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Hayden Christensen Misses Rachel Bilson

Hayden Christensen Misses Rachel Bilson

Chain Smoker Hayden Christensen looks a little lonely for rumored current flame and co-star Rachel Bilson as he puffs away at his cancer stick and sends text messages on his Blackberry.

Hayden, 25, was in between takes on the set on his new film Jumper in Los Angeles on Tuesday afternoon.

Just last week, Hayden and Rachel were spotted feeding each other lunch and picking up groceries together.

For 10+ pictures of Hayden chilling on the set of Jumper, CLICK HERE!

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Photos: Bauer-Griffin
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  • LA

    seriously your attempts at linking stars are getting pathetic, jared. pimping your website with rumors stated as if theyre facts is plain sad. and i’ve been a fan of your site since the old blog days.

    hey if rachel moved on, thats great. but they’re filming and theres nothing that confirmed they were a couple, not pics or statements. even though i would prefer adam i’d totally think hayden would be a great match. but so far theres nothing that proves that and doing this to get more hits is sad.

  • angelina_mmm

    thanks for the pics

  • LA

    oh and hayden is wearing same clothes (except jacket) as the other day on the lunch pix so obviously they were on set that day too. duh

  • LA

    wait so pointing out that hayden was wearing these same clothes (on set clothes) the other day at lunch is discrediting you now? Pathetic jared. lol well have fun in your delusions.

  • LA

    RACHEL + ADAM FOREVER. hayden’s hot but not even close to adam. and theyre just costars. thats it.

  • lucy

    Hayden for the love of god, stop smoking! Would you live next to a nuclear power plant? No. But the chain-smoking? Yes.

    Just so dumb, dumb, dumb

  • jarh

    Enough with the Adam and Rachel forever crap, please.
    I don’t believe that there’s anything serious going on between Hayden and Rachel either but the OC fans who keep on insisting that Adam and Rachel are meant to be and will get back together are living in another reality. They’re not Seth and Summer who will live happily ever after on TV. Bilson and Brody have moved on, and their fans should too.

  • tessa

    Thanks Jared

    I love Rachel Bilson

  • ann

    like Rachel Bilson

  • Wanda

    no personality + awful clothes and style + this haircut + the smoking habit +
    bad actor + c-list celebrity = hayden is a loser !

  • Wanda

    and he is not fotogenic. some pictures he looks like gay or bisexual !

  • black

    That guy will never make it……..he, like so many of the other youngsters, is lacking the “it” factor.

  • Jumper

    Who knows if Rachel and Hayden are a couple or not but the pics from last week of them eating and grocery shopping were definitely NOT from the set. Hayden and Rachel have different costumes, those were their private clothes and Hayden is not yet in costume on the pics above either.

    They obviously like each other enough to spend their free time together as well. The avid Rachel/Adam fans who badmouth Hayden just because he was seen with Rachel should be ashamed of themselves. It’s really pathetic.

    Thanks for the pics, JARED!

  • chel

    Avid fans is too tame a word. Try crazy. Pathetic is good too

  • Jpr

    They’re actually from set clothes that he has been wearing for at least a couple of weeks now. They’re not his private clothes. At least not the hood, shoes, pants. Im pretty sure the jacket is his though.

    I dont care for rachel, hayden either way or whether they will do it like bunnies in the future. but they’re not now.

  • tina

    i want hayden with natalie. but that’s just me. i really wish they’d do a movie together ’cause i think they have chemistry.

  • Jessica

    actually hayden really likes puma racing shoes. He’s be seen wearing some red puma shoes even when he’s not do movies. so there’s a fact that they could be his shoes. They’re so fugly. What the hell PUMA what the Hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jpr

    thing is they’re not his shoes. I dont care if hayden wears them whenever the fuck he wants to, they aint his. they’re part of wardrobe. anyone who works there and is familiar with it will know this (unless its some whiny fan who will try to say its not but w/e)

  • bitchy

    JESUS CHRIST! Why the bitchfest?

    Whenever Hayden is seen with a girl people go crazy in comments. And the Adam+Rachel 4eva thing reminds me a lot of the Brangelina and Jennifer wank which is kind of ironic since Doug Liman, the director of Jumper, did Mr. and Mrs. Smith as well…

    Who cares what clothes Hayden wears or if he and Rachel are only good friends or a couple. They obviously like each other or they wouldn’t hang out off set. I’d say good for them!

  • rachel

    i actually dig his style. he just needs to ditch the hair and the smoking…

  • Danielly Brazil-RJ

    I love RACHEL BILSON……………………
    But not with Hayden………………………….
    And yeahh with ADAM BRODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    RACHEL & ADAM TOGEDER,IS FINE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • brooke

    why cant u guys just stop bashing hayden?
    if he’s such a loser, then why does he keep getting casted in all these top a list movies?
    why do all the hottest young actresses want to date him?
    so just get over yourselves and leave him alone for crisakes.
    he’s probably ten times better looking than any of you will ever be, and he’s a ten times better actor thn any of you will be.
    and he’s a really sweet, good person.
    SO LEAVE HIM ALONE!!!!!!!!!
    im so sick of dumb assholes bashing him.
    and by the way, i think him and rachel are totally dating.
    i mean, if they were “just co stars” then why is she feedin him food?
    why does he keep going back to her house with her?
    o yeah, and why are they freakin buying groceries together?
    i mean, she did break up with adam right after they started working together.
    i said from the beginning that was weird.

  • Cynthia

    Adam Brody>>>>>>>>>>>Hayden Christensen, don’t like either one of these guys, but Adam is far more cuter.

  • NCMissNYC

    Perfect Hayden Christensen
    He’s so sexy man of the world !!!!! thanks God to have create this man!

