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Orlando Bloom is a Shirtless VMAN

Orlando Bloom is a Shirtless VMAN

Orlando Bloom goes shirtless in the new issue of V Man Magazine
. How’s that for sexy?

Here’s an excerpt of Orlando‘s interview with VMAN:

How’d you get into Buddhism, and what does it do for you?It’s not really something I talk about. It’s a philosophy, a guide to life and to me it just makes sense. It’s been a great anchor. I find myself coming back to the teaching of the Lotus Sutra. It brings you in the rhythm with life.
You’re smoking in these photos. When do you most feel like having a cigarette? During the photo shoot, I was going through a smoking phase. A smoking phase is when I’m carefree and turning my back on myself. I’ll get rip-roaring drunk and smoke cigarettes, and I always feel like I’m letting myself down. Smoking kills you. Who wants to kill themselves? We’re all going to die, but it’s kind of like, why is that cool today? Why isn’t it cool to give back? That leaves a bad taste in people’s mouths but people loving watching people drive themselves into walls. I guess it’s because we all meet in the dirt.
Are you done turning your back on yourself? [Laughs] Well, I’m not smoking anymore. I turned 30, and I said, “No more smoking!” Then I got so smashed at my birthday party.

Check out the first clip of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End below! The full-length theatrical trailer will debut tonight during the season premiere of Dancing with the Stars @ 8PM ET/PT on ABC or you can wait for the Internet debut @ midnight on Yahoo! Movies.

FIRST LOOK: Pirates of the Caribbean 3 Clip
“What are YOU doing? No, What ARE you doing?”
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orlando bloom shirtless 01
orlando bloom shirtless 02
orlando bloom shirtless 03
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  • tanique33

    oh my beautiful boy. thanks for the pics. i was in teh minority of people who liked the long hair.

    i cannot wait for this movie to come out.

  • Nadine

    Icarumba… Cannot wait for PotC3! SO excited!!!!
    Oh and to let u know if you cant wait for 10pm to view the preview of POTC3 on yahoo, its supposed to be airing during Dancing With the Stars tonight during the commericals… dont know when though…

    Orlando looks like…. weird, 4 lack of a better word. I’ve definately seen better… but still love him!

    oh and question that is completely off topic but does anyone know when the new season of Entourage is starting? Or sometime around? If its already on in the US then what about in Canada? Thanks so much in advance!

    Sry 4 the long comment! :)

  • [Fug Face Maniston]


  • tanique33

    it starts april 8th.

  • Mondo Bongo!

    OMG ~~~~ somebody open a window………….. please!!!

  • lily

    this is the coolest photoshoot he’s ever done

  • dilettante

    poor Orlando .it looks like he has major man boobies in the first pic . .otherwise, the rest are HAWT!

  • Jo

    Nice if you like licking an ashtray. bleh

  • black

    Wow…………………….this looks so gay, it´s unbelieveable!!!

    He always comes across as a cheap Johnny Depp.

  • Leila

    Orlando is normally a good looking guy. I don’t know what is going on with these photos though. He looks dirty and nasty. Not sexy at all. He does look like he has some serious breasts going on. As well, he’s looking like a gay, weed smoker. Pass it Orlando, share the weed. He’s doing a poor job at channeling Mr. Depp. These pics are horrible!!! Whoever came up with the concept for this photo shoot should be shot.

  • kip

    Yes the first pic makes his chest look like women’s breast.

    He may be trying to change his image. I read an article a couple of month ago that his movies don’t attract males because they look at him as just a pretty boy. The article noted that this was Brad Pitt’s problem until he made Fight Club.

  • mickey

    Oh, Orlando. We all know you admire Johnny Depp but this is ridiculous.

    “He always comes across as a cheap Johnny Depp.” –black


  • mrs grated cheese

    If he’s trying to attract a male fanbase by being hardcore…he’s totally going about it the wrong way

  • Chickapoo

    Yikes…. at first glance in the main picture with his hair all wild, I thought it was Slash from Guns n’ Roses for a second… I had to read the headline before I figured out who it was!

