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Jacko, What's That On Your Shirt?

Jacko, What's That On Your Shirt?

Ray-Ban sunglasses-wearing Michael Jackson is full of smiles departing Heathrow Airport in London en route to L.A. with his entourage including 10 security guards and his kids – Prince, 10, and Paris Michael, 9.

But what’s on Jacko‘s shirt? The price tag string? The string that holds the envelope with extra buttons? How could one of his entourage not have noticed? Err…

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# 1

Hmm… I see someone got their hair freshly pressed with the hot comb. I wonder what kind of oil sheen he’s using. Boy’s hair is shiiiiny.

# 2

Im assuming that the little kid in the pink suit with his head and face wrapped in black is one of his SONS………a nine year old BOY…….in a pink suit with a pair of girly shoes on?
How sad.

# 3

that’s a badly made wig made in Korea on Jacko’s head. You’d think he could afford at least a Racquel Welch wig instead. He has totally turned into a one man freak show.

# 4

people ***** about angie with her kids. look at what jacko did to his.

# 5

Wow. Sad. Scary. Ick. HELP!

I agree with pokeman about Angelina and family As for this bunch, have the proper authorities ever stepped in to see that all is well in the lives of these three children? Shame shame shame if not. I guess in about 8 years or so we will know the extent of what REALLY went on in their lives.


# 6

RE #3 – The child is his 9 year old daughter Paris. The older and younger kids are his sons.

# 7

He’s wearing a wig, and his nose implant is showing through the skin.

what’s with his cheeks? They’re so… sunken. He’s had so much plastic surgery I don’t think anything about his face is real anymore. heck, he’s even had color tattooed on his lips.

But worse… he can’t sing anymore.

# 8
lurker opinion @ 03/21/2007 at 6:25 pm

Money can’t buy everything if it did Jacko would have a better looking nose. Those kids are too old to still have their face covered. At what point are they suppose to learn to live in this world?

# 9

Eeeek! I got much respect for this man as an artist, but everything else about him scares the hell out of me. I just gotta say, those poor kids. Those poor, poor kids.

angiefan Says:

March 21st, 2007 at 5:43 pm – flag comment
RE #3 – The child is his 9 year old daughter Paris

I think you are wrong, angiefan. Jacko has two children………both of them boys. Paris Michael is a boy.

Sorry………… bad. i just googled jacko and found the following:

“Jackson married his dermatologist’s nurse Debbie Rowe in Sydney, Australia on 14th November 1996, with whom he has fathered a son, Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr., born 13 Feb 1997 (who publicly goes by the name “Prince”), and a daughter, Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson, born 3 Apr 1998.”

Strange beyond belief!!!

You idiots. The do live in the world.

Having people that you’ve never met come up to you and know your name is not the real world. That’s why he covers their faces when he’s with them to attract photogs.

When they go out by themselves they are unmasked, and people treat them like they would any other children.

Why is the world so dense?

LĂșthien @ 03/21/2007 at 10:57 pm

it’s definitely not as bad as leaving the tag string on, but jacko also forgot to button a button.. the fourth one down as seen in the second pic. somebody suuure got dressed in a hurry!

He needs Jesus! PERIOD!!!

Jesus Christ! is his f***** A**** also bleached white? There’s nothing to show this guy was born 100% BLACK!

it’s a tag from D and G. all their clothes have a tag like that on which the price and the hologram tag hangs… the tag was cut off, but not the D and G string or black gathering tag.

justcurious @ 03/22/2007 at 7:14 am

Good God, what a nightmare he is! You see how bad his face looks caked in makeup. Can you just imagine what a trainwreck it must be when the makeup is off? His chin doesn’t even look like it is part of his real skull. He’s had all his tissue removed on the side of his face to emphasize his cheek bones. He looks like a walking corpse! And that nose…..WTF! I’ll bet he has to reapply the tip on every morning when he awakes. His surgeon should be sued!!!

Jack P. Knight @ 03/22/2007 at 4:05 pm

Michael actually has three children Michael Joseph Jr. (known as “Prince”; born Feb 97), Paris-Michael (a girl, born April 98) – both by his 2nd wife Deborah Rowe Jackson and a third child (born in Feb/March 2002 from an unknown mother) who publicly goes by the nicknames “Blanket” & “Prince Michael II” (probably named Michael Joseph III).

Mondo Bongo! @ 03/22/2007 at 6:41 pm

pray for the children’s mental health!!!!!

Sad human beings.

There is a picture from the “Beat It” video shoot where Michael’s face has the same shape. IT comes from him being what I call “under-weoght” very badly… you know, it does that too your face, makes your bones show. I dodn’t think retards know about it…

Just wait for his new album. I hope he snaps on all!

Michaels#1Fan! @ 04/04/2007 at 2:22 pm

It doesn’t matter what’s on his shirt he is still sexy as hell! His children are so lucky to have him as their daddy!

lookingood @ 04/05/2007 at 9:12 am

Michael is looking good, I definately want to know what products he’s using. He’s a bit underweight though, which I agree makes your bones show.

He smiles and the world beats him. I hate you all. Nasty, ignorant “people”

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