  • Steffi


  • Monroe

    “Hayden and Rachel were spotted feeding each other lunch”…

    People are crazy and lame.

  • Marissa

    they look cuet together anyway they’re both gorgeous

  • Atreidis

    Hayden is a non-hollywood guy, and he lives in Toronto.
    And he is not dated R. Bilson !!!!

  • kae

    I LOVE Hayden, but I don’t like how he’s wearing his hair or his shoes.

  • blah

    Wanda Says:
    March 21st, 2007 at 6:35 am – flag comment
    and he is not fotogenic. some pictures he looks like gay or bisexual !

    wow wanda, here i thought you said it all and then you chime in with some illiterate spelling attempts. nice gob.

  • jordan

    yeah, im on the adam and rachel bandwagon. i still have hope. and monroe- there are pictures of them together and rachel is feeding hayden, so stop trying to act cool by saying that there isnt proof because there is.

  • sandee

    Adam and Rachel should tell their adoring fans to get a life. AR probably thought they’d get rid of these locos after breaking up. Well Guess not.

    Now they stalk and bash anyone linked to either Adam and Rachel. It’s likeBrangelina vs Brad and Jennifer but the teen version.

  • xenia

    this guy is hot??? NOOOO !!!

  • the pledge

    His career is over after the Virgin Territory released :DDD

  • SaneOne

    Dear load! Can Adam brody fans be any more pathetic? Seriously guys, get the Fuck over it, Rachel has moved on from Seth Fucking Cohen and she is now dating a much hotter, more talented, A-lister.
    Rachel and Adam WILL NOT get back together; they are not each other destiny. Get over the oc and join the rest of us in real life.

    Even if Rachel is not dating Hayden, you better get use to the fact that she eventually WILL go out with someone who is not Adam brody, so it’s better accepting it now.

    I don’t see the point of bashing every guy she’s with or rumor to be with, you don’t know Hayden any more than you know Adam, he could be the sweetest guy for all you know, and you should be happy for Rachel for finding if not love at least a very good friend and not wanting her to go back with Adam just to satisfy your Seth and Summer fantasy.

  • Nora

    I LOVE HAYDEN, the clothes are hot, don’t understand what you guys have against them! I Hope sooooooooooo much that Hayden and Rachel are not a couple!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nora

    I LOVE HAYDEN!!! the clothes are hot, don’t understand what you guys have against it!
    I hope soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much that Hayden and Rachel are not a couple!!!!!!!!

  • Kim

    Rachel just told someone she has a boyfriend and that she’s staying at “her boyfriend’s aunt’s house” in upper east/west Toronto…hmmm, now is’nt odd that the only boy she’s been seen with in Toronto and LA is Hayden? Hayden is her boyfriends, it’s probably been going on for months. Nice to know he fucks all his co-stars, WHAT a MAN!

  • steph

    rachel is the best!!!hayden or not!!!she rocks…but hoping for adam still….

  • http://... YO!!

    jaaaa gay??? se viste mal?? no es fotogenico?? todos los q dicen eso estan completamente locos…o mejor dicho…envidiosos!!!
    hayden es el actor mas lindo que existe, tiene miles de fans que lo adoran


  • http://... YO!!

    jaaaa gay?? no es fotogenico?? no es talentoso??? todos los que dicen eso estan completamente locos….o mejor dicho….envidiosos!!! seguro los que escribieron eso eran hombres, get over it!!! you’ll never be as handsome or talented as he is!!!
    Hayden tiene millones de fans que lo adoran, si a ustedes no les cae bien o tienen celos pues quedense callados xq siempre habran personas que lo van a defender.

    hayden rocks!!!

  • Poltergirl


  • liisaa

    hayden and rachel bilson? it’s so cute!!!!! two actors super sexy together???? I am thousand for thousand ok with the peoples who loved hayden and rachel. lets go!!!!!! you married lol! ( hayden et rachel)

  • Parker

    What kind of Pumas are those? Tell me::: demonicarusATgmailDOTcom

  • preston

    Rachel Bilson is really cute and Hayden was awesome in Starwars and Jumper looks interesting also they can date each other if they want to they do make a nice couple even though I want Rachel lol nice job on the pics man thanks Jared.

  • toya

    I think that Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson look good together, although I like Adam and Rachel together and I thought they would stay together, but like goes on and Hayden Christensen and Adam Broody are bothe good looking, in different ways, Adam is nerdy cute and Hayden Christensen is fine, his hair looks great, but I don’t like his shoes either and he should really stop smoking too.
    Simple as that.

  • http://justjared shardonay

    all of u r soooooooooo rong cause i think hes really cute cause ive met him before

  • Mother

    i don’t like Rachel , and hayden does seem to have his looks going down hill some i noticed since they been together she also seems mighty vulgar to me.

    I love hayden and I am a old sw fan though I feel sorry for Hayden , Rachel seems to me like she is using him and gonna hurt.

    Rachel also seems to me getting a free ride off like hayden’s name like other stars did such as nichole kidman and tom cruise. When Nichole started out she used Tom alot as well.

    I would like to see him find a good girl .

    I did enjoy him and natalie portman together ,but natalie seems to be wilder as well, I am one of his biggest fans and I am old enough to be his mother, despite that I am a huge fan. he just deserves much better. I am saying this as a mother would or a older sister or a friend not as a crazy jealous fan who loves him though I do.

  • ANi

    Hayden is a great actor. He is so handsome and he is a talented actor.

    His style is quite good and he never does something bad that could ruin his image…

    Love Hayden always,,,,,

    for those who do not like Hayden, it is up to you… everyone has the opinion which cannot be same with others.. so, take it easy if Hayden is better than all of you..