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Leo & Bar Meet the Prime Minister

Leo & Bar Meet the Prime Minister

Leonardo DiCaprio and Israeli supermodel girlfriend Bar Refaeli meet the Israeli Vice Premier and former Prime Minister Shimon Peres in Tel-Aviv, Israel.

Says Peres‘ aide, “The meeting was pleasant and interesting. Shimon told Leo about his Peace Valley project [a joint Israeli-Jordanian-Palestinian economic development plan] and Leo spoke about [11th Hour,] his documentary on the environment.”

Leo and Bar were last spotted trying to visit the Western Wall where they were overwhelmed by paparazzi. Two of Leo‘s bodyguard’s were arrested for getting into a little scuffle with photographers in Jerusalem.

Note: Leo and Bar posed with the Prime Minster separately — they’ve been digitally altered so the three of them are posed together.

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Photos: Bauer-Griffin
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  • Adrianne

    Bar looks ugly in that picture.

  • tanique33

    digitally altered? anything to get these two in a shot together.

  • mari

    I love Leo and think he’s gorgeous, but when you’re meeting the Prime Minister, remove your baseball cap!

  • pookie

    they’re boring

  • mags

    that’s what they wear to meet a PM??

  • angelina_mmm

    why so casual ?

  • virginiagodward

    These two look alike.
    Now, if only the Palestinians had a supermodel they could put on show….ooops silly me I forgot they are too busy being shot at.

  • Phalaenopsis

    Thanks a lot for the pics Justjared! I was just thinking that how did you manage to get them, it looks like a private visit to me …
    Leo looks kinda tired and Bar, just say she looks different as I thought her to look like.

  • daniela

    they look like brother and sister and she looks a lil chubby in this photo….hes better off with gisele

  • bagofsand

    for crying out loud! at least change out of your sweats and put some make up on! they look awful! geez!! and yes pookie…they are so very boring…

  • tanique33

    jared, i just noticed, it’s not RE it’s RAfaeli.

  • Just Jared

    I think it is REfaeli…

  • Johanna

    It is REfaeli.

    And virginiagodward, if you don’t have anything clever to say, you better not say it. Because your remark is very ignorant.

  • http://www.myspace/tharightgirl4u katrina

    He went from Gisele to her????

  • PinkRose

    What, they were walking on the street outside his office and someone dragged them inside?

    That’s the problem with some Hollywood stars, they begin to believe their own P.R.

  • Mimi

    Are they engaged? Look closely at her hand–she’s wearing an ENGAGEMENT RING!

  • Rose

    Bar is naturally pretty, ever seen Giselle without makeup??..yikes!! Whats wrong with Leo wearing his baseball cap? Many Israelis wear skull! as for dressing casual was a casual meeting, probably at the last minute. Its fine..its not like if its heads of States or anything. Bar looks fine and healthy unlike those anorexic looking models!

  • daniela

    draft dodger

  • Ashley

    He is probably one of the most important Israeli politicians and a Noble Peace Prize winner. “Its not like if its heads of States or anything” is a pretty ignorant comment.

  • Rose

    you know internet is a funny thing…sometimes things are taking out of content…I meant to say Leo is NOT head of state…and you ASHELY are quite rude!! I know he is VICE PREMIER OF ISRAEL AND A NOBEL PEACE PRIZE WINNER….lighten up!!

  • jen

    OMG Leo is engaged!!! didn’t see that one coming, oh well good luck to em! anyone ever noticed how much they look alike??? apparentley you look like your soulmate aww how sweet! surprising how normal she looks in un airbrushed pics … guess it’s the same with lots of celebs tho!!

  • Rachel

    Jared can you please remove the word supermodel before Bar’s name.

    Just because you go out with Leo and appear in a Puff D*ckhead video does not make you a supermodel.

    I’m getting sick of every so call model being called a super these days. Bar will never be a super. She does no editorials, no runways or campains so how can anyone consider her a supermodel.

  • becky

    The ring is on her left hand NOT her right hand, that means it’s not an engagement ring.

  • jen

    Becky you wear your engagment ring on your left hand?!?!? Rachel completely agree about the supermodel thing ……. everyone who has had there picture taken professionaly is a supermodel these days lol

  • Olivia

    Why do these two pricks get to have the Prime Minister’s time? Because he was in a few blockbusters and Bar was in Sports Illustrated? Wow.

  • Kerry

    A lot of people in Israel hate Bar because she committed fraud by marrying an older man just to get out the military draft. Other Israeli girls who’ve done the same thing have been brought up on charges so why not Bar? It smacks of favortism. Bar’s mother is known as her “pimp” and there’s rumours going around that she made Bar get back with Leo, after breaking up the cheater, to get publicity.
    I doubt the relationship will last much longer. Leo’s in it for sex and Bar’s in it for fame. Leo’s cheated on her many times and will continue to do so because Bar wants so much to be famous. I don’t think she’s a supermodel yet. I dislike Gisele and think Bar’s prettier but at least Gisele earned the title of supermodel.
    To Virginian; The Arabs, so-called Palestinians, are actually too busy killing Jewish children to do anything positve. What an idiot.

  • Sarah

    If I was on vacation with Leo, I wouldn’t be meeting the Prime Minister. . =P
    Last I checked, she’s not a supermodel, that word is thrown around almost as much as “Diva”

  • Kate

    I think Bar is gorgeous and the prime minister requested a meeting….you don’t say no to that.

