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Ashlee Simpson Vacations with Pete Wentz

Ashlee Simpson Vacations with Pete Wentz

Hot off her vacation in Cabo San Lucas with rumored boyfriend Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy), a very tanned Ashlee Simpson leads her pack of bronzed buddies as they arrive at LAX Airport on Monday night.

Ashlee, 22, and Pete, 27, vacationed at the Esperanza Resort in Cabo.

Ashlee‘s ex, Desperate Housewives star Josh Henderson, is rumored to be dating Paris Hilton. The pair have been spotted out and about on multiple occasions.

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Photos: Bauer-Griffin
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  • gala

    wowww, she’s had too much plastic surgery

  • [Fuggum Fug Fugly]

    Why Pete, Why?

    At least he got with the ‘better looking non-talended’ sister.

  • SoHappyForSalma

    Oompa loompa were short orange people from Willy Wonka. I’m guessing pple are calling her that since her skin is always some unnatural orange tint.

  • BiteYou

    really? attention much? have you seen all of the pictures paparazzi has taken of her? she’s, like, smiling sooo wide. gahd.

  • TskTsk

    Orange skin is the new thing in FollyWood. It’s like follow the leader. (whoever that is)

  • essie

    at first, i didn’t mind the rhinoplasty and botox in the lips thing.. but now everytime i see her it really bugs me. i think i’d rather have her lip syncing days than this.

  • Orange County Princess

    Fall Out Boy fans loathe Ashlee, but Pete won’t officially admit they’re seeing each other because he has said it’s nothing serious. He has admitted to seeing someone in an interview in an Australian magazine, and he said
    ‘it’s early days yet and I’m just going to see where it goes…

    It won’t ‘go’ anywhere but into magazines and on online gossip blogs. Ashlee loves the media attention, but Pete hates it and he won’t stand it for long.

  • essie

    i thought ashlee hooked up with ryan phillippe.. that’s what MSN tells me!

  • taylor

    her nose looks worse.

  • taylor

    pete wentz is dating no one he clarified that a while ago
    if he ever dated ashlee simpson, i’d fckin kill him.

  • CapriciousGirl

    Isn’t paris supposed to be in a long term relationship with starvos? anybody…?

  • Brendonurie#1fan

    Why Ashlee Simpson? she’s not even talented!!! Pete, there’s WAY better girls than Ashlee. Pete Wentz and Aslee Simpson are the worst couple ever!!!!!

  • this is funny shit

    ok the only attention fall out boy fans will be giving ashlee is hatred

    them together

    pete why?
    choke me dead grottie to the core ew
    pete please dump her i beg you

    …..ewww thinking about it makes me want to gurf…..

  • Casey

    If Pete Wentz is dating Ashlee Simpson then Im happy for him. Im a huge fan of his and have been for years, waaaaaay before FUCT was released. If any of you knew what Pete has gone thru in the past couple years, then you guys would be happy for him too.

  • Rachydee

    I think Ashlee Simpson is so ugly. Pete should just go back to the girl he usually obsesses over and writes songs about. Apparantly, Ashlee isnt that good enough to have Pete write songs about her. I hate that girl. She is so trying to become like her sister. Anyway, I am totally in love with Pete. I get to see him soon. yay



  • Billie-Jean

    OMG! get a fuc*ing life, I swear to god does it really matter if he’s seeing ashlee! she’s alright. I’m a fan of both and I think it’s great…if their both happy then leave them alone.

  • Lisa

    personaly, i can’t stand Ashlee. she just anoys me. ^__^

    if Pete is happy with her, that’s great…
    but i can’t stop thinking ‘Why her, Pete, why her?!’
    i’m a huge fan of Pete, i and i think he can find a much better girl.

    well, good luck with the relationsship. . .

  • annemarie

    im like huge fan pete wentz and ashlee is not the right girl for pete cause im am~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • beth

    omg , ashlee simpson . I am a REALLY big fan of pete wentz and fallout boy . i would be happy for him if he had a girl who was right for him and who is not ashlee simpson . she doesnt deserve him ,no way . shes a wanna-be

  • XOX_broken_heart_XOX

    aaaahhhh!!!!!!! why cant i be with pete??

  • amanda

    Brendonurie#1fan Says:

    March 22nd, 2007 at 5:49 pm – flag comment
    Why Ashlee Simpson? she’s not even talented!!! Pete, there’s WAY better girls than Ashlee. Pete Wentz and Aslee Simpson are the worst couple ever!!!!!

    i soo agree!!! and there new album is ok…if you guys listen closely to song number 2 (i think its the take over te breaks over) in the beggiining it sounds like the song boyfriend frm ashlee simpson. And anyways obviously if pete is saying theres no relationship in between them that means theres no fuckin relationship!!! if he were to truly love her…he would be the man he is and say the truth(unless hes not manly enough) or maybe hes just afraid…i dont know
    but thats my opinion

  • Kinjal

    i feel bad.
    we shouldnt talk abt them that way — it’s their life.
    if we really were FOB fans, we wouldnt hurt Pete’s feelings like that.

  • pshlosers

    it’s more like SHE deserves better. he is GROSS.

