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Justin Timberlake: It's All In The Details

Justin Timberlake: It's All In The Details

Justin Timberlake is the cover boy for the April 2007 issue of Details Magazine. Here are some of the highlights from Justin‘s interview with Details:

  • On the tabloids: “I despise what they do. They create soap operas out of people’s lives. [Cameron and I] had our thing, and it’s over. They edit that stuff like MTV edits reality shows. It’s a spin game, and I choose not to take part in it.”
  • On being considered the New King of Pop: “I tried so hard to be an R&B artist [with first solo album Justified] and it was the pop album of the year, and I was like, ‘F***. That’s the last thing I wanted but I was like, ‘So everyone considers me a pop artist? Well, fuck it. I’m going to do whatever I want to do.”
  • On surviving the boy-band apocalypse and becoming a man: “I could give you a bunch of analogies about why I’m still around that would sound like hippie self-help bullshit. ‘I saw an opportunity and I took it?’ Fuck you. Sure, there’s a lot of luck involved. But on some level I have to believe in my ability. And I’m not apologizing to anyone. I worked fucking hard to get here.”

  • On being used by the Grammys for ratings: “I’m the nice guy who follows through on the things he commits to. But I don’t know if I’ll be going through that sort of thing again. I feel like the Grammys used me for ratings. And look at it-they were up 18 percent.”

This Justin Timberlake-centric issue hits newsstands in NY/LA today, March 20 and nationwide next Tuesday, March 27. Go get ‘em while they’re hot!

UPDATE :: Read Justin‘s full interview online at!

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  • tanique33

    HOT!!! and that details will be bought. i have to agree about the grammy’s. the commercials with him were out of control. forget that, did i mention HOT. thanks jared.

  • Just Jared

    You’re so very welcome, tanique33!!!! :D

  • emma

    LMAO! omg could he be any more up his own ass? thinking not. what an ego. crediting the 18% rise in ratings to himself? hahahahaha and all of the rest of the stupid stuff he said. and damn he sure likes to say ‘fuck’ a lot, doesnt he. i like his music, but damn, as a person, in his interviews, he comes across as arrogant and cocky.

  • tanique33

    is it really far fetched that justin timberlake would bring in an audience? i don’t think he is suggesting, and i’m certainly not that he is the sole reason for the jump. BUT they ran his commercials for weeks, along with the contest with him. so, it’s not like he is pulling that out of thin air.

    perception is a funny thing. i saw it as him being honest, not cocky. but to each his own.

  • Mary Jane

    ^My thoughts exactly emma! A very big turn-off.

  • lw

    whenever i see him i think of his ‘fro. he’ll always be the dorky boy-band lead to me.

  • Ash1969

    I really like his music, but he needs to realize he doesn’t have to use such bad language every other word to be taken seriously. It does just the opposite. Makes him look like a 13 year old who is trying to be cool!

  • emma

    hes certiantly suggesting his presence at the grammys increased ratings, first he says the grammy’s used him for ratings, then proceeds to state they went up 18%. the suggestion there is he thinks that the ratings went up so much cause of him. LMAO. whichever way you slice that, he has one hell of an ego, the vibe i get from him isnt positive from those highlights of the interview. and its nowhere near to been the first interview ive read of his, thats turned me off him.

  • Ex

    Oh dear;lets use alot of F words and it will amke me look like look like a bad ass.Pfft please,Justin get a grip and to think their last cover with David Beckham on it was great and now this?

  • tanique33

    yes emma, i said just that. he did indeed suggest they went up because of him. all i said is i dont’ think he meant he was the sole reason. but again, people love or hate him. just like people will take issue with him cursing or not. i could care less. but if he’s turned some off, i think he’ll be ok with that. you can’t please everyone.

    i quite like following up DB, with JT. details rarely let’s me down.

  • Julie

    I’m a bit disappointed after reading this. I think he or Details don’t have much respect for his fans. I read like three paragraphs in which they only dissed the fans: sluts, drunk ppl…I mean, yeah there are sluty and drunk girls but…oh what am I to say?!
    Anyways as a general comment, I’d say: Defenatly arrogant, I have to agree.

    Really disappointing for a long time fan like me. I’m among those “little girls who first felt stone strike flint in their panties while listening to the G-rated cooing of earky N*Sync that are legal now.”


    W-w-wait a second. Uh..didn’t Justin Timberlake WILLINGLY participate in that cheeseball horrific Grammy ‘talent’ showcase w/ the 3 girls…is he saying they held a gun to his head? Hahahahaha!! What a weak TOOL.

    I’ve decided I really don’t like him.

    See, I’m sorry but this dude is a p*ssy. He seems to ALWAYS back off when he finds himself in hot water (Janet Jackson ‘mishap’, Grammy debacle, etc.), and so far it’s worked – he sells millions to the kajillions of preteens that thought he was cute back in the day as the leader of a boy band, and who are now 20 somethings with jobs – most of them just as indiscrimating as ever.

