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Wentworth Miller Loves Christina Rose

Wentworth Miller Loves Christina Rose

Welcome back readers! Once again, let’s cut to the chase to “The Good, the Bad, and the Pretty” for Prison Break episode “Panama.”


Mahone and his knowledge of everything! Even I gotta give the big guy big ups for cracking the Greek alphabet clue. Only he could have put “Omega” with Christina Rose Scofield. What the?! Nice to see a bit of humanity left in him when he advised Wheeler to never cross over to the dark side. Padman speaks! And since he can’t kill the brothers, he has alternate plan for them involving Sona. The best news of all: C-Note is free. Finally some sort of real happiness for someone!

Recap continued after the jump… For 70+ screencaps of Prison Break, CLICK HERE!



T-Bag’s killing spree is getting annoying. And having hookers pretend to be Susan Hollander? Real classy. Sara gave herself up so the boys could get away. Does it really take one week to get to Panama?! Sucre and Bellick’s alliance didn’t really do much for me. Michael and Linc’s “fighting” (if you can even call it that) was so borderline pathetic that I didn’t know if I should be laughing or not. Well Linc saved the moment with his pretty speech at the end. And it was nice for the brothers to talk about poor Veronica.


What a lack of reaction Michael! Sara reciprocated your feelings of LOVE! His moodiness throughout Panama was a little irksome. You should be happy Michael! Your brother is free! Your plan worked from Alpha to Omega! Stop brooding! By the way, loved the hoodie. Please wear it more often! Thanks so much! And Michael! I am shocked! Don’t you know your cellie better than that?! Michael wrongfully reads a message from “Sucre” on and runs off to meet Mahone instead just to get T-Bag off the streets. I want to say kudos to you Michael for doing what’s right, but all I can only say Doh!

What will happen next? And Sona is still NOT good! I know but I won’t tell! Sara has a surprise witness at her trial, Mahone and Lincoln duke it out and Michael gains an unlikely ally. Is this the last we see of Dr. Kellerman? And T-Bag tells Michael to “Bring it b****!” Still can’t stop laughing! Just 2 more episodes left this season. Stay tuned next week for “Fin Del Camino” (End of the Road)!

(Written by geniass)
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  • tina

    i knew c-note is the one getting a happy ending. he deserves it.

  • meemee

    OMG… this episode was awesome last night. I laughed my head off when Cristina Rose was actually a boat. Went looked so amazing last night Yum! Yum! The return of the buzz cut!!

  • ks

    I thought the episode was pretty good. The Sara and Michael scene was sooo sad, I think I actually shed a tear. The brothers fighting was necessary. They ARE brothers and eventually they will disagree. T-Bag really does need to go, let’s hope the writers have a clever way of taking him off the show to justify for having him killed for so long. Only 2 more episode left??!! OMG!!!

  • Jazzmine

    There are so many great screencaps, I just… just don’t know which one to look at first, maybe I’ll start with a hoodie pic… mmm, yes, Went in a hoodie! BTW loved this episode.

  • tanique33

    best part was the link/michael fight. seriously how bored am i with tbag killing a person a week? over it. still blah to mike and sarah.

    it’s funny, jared, you like mahoney figuring it all out. i tend to roll my eyes, as he is always the one to get everything.

    happy c-note was free, but i wish i could believe that was it. with this show, they’ll probably kill him next week.

  • Bunny

    Yup the brothers long struggle is finally getting to them-so close but not near enought as they count the losses and the bodies. T-Bag has gone over to the eck-factor. Now he is killing to kill. While Mahone is still looking for a way out-doors are closeing. And poor Sara has lost everything-even Michael.

  • Bunny

    I didn’t like the way that door slammed as C-note and family were leaving. Gave me the chills-very eerrie.

  • D

    Did anyone notice that the woman who played hooker #1 while T-Bag was in Mexico (you all know the one he killed in the tub) is the same person who plays Steffania on Everybody Loves Raymond. She was Robert’s girlfriend whom he met when the whole family made a trip to Italy. She then settled in New York with her father who bought a restaurant. Robert Barone was dating her, but left her for way too fugly Amy Doogle, whom he later married. Robert and Steffania made a cute couple.

