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Angelina Jolie Carries Son Pax

Angelina Jolie Carries Son Pax

Angelina Jolie carries her newly adopted son Pax Thien Jolie, 3, as she rushes to a VIP room at the Tan Son Nhat airport on Morning morning in Ho Chi Minh city, southern Vietnam.

The pair was escorted under a big umbrella held by her personal security officer Mickey Brett.

According to Us Weekly, the mother-of-four checked out of their hotel in Ho Chi Minh City at around 2 p.m. and left behind their toys to be given away to needy children.

The Oscar-winning actress and her children — Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh – are traveling to Hanoi, the Vietnamese capital, to complete the procedures necessary to take Pax to his new home in the United States.

Angelina is expected to meet with U.S. Embassy officials Tuesday to apply for a visa for 3-year-old Pax. Once the visa is issued, she can take him to L.A. She is expected to leave Hanoi on Wednesday.

How cute does Pax look wearing his hat backwards? What a punk. I love it!!

Is that Angelina‘s assistant Holly Goline in the bottom-left?

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798 Responses to “Angelina Jolie Carries Son Pax”

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  1. 126
    Besane Says:

    Keeping it real Says:

    Since you are blinded by hatred and being ignorant, let me tell you the harsh reality. He would have to leave soon to fend for himself. Even if what you said about papps and spotlight life is true, it beats the hell out of the alternatives. If you don’t see that, I would be right, you are a child hater and prostitution supporter.

  2. 127
    you are not 20 brad Says:

    Did you guys notice Brad has all his tats in the same spots Angie has hers , he is starting to get as skinny as billy bob and is even getting the BBt walk down. the new pics look like he’s riding one of Angie’s lady bikes cause Brad looks too big for it.

  3. 128
    The Cleaner Says:


  4. 129
    anon48 Says:

    amara Says:

    You are as evil as the child hater, biggest fraud of HW- Jennifer Aniston.

  5. 130
    Oh Please Says:

    Keeping it real Says:

    March 19th, 2007 at 10:56 am – flag comment

    Ritzy, you’re the bonehead. It’s better to stay in an orphanage then have a family.

    Sure, Brad and Angelina are always traipsing around the world without their kids.

    Let’s keep it real. You’ve got nothing, so pulling things out of your butt is all that you’ve got. Might want to try the stick next.

  6. 131
    kiki Says:

    us magazine Says:


    Sweet jesus, how can someone be so stupid? It’s not even worth answering. You can’t even read a tabloid properly.

  7. 132
    moronic argument Says:

    Keeping it real:

    By you saying this, He was not on the street, he had been loved and cared for since he was a baby. are you saying that it was better for him to be in an orphanage? And have you ever been in a third world orphanage? I have, and believe me it’s no picnic, with a few overworked nurses and social workers taking care of so many abandoned children. So you’re saying that Maddox was better off being in an orphanage until he was 18, not knowing what a real family was?

  8. 133
    Oh Please Says:

    you are not 20 brad Says:

    March 19th, 2007 at 10:59 am – flag comment

    And you’d still jump his bones.

  9. 134
    you are not 20 brad Says:

    Brad is turning into BBt. I kinda figured Angie still had a thing for BBt since it took her forever to move on from him. Brad doesn’t seem to mind being a bbt clone.

  10. 135
    BCBG Says:

    JoliePitt -

    hey there !!!

  11. 136
    Besane Says:

    Paul Harvey = amara = keeping it real

    Children Haters.

  12. 137
    not again please. Says:

    you are not 20 brad Says:

    and you are a loser idiot moron.

  13. 138
    Keeping it real Says:

    Mad and Z are probably being traded in right now for two new models ..

  14. 139
    Oh Please Says:

    you are not 20 brad Says:

    March 19th, 2007 at 11:02 am – flag comment

    Sure, he is. BBT always made hot lists, that Brad continues to make to this day.

    Again, you’d jump Brad in a heartbeat.