  • becky

    jen Says:

    March 19th, 2007 at 5:01 pm – flag comment
    Becky you wear your engagment ring on your left hand?!?!? Rachel completely agree about the supermodel thing ……. everyone who has had there picture taken professionaly is a supermodel these days lol

    No, you wear your engagement ring on your RIGHT hand and Bar’s ring is on her LEFT hand.

    Kerry Says:

    March 19th, 2007 at 6:23 pm – flag comment
    It’s wrong to force your people into the military anyway so I don’t blame her for doing what she had to do in order to get out of it. And who exactly was Leo supposed to have cheated with? We never read anything about that in the tabs and THAT would have been a huge story. I thyink your info is biased and false.

  • Kerry

    Leo’s cheating has been documented on several websites with pictures to prove it. Bar did break up with him a month ago but she realized that without Leo she’s a nobody. My friend has family in Israel and she’s told me about how Bar’s mother is a media whore who contacted the papparazzi in Israel to get publicity for her daughter. She wants Leo to marry Bar so that her daughter can become famous. Bar’s family is disgusting.
    Israel has a military draft because they are surrounded by enemies who want to destroy them. All Israelis must serve in the military regardless of their social, economic status. Many Israeli models, actors have served in the military so why can’t Bar? Because she’s a spoiled rich girl who would rather sleep her way to the top than help her country in it’s time of need. I can’t wait until Leo dumps her ass.

  • Kate

    I agree, forced millitary service is wrong.

  • becky

    I would still like to know who specifically Leo cheated with. I’ve never read anything about that, not in the tabloids or on the internet.

  • Kate

    i only saw it on one blog and it was a blurry picture supposedly of him in south africa getting into a car with a girl, that doesn’t constitute cheating in my book.

  • br

    Leo go away for a while, will ya? He likes to pretend to be intellectual and so so worried about environment. But dude only does it for his image, all the bad press he got in the 90′s, boyfriend’s doing damage control now. Yeah, image is everything, isn’t it Leo?

  • ana

    Peres isd not the PM of israel..
    Ehud Olmert is.
    and its not Refaeli, its Rafaeli.
    and if you dont know what youre talking about, dont say it.

  • jen

    Becky: where i’m from (England) you wear your engagement ring on your LEFT hand! I thought it was like this everywhere.

  • Rose

    Kerry your comment are interesting. Not knowning much on Bar family, I have to admit, I was disgusted that Bar father punched a razzi on the chest, twisted an arm and broke someone camera. It got me thinking, as Leo family is so gentle and classy. This isn’t for Leo at all. Leo is way too classy for this type of family. Bar should have served military duties like all Israeli citizens do.

  • Jenny

    regarding what you said…………”its wrong to force your people into military service” !! Israel thus far is very unsafe, its not like America where we all take it for granted and never had to worry aboout being attacked by your neighbors. Its not wrong, its the law.

    its by law that everyone must serve in the military, try to get out of it without “lawful” reasons are illigeal. At least Bar got married, for real or not

  • Kate

    poor guy just can’t get a dare he try to be socially concious? how dare he date beautiful women…lol. He doesn’t need to fix his image. He doesn’t rely on it. His movies are fantastic and make money regardless off his popularity because he has real talent.

  • jen

    I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder!! I wouldn’t call Bar or Gisele for that matter ‘beautiful’ i’d call them attractive or pretty but not beautiful …….. just my opinion.

  • Annely

    Becky – in America we also wear our engagement rings on our left hand. What country are you from?

  • sahro

    OMG, why are they even meeting that jackass… noble price winner my ass. the so called “noble price winner” are letting the israeli solders use palestian kids as protection and bombing innocent ppl. fucking ignorant israels. The palestians have no control over their economy and the israels are selling palestians food and vitamine as their own. i’m sick and tired of Israels apartheid system.. the israels should get the hell out of the land the palestines was promised… typical israelis give ‘em a finger they take the whole hand.



  • Kerry

    Typical Arab propaganda. First of all Palestinians don’t exist! These Arabs were promised nothing! They are invadors of Jewish land who raise their children to murder Jews. They should go back to Saudi Arabia where they came from, a country with a real apartheid system. You should live there.
    I’m no fan of Bar but she’s definately better-looking than Gisele. They both have used sex to get ahead so one is not better than the other.

  • sahro

    well jews raise their kids to murder PALESTINIANS.. i’ve seen pictures.. typical israeli/jew propaganda. what do U have to say about the little jewish kids signing misils that were being sent to lebanon… the fn gave you your land, but of course u guys had to complain. Israelis are so greedy , you should stick with the land u got, but no had to take more.. greedy.. and the israelis should give the palestinians their 6 millions back..

  • jup

    bar seems sooooooo ugly!

  • Kate

    so many jealous peeps

  • Kerry

    First of all I’m not Jewish and “Palestinians” have never existed. Like most deranged Arabs you lie about the Jews because the truth is Arabs are the ones to blame for all the problems in the Middle East. Arabs are the ones who raise their children to murder Jews not the other way around. I’ve seen Arab television where children sing songs and make speeches about being suicide bombers and killing Jews. Arabs raise their children to be psychotic serial killers.
    Arabs are the ones occupying Jewish land. Syria, Jordan, and Lebanon are on on historical JEWISH LAND! Arabs orginated from Arabia and immigrated to Israel. They should go back to Arabia. Your people are disgusting losers who hate Jews because they are superior to Arabs in every way.

  • sahro,7340,L-3380225,00.html
    read this article.. are u proud of your own ppl

  • ann

    shes already been married once and dumped her ex leo can do way better then that