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Angelina Jolie Carries Son Pax

Angelina Jolie Carries Son Pax

Angelina Jolie carries her newly adopted son Pax Thien Jolie, 3, as she rushes to a VIP room at the Tan Son Nhat airport on Morning morning in Ho Chi Minh city, southern Vietnam.

The pair was escorted under a big umbrella held by her personal security officer Mickey Brett.

According to Us Weekly, the mother-of-four checked out of their hotel in Ho Chi Minh City at around 2 p.m. and left behind their toys to be given away to needy children.

The Oscar-winning actress and her children — Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh – are traveling to Hanoi, the Vietnamese capital, to complete the procedures necessary to take Pax to his new home in the United States.

Angelina is expected to meet with U.S. Embassy officials Tuesday to apply for a visa for 3-year-old Pax. Once the visa is issued, she can take him to L.A. She is expected to leave Hanoi on Wednesday.

How cute does Pax look wearing his hat backwards? What a punk. I love it!!

Is that Angelina‘s assistant Holly Goline in the bottom-left?

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  • Isabelle II


    Glad I caught ya I’m going to lunch, as for the rest you know around here, Sometimes the short bus drops FFers off here!

  • The real lou

    I spelled orgasm wrong!I am sick of these lying ass haters!

  • bdj

    Thanks for the new thread Just Jared. You sure know how to bring out the fans and haters, throw in a quote by US Magazine and you have the haters salivating. Too funny!!!!. Some posters are definitely obsessed with BP. All those smoldering fantasies (I warned them about those old BP posters) about BP are resurfacing and taken over their judgment. Just thinking about two of the sexiest people alive in one household has caused their feeble brains to go on shutdown, just keeping it real. Whatever, the case may be, this site is benefiting. You can’t argue with that. Little Pax seems very comfortable in his mother’s arms. AJ is a natural with children. BP and AJ are good partners and parents. They work well as a team. I am sure that they are all looking forward to being reunited as a family and I wish them all the best.
    Peace to All.

  • hallelujah

    I can’t wait for another announcement of Angie’s pregnant in the year end. I’m sure they gonna have another bio kid next year after Shiloh celebrate her 2nd B-day. yaaaaaaaaahoooooo, and let those haters freak out of their mind!!!!!!

  • guli

    Here is the UNHCR video that just got posted on youtube… I hope the fans can change the topic to more positive and important issues…..

  • jjoy

    LMAO….now….it’s about the size of the p.e.n.i.s!!! orgasm….and good in bed…. LMAO…..

    :lol: :lol: how about the p.u.b.i.c hair??? itse color and the size of the golf ball??? LMAO….

    NEXT…. :lol: :lol:

  • Lady G

    guli Says:

    March 19th, 2007 at 11:24 am – flag comment
    Good Morning BAMPZSers!!!

    Thanks Jared for the new thread…

    Ohhh, I see certain people are not having a happy Monday, but they haven’t had a happy day for over two years, poor hateful souls , so very sad!

    OK, I’m on ignore mode….. Here is a new video about Angie and Darfur…

    Good Morning, Guli!

    I too am on ignore mode and I wish that others would do the same. It’s sad to see each and every thread about BAMPZS lately turned into a cesspool.

    Just for the new video, the person that created it did a wonderful job. With all the pain and suffering going in the world it makes you wonder how some can hate they way they do.

  • christina from Finland


    If you would just dig a little deeper than the latest photos (for example you would find out that Mad was/is a very smiley child before all this Brad and Angelina media attention explosion. Remember, we all have the illusion that we know these people THROUGH media. We don’t. It is just that. an Illusion. We don’t know the real people. I have to say that following Angelina news for a while I cannot believe what is wrong with the media. They have so much power and I think it is so sad that journalists are not what they should be (speakers for truth and suppliers of information) anymore but only money makers for magazines. In the Internet it has gone very bad. I don’t call these people journalists anymore. You cannot quote someone if it is not exactly the same than the original and taken out of the context. Ok, if we have the wrong impression of Jolie it is not the end of the world but if we have the wrong impression of the war in Iraq or Chechnya then it is very worrying. Where we need the media anymore if we cannot trust what it is saying?

    One other thing is very interesting. I am not from US(as you can see from my english) and I find it very odd how US people treat Jolie. She is the most admirable and intelligent (and controversal) celebrity I know and her fellow citizens criticize her from brother kissing, homewrecking (family is destroyed from within not without) and drug history. No one is a prophet in his own country but I think she is the most underestimated persons living. After reading some of her UNCHR notes (you can find them from UNCHR homepage) and watching her interviews I have learned more and more about her incredible personality. I love to be a fan of a person who gets people so mad and happy at the same time. She gets people to think and that’s the point. She has that something what so many people here in justjared defend. She is a woman par excellence.

  • ntt

    New thread, new day, and yet, same old “Keeping it real” is still here. A die hard hater, I see.