  15. 140
    amara Says:

    Grow up JoliePitt. If Angelina was as sensitive and caring as some of you think she is the childs name would have stayed the same. Have any of you ever been around a three year old? At that age they are amazing, smart, and attentive. I only hope that they continue to call him by his original name until he is acclimated into the family. Oh, and by the way, criticizing Jolie does not translate into child hating. Some of you need to grow up and deal with reality. Angelina is not a saint. She is a woman who is no better than anyone of the hundreds of celebrities that have adopted or the million who adopted anonomously and don’t have nannies, or millions of dollars in the bank to help them. They do it for love. He decision to adopt a child for Maddox is cavalier. It makes it looks as if she equates adopting with shopping. She is a stupid, shallow, vapid woman who has hit the jackpot of getting positive publicity with these children. They are pawns in her game for reversing the negative publicity that had been her life.

  16. 141
    jjoy Says:

    goood morning real and loyal BAMPZS fans…..they’re coming home!!!

    welcome Pax Thien to the good old USA…..

    thanks jj and audrey!!!

    wave to my kababayans!!!

  17. 142
    xxx Says:

    Brad is turning into BBt. I kinda figured Angie still had a thing for BBt since it took her forever to move on from him. Brad doesn’t seem to mind being a bbt clone.

    Took her forever? she was married 2 years then she move on really fast. If someone is around and she will probably end cheating Brad with is JLM. He was with her in January 2004.

  18. 143
    you are not 20 brad Says:

    err oh please, I have seen how small it is so no thanks. I bet Angie tells him size doesnt matter but after hearing the rumors about bbt being huge you know she’s lying.

  19. 144
    julia Says:

    ummmm to the loser who said Brad looks like BBT.. Have you seen Billy Bob lately? He looks 70…. Brad looks amazing and nothing like Billy Bob. Grasping at straws? Yes…

  20. 145
    kimily Says:

    Just a quick question. People magazine has been saying that only Maddox accompanied Angelina to Vietnam to adopt Pax, yet here it continues to say Shiloh and Zahara also went to Vietnam. Does anyone know for certain?; as there have been no sightning of her two daughters? Not important, I was just curious if anyone knows. They are a beautiful family and I am so glad they have all found each other. Have a beautiful day everyone!

  21. 146
    Team Lara Croft Says:

    Love Angie’s slippers and lovin’ the hat Pax! Welcome.

    Were Shi, Z really there too? Cool!

  22. 147
    Oh Please Says:

    *** Says:

    March 19th, 2007 at 11:06 am – flag comment

    Ooh, January of 2004! That’s like 3 years ago.

    Guess you missed the part where JLM has talked about his girlfriend and wanting to spend the rest of his life with her and have kids with her.

    But, that was in 2006. Not 2004, so I’d see why you hadn’t. Haven’t caught up again. A day late and a dollar short.

  23. 148
    jjoy Says:

    amara Says:

    March 19th, 2007 at 11:04 am – flag comment

    you’re so stupid….presumptousASShole….who said that she is a saint??? you are the one here venting because we like and admire her… what is it to you??? if you don’t like her STFU and go away!!!

  24. 149
    Isabelle II Says:

    It seems we’re being bombarded by high school grads. Can I have some fries with that?

  25. 150
    briseis Says:

    Good morning, BAMPZSers.

    Boy, I wasn’t able to log on for two days and WHOA! The Angelina Saves Saint John thread had over a thousand posters!!! Took me the better part of the morning reading it, and chuckling over PT’s Tabloid Report.

    Now we have a new thread, but it seems like the haters and naysayers and just plain trouble making gremlins are heck-bent on ruining the thread. Oh well, sooner or later Jared will clean it up anyway.

    About Brad not being 20 anymore, heck, I don’t care, I’d still jump his bones … but what I don’t get is someone saying he’s trying to imitate BBT? HUH? Not to be mean here, but Brad is one of the hottest men alive and BBT is … NOT. Why would Brad bother to imitate him? I. DON’T. GET. IT.

    And as for Angie taking a hard time getting over BBT, wasn’t it this time when we saw all her pictures where she was so happy with Madd? I think she got over BBT pretty quickly because Madd made her feel like a new person. Just saying.

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