    It’s called quantity not quality – if it were up to them, our world would be a Lindsey Lohan in every theater, a Paris Hilton on every tv and a Timberlake on every sound system. As for not getting an R&B designation, well prays be to Jesus, dude already thinks he’s ‘soul man’ – that would have just mde his head even fatter and his ichibod Crane nose even longer.

    Dude almost wets himself when Janet was roasted over the Superbowl stunt – b*tch was crying like he got punk’d, and then he throws Janet to the wolves…when the asshole was in on it HIMSELF!! Wuss.

    Making fun of Prince? Come on. How HUGE does your ego have to be when you go THERE??

    Gee, I can’t wait until he starts ribbing Bruce Springsteen or Bono and making fun of THEM…..

    Oh wait…he won’t EVER go there, now will he?

    Wonder why.

    This little sh*t appropriates every bit of BLACK culture he can get his greedy little hands on, and wants to re-make himself into the second coming of Marvin Gaye, yet has NO RESPECT at all.

    Justin, your ancestor’s confederate f**kin’ roots are showin’ boy.

    I’m going out to buy the CD of a white boy with REAL soul, Elliot Yamin – it drops today.

    …oh, and I also don’t like how he just cool refers to his YEARS with Cam Diaz….

    [Cameron and I] had our thing, and it’s over.

    Yeah, we got it Justin. Just like we got it when you went on Ellen and made that crack about wedding gowns, right when your album was about to drop. Nice timing in break ups. To me, it looks like most everything else, he USED her to get his foot in the door and learn the ropes re a movie career, then he dumps her when he doesn’t need her to transition and has acquired enough HW connections on his own.



    Ash1969 Says:

    March 20th, 2007 at 11:57 am – flag comment
    I really like his music, but he needs to realize he doesn’t have to use such bad language every other word to be taken seriously. It does just the opposite. Makes him look like a 13 year old who is trying to be cool!

    Oh yeah — I meant to say this too…lmao, but you did it so much better.

    Once again, and like I said – POSER.

  • loretta

    Arrogant and overrated


    …oh and one more thing. Dude. You are NOT Brad Pitt, and you can NOT where that haircut. Not 5 years ago, not now, not in 10 years, or 20 – that haircut is NOT FOR YOU. That ‘Mr. Smith’ cut has been all the rage for a while…but it’s like fookin’ skinny jeans, not everyone is fit to squeeze their a s s in a pair. When you have an Ichibod Crane nose like JT, it really is NOT a good look.

  • [Fuggum Fug Fugly]

    Wow.. Justin is really getting thrown ‘under the bus’ by the Pitt lovers. Lol

  • GO

    I really don’t see it? What is so cute or sexy about a pale, skinny, squeaky voiced jackass? please someone explain?

  • Keeping it real

    He is such more then Brad .. and moves mmmmmmm! Angie prefers flying a plane over sex with Brad. Yawn … zzzzz! Funny how Chinqua talks about his swearing when her trucker mouth on the B&A threads are like someone fell asleep on the keyboard ************************************************ rest assure Chinque no one cares what you think except the brag hags.

  • Jude

    I don’t think Justin is that actrative. He is luckly that, we live now in the photoshop world. He and other so called beauties (female or male). I think he is tallented but hasn’t a great singing voice. Maybe he should just stay with songwrinting.
    If he had lived in Frank Sinatra times, he, and many others singers, wouln’t have a chance, because at those times to have a voice was more important then to have an image.

  • oh brother

    Sounds like Cameron Diaz had a bad influence on him.

    Justin, clean up your mouth. You’re probably trying to sound like an adult, but it just makes you look stupid and immature.

    GROW UP!!!

  • hollyword

    hes swearing cause he’s still trying to loose his boy band past, its kinda dumb

  • KC

    Is it just me, or is he always sucking up to black people?

  • ME

    WOW he shure has a big Ego!!!!!!!!

    I dont know why he is acting so wierd like an ass.
    He despretly wants to be adult!!

    I remember when he was with Britney he was very nice and sweet
    now he is just a wannabe wigger with a big ego!

    I mean how ignorant have you to be to diss PRINCE!!!!!!!
    I mean PRINCE is a LEGEND and Justin is a litle star!

    BRITNEY sold 80 million cd and justin 11 million
    so even Britney is mutch bigger than him!!


  • Layla

    Wow, somebody’s really beginning to believe their own bullshit press! Come on, you’re the biggest thing in a mediocre music market right now. Get over yourself JT.

  • Captive

    Man cliniqua you said everything I was thinking. I have never liked him. He’s arrogant and a cocky SOB. He thinks he’s gods gift to women when all he creates is headaches with his so called soul sound. He sounds squeeky and tries TOO hard. He is not black and will never be black. Nor will the little white boy ever be hip or cool enough to be credited as being an r&b singer. Dissing the very ppl who give you awards is tacky and very disrespectful. How ungrateful can one guy be? geez. It’s ok Justin cuz surely when you are doing nothing in 10 years or hell when you are on mtv’s where are they now or vhi surreal life you probably wont be bitching then huh? Your acting sux sticks to what you know (which isn’t what hes good at anyways). Thank god I didn’t make him richer by buying his album.

