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Jenna Fischer: Nude in 'Wired'

Jenna Fischer: Nude in 'Wired'

Every Dunderhead is going to get Wired over these!

Jenna Fischer, aka Pam Beesly from The Office, drops her clothes and gets naked as the cover girl for the April 2007 issue of Wired. Here’s the blurb naked Jenna is holding up in her cover shot:

GET NAKED AND RULE THE WORLD Smart companies are sharing secrets with rivals, blogging about products in their pipeline, even admitting to their failures. The name of this new game is radical transparency, and it’s sweeping boardrooms across the nation. Even those Office drones at Dunder Mifflin get it. So strip down and learn how to have it all by baring it all.

If you’ll notice, Jenna‘s face in identical in both cover shots. The million dollar question — did Jenna pose nude or did the Wired staff digitally undress her. “Radical Transparency,” perhaps?

Read the full Wired Dunder Mifflin case study below!

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jenna fischer nude 01
jenna fischer nude 02
jenna fischer nude 03
jenna fischer nude 04
jenna fischer nude 05

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  • Thomas

    Regardless of whether it is actually her body or not, I think it’s quite clear they’re supposed to be the same headshot since the clothes are superimposed over the body shot.

  • ikho

    Her face looks completely uncomfortable in that shot. Her face must hurt!

  • New York Pundit

    This frumpy hag looks no better, even with the airbrushing and camara filters… Yak!

  • Hannah

    If you look at the first picture, the fingers on her right hand are kinda..distorted…

  • lenny

    You can peel off the suit.

  • Jessie

    The put the clothes on the nude body. You can see on top that her skin goes beyond the vest where her soulders are. Was that doe by an amateur??

  • ok

    wide grin

  • jin

    she’s a pretty girl. why in the world did they work her over so much with photoshop that it practically looks like an ILLUSTRATION!

  • Adam

    Umm yea the clothes printed on a clear sheet over the behind cover. It’s not a crappy photoshop job, it’s crappy alignment.

  • Cory OBrien

    You can see the white dots on the left side of the unclothed version, indicating that the overlay was torn off. Clever though.

  • xxdesmus

    This is really sad. 1) she’s not very attractive 2) she’s not nude 3) who the hell cares?

  • Watch Office Episodes?

    She’s not really attractive in those photos, she looks ordinary in the show..but the pictures are pretty badly photoshopped (notice that on her right arm -near the elbow) there’s a light source facing towards her elbow). Then if you look at her left and right shoulder the lighting is completely skewed.

  • HardwareGuy

    That woman is pegging the cute scale!

  • toaster91

    Did it occur to you that it might be a crappy photoshop on purpose? They’re making it clear the clothes are an overlay.

  • Tonicboy

    Bad Photoshop job? Are you people dense? The clothes were not “Photoshopped” on – the cover shows her “nude” and the clothes are printed on a clear acetate sheet laid on top. You can remove the acetate to “take her clothes off”…

  • hardwood

    Can’t see any vitals and the resolution is too low to
    smell anything.

  • ajpiano

    i’m inclined to agree that it’s bad photoshop on purpose. the way her sleeve is cut around the hand is so bad as to be a joke, c’mon.


  • ajpiano

    …well, you can’t tell it’s acetate in the photos. someone should have mentioned that…say…in the blog post. kind of makes the whole controversy a nonstory…

  • Hmmm

    Oh you people!!! The Wired cover of Jenna is two photographs; one in which she is wearing the suit, the other she was nude except for the strategically placed board.

  • Tonicboy


    Actually, it’s quite easy to tell that it’s an acetate overlay.

    1) You can see the blobs of silicone glue along the left side in the first pic, connecting the sheet to the “real” cover. Again, on the second pic, you can see the ripped paper when the person scanning the cover tore off the acetate.

    2) The misregistration around her fingers is a clear tell-tale sign of an overlay.

    3) You can see the shadow cast by the words “GE” and “Nintendo” at the top, which are printed on the overlay.

    4) The skin on her shoulder sticks out from under the clothes. Come on now… do you really think ANY graphic artist would do such a lousy job? That goes way beyond bad Photoshop, that’s simply retarded. Even the most unexperienced photo retoucher would know to erase that bit.

  • Globalwarming Awareness2007

    I think they lesboified her.

  • Cindy

    Yikes! It was done on purpose.

  • subcorpus

    reminded me to renew my zinio subbscriptions …
    wired is kewl …

  • chris

    Dude, if you are that into her, she shows her tits in “employee of the month” Duh

  • Filip

    At first i thought it was some sort of fold-out, but the clear acetate is genius. Just wondering how much its going to cost to produce all those mags?

  • Lukasiewich

    Jenna would be hot if she didn’t have those nasty front teeth and matronly “shrug shoulders”. She needs some pilates to stretch out her muscles, then she wouldn’t look so “frumpy” like someone else mentioned.

  • Moe Golden

    jenna really is a lovely girl. the pam character is, by design, dowdy, frumpy and average, even if cute.

    maybe i’m in the minority among folks here, but i’d prefer a jenna fischer to a pamela anderson-type any day.

  • DIC Celebrity Gossip

    It’s either she was dressed during the photoshoot then digitally undressed later, or she was naked during the photoshoot then digitally dressed. Either way, we get to see how hot she is, and that’s good enough for me.

  • adam

    snooore…zzzzzz….snooore…. huh. huh….. what? zzzzzzzzzz……. snooooore

  • matthew

    she doesn’t need all of that makeup – she’s a natural beauty. the best part about jenna is who she is as a person. it comes through in interviews, and in the radio shows she’s done. and let’s not forget she’s hilarious… very underrated on “the office.” as great as carell is, the show would not be the same without rainn and jenna. now can we just skip ahead to the season finale and get season three out on dvd please?

  • Leigh

    Everyone of you criticizing this girl best run back to your hobbit holes and get your online gaming on.
    This girl is a super hotty, super funny, and on the best show on television. You should want to cut off at least 3 toes to have a chance with a girl like that.

  • steve

    I think it was a good article over all. I do have an FYI for NY Pundit- sir, you truly do have a gifted insight on the frumpy hags. I discovered this the instant I viewed your profile page and saw the photo of you and your wife. Namaste my friend.

  • Chris

    That’s IT, I am going into photography

  • Martin J Van Keuren

    no mams no fur…..boring.

  • analass
  • jenna fischer nude

    she is hot

  • platforme

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  • David

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