  • julia

    some people are so comsumed with hatred and jealousy and will say anything they can think of to reflect bad on the hot as hell union of Brad and Angelina..I’m sorry but We long time fans of Brad know that He turns Her out every night, attacking Brad’s sexualality is just hilarious..

  • jeannified

    Love it!!!

  • Besane

    christina from Finland Says:

    Thank you for your beautiful post.

    And just wanted to let you know I love Salmiakki Koskenkorva :)

  • truth

    I sincerely hope we can clean up the indecent comments and those who responded quoting them.

  • The real lou

    #212 julia,It’s not halarious is SICK!These people have allowed hate to cloud rational thinking.They hate to the point of making up sh*t to try to paint Angelina or Brad in a bad light,I’m sorry but these people need mental help!They are obsessed!

  • FYI

    Brad is a perfectionist. He would do whatever it takes to get the job done.



  • Oh Please

    C’mon. Some of these posters don’t even take themselves seriously.

    They’re like little kids teasing a younger one. Just to needle us and it works, only if you let it. Laugh at them, not with them and don’t let them get your knickers in a knot.

    Yes, some go too far when they go after the kids and that should never be tolerated.

    Seeing them now being obsessed with their sex life or now, according to them, lack of one and Brad’s pecker size is too funny.

    They’re only here because it bothers them that Brad and Angelina’s life is everything they’ve sworn up and down it was never going to be.

    It was supposed to be just about sex and now, since, it’s apparently much more than that, they’re saying it was never about sex. LOL.

  • truth

    Please stop engaging those who want to turn the thread ugly and press the delete button.

  • bluemoon

    Angelina Jolie arrives in Vietnam’s capital with new adopted son
    Posted on : Mon, 19 Mar 2007 12:10:00 GMT | Author : DPA
    News Category : US (Entertainment)

    New ( News Alerts by Email click here )

    Hanoi – Hollywood superstar Angelina Jolie arrived Monday in Vietnam’s capital to apply for a US passport and visa for her newly adopted Vietnamese son, Pax Thien. Jolie arrived from Ho Chi Mionh City by private jet with Pax, 3, and Cambodian-born Maddox, 5, at Hanoi’s Noi Bai airport late in the afternoon, according to Chu Van Nguyet, deputy director of the airport authority.

    “She looks tall, thin and beautiful and was smiling very happily,” said Nguyet, who added that she was traveling with an entourage of three security guards and two female assistants.

    “The children were sleeping when our people helped her take them from the jet to the car.”

    Dozens of reporters and photographers gathered at the airport hoping to get a glimpse of the “Tomb Raider” star, but she managed to elude them as she has since arriving in Ho Chi Minh City last week to pick up Pax from a local orphanage.

    Jolie, 31, was expected to go to the US embassy later in the week to pick up a US passport and visa – the last step before taking him home to her partner, Brad Pitt.

    Her latest adoption brings her international family with Pitt to four children.

    Pax joins 5-year-old Maddox, adopted from Cambodia; Zahara, aged two, from Ethiopia; as well as baby Shiloh – the couple’s biological daughter who was born in Namibia last May.

    Pitt has been reported to be making a movie in the US and could not come to Vietnam with Jolie, who signed the adoption papers as a single parent because Vietnamese regulations do not allow unmarried couples to co-adopt.

  • bdj
    (entire article at link – too long to post)

    Pax Thien Jolie just got one step closer to a reunion with papa Brad Pitt.

    The three-year-old Vietnamese boy, along with new mama Angelina Jolie and new brother Maddox, touched down in Hanoi Monday in anticipation of leaving for the States later this week.

    Three-sixths of the ever-expanding Jolie-Pitt brood arrived in in the city to secure a visa for Pax, which will allow him to depart his native country for the U.S., where he will join up with the other three members of his adoptive family and have his first meet and greet with sisters Zahara, two, and Shiloh, 10 months.

    According to the Associated Press, the 31-year-old Oscar winner will meet with officials at the U.S. Embassy on Tuesday, when Pax’s visa application is expected to be processed.

  • The real lou

    #219 Oh please,You are right but, that person’s blatant lie I just couldn’t let it slip by.

  • Oh Please

    U R Stalkers&Shes A FREAK Says:


    And you’re not. Once again, a day late and a dollar short.

    Read the date. Story done BEFORE Angelina’s adoption agency released a statement debunking all of that.

    And Ms. Atkins, needs to step away from a tabloid, such as The Daily Mirror. We’ve all seen how that hasn’t worked out for another.

  • just thinking

    Wonder why she is back to wearing all black. Very severe color – she wasl looking great in softer colors, grey, biege, white.

  • Billy Brad

    Billy Bob 2.0 is on Tmz.

  • BCBG

    bdj Says:

    March 19th, 2007 at 12:14 pm
    (entire article at link – too long to post)

    Pax Thien Jolie just got one step closer to a reunion with papa Brad Pitt.

    The three-year-old Vietnamese boy, along with new mama Angelina Jolie and new brother Maddox, touched down in Hanoi Monday in anticipation of leaving for the States later this week.

