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Jennifer Aniston: Behind-the-Scenes on 'Dirt'

Jennifer Aniston: Behind-the-Scenes on 'Dirt'

Through Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox reunited for two days to film the March 27 episode of FX’s Dirt, TV Guide says not to expect any sweet Central Perk-type moments.

Aniston guest stars as Tina Harrod, a rival tabloid editor to Lucy (Cox). But unlike the eternally single and utterly detestable Lucy, Tina has a family and everyone loves her.

Everyone loves Jennifer Aniston! There’s nothing like a little Friend-ly rivalry to make a show must-see TV.

When Lucy see Tina (Aniston) chatting with DirtNow‘s publisher, Brent Barrow (Jeffrey Nordling), she thinks her job’s in danger. Cue the tension!

Dirt episode “Ita Missa Est” airs next Tuesday, March 27.

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  • TskTsk

    The show is BUBU…I tried watching it, didn’t work out.

  • James

    I’m going to watch this episode just for her
    Love jen ;D

  • Lovely

    Love her! Thanks Jared.

  • Besane

    Very gentle way to ease her friend back into the TV land where she belongs. Nicely done, Cox.

  • deedee

    Yep. TV is certainly Jen’s forte.

  • overrated

    Jen Aniston over rated . sorry to hear that Dirt might not be continued by the network.


    #4 Besane …ITA.

  • James

    what angelina Jolie have to do with this thread ? i mean, stop with this
    get a life

  • checkers

    Hi hottest couple ever!! #8 Cha!! I totally agree with you!! infact, I saw a pic of her on PR and she was smiling, and not hiding, it is probably because she is a guest on DIRT and want people watch it!! AND NO NOT EVERYONE LIKES HER!

  • Mondo Bongo!

    Dirt needs more than a Jennifer Aniston to save it, it
    needs a miracle!!! hmmmmmmmmm miracle diry!

  • Cha

    #9 James:

    I am a lurker 98% of the time. JA fans come saying really bad things on every BAMPZS thread on this site. So I brought AJ up to give y’all a taste of your own medicine. Not so fun, is it?

    #10 checkers, I didn’t really understand what you were saying. Could you rephrase it for me? :)

  • checkers

    12#CHA… what I meant was, lately, she hasn’t been nice to the paparrazi and always hiding, but today, I saw at pic of her @ PR and she was all smiles and friendly, so I said, maybe it is because of her being a guest @ this show called DIRT so it won’t bomb!!

  • idiot

    cha, go back to angelina thread. what are you like 12? everyone knows this is an AJ fansite! look at any thread on this site, HELLO

  • isabella

    Just because Jen is low key doesn’t mean she’s not talented.
    a lot of good actors keep a low profile to put their talent first.
    Sorry she’s not controversial enough and giving constant press conferences
    for her good deeds.

    stop hype.

  • sue

    i’m beginning to like this woman, she’s classy and seems to be liked by other women, which is telling. She is a woman’s woman.

    i don’t get maniston, she’s extremely attractive. I wish I looked like her.

  • Kudo

    Cha Says:

    March 20th, 2007 at 5:50 pm – flag comment

    Your just trying to stir things up… I think the majority of the Bampzs fans are showing a whole hell of a lotta class by basically ignoring this thread.

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    Jan Brady back on TV?

    Tv , film?..TV, Film?…..TV, Film? ….hmmm tough choice.

    some have no choice: tv land they shall remain.

  • Spain

    ummmmmmmmm fake

  • James



    Yes but just because other people do that doesn’t mean you have to do it too.
    Good sense, please.

  • http://GPost Team Lara Croft

    Marcia Marcia Marcia!!!!!

  • konnie

    ohhh she’s so hot & georgeous. She seems so happy & relaxed. Single life really fits her. I cant wait to see the episode, and cant wait to see what movie project is comming up from her, love her as an actress, loooove all her movies.

  • estel

    When is everyone going to realize this b*tch has no talent? She is always the same character and is always mediocre. I hate that girl a WHOLE lot

  • kidi

    There must be tons of parts out there for a middling-talented approaching-40-but-aging-poorly actress who can only wear her long hair parted in the middle. Tons.

  • how true

    Fugly and untalented.

  • WTF

    I can’t believe her untalented ass is going to be on my new favorite show! Maybe she gets killed at the end. That would be cool.

  • Kudo

    Kudo Says:

    March 20th, 2007 at 6:04 pm – flag comment
    Sorry I was wrong…. I take my comment back!

