duff cannot act everything she does is the same… i think she should quit…

  • bdj

    It is good to see a teen queen stretch her acting abilities. I don’t know, I am seeing Oscar for this one. However, my crystal ball has been out of wack lately…..

  • alana

    does she get brutally murdered? if not i definatly wont see it..not like id see it in the first place..

  • New York Pundit

    Yet another failure from a Disney Whore… Smellery Muff needs to just fade away… Or do the Smears, Blowhan rehab thing to revitalize her careeer…

  • Molly

    I’ll give Hilary a chance on this one. I can’t judge her performance without seeing her in the film first. Who knows maybe she will not be abysmal on this film. Hmmm, I think she’s doing this to shed her teen image. Let’s see if she can transition successfully.

    and I like John Cusack. :)


    OKAY….It’s good that she’s stretching her acting roles…..but SERIOUSLY…..Hilary Duff cannot act to save her life…..I’m ashamed to say that I’ve seen her movies….you’d think since her ‘Lizzie Mcguire’(sp?) days she’d improve…but that’s just not the case.

    Don’t get me wrong this girl is talented….just not as an actor.
    Singing…..yes……she is good at that.

  • Roni

    OK I`m from Sofia, Bulgaria, no one mentioned her as part of the actor`s crew. Who cares about that anyway…

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    UGLY, SKINNY, REALLY UGLY. and no talent.

  • tina

    hillary is 19, marissa is 40-ish and yet hillary looks older than marissa in those pics.

  • Sunner

    Hilary is working her way up to becoming very very successful. Her approach to her career (and life) indicates she will in the long run be extremely well-recognized. If she continues to challenge herself this way, she will break into the star she was born to be.

  • biscuit

    “…you have like no confidence.”

    Funny quote.

    Kids these days.

  • Dana

    John Cusack!

    I am there.

  • Jovis

    I think Hilary is a great actress and she`s gona do great on the movie.

  • cindy

    I think hilary sucks at everything she does. She acts like lizzzie maguier in every movie.I perfer Lindsay lohan better and we all know Hil hates Lindsay for having a better career.

  • Michae + Hilary

    Ok i hate all of u that hate hilary duff and she can probably act and sing better than u so shut ur face ok losers u r nothing she is extrememy talented and very nice so just buzz off ok…!

  • shivam

    Sooo awesome!!! Hilary Duff in a more adult movie, that’s so cool, I don’t want her to be Lizzie McGuire forever, she’s getting too old for it. I can’t wait to see the movie!!!

  • Sherry

    Cindy, Hilary and Lindsey made up!! She is not acting like Lizzie McGuirre here, PUTTING A SCORPION DOWN HER PANTS, I saw it in the trailer. And she crawls on a desk all sexy like !! THAT IS NOT LIZZIE MCGUIRRE!!!

  • haylee

    ya I know y did they make her look like a slut she is really pretty but she looks ugly in it she need a better outfit not one tht she lookes like a hooker on the side of the street! THT ACTUALLY COVERS UP HER BODY! She is a really good acter but she need clothes tht cover her body. And in this movie she lookes like she has been drinking and smoking and on drugs but I now tht she isent and I don’t like seeing her look like tht.when I know tht she is REALLY PRETTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jess

    Damn she has gone from cute to hot. I mean have you seen her new video. Her acting has seemed very limited from her previous movies, but who knows maybe she will shock us in this one. It’s about timew she takes her roles more seriously and her music indicates that she isn’t the same as the last time she was in a movie, which I think was either the one with her sister or cheaper by the dozen 2. Her acting is bad either. So far she has played a typical overdramatic teenage girl with minor problems perfectly.

  • Jess

    Sorry meant isn’t bad

  • Clara

    oh~John with Hillary?

    whatever.I like them both.

  • sam

    gonna give a chance!cant wait to seee this flick!alwaya like something daring and different her!like her music changed for the better now well see about her new edgey movie roles!!go hilary duff

  • sam

    gonna give a chance!cant wait to seee this flick!alwaya like something daring and different her!like her music changed for the better now well see about her new edgey movie roles!!go hilary duff

  • vanessa anne hudgens

    hilary duff rox at every movie she makes .
    i cant wait to see her movie.

  • http://none Wayne & Mike

    In Fact I know hilary duff do this in war movie and She better than what her name??? Oh yeah that idiots lindsay lohan. Hilary duff is great star than lindsay lohan oh yeah baby!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bye and hilary duff I am your true friends.

  • http://hilaryduffgoestowar zayden rainey

    I like the movie its so cool hllary is great ster in the movie i loved it .

  • Innsbruck

    for some sttrange reason i really like hilary duff