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Jake Gyllenhaal's Own 'Rendition'

Jake Gyllenhaal's Own 'Rendition'

Jake Gyllenhaal is all suited up in Morocco on the set of his new thriller Rendition, directed by Gavin Hood. He plays CIA analyst Douglas Freeman, who is forced to question his assignment as he becomes a party to the unorthodox interrogation of El-Ibrahim.

Rendition also co-stars Jake‘s brother-in-law Peter Sarsgaard as well as rumored lover Reese Witherspoon, Meryl Streep, and Alan Arkin. The release date for Rendition is set for Nov. 30.

(Images courtesy of RealMovieNews via ONTD)

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51 Responses to “Jake Gyllenhaal's Own 'Rendition'”

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  1. 1
    emma Says:

    this movie looks like it could be really great, what a talented cast, i hope it lives up to the potential.

  2. 2
    New York Pundit Says:

    Brokeback Jake? Oh please… Where is his talent outside of the role of Pink Cowboy??

  3. 3
    emma Says:

    i was talking about Meryl and Reese, who i think are both enormously talented. but i think Jake’s pretty talented too, looks a great cast to me

  4. 4
    nona Says:

    please — enough with the euphemisms. let’s call it what it is ‘unorthodox interrogations’ = torture. courtesy of gwb.

  5. 5
    Lori Says:

    Aww thanks for the pictures of Jake.

  6. 6
    Minnesota_dude Says:

    Jake is actually one of the genuinely talented twenty something actors in H-town, alongside Heath Ledger and maybe Elijah Wood.

    That said this whole torture suicide bomber premise seems a little scary. Who knows how it will fare at the box office.

  7. 7
    [Fug Face Maniston] Says:

    Lets hope this doesnt BOMB like Zodiac did.

  8. 8
    Minnesota_dude Says:

    Zodiac, ouch! But at least it got good reviews.

  9. 9
    ++++ Says:

    who’s the girl with the scarf???

  10. 10
    Please Says:

    New York Pundit, please grow up. Idiots like you ruin the internet.

    Agree with you Minnesota_dude, that Jake is extremely talented. Can’t wait to see this movie.

  11. 11
    girl x Says:


  12. 12
    [Fug Face Maniston] Says:

    reviews mean absolutely nothing!

  13. 13
    mrs grated cheese Says:


    The folks at PEOPLE disagree. He’s been on thier most beautiful list two years in a row.

  14. 14
    Anon. Says:

    I don’t need a magazine to tell me he’s beautiful! Jake is absolutely delicious. And talented. Rendition sounds like it could be an amazingly good film. BTW:Zodiac isn’t a flop. Not at all. It has very good reviews and so has Jake’s work in the film. Thanks JARed for the pictures. Now that Jake is finished promoting Zodiac, these pictures are the only thing we’ll see for a lonnnng time. Jake will be working in Africa, I think, for at least another 6 weeks according to imdb.

  15. 15
    Miller Says:

    I have no idea why I’m attracted to this man, but I am, damn it. I guess I fall for that whole “nice guy” routine, even though my mind is telling me it’s bullshit. Him dating Kirsten Dunst totally made me suspicious of him. I doubt he’s dating Reese (now that’s an actress).

  16. 16
    DJ RICALDE Says:

    ngek.. whatever.. mukha ngang maganda ‘to at kaabang-abang.. uuuyy.. jake and reese.. yihee..

  17. 17
    gurl Says:

    I also hope it’ll do better than Zodiac. And i have to agree with the poster who said that reviews mean nothing. Zodiac got rave reviews still nobody went to see it.

  18. 18
    [Fug Face Maniston] Says:

    [Anon] Zodiac didn’t flop?!?

    It did horrible numbers.. after all that promoting Jake did, once the movie came out it was forgotten about. I thought by now people would know reviews don’t mean NOTHING! some of the best films out got terrible reviews.

    Zodiac tanked at the box office. Jake is a nice guy, but he doesn’t have that ‘it’ factor to make people want to watch his movies.

  19. 19
    gurl Says:

    I agree, Jake seems to be a nice guy. That’s why i feel a bit sorry for him. Zodiac looked so promising. Let’s hope Rendition will be both a critically and commercailly successful film.

  20. 20
    blah Says:

    heaven help us if you ever manage to see a film with a truly talented actor.

  21. 21
    Please Says:

    Fug Face Maniston, Jake definitely has the “It” factor. He seems to have a lot of fans. Again, it wasn’t his fault the film didn’t do well. I thought he and the movie were excellent. But it seems it was the topic, length and the time of year that I think made the biggest factor. If this had come out in the fall I think it would have done much better. Everyone is putting the failure on him, but the movie had Robert Downey Jr. too. Does that make him a failure at the box office? You could say a lot of talented actors and movies that are popular have had box office failures at times. Doesn’t mean they shouldn’t continue to make good films. For all the crappy “Wild Hogs” and “300″ I would rather see ten “Zodiac”.

    I do hope “Rendition” is both a box office and critical success for Jake.

  22. 22
    Minnesota_dude Says:

    Its becoming harder and harder this days for a single actor to pull in an audience. Look at Leo Dicaprio (Blood Diamond didn’t even scrape back half of its reported $70mill budget), Brad Pitt (Babel made beep at the box office), George Clooney and Tobey Maguire (the Good German) Matt Damon and Angelina Jolie (the Good Shepard)

  23. 23
    [Fug Face Maniston] Says:

    To # 21

    [Please] To say Jake has the ‘it’ factor, would be like saying, he is on the level of such actors as Cruise, Leo, Clooney, Pitt, Farrell, Bale, and many more… Jake isn’t even on Matt Damon’s level.

    Jake is like a Ryan Phillipe, [Lmao] but maybe not as good (and I don’t like boring Ryan)

    Jake is a nice guy, You could tell from all the promoting of Zodiac he did, Cool, tries to be funny, but to me… when I see him I still think of Bubble Boy.

    I hate the Predator [Reese] but her name holds more weight than Jake’s does so I’m sure this movie wont do as bad as ‘Zodiwack’ did.

  24. 24
    Please Says:

    Fug Face Maniston, Jake is way better than Ryan Phillipe. And if you can only see Bubble Boy that is your loss and makes you seem a bit immature. And Bubble Boy was actually pretty funny. Anyway, he was amazing in Donnie Darko, Jarhead and Brokeback.

    As Minnesota_dude said, it is harder for even the bigger names to pull in big box office now. Plus, a big thing to remember is that Brad Pitt was in both Seven and Fight Club and they both tanked at the box office. As bad as Zodiac. So, if Brad and Leo, George, can also be considered box office flops for some of their movies.

  25. 25
    [Fug Face Maniston] Says:

    [Please] What makes Jake “way better” than Ryan?
    Do me a Favor, go to Box Office Mojo, look up Zodiac’s numbers.

    You say Brad had Flops, so did Clooney, and Leo. But those names actually mean something. They HOLD WEIGHT. Jake’s name shouldnt even be mentioned in the same sentence as them. He isnt anywhere near their level.

    example: Matthew Mcconaughey, I think he sucks, to me Jake is better, but Matthew is on a different level than Jake, because he has something Jake doesnt… The ‘It Factor’ Lol

    No matter what you say, its not going to change the fake that Jake will always play second fiddle to his sister. [Please] even Tobey Maguire set himself above JG.

    Captain Marvel = Superman-Knock-Off, and JG might not even get that role, just like all the other superhero roles he didn’t get.

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