  • tanique33

    um, he did a photoshoot. why exactly does it have to mean more than him taking some pictures?

    he doesn’t even look like this anymore. i’m sure he’s worrying about who he attracts, all the way to the bank.

  • Mycah

    I don’t care what all of the above comments say — DAMN Orlando is fine as hell

  • Jil

    being a straight girl I feel like I should find this sexy, but somehow I really don’t. He doesn’t come across as rugged at all though I suspect that was the intention behind this shoot, he just looks girly and the hair looks ridiculous! I understand actors trying to change their image, but this attempt here is a failure.

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    Depps’s mini-me.

  • dc

    Damn… Orlando looks so sexy in that first pic with the pecs and stuff.

    But the other pics are huge turnoffs. I think its the nasty cigarette.

  • xenu

    So. Fucking. Hot.

    I love how everyone’s making fun of him for channeling Johnny Depp, because if this was 1988 everyone would be making fun of Johnny Depp for channeling James Dean but now Johnny gets his ass kissed by the people who would have hated his guts during the 21 Jump Street era. In another 20 years, everyone will be making fun of (insert name here) for channeling Orlando Bloom.

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    “because if this was 1988 everyone would be making fun of Johnny Depp for channeling James Dean” = Huh? Lol

  • Barbara

    OMG……. I can’t breath……… It’s to HOT in here……… Gosh his so Hot.

    Gosh! god can I have him right now. (LOL)

    Love the photos !!!

  • Elizabeth

    if Barbara is the Barbara I know then let me just say this “Barbie you are freaking weird but then again I am too lol” see you tommorow

  • jan

    His buddies at the gay bars must be in overheat!!!

  • atropos

    i. like. :)

  • joe

    he looks too much like johnny in a sense…

    plus, i have never heard him so spiritual and stuff.. duno.

  • Julie

    Oh he looks so yucky! I’ve got nothing against smoking, I’m an ex smoker, but he just looks so trashy with the hair and the cigarette hanging out of his mouth. Typically I think he’s pretty hot, but not in these pics!

  • Tina

    in the first pic…he looks like Johnny Depp…man…he’s hot…with or without long hair…

  • http://google numnuts

    omg…….eww wat up with orlando bloom?????????? he really does look like johnny depp in the first pic…….maybe if he he more shoots of him with his hair like it was in the pirates 3 movie i would say he is the sexiest man on the planet [ :

  • http://google shal

    potc3 was the most amzing movie on the planet……..orlando you look like an ape in these pics…….tane that hair man and keep the beard type thing………..and go wit the sexi pirate look please [ :

  • charlotte

    People, please, what are you all talking about? This man is beautiful. Let’s all stop comparing him to Johnny Depp because after all there are billions of people here, some are bound to look alike- and lets face it only beautiful people like Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom who get to be the objects of such raunchy photos etc, etc.
    Let’s just appreciate that this is a picture which will inescapably appeal to some and not to others…do we really need to bitch about man boobs and ciggarettes?

  • Orlando’s #1 FAN

    Orlando Smoking kill one in every 1 stop it your your life will come to an end like daviey jones and you look like a jail man that has not eaten for the last ten weeks

    YOU LOOK BETTER WHEN DRESSED IN A SUIT TOTALY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • maria

    Orland is so freakin SEXY!!! i hate smoking but he makes it look so hottt. i’m glad he quit though :)

  • kerem

    yeah they look like yours Kip

  • http://none poo Shasee

    I don’t care wat ya say he is fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG!!!!!!
    He is 30 right????????????

  • http://none poo Shasee

    I don’t care wat ya say he is fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG!!!!!!
    He is 30 right????????????

  • http://none poo Shasee


  • http://google jess

    i think he is sooooo hot but i hate this pic.

  • http://google jess

    i think he is so cute but if he is tring to make a good impression its not working

  • christina

    how can you say he is a cheap johnny depp ye alright this isn’t one of the best photo shoots he’s done but still he is his own self no one else and he is also Fit! oh and johnny depp is great as Captian Jack Sparrow!



  • Innsbruck

    he does look a bit gay to be honest with you