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Sanjaya Malakar Makes Little Girl Cry

Sanjaya Malakar Makes Little Girl Cry

Any Fanjayas in the house?

American Idol‘s Sanjaya Malakar rendition of The Kinks‘ “You Really Got Me Now” moved a poor little girl Ashley Ferl, 13, from the audience to tears. TEARS!

  • Randy said, “You shocked me tonight. Usually, you’re this reserved, mild, meek, very cool guy. You came out of your shell. That was your best performance to date.”
  • Paula said, “That’s what we’ve been waiting for. Go for it. You went for it. It was a lot of fun.”
  • Simon said, “I think the little girl’s face says it all.” (points to little girl crying)

After the judges’ comments, Sanjaya and Ashley hug it out. Maybe the two of them will hula into the sunset together.

Did Sanjaya Malakar‘s performance move you to tears too?

For 40+ hilarious screencaps of Sanjaya and the crying girl, CLICK HERE!

American Idol‘s Sanjaya Malakar makes little girl Ashley cry bawl
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sanjaya malakar crying girl 05
sanjaya malakar crying girl 06
sanjaya malakar crying girl 07
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sanjaya malakar crying girl 18
sanjaya malakar crying girl 19
sanjaya malakar crying girl 20
sanjaya malakar crying girl 21
sanjaya malakar crying girl 22
sanjaya malakar crying girl 23
sanjaya malakar crying girl 24
sanjaya malakar crying girl 25
sanjaya malakar crying girl 26
sanjaya malakar crying girl 27
sanjaya malakar crying girl 28
sanjaya malakar crying girl 29
sanjaya malakar crying girl 30
sanjaya malakar crying girl 31
sanjaya malakar crying girl 32
sanjaya malakar crying girl 33
sanjaya malakar crying girl 34
sanjaya malakar crying girl 35
sanjaya malakar crying girl 36
sanjaya malakar crying girl 37
sanjaya malakar crying girl 38
sanjaya malakar crying girl 39
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  • bdj

    Sanjaya Malakar is going to walk away with the American Idol title(just kidding), that performance was hilarious. I got to give it to up to Sanjaya, he is a performer, not much of a singer, but he performed the heck out on that stage. Throw in the crying little girl, and Sanjaya will be in top 10 next week.

  • tanique33

    jared, you were quick tonight. i’m actually crying as i type this. i’m not even sure what i watched with this kid. i give up.

  • bdj

    And I called it first that he will have a new hairstyle and matching earrings.

  • Mary

    I love it love it love it…. My God it was like another person came out to sing… He really rocks… And that little girl was so cute like him… The cutest thing ever… I laughing hard seeing that video I am in shock.. That was great. :)

  • Guillermo

    Sanjaya is the gayest male on planet.. so fuckin’ homo ! I just can’t believe it… anyways..

  • Jessica

    I actually found the performance amusing, and I am not even drunk yet.

  • Mary

    Jessica Says:
    March 20th, 2007 at 9:51 pm – flag comment

    I actually found the performance amusing, and I am not even drunk yet.

    Jessica that was very funny… :D :D :D

    He will be in the top 10 not daubs about it… :) I think he is cute…very cute…

  • tanique33

    jared, those damn screencaps are hilarious. out of control. i mean honestly, does anyone do anything but laugh at this kid? well i guess cry. she’s apprently too young to be let in on sanjaya’s secret. poor thing, she doesn’t have a chance with him.

  • kip

    Little girls have no taste. Oh I use to love Micheal Jackson. Well at least he could sing and he was not weird then. I think Sanjaya is going to make it another week. The fat curly hair guy and the bald guy leave tomorrow.

  • connie

    wait why is she crying?

  • pop goes the bubble

    her bobby brady makes me thinks she needs more whole grains in her diet.

  • New York Pundit

    I don’t even watch Idol, so I missed nothing… And thank God!

  • TskTsk

    Who paid her to cry? I mean really

  • tash

    Was it just me or did this “little girl” not seem so “little.” She seemed like one of those paid actors who pretend to be children on To Catch a Predator. That whole face and look just looked fake to me. Like how they teach you to cry in acting school.