    Three-sixths of the ever-expanding Jolie-Pitt brood arrived in in the city to secure a visa for Pax, which will allow him to depart his native country for the U.S., where he will join up with the other three members of his adoptive family and have his first meet and greet with sisters Zahara, two, and Shiloh, 10 months

    Thank you bdj.

  • Keeping it real

    ntt Says:

    I am fan of yours … btw when did I use the word hate? Those are nasty words out of the brag hags. What happened to jjoy? talking about a hater …

  • Oh Please

    just thinking Says:

    March 19th, 2007 at 12:21 pm – flag comment

    Nice try. Next. Alot of people that travel wear black. It travels well. Unless, you haven’t done alot of traveling, that bit of info. would go right over your head.


    Billy Brad Says:

    March 19th, 2007 at 12:22 pm – flag comment

    You’d know. You’re obsessed with him. Don’t act differently.

  • bdj

    I love how tabs find all these experts. PT will have to expand her tab report to include some of these British Tabs. However, that will take a thread all by itself. AJ adoption of Pax is official. She followed the letter of law for that country and adoption agency. You know what they say about “experts”, everybody is one. It is about the same as they say about “assuming” something.


    Billy Brad Says:

    Dude don’t be stupid! you can’t put those two in the same sentence, Brad would love to have Billy’s size.

  • Billy Brad

    oh please.

  • Steffy M

    Brad is a great kisser and a great lover.. Angie knows the subject very well and she seems very happy of him…

  • tabitha

    I hope A is correct and they will be able to travel home on Wed. There sure are a couple very vocal haters here this morning.

  • ?

    Billy Bob 2.0 is on Tmz.

    Link? I only see Bruce Willis

  • Oh Please


    March 19th, 2007 at 12:25 pm – flag comment

    Are you on your knees in front of BBT now?

  • Billy Brad

    look at the weight loss and all the new tats. BBT 2.0 Fo sho!

  • Oh Please

    Billy Brad Says:

    March 19th, 2007 at 12:29 pm – flag comment

    You’re obsessed with BBT then?

  • butterfly

    THANKS so much for the new pics! Wonderful example of philanthrophy and humanitarism. Imagine if we all mailed $1.00 every year (or month) to a new foundation helping everyone. I bet we would see a wonderful thing that we all accomplished.

  • just thinking

    221 Bluemoon and 222 bdj – thanks for the articles.

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    Is Jared right – are Shi and Z really in Vietnam?

    I thought they were here in LA??????

  • Meli

    julia Says:

    March 19th, 2007 at 11:36 am – flag comment
    Brad Pitt is sex on legs. If some losers can’t see that, than they don’t have eyes. Please.. What next… Jesus.

    Sex in legs!!Now that’s a phrase that can describe best his hotness!Julia you said it all.By the way is this a new tatoo in his left arm?

  • Meli

    On legs,sorry.

  • x’sfansarejealous

    people saying brad pitt is a bad lay only wish they knew. he obviously knows what he is doing b/c angelina has always said she is a highly sexual person and she appears to be quite content. i for one would love to know how he is in bed but i’m not a jealous nut so i won’t make crap up to impune these two who seem very happy. as to the children not smiling, i wouldn’t smile if strangers were sticking large cameras in my face and i am an adult so maybe you could at least cut the kids some slack or are you guys so jealous hearted that you will also judge the children?

  • sad

    Ok some peeps are saying the pics of Brad is not Brad but is Ryan Reynolds….I think it is true because I don’t see the tatoo Brad usually has on his arm…I don’t think it s Brad.

  • just thinking

    Oh Please – you are such a peice of work – nasty and argumentative – twist everything and always looking for a fight. Not a fan.

  • ?

    Link of the brad’s pics please.

  • Oh Please

    just thinking Says:

    March 19th, 2007 at 12:39 pm – flag comment


    Yippee. Your question was stupid. Black such a sever color, why is she wearing it again. Duh.

  • Tijen

    Thanks for the videos Guli.

    I can’t believe the nasties today! OK I will ignore.

  • just thinking

    Oh Please – it was not a stupid question – jsut an observation. And for your information black is not good to travel with – shows wrinkles and dirt very easily plus is a lint magnet. Sorry that I don’t find your line of discussion enlightening – who cares about their sex life and size – oh! you do – wonder why? Answer that.

  • The real lou

    #246 sad,YOU ARE CORRECT!IT IS RYAN REYNOLDS!Go to the Single & Smokin thread and click on the 9th picture.YOU CAN CLEARLY SEE THE TATOO!

  • Oh Please

    just thinking Says:

    March 19th, 2007 at 12:46 pm – flag comment


    If you’ll notice, I’m not the one that is concerned over their sex life. I didn’t bring it up.

    About black, it hides traveling stains. Angelina said it herself. She spills things on her and black hides her being clumsy in that way.

    And who’s being argumentative now?