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Reese Witherspoon in Glamour Girl Gowns

Reese Witherspoon in Glamour Girl Gowns

Thankfully, the inside pictures are better than the cover of Reese Witherspoon in Harper’s Bazaar April 2007. Here’s my an excerpt from the article and scans below courtesy of R-Witherspoon.

“I’m a very open person, but I don’t think there’s one sentence that can sum up an experience,” she continues “I think any life-changing experience sort of demands evaluation, really looking at yourself and your life. And it’s still a situation that’s not that far away.”

It’s a testament to the public’s sympathy for Reese that the tabloids have been (relatively) respectful. “I’ve had interesting experiences with the paparazzi recently when they’ve been apologetic about taking my picture,” she says. For now, though, she and her children will go to the grocery store only during weeks when Mommy and Daddy aren’t on the cover of the gossip rays.

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reese witherspoon harpers bazaar 03
reese witherspoon harpers bazaar 04
reese witherspoon harpers bazaar 05
reese witherspoon harpers bazaar 06
reese witherspoon harpers bazaar 07
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  • gia

    strong woman
    that guy’s an idiot

  • Yeah

    Nice to see a pic of a naturally beautiful female who puts her real kids first (without buying babies for attention). In spite of all of hollywoods trappings, she has kept her morals intact with no husband stealing, I hate my dad or relapse heroine issues. Go Reese!

  • checkers

    I like her as an actress… great role model as well… yeah Ryan is an idiot, but who knows what goes on behind closed doors, I also have heard that she is an “anal” person… but I like her!

  • kip

    That green dress is beautiful.

    2 Yeah, Reese is actually is example how to handle a divorce when the tabloids are trying to stir up BS. Reese did not whine in Glamour mag or any other mag. She did not go on Oprah. She did not have her friends try and ruin Ryan. She did not use her divorce to help her career. She just went on with her life. She is a REAL America Sweetheart not that fraud . Plus she has talent.

  • FAYE

    Yeah Says:

    March 19th, 2007 at 10:54 pm – flag comment
    Nice to see a pic of a naturally beautiful female who puts her real kids first (without buying babies for attention). In spite of all of hollywoods trappings, she has kept her morals intact with no husband stealing, I hate my dad or relapse heroine issues. Go Reese!

    Good to know Reese didn’t play a victim to a magazine cover and posed half naked. Look at me I was dumped therefore please take pictures of me half naked.
    I hate my mother because she called me ugly. Poor me.

  • angelah

    Wow that green dress (3rd/main pic) is marvelous!

  • 2985

    I agree that Reese is a beautiful woman but what’s up with the rest of Yeah’s comments anyway? Buying babies for attention? I suppose you know Angelina Jolie personally? I guess her spending time for up to a month in an UNHCR refugee camp was also for seeking attention, or that she lobbies congress to have better protection for children in the US. Not to mention offensive to non-celeb people who have adopted kids, what, adopted kids aren’t ‘real’ kids to you? What you deem as real is still just your interpretation of what the media has presented you, you still don’t know Reese personally, or any other celeb for that matter.

  • jolierocks

    awesome dress on her… the apple green!

  • Jade

    Reese is so beautiful. I love the dress on her. She is a classy woman and knows how to conduct herself,for all that she is going thru. I wish her and her children
    the best always.

  • aimee

    classy woman, classy person, full stop!

    as has already been said, her conduct has been great. love her feminist stance on being an actress in hollywood too.

  • sex

    she’s simply gorgeous!


    SORRY Reese’s fans, but a psychotic Aniston’s “FREAKSTON”
    deserves an answer.


    Yeah, if your “pity-old-me” LIAR does not exists but in the
    tabloids, it does not mean you have to come to other people’s
    threads with your poisonous LIES.
    It must be so difficult for you to grasp that there are women who
    are naturally beautiful and have working brains too. If you know
    that they are also compassionate, caring and loving, that must
    be too much to bear. Add to that – respected all over the world,
    and you explode. Mothers of four? There you come ranting!
    Believe me, it takes a good heart, a lot of work and
    responsibility to raise children. You don’t have them for anyone
    else- especially if you have way too much attention as it is.

    Only people who are stingy, greedy, ugly inside and out, and
    ACTUALLY use drugs and hate their MOTHERS – buy new noses,
    breasts and other body parts – as well as kids and dogs -for

    Nobody steals their husbands – they lose them.
    Why? See ABOVE!

  • Reese all the way

    I love and had great respect on Reese, she ‘s several yrs. younger than Aniston, but she handle her divorce with great maturity and dignity. No pityparty, no notorious back stabbing of ex, took equal responsible for the demiss of her marriage not 2% only according to you know who, no rebound relationship with another guy with subsequent using that rebound relation for career boost, no leaking to tabloids about how she’s coping, how bad she feel. Plus the fact, she’s left with 2 kids not 110 million dollar fat account.