    Another horrible Sanjaya performance that will keep a real singer out of the top 10.

  • Amy

    I usually am really underwhelmed by his performances, but he was ON POINT today. Don’t think he’ll win, but I think he’s a keeper for at least another week.

  • Frenchy

    I’m glad they show diversity on American Idol. There needs to be more openly gay singers in the top 12. Every season has had a gay or lesbian contestants so Sanjaya is no different. What I want to know is why Simon gave Ryan that little wink. American idol is the second gayest show on the air. Tyra Banks Show is first and Project Runway is third.

  • Fanjaya

    Sanjaya is HOTTT!!!! He rocked the stage tonight! He is AWSOMMMEEEE!!!! He’s not leaving the competition any time soon!

  • Venom

    @Kip: What are you going on about? Michael Jackson was never that good of a singer. He was a decent singer and great performer.

    Sanjaya can sing; he’s just really timid and shy. He needs to get over it.

  • [Black Barack Obomb'Bush]

    I feel the need to say that little girl cried during almost everyones performance.

    I Love Sanjaya, he is like the pathetic comic relief of the show. I must admit tho, this performance was 100 times better than all his others, but it was still very bad, he looked awkward and ridiculous jumping around like a rocker. [lmao] I cant stop laughing.

    Sanjaya knows he cant sing, that’s why he didn’t try to week, he just tried to scream and talk his way through the song, most of the time finding himself out of breath. He gets Props for the effort.

    But Sanjaya a rocker?? Hahaha.. And Clay Str8

  • hr

    geez did he pay that girl off to cry or something? i hated his performance tonight! he was barely singing, just yelling! i guess the upside was that it was pretty hilarious.

  • mj

    Linda Blair was creepy. I thought her head would rotate and she will then begin to spew bile on her fellow audience members. Sanjaya looks like Milli or Vanilli.

  • CapriciousGirl

    That was sweet she saw her idol and it got too much for her

  • [Black Barack Obomb'Bush]

    That crying child [who was paid] has guaranteed Sanjaya another week on the show

  • neil

    I don’t watch any reality shows and I only know about Sanjaya through the internet, but that was a very good performance and I don’t really like pop music. People who rate this performance as negatively laughable are either being dishonest or are letting their prior prejudices guide them or they themselves have limited abilities to judge music.

  • tanique33

    right, it couldn’t just be we didnt like it. sometimes it goes no deeper than that.

  • T

    That little girl freaked me out…I kept saying, “please put her in a corner or take her to much needed therapy.” That was stupid and pointless to keep showing her…little girl or not, it was strange and uncalled for…with that said, he actually was 100 times better than his previous performances (and I’m not a fan of his at all)…I just don’t think he has the vocal range of the others or the maturity of a big performer…he actually creeps me out some, but he was a lot better tonight…

  • ceeusbeeus

    OMG it was horrible – Ashley looked like she was about to die…and remember the top 10 do the concert and people PAY to see them. Who REALLY wants to pay to see Sanjaya in concert?

  • Shahoney

    Sanjaya is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute

  • Anon.

    I could only watch about 20 seconds of this video. I wanted to scream. WTF is happening to us????I have this uncontrollable urge to scream. And Simno, Randy Ryan and Paula have all gotten rich doing this crap. We’re doomed.

  • cry,cry,cry, paid, paid, paid

    lmao when i saw that girl i was like come on. Im sure someone paid her to cry. I always find it so fn funny when fans cry omg remember the nsync days my god how stupid all those girls were. Its so ridiculous. Like come on why would you cry? I was laughing and saying ya honey i feel like i might cry too because my fn ears hurt fromhearing him and my eyess omgg* crying remember tonights show* Im ok now …

  • Anon.

    The boy is worse than mediocre. AI isn’t worth my time. I will wait a bit before tuning in. Let me know when they’re down to the final 6. Hopefully, Sanjaya will be gone by then. I think the public has totally lost focus about the purpose of this show. The objective was to pick the next American Idol: the next successful recording artist. This isn’t a total popularity contest. And it isn’t about who is best organized to get their folks to call in. Those are only two factors. The most important factor is are they talented? Will they “win” and then cut a mediocre album with modest sales and eventualy do the “state fair circuit and disappear? Or will they be able to really make it and sustain a career in entertainment? Kelly Clarkson has been the only winner to do this. The other AI alumni aren’t winners. They were voted off the show and they survived to succeed in spite of the AI experience..