  • chanel luvr

    pete is hot and ashlee is too! Shut up you h8rs! Pete cud do better, but if he wants her than he wants her, not really much you can do about it, so stop whining!!!!!!!

  • bellaheartsFOBwithallherlyfe

    you guys are such haters! i know that pete can do better, but imagine the pressure on him! besides, i honestly think that its better for pete to go out with ashlee than some other chick like paris or lindsay, i dont think ashlee would do something rude to pete like other girls in hollywood could do. pete is an amazing singer and songwriter, and i cant wait to hear more from them and if they are happy, if you are a true fan like me, you should be happy too! good for you pete!!!!!!good luck(if you are actually are in a relationship, you can never here the truth with these stupid magazines!)


    yes!!!!! i agree with BELLAHEARTSFOB!!!!!


    Pete can get so much better,matbe if ha came to Australia he could see all the hot chicks here.Ashley looked so much beeter without all the plastic surge.i look at her and all i see is fake fake fake.She really dose look like a barbie cause shes all shiny cold hard plastic.ewwwwwwwwwwwww


    Pete can get so much better,maybe if ha came to Australia he could see all the hot chicks here.Ashley looked so much beeter without all the plastic surge.i look at her and all i see is fake fake fake.She really dose look like a barbie cause shes all shiny cold hard plastic.ewwwwwwwwwwwww

  • niroomaz

    why her?.,i love FOB.,i don’t like aShLee cuZ sHe’s a pOser, a wanAbee.,i’m sorry i just can’t stand her!!!Pete is so cute and so is Patrick.LOL

  • Fėja

    it is just sooo not good.God I hate ashlee so much she is like my clasmate which i hated soo much.With her I never had a friendship or something we were all the time fighting.I don’t know why but many boys liked her,but she was just allways smiling b**ch.If Pete is dating with ashlee he is A *****!!!!god men are so stupid ;?

  • Sonny Romance

    I HATE ASHLEE SIMPSON! SHE MUST DIE!!!!! Me and my bestie Aiden are gonna go to beverly hills and MURDER her :) Pete Wentz is mine okie dokie

    end of story.

  • Tara

    I love FOB aspecially pete and no way do i think shes rite 4 him i mean if he really did like her he wouldnt be ashamed 2 say hes with her coz he like dosent ever say there togther but i guess if its who he really wants 2 be with then we should get over it which is very hard and i cant at the moment coz shes a fugly s**t who needs 2 get a life

  • bad very bad

    they made out bad bad bad so very bad

  • bad very bad

    they made out !!!!!

  • danielle

    wow you guys need to like chill and stop hating ashlee simpson and i think her and pete wentz are great together i loveee both of them and you should be mature about the whole thing.

  • Sydney

    I think people are way too judgmental.

  • Ioa_luv_pete_wentz

    okay. yall need to get over it. it’s not like yall have a chance with him……..seriously. so stop judging her for the way she looks. yes, she did get a plastic surgery and now, she’s pretty. i think u guys are just jealous. yes, i LOVE pete wentz but at least im not judging on how she looks.

  • katie

    ok when i heard they were dating i was like
    im glad to read that i’m not the only one who thinks this
    Pete can do so much better!!!!!!!!
    but I heard they weren’t dating anymore so its all good in da hood :P

  • Lolly

    OK look!! this is stupid! It’s Pete’s choice he can go out with whoeva the fuck he lyks I mean I don’t even kno her that well I mean I kno her sisters a slag but I don’t really care about his love life I mean it’s not lyk any of his fans r gonna hav a chance with him!! I mean I love Pete I think he’s the sex but I’m only 16 so u kno dream on like! If u r true fall out boy fans u shud just b interested in the music coz that’s what they r there 4! It’s nice to kno a little bout em! I really feel sorry for Patrick coz most of da attention goes to Pete coz he’s hot!! some answers plzxxxxxx

  • hmm

    eeeow Pete she had too many plastic surgery !
    she’s plastic!

  • ivy

    yeah i agree with you Lolly!…let’s focus to the fall out boys!
    not the ashlee and pete issue!….ur right !..
    MEETING a superstar?!…..that’s quite impossible..!

  • ken*

    omgsh pete wentz is soo hot! he doesnt need that non talented ho ruinin his caree for him! i think he nees to hook up with me;)

  • http://shelbrzzzzzz shelby g

    hey this is shelberz i dont lik the fact that pete and ashlee r goin out becas pete is way 2 hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhoooooooooooottttttttttt for she needs 2 back off.

  • http://nottellinu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxTaMzxxx

    fuckin hell !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Who does she think she is?
    pete can do better than her!
    i mean every one likes pete,
    he’s sooooooooooooooo buff!!

    why her?

  • crystal

    I HATE YOU SO are such a WANABee,I luv pete moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee than you.

  • indina wentz

    I hate you ashlee simpson! You are such a b***h and I hate your guts i hope you DIE!

  • Ashlee

    If petes happy, then im happy for him.
    he writes great music, and im a huge fan.
    doesnt change how i feel about fall out boy at all.
    but im still no Ashlee Simpson fan. unfortunately we have the same first name.

  • Ashlee

    p.s Happy Birthday To Pete

    and im sooo stoked for the civic tour!!

  • fall out girl

    i hate ashlee simpson shes a stupid whore