  • Mrs Miller

    Wentworth looks so HOT & SEXY in all the pictures, he just gets better & better with each week, love Prison Break.

  • TSY

    I was not so impressed witht he whole “Christina Rose” mystery. Why would Michael need a tattoo with Jesus springing from a rose with the numbers 6-1-7 below it? Can’t he remember that he named the boat after his own mother?

    Plus, we missed a chance to have Sara and Michael on a boat together for a week (oh the things they could find to do to occupy their time!).

    So far, there is nothing to entice me to watch next season. Only two episodes left to draw me back in for the next season. Don’t see it happening.

  • Bianca

    The sweetest thing in this ep was Sara telling Michael she loves him! OMG that was killing me! Since she knew she wouldne ‘see him soon’ at all but gods knows when, again? so bittersweet and friggin good acting from SWC!

  • inkwerty’shumbleopinion

    I too thought the Christina Rose thing was stupid …he is not going to forget his Mothers name! Yes, Wentie in a Hoodie…………wentalicious. Yummy!
    As Always..Thanks JJared!!

  • angelina_mmm

    the way he stands :)
    thank you Jared for new pics :)

  • wvufan

    Good episode, I thought the “christina rose” thing was clever. I agree with Bunny the closing of the door on C-Note and family was kinda of eerrie. Of course sad about Sara and Michael but Wentworth was handsome as ever.. thanks JJ for the update…

  • Belle

    I agree.. Michael should wear that hoodie all the time. I thought i was the only one that noticed =)

  • Mink

    Would it really take a week to get to Panama? Well by freighter via the Great Lakes, yes, G, it would! ;) And the fighting and pouting were sex-ay! Me likey! :D

    And once again…Holy Hell, Wentworth looks hot with the buzz.

  • Huh???

    Does anyone have a theory on why Kim told Mahone that T-bag had already been apprehended in Panama, but after that scene it shows (a free) T-Bag asking those cough*nice-ladies*cough to say “Hello Teddy” in their best english??? Did I miss something? Thanx

  • superfan

    the “PEACHFUZZ” is BACK!!!…LOL!

  • blah

    i just really don’t know what to say about the show anymore. the plots are just so thin and uninteresting. i agree about the name of the ship, like he wouldn’t remember it and why were those numbers so completely, utterly obvious? wouldn’t he have tried to hide them? and then the thing that really killed me was the message from sucre. you mean to tell me that this man (michael) is so highly intelligent as to create an intricate code system for every part of his life yet he doesn’t have a way of verifying sucre’s identity except a message signed “sucre”? why did he just jump on that? and why didn’t he get c-notes messages that he sent only a brief time earlier? i think there are a number of things that have killed this show – the overacting, the plots that go nowhere, the holes in the script, the lack of drama and anticipation and the drawn out stories – but the thing that kills me the most is the whole real-time aspect that they try to keep forcing. whereas 24 works because of its real-time process it just stretches pb way too thin. lock em up and let them try to escape again next season. by then everyone will be dead and it will be the same show again with new characters and your viewership will drop but really it’s not doing so hot as it is.

  • Mink

    To Huh??? – T-Bag was under surveillance by the guy from the Company with the gun in his belt. Although why they wouldn’t just tell him to sit his a*s in his hotel room and wait for Michael to turn up, I have no idea. Logic? Not necessarily this show’s strong point.

  • Huh???

    Oh, so the guy with the gun in his belt works for the company, that makes sense now! I thought that guy with the gun was a pimp, because when T-bag picked that cough*nice lady*cough, it looked liked T-bag looked back at the guy, and the guy with the gun nodded like yeah, it’s ok you can take her. Thanks for the information it all makes sense to me now, I appreciate it! :)

  • meemee

    Why would T-Bag be under surveillance by the Company? That doesn’t make sense, unless they are using him to lure Michael and Lincoln. What happened to the 5 million dollars? Did T-bag cut a deal with The Company for his release from Mexico? Hmmm……

  • snowflake

    OMG! Can’t believe that it’s only 2 eps left… I don’t want this to end.
    Sara is the best! It’s really heartbreaking that they’re not together, but wasn’t that the sweetest thing she did. I can’t believe she sacrified herself so Michael could be free. She’s just adorable!
    By the way, love the hoodie! Can he be any hotter? Don’t understand how someone can be that hot even when wearing that ugly green jacket… Amazing!