  • Cynthia

    Yes, he is arrogant and overrated much. Go fill your gas bag Justin and blow away!

  • AL

    Boo hoo. Poor little Justin was used by the Grammys, who are watched by the poor souls who buy his albums. It’s so tragic when celebrities are used. You know by the Grammys and celeb magazines who keep them in the spotlight. Oh yeah, and are purchased by the people who buy their albums.

    I feel as bad for Justin as I do for poor Matt Damon who has to fulfill his contracts for movies by promoting them. Waaahhh!

  • Amy

    I love his album and all (mostly thanks to the ever-amazing Timbo), but he sounds really bitter here. As if life isn’t going way up for him already. He’s giving himself too much credit for being the reason why people watch the Grammys. He’s right…I did watch it for him. And Mary J. Blige. And John Legend. And a whole lot of other people. Uggh, whenever I see his performances, he seems like a very sweet person, but his attitude in real life is just so arrogant. And he’s lucky he even won a Grammy for the best “Pop” album, because I could think of many artists who are more deserving of it than him. “Justified” wasn’t RnB. Beyonce isn’t RnB. Try listening to Tamia, Heather Headley, Monica, Donnell Jones, Robin Thicke etc. True artists, and their asses aren’t getting recognition.
    I think he’s just worried that Usher’s gonna come back and whip his ass with new material. Robin Thicke’s already catching up.

  • bdj

    Justin is all smoke and mirrors. Just pull back the curtain and you will find Timbaland.

  • Sarath

    I love JT and he was just speaking his mind. So what it may not be what you want to hear…it’s how he feels….so back the fuck off! He’s got lots of talent (regardless what some of you haters say) and I think he was being honest. I heart Justin and always will!! I went to his concert in Nashville, TN this past weekend and he was AWESOME!!!! I can’t imagine having all these girls acting a fool over me…….PS.. I was not drunk and still had a blast

  • MA

    i cant believe this…i honestly really like him but is it me..or did his head get big?!?!

  • ks

    I never thought he was cute, but he seemed like a nice guy. Lately, his head has gotten pretty big about himself. Why is he doing that brooding-eye-staring thing? Only Wentworth Miller can that!!

  • Missy

    what a grumpy fucker! his head is so far up his own arse these days!

  • rachel

    I have to admit, JT is a talented guy. But he has a potty mouth…

  • babyt

    When I read the summary of this article I was thinking what an egotistical son of a b*tch. Then I read the real thing and I felt, a little better cause it got me feeling like I could relate to him…which I can’t. I’ll admit he is a star and has a huge ego, just like anyone else. I don’t know why so many people expect him to be down to earth every second. He’s just speaking his mind…not to mention I bet anyone would kill for the type of money and fame he has. (wouldn’t you get a little egotistical too? knowing that people think you are great…alot of people are going to say no…but eventually it does go to your head…even just a little.

  • Queen Anakhsonamun

    Wait a second. What’s that shit about “he’s sucking up to black people”!!!!? Question 4 u… black artists like Nelly, T.I., 50 Cent, 3 6 Mafia, Pharrell, Timbo, Briam Mcknight, Clipse, Will.I.Am, & so fuckin’ on, agree 2 collaborate with him – WHY? Does that mean they r sucking up 2 his white ass!?! He’ s Talented Singer/songwriter/Producer/actor! Hell, He producd shit 4 Timbs new album & Macy Gray’s new album 2! He has got a production Company Wit Will.I.Am Called “JawBreakers”! He has been in this music industry since he was 15! He’s Come a long way and he deserves everything he gets! And that shit about him swearing – the rappers can swear when they talk and that doesn’t make “whatever” but when JT does that “hes doing that just 2 sound more like a grown up!” Men, i’m tired…. all i wanna say is that this is just the tip of the ice berg – THERES A LOT MORE JT 2 COME! All u heaters – DIE mothafuckas DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • emma

    ^ you are batshit crazy. calm yourself down, its really not that serious.

    he obviously DOES have a massive ego, no point in denying it, its clear as hell when you read the full interview. he obviously is hugely obnoxious and arrogant somtimes, he was in this interview. and the ‘hes earned the right to be arrogant’ argument is pathetic, arrogant is arrogant, no matter how you slice it. suggesting that the 18% rise in ratings was down to him been there is really laughable. according to what ive read, the reason for the rise was to do with the police. he really is believing his own hype thinking he has such influence that the ratings went up so much because of him. theres honest, and then theres been an obnoxious idiot about it. hes in the latter.

  • JON

    That comment about the Grammys was a bit conceited.If he didnt want to do it he should have said NO !!!!

  • Sarath

    I watched the Grammys only b/c Justin was going to be on it :P

  • JB

    TOOL!!!! I’ve always thought of him as an arrogant try-hard poser. Him and Cam were the stupidest celebrity couple ever.

  • Nadine


  • Q

    Justin is a user.
    Jon b is 20x better.

    When will people wake up to this twat.
    He can’t act.