  • sex

    lol…the whole things is look like a plan….the show poroducer want him to be in the top 10….
    but i agree with Randy(only in this time…lol ) it’s his best performance to date…
    hey Jared!!!!
    it’s a bit too early but wanna say….
    “Happy Birthday Jared”

  • sex

    look like a plan to me…
    but nodoubt he’s in the top 10 next week!

  • And…

    This moved me to tears. I honestly cannot stop laughing.

  • Your Mom

    I don’t watch American Idol at all anymore and I know Sanjaya through the internet, so I’ll try and have an unbiased opinion of what I know verses what I just heard and saw.

    Sanjaya: Cute. Nice hair. Obviously has fangirl(s?) Sweet from what I can tell.

    Here’s the thing: His voice kept wavering in and out and didn’t stay on a pitch long enough before sliding off. Granted, he was yelling/singing but, I’m afraid, the quality of his voice in this song was too pitchy. I didn’t really like this performance, though I’m glad he was able to break out of the mellow rut Randy seemed to say he was in.

  • isabella

    HAHA. This is the best post, I couldn’t watch tonite, but Sanjaya what a cutie,
    a cute Indian boy!

    hey, maybe Angelina will adopt him.
    1866 IDOLZ 08 Call in Angie!!!

  • katie

    kay come on now, i’m surprised he’s still even here, and sad to say,
    i do think he may be around for another week.. blake lewis was
    amazing tonight

  • Fanjaya

    I would definitely pay to see Sanjaya in concert. He’s great. He’s charismatic, he sings well, He’s good looking, he’s versatile and always surprising the audience. He’s not predictable and I really like that about him. He reminds me of a young Michael Jackson.

  • hy

    is he indian? they smell and they smell like curry!!

  • Sanjaya sucks

    Each and every one of you that said Sanjaya rocks, or sings well…etc are &^%$%*& DEAF! This kid is not only gawd awful ugly…but he couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket. The ONLY reason he’s still on this show is because he’s getting every Arab (or whatever nationality he is) vote in America. This is AMERICAN Idol right? The same thing happened a few seasons back with Yasmin or Jasmine from Hawaii. The whole damn island voted for her, just b/c she was from Hawaii and they wanted to make a statement. Sanjaya sucks and every week you poor deaf people vote for him, someone that can actually sing is sent home. And when did he come out of the closet? I’m not denying he looks like a homo…I’m just wondering if he confirmed it. The person I think should go home is Stephanie or Gina. They can sing OK…but not as well as half of them.

  • Chickapoo

    Awww cute…. a little fangirl!

  • http://FootballGoys MelvinT

    Are you people high? The pics of his sister’s cleavage alone are worth watching the show.

  • miiko-san

    he can sing better though but powerlesss….

  • Jack P. Knight


    Man, you smoke the best weed. Can you share some, my brotha?

  • Jefe

    In response to other posts:

    Little Michael was a FANTASTIC singer, teen/adult Michael was a good singer, current Michael isn’t so great.

    Sanjaya did the gay-boy-awkward-hug when he went off stage to hug chunkster.

    Bitch was crying before Sanjaya even really got into it; I’m anti-sanjaya (he and his sister scare me….) but this was a decent performance for him…
    I miss the Shirley Temple curls though :-(

  • caroline

    OMGSH! thank you for the photos, my mom wanted it as our background she thought it was so funny!

  • D-Gurl

    I happen to like Sanjaya ( even though the gay factor may be present) but I think all of the adults leaving these rude and obscene messages about a teenage boy are immature and have too much free time on there hands. Go get some jobs.

  • brittany

    hey sanjya u going on tour im so glad . i alwayz vote for u also u have lots of fans go sanjya

  • brittany

    hey sanjya u going on tour im so glad . i alwayz vote for u also u have lots of fans go sanjya

  • T.A.W

    omg i love him he’s so fricken hott and talented