  • Vada

    ^I think it was a Pimp. But then the company seems to want to use T-Bag to lure Michael … so it could have been someone from the company, but I kinda doubt that. they’d shadow him, but not show themselves to him.

    am I the only person who thought Michael looked like Anakin Skywalker turned Darth Vader in that hoodie shot???


    are they trying to tell us something here??? … interesting!!!

  • Huh???

    Well it makes sense that the company would use T-bag to lure Michael and Linc in. The company may know how bad Michael wants to do away with T-Bag for all the killing he has done, like Michael said to Linc “All the killing that T-Bag does is blood on our hands.” So I think Michael feels somewhat guilty and wants T-Bag off the streets ASAP, and will hunt him down, although I have no idea what Micheal would do to T-Bag once he found him, because I can’t imagine Michael killing T-Bag or anyone for that matter!?!?
    Although the show made the guy with gun look like a pimp (IMO), I think he probably does work for the company. and yes I agree with everyone, Michael/Went is all kinds of hot in that hoodie! :)

    Vada- That picture scared the daylights out of me! tee hee :)

  • Softspoken

    I hate Sara!!! Kill Her Please!!!!
    Sara gets on my nerves. First of all, it seems as if she almost feels sorry for herself. She had a choice to either stay out of trouble or plunge right in… She chose to plunge right in. Now all of a sudden were supposed to feel sorry for her? She’s the idiot that decided she screw herself over. You made your bed, now lay in it!!!

  • Softspoken


    That picture is so scary!!! I seriously yelled when I saw it!!
    I think my husband Wentworth Miller looks so much cuter in the hoodie. LOL!!!

  • Vada

    you guys crack me up! you talk as if you’ve never seen this absolute iconic Star Wars pic… I mean it was everywhere for weeks, that’s why when Michael looked like this

    I immediatly thought of that Star Wars moment (same pic as in other post, don’t be scared… hihi):

    This moment is so iconic that I can’t believe it’s just a coincidence! Maybe they are really trying to tell us something. Maybe Michael will go to a dark place…


    apart from this I was very happy about the hoodie look. looks great on Went!!! and the Jeans too… I was getting so annoyed by those brown pants and the hideous green jacket. Seriously … they have to dress Michael more sexy!!!

    I mean this season it seems they want to sell us Linc as the sexy one (open shirts, sunglasses, hot jeans) and I don’t mind… he is hot. but they have to stop putting Michael into nerd clothes … I mean he is supposed to be a well-dressed engineer … at least that’s what season 1 taught me!


    I think it’s a fact that the change of strategy they were talking about is letting T-Bag kill more people because they know Michael will go after him and this is how they get him. I thought that was pretty clear…

  • Vada

    you guys crack me up! you talk as if you’ve never seen that iconic Star Wars picture before!

    I mean that pic was everywhere for weeks … that’s why I immediatly thought of it.

    That moment is too iconic for this to be a coincidence I think! Maybe they are really trying to tell us something here… maybe Michael will go to a dark place…


    apart from that …. I love the hoodie look. Looks great on Went!!! And the jeans too! I was getting so annoyed with those boring brown pants and the hideous green jacket.

    seriously what is it this season. they try to sell us Linc as the sexy one … which is okay… he is hot. but to neglect Michael’s clothes to this degree … stupid!!!

  • Imani

    i’m loving went’s “hands-on-hip” stance and his little trace of a gut…
    the man is so fuckin’ sexy!
    how good must he be in bed?

  • ks

    I totally agreed with you Vada. Is Michael crossing over to the dark side??!! The writers must have done that on purpose, it’s so obvious. What does it ALL mean? Everything or nothing at all. I’m so confuse and excited. And about the clothes…did someone actually picked out Michael’s clothes or did he do it himself? Everyone else seems to be in decent attire, but Michael had those grey sweater, the brown cord pants, and the jacket! Oh, how I hated the jacket! Thank god it’s gone!

  • any!

    they never came to panama, damn!

