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Kate Middleton Ponies Up Alone

Kate Middleton Ponies Up Alone

Kate Middleton sans boyfriend Prince William (he had army duties in Dorset) shows her love for horse racing and made her second appearance with a mystery male at the Cheltenham Festival in England.

Kate, 25, wears her favorite stretch suede boots, cashmere pashmina and ‘The Alexander’ jacket trimmed with silk paisley (both by Katherine Hooker), a Philip Treacy beret, and Chanel sunglasses.

Kate and Wills together were spotted at the Cheltenham Festival on Tuesday.

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kate middleton horse racing 02
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Photos: Bauer-Griffin
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  • viki

    she is so ugly.she looks kinda..drunk

  • Vera

    i think she looks nice and elegant

  • bdj

    Ah, the Prince’s fair Maiden is beautiful, an English Rose. Those pictures are cute with her quirky English charm. However, I miss seeing the Prince.

  • jan

    She deserves to have an engagement ring. They are living together; did in college; supposedly going to be married…and yet, she has not sign of his intentions..I think it is disgraceful. Is there truth to the rumor that he is gay and she is a cover??????
    It runs in the Windsors.

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    she’s ok.. to bad she was born with out lips

  • night

    Can’t stand the outfit her facial expressions are just creepy and freaky….she seriously needs someone to dress her for she just doesn’t seem to know how to dress herself. I hope William doesn’t give this woman a ring she complains then poses for pictures.

  • Eliz

    Is she wearing artificial teeth? she shouldn’t smile in that goofy way of hers. I like her outfit thou, first time she looks decently coordinated.

  • Lori

    I hate to say this, but she reminds me of a brunette Lauren from The Hills.

  • kuala

    me too! when I first saw the picture I thought it was Lauren.

  • ANON

    She has no character to be queen!

  • RW

    She’s a gorgeous young lady. I can’t wait until they become engaged and marry. I’m just so sad his mother is not alive to see what a nice young man she raised and meet the lovely young lady who has stolen his heart.

  • Posh_Fan

    Oh stop hating on her. Thats what you all did to Princess Di, then tortured her all her life and when she was killed, everyone pretended to love her. Dont do that to this girl.

  • Miller

    I doubt William loves her. He just sees her in practical terms: good genes, no history, good consort material. Besides, he has a reputation for brazenly flirting with other women in front of Kate then enjoying risque dances and kisses behind her back. At times I feel sorry for her, but then I remember that she seems like she’ll go through anything to become Princess. I guess, to Kate, status triumphs over mere self-respect.
    And don’t give me that William is gorgeous nonsense. He’s lost those once killer looks. And no amount of money is worth living in a gilded cage.

  • angelina_mmm

    beautiful girl

  • night

    Kate middleton is nothing like Princess Diana. I wish people would stop comparing this lazy girl to Princess Diana.

  • queeneetha

    she looks like a fun person, easy to laugh and easy to be friends with. that is a good in any relationship. she’s young and should have fun, why not, there’s plenty of time to get all serious.

  • smith

    Wow, the jealous haters who wants to be William’s “princess” sprewing stupid vile at this woman, they know nothing about. I wish well, whether or not she marries this “prince”. Good for her for enjoying her youth. Go kate!

  • biscuit

    She always dresses so dowdy. At least Diana was more colorful.

  • Aimee

    cute cute cute outfit and “lifestyle” look!

  • Mediterranean


    If you are talking to Charles, I doubt that he visits here very often!

  • Vanessa

    Goodness, how can some of you speculate on their personal life. None of us knows what’s really going on. But I can say that the girl looks rather lovely. She’s not the prettiest girl in the world, but she’s certainly not ugly. And I think she has really great hair. :)

  • Sally

    She’s not good enough for him.

  • bobo

    prince william has no sexual vibe about him at all this girl looks like the man in the relationship

    If he really loved her he would marry her now
    why wait another 3-4 years that doesn’t make any sense

  • night

    I don’t hate Kate I just don’t admire her like some people do. She gives me a bad vibe. Doesn’t mean I am envy of her. Wish people would get that threw there heads that not everyone likes the same people so keep that in mind when you are calling people who veiw your boasting praises about Kate, I am sure that there are people you don’t like and aren’t called haters or jeoulous for it.

  • Jules

    nice spelling #24
    She is very average looking, but he must love her. I wish them happiness and peace.

  • natalie

    She looks like a princess to me.

  • night

    That’s what happens when you type to fast

  • peter

    …lipless wonder. Typical ugly, horsey looking, english “rose”, but then again William is no prize in the looks department. Why do all english people have ugly mouths? Iwas there last year, and honestly, no country compares to the English with respect to how ugly the regular population is…bad teeth, no jaws, huge adams apples …I could go on..

  • Julie

    I really hope they get married! She’s so cute and they seem so in love!

  • gossip

    She always look like she is trying to hard

  • jane

    i have heard rumors that kate is no more than a common slut. i have a coworker who knows the prince personally and i am doing research on the matter.if anybody has any infoemail me at dont leave me a post i wont read it.

  • Eva Tells it Like it is

    What on Earth are some of you jabbering on about? Kate does not WORK, her so called ‘job’ is a poor excuse for any real work. It was construed especially for her to quell the claims that she is nothing more than a flighty wannabee socialite (which she is) She is supposed to work 4 days a week. I’m yet to hear of her lazy self working ONE. All we see her doing is shopping with her social climbing mother, going on holidays and posing in sunglasses. She is NOT future ‘Queen material’ ?! That is an OFFENSE to HM to even consider that HM & Kate are of the same caliber. All she has done since leaving Uni is wait around for William to pop the question which I hope he never, ever does. God help us if we ever get this vapid lazy so & so as our future Queen.

  • Yuck

    she looks like a transvesti, and whats with the false teeth over there, YUCK

  • sue

    Hi, think that Peters comments on the British being ugly is repulsive. In the USA where there is no health service only the well off can afford dental work and drugs to help illness.Have seen some of your skinny,flash-trash,fake,plastic actresses. We in Britain prefer character to flash, real beauties are rarely American – Vivien Leigh,Hedy Lamar,Marlene, Garbo, I rest my case. Sue.

  • elizabeth

    I think the prince is one heck of a hunk and could do so so much better than this. Why cant he go for an ethnic princess? If the monarchy wants to get popular we better start seeing shades of color.
    he needs to change his party locations

  • Innsbruck

    she rocks! he doesnt :)

  • Imperial Highnes Archduke Eric

    My Great Great Great Grandfather KING George I’st king of Great Britain would be so angry with this decision. My 15′th cousin prince william of wales Marrying a commoner ? his mother was not one she was nobility and a descendant of king Charles II of England I was born A prince of the House of Habsburg Emperors of Austria are all my Grandfather’s my name is HRI archduke Eric james von Habsburg of Austria my Grandfather is Archduke Felix of Austria my Grandmother Princess & Duchess Anna-EugĂ©nie of Arenberg my father archduke carl philipp von Habsburg as a member of the Imperial royal Austrian Family I disagree with this marriage.