  • anon

    I agree with #13. I like how she has handled going through a public divorce. Unlike her ex, she hasn’t talked about it to the press and she hasn’t asked for pity. She’s just got on with it and stayed out of the public eye. I hope she keeps it that way.

  • KISS

    I am not Reese’s fan, but I’d like to give her credit for having dignity &
    self-respect in dealing with a divorce. I am sick and tired of Aniston and her fake whining. That older woman should finally take responsibility for all her failed relationships.

  • emma

    shes so beautiful. the picture of her in the green dress is beyond amazing. such a class act. love reese!

  • 2985

    Yeah Norman’s Mom, I’m with you there! Also would like to add sorry to Reese fans that an Aniston fan spoiled your thread. To ugly-hearted people, adopting kids is NOT done for attention-grabbing, esp like Norman’s Mom said if you’re already innundated with so much of it already. Perhaps Yeah you could help support UNICEF or any other charity that helps disadvantaged children, maybe a local on in your area. Just an idea.

  • anom

    Interesting that the thing she learned was that she doesn’t control the entire universe. Do you think she really thought she did?

    I think she and Ryan have both handled themselves well for the kids sake. In Jen and Brad’s situation there were no children so they didn’t have to hold back to protect them. There is nothing wrong with saying what’s on your mind.

  • Miller

    Love her. You don’t’ realize how amazingly warped most Hollywood types are until you see someone with character who proves you can still mainain your dignity in spite of being surrounded by absolute bullshit.

  • Kai

    Oh my god.

    She looks like a goddess in that dress. Not many people can carry that lime color off.

  • Keeping it real

    kip Says:

    When the news about Ryan & Reese broke it was on the cover for 5 mins, no body cared. That is how she has been able to handle things. She was able to get along without all the media. Ryan is not Brad … huge diffference. Also, Ryan admitted his actions were wrong. Brad was lying tool and denying everything about him and Angelina. They created the drama and it is fools like you that still bring Jen into their relationship. Girl has every right to start standing up for self, every week a new cover about how is handling things or not handling things .. nothing is said about Reese so very easy to handle things well when you fly under the radar. So when comparing a situation make sure the situations are the same, apples to apples buttmunch!

  • [FFM] oh [Mohammad Atta]

    That forehead scares me. .

    Not cute.

  • lila

    Why should everything always be about Brad, Angelina & Jennifer? We’re talking about Reese here. Please stick to the subject.

  • Emma

    In response to number 18 I think her personality is such that she always wants to feel like she’s in control, after all, her company is famously named Type A Films. She seems like a very hard-working person who would do whatever it took to save her marriage but sometimes that’s not enough…That’s just my interpretation of what she said.

  • tabi

    #2 YEAH
    You sound like a real idiot. Since when adopting kids is buying for attention. I have 2 adopted kids and 2 biological and I love all of them daily. I resent your stupid comment. Kids needs love and stability whether they are biological or adopted. And it speaks volume of a person character to take a child into their home and raise that child like there own.

  • craze

    Why has this become about Brad, Angie and Jen. Who cares the topic is a beautiful classy woman named Reese. So all you Jen bashers and Angie bashers find another place to voice your opinions. It’s really sad to constantly see people attacking others over celebrities they will never know. To me it’s one of the ultimate showcases of why there can never be world peace. People can’t accept that others have a difference in opinion and there is no reason to fight.

  • why?

    Divorce must be good for women. They never look so good until they break up with their husbands.


    I honestly hate to mention Aniston, but once again, her psycho “fans” should accept
    the reality of who she REALLY is ( by now, no one is buying her pity parties and nasty comments – that are not my opinion but a FACT), and

    QUIT harassing people on each and every thread that is NOT hers!

    ALREADY! It is about time, especially if you are not young and are almost

  • tallulah

    she losted weight and she became clasicÇ? comme on!!

  • Mondo Bongo!


  • Jewel

    Does anyone know who the designer is for that green dress?….its beautiful!

  • Lalay

    Her poses aren’t really exotic becuz she such a good girl, but she’s a great actress and beautiful

  • Lalay

    Such a green dress would look good on Angelina Jolie becuz it brings out the color i her eyes and becuz she wears too much black(even before her mother died)

  • Lekker meid

    She is very classy looking and beautiful. I think she impressed everyone in WTL and I think she can go really far in acting. I heard she is dating Jake Gyllenhaal. I think she can do much better!

  • Innsbruck

    She’s realy hot but humble too!

    thats the best qualities in a woman!