  • Vada

    thx ks!

    “it is something to wonder about”, isn’t it … to say it with Michael’s words!


    btw: sorry for the double post, you guys! it didn’t show up so I thought it was lost… well it wasn’t!

  • http://ramona ramona

    I think the bad scripts and all the breaks have left the fans confused. Thank god for the actors who are saving the show from being yanked off the air.

    I just watch my 1st season DVD over and over and over and over again!!

  • Kitty

    To Imani Says:

    i’m loving went’s “hands-on-hip” stance and his little trace of a gut…

    What gut??? First the b*ld spot and now a g*t —- what’s wrong with you people? Babycakes looks GOOOOD, and there’s no need to point out “imagined” flaws that I certainly don’t notice — and I doubt others do either. Can’t we just admire all the good stuff …..

  • Huh???

    Yikes…. could Michael cross over to the dark side and kill someone, just a thought?!?! And just where the heck have I been?… cause I never seen that star wars pic before, and me still scared! tee hee :lol:

  • Imani

    You need to chill, Kitty.
    Some of us like him just the way he is, even with the small imperfections that make him all the more “perfect”. No, Wentworth isn’t all ripped and buff like some guys and that’s just fine with me. He’s gorgeous as he is! And anyone with eyes to see can see he has a small. barely discernible little gut. Nothing major, just the slightest trace of one. Why is it a cardinal sin to point out that it’s there? To me it makes him even sexier!!

  • Kitty

    To Imani Says: anyone with eyes to see can see he has a small. barely discernible little gut. Nothing major, just the slightest trace of one

    If it’s any consolation – I’m having eye surgery tomorrow. Maybe I’ll see it after that. (But I still say, if it’s “barely discernable – why point it out?)

  • PatrickKelley

    I think they’ve made a deal with T-Bag that he is supposed to not kill a hooker but beat her up real bad. That’s why he was so insistent on finding one he knew could speak English, if he was just supposed to kill somebody what difference would it make whether she spoke English or not? But obviously they’ve made some kind of deal with him,though they will probably double cross him too, or plan to.

    C-Note is not out of the woods yet, I halfway expect somebody to try to kill him and maybe accidentally kill his wife instead. For all we know, maybe Agent Lang has gone over to that “dark side”.

  • Vada

    or maybe T-Bag just wanted her to speak English so that she can impersonate Susan…

    just a thought…

  • emily

    if his voice weren’t so completely sexy, I’d say Wentworth Miller should never bother talking. He could spend his life standing there doing absolutely nothing and still be better than the rest of us in every possible way. I think it’s a little mean that he has thus far deprived the world of his offspring. but maybe he’s just waiting until he finds me. wink, wink. However, michael, on the other hand, while his sex appeal is untouchable, seems to be becoming dumber. at least for this one episode. i’m not sure why he’s taking stupid pills but i counted about 15 times when Lincoln had to verbally stop him from doing something completely idiotic. Maybe it’s love or something that’s got him acting like this, but Michael needs to tap back into his inner genius and NOT fall for for completely obvious traps or REALLY bad lies (“oh, michael, I’m already on the ship! where are you???”) god. COME BACK TO ME MICHAEL!

  • Huh???

    emily Says:

    March 21st, 2007 at 2:39 am – flag comment

    i’m not sure why he’s taking stupid pills
    Stupid Pills, LMAO! My hubby takes those all the time! tee hee :)

  • Jo-Anie

    je l’adore il est trop beau et sexy l’émission était trop bonne surtout quand michael est full fru après lincoln quand il fonce dessus c’était malade!!!

  • Imani

    Oh Kitty, I see you’re one of those fans that takes offense to even the slightest “critical” comment about Went, no matter if it’s meant to be critical or not! lol
    Chill out. He’s a man. A beautiful man, no doubt, but a man with imperfections (physical and otherwise) like any other human being.
    Which is not to say that he is vastly more beautiful than any man I’ve ever seen! lol

  • superfan

    hey softspoken, are you NIKA?

  • http://Hallo Eliza

    my name is Eliza i’m from polannd you’re my favourite actores !! I love you Wentworth!!!!! You girlfrends Eliza.

  • http://Hallo Eliza

    i love