  • creole

    still the same hairdo ? tied with Rachel till end do them apart;


  • dark faith

    jennifer aniston is the troll next door

    jennifer aniston is americas troll

    SILVIA NAVARRO IS BEAUTIFUL, aniston is ugly

  • antitammy

    Jared stop poking the loons with the stick.

  • irma

    Courteney is so beautiful compare to Aniston. I do no like Aniston but I admire Courteney so much.

  • ls

    why all the hate? what can any of you ppl have anything against jennifer? i love dirt by the way. i love how they refer to real celeb issues and juice it up. did any of you see the eppy where joe simpson-like guy tried to sell his daughter for publicity? if you come to celeb blogs everyday and then claim that u dont like this show, you’re lying.

  • anustin

    joe simpson lookz better than his daughters.

  • anustin

    sue,u wish u look like her?bwahahaha!!!then ur fugly.

  • dark faith

    silvia navarro is more beautiful than aniston

    SILVIA NAVARRO IS BEAUTIFUL aniston looks like a troll

  • freddie

    there both looking pretty fugly to me and only the fan’s will watch this show but there even getting bored that’s why the show isn’t a hit Jen need’s to work in something so why not her friends show it’s being canceled anyway so they don’t have to worry about Jen messing it up.
    Sorry but i was a great fan of her’s in Friends and as a fan i watched everything she did after, sorry but i have to agree she’s so deadpan so natha zip nothing i felt really bad for her.
    i feel for her but she made her millon’s with Friends and the other movies that bombed oh sorry one was good for one week i couldn’t even sit thru the break-up and i use to idolize her until she made alot of bad remark’s about her relation-ship ect her interview’s were painful to read cause i got to know she wasn’t the woman i thought she was.
    But then i’m just a fan use to be and Courtney look’s pretty washed up i’s say good ridence to both of them but good luck.

  • sue

    apparently most of AJ’s fans are children! Give me a fuc*en break!

  • Mego

    This is just Jared’s smoke screen to keep you freaks from reading the news all over the net about Angie whoring out Pax. Good night one and all.

  • sam

    Looking good! Ignore the BAMZS fans a hard day for them as Brad couldn’t find the time to go and get his child. Angie and him are spending alot of time apart. This kind of stuff is hard on them and they have to take it out on jennifer.

  • justsoyouknow

    she is so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111 cant wait for her movie with Meryl streep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • You/Me

    Jen is looking good. I like DIRT and am looking foward to this episode because I think Jen will play a character that is way out of the norm for her. People rag on her for leaning on Courtney so much but I have leaned on friends and have been a friend to special people in my life when I need it or they need it the most. Only those who truly know what friendship is all about would understand this. Anyway, like I said, Jen is looking good……love the new hair color…..and I’m looking forward to the show!

  • GMAFB2

    sam Says:

    March 20th, 2007 at 10:02 pm – flag comment


    A week apart is a long time apart? LOL.

    I know, you’re used to seeing them together everyday.

    Talk to Aniston about long periods apart. She knows all about that. Helped her lose two relationships.

    Eh. Jen is working on splittling up CC and David. It’s working too. They’re spending alot of time apart.

    In fact, CC was seen strolling the beach with another man the other day. Poor David.

  • ida

    what beauty you talking about,even our neighbours dog charlie looks better than her untalented over tanned ass

  • renee

    same old style same old act.
    the show is not working. by putting maniston in it will make it worse.
    Friends’s era is over. they just cannot face it.
    there are tons of better shows out there like heroes, prison break, desperate housewives, lost ect. trying to make friends reunion? i don’t think so… besides, all the cast members are cursed to be in the worst of luck!!

  • ida

    your useless idol cannot keep a man,she is gonna marry norman the dog.angie is back in brads arms right now.what has ugly chin gotton,money in the bank with no happiness,money cannot buy her love.leave angie alone,she has all she ever wanted a career a family and the love of her life.all you big chin fans are dumpees losers racists and lunatics

  • amle

    I will watch dirt to see Jen, but the show sucks.

  • Coco

    Hate this beeyotch. leaving Hollywood yet. Hurry up. I can’t stand you much!

  • Peter

    Annoying as hell. Can’t she just go away….

  • Celeb_Star

    Well I DON’T love Jen.

  • dark faith




  • Yeah

    Jen looks fine just the way she is and definitely does not need to change anything to impress anyone.

    I don’t see where anyone has ragged on skankalina, whorelina, whatever her walking dead name is and she changed her hair or her evil dark self. So blow yourself already!!!