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Jacko, What's That On Your Shirt?

Jacko, What's That On Your Shirt?

Ray-Ban sunglasses-wearing Michael Jackson is full of smiles departing Heathrow Airport in London en route to L.A. with his entourage including 10 security guards and his kids – Prince, 10, and Paris Michael, 9.

But what’s on Jacko‘s shirt? The price tag string? The string that holds the envelope with extra buttons? How could one of his entourage not have noticed? Err…

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Photos: Bauer-Griffin
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  • TskTsk

    Hmm… I see someone got their hair freshly pressed with the hot comb. I wonder what kind of oil sheen he’s using. Boy’s hair is shiiiiny.

  • WHAT TH?

    Im assuming that the little kid in the pink suit with his head and face wrapped in black is one of his SONS………a nine year old BOY…….in a pink suit with a pair of girly shoes on?
    How sad.

  • Patrizia

    that’s a badly made wig made in Korea on Jacko’s head. You’d think he could afford at least a Racquel Welch wig instead. He has totally turned into a one man freak show.

  • pokeman

    people bitch about angie with her kids. look at what jacko did to his.

  • Callie

    Wow. Sad. Scary. Ick. HELP!

    I agree with pokeman about Angelina and family As for this bunch, have the proper authorities ever stepped in to see that all is well in the lives of these three children? Shame shame shame if not. I guess in about 8 years or so we will know the extent of what REALLY went on in their lives.


  • angiefan

    RE #3 – The child is his 9 year old daughter Paris. The older and younger kids are his sons.

  • Mimi

    He’s wearing a wig, and his nose implant is showing through the skin.

    what’s with his cheeks? They’re so… sunken. He’s had so much plastic surgery I don’t think anything about his face is real anymore. heck, he’s even had color tattooed on his lips.

    But worse… he can’t sing anymore.

  • lurker opinion

    Money can’t buy everything if it did Jacko would have a better looking nose. Those kids are too old to still have their face covered. At what point are they suppose to learn to live in this world?

  • Amy

    Eeeek! I got much respect for this man as an artist, but everything else about him scares the hell out of me. I just gotta say, those poor kids. Those poor, poor kids.

  • WHAT TH?

    angiefan Says:

    March 21st, 2007 at 5:43 pm – flag comment
    RE #3 – The child is his 9 year old daughter Paris

    I think you are wrong, angiefan. Jacko has two children………both of them boys. Paris Michael is a boy.

  • WHAT TH?

    Sorry………… bad. i just googled jacko and found the following:

    “Jackson married his dermatologist’s nurse Debbie Rowe in Sydney, Australia on 14th November 1996, with whom he has fathered a son, Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr., born 13 Feb 1997 (who publicly goes by the name “Prince”), and a daughter, Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson, born 3 Apr 1998.”

  • Juno

    Strange beyond belief!!!


    Just let your soul GLOW!

  • Sarah

    You idiots. The do live in the world.

    Having people that you’ve never met come up to you and know your name is not the real world. That’s why he covers their faces when he’s with them to attract photogs.

    When they go out by themselves they are unmasked, and people treat them like they would any other children.

    Why is the world so dense?

  • Lúthien

    it’s definitely not as bad as leaving the tag string on, but jacko also forgot to button a button.. the fourth one down as seen in the second pic. somebody suuure got dressed in a hurry!

  • Paul

    He needs Jesus! PERIOD!!!

  • nana

    Jesus Christ! is his f***** A**** also bleached white? There’s nothing to show this guy was born 100% BLACK!

  • PEEP

    it’s a tag from D and G. all their clothes have a tag like that on which the price and the hologram tag hangs… the tag was cut off, but not the D and G string or black gathering tag.

  • justcurious

    Good God, what a nightmare he is! You see how bad his face looks caked in makeup. Can you just imagine what a trainwreck it must be when the makeup is off? His chin doesn’t even look like it is part of his real skull. He’s had all his tissue removed on the side of his face to emphasize his cheek bones. He looks like a walking corpse! And that nose…..WTF! I’ll bet he has to reapply the tip on every morning when he awakes. His surgeon should be sued!!!

  • Jack P. Knight

    Michael actually has three children Michael Joseph Jr. (known as “Prince”; born Feb 97), Paris-Michael (a girl, born April 98) – both by his 2nd wife Deborah Rowe Jackson and a third child (born in Feb/March 2002 from an unknown mother) who publicly goes by the nicknames “Blanket” & “Prince Michael II” (probably named Michael Joseph III).

  • Mondo Bongo!

    pray for the children’s mental health!!!!!

  • Jason

    Sad human beings.

    There is a picture from the “Beat It” video shoot where Michael’s face has the same shape. IT comes from him being what I call “under-weoght” very badly… you know, it does that too your face, makes your bones show. I dodn’t think retards know about it…

    Just wait for his new album. I hope he snaps on all!

  • Michaels#1Fan!

    It doesn’t matter what’s on his shirt he is still sexy as hell! His children are so lucky to have him as their daddy!

  • lookingood

    Michael is looking good, I definately want to know what products he’s using. He’s a bit underweight though, which I agree makes your bones show.

  • kate

    He smiles and the world beats him. I hate you all. Nasty, ignorant “people”

  • kate

    correction–not the world–the US…the world loves him

  • http://justjared ada

    i love mike i dont care what anybody says you bi#ches can go to hell for all i care.

    i love you michael!!!!!
    aw, he is so sexy!!

  • http://justjared terry

    I love michael too i dont give a fu@k what nobody says michael jackson is the best:

  • A.E.

    None Of them are His!!
    They are white!!
    NO black man can have three white kids!!

  • tariro. k.

    Damn his hair is shiny…
    Michael what are you using…
    And where can i get it…

  • Breanne



  • MjZ QUEEn 4 LiiFe

    u know what thiis iis for all the fuckiin mj haters out there what the fuck is ur problem talkiin shiit u guys don’t even fuckiin KNOW michael so y talk shiit.u guys talk shiit cuz u guys have a big mouth and u belive all the shiit the news say y because u guys r so fuckiin ignorant.admit it u guys LOVE michael jackson the more shit u talk the more michael can give a shit about u people michael isn’t doin allthis for he’s doin it for his fans we his fans stay and support our kiing and I appreciate all the mj fans that support him and r kind enough to show all the hater who mj is.I hoppw all u mj hater fuckiin die u guys don’t deserve shit…yeah that’s right u guys are ganna burn in HELL.don’t think u guys r goin to heaven u guys are goiin TO HELL..u guys can go suck a big dick I know michael can care less what u fuckiin people have to say y cuz he doesn’t do it for u he does it for his FANs.NOt U fuckiin people.ahhhhh.I hate u people I wish I can kill u all.well mj fans keep supporting and I’m happy wat u guys r doin I know michael is very proud of all of us.MICHAEL I LOVE U BABY UR SEXY UR HOT UR EVERYTHIING TO UR MY WORL FUCK ALL HATERS DON’T LET THEM GET U DOWN CUZ THEIR ALL GANNA DIE AND BURN IN HELL.KEEP UR HEAD UP AND MEMBER I LOVE U AND U R THE REAL KING OF POP AND UR THE KIING OF LIIFE.MUUUUAH BIG KISSES TO U AND UR FAMILY.LOVE UR WIIFEY FOR LIIFE.[[MjZ qUEEn 4 LiiFe]]

  • Brian

    What I cannot understand is how people that don’t like Michael Jackson, actually take the time to write about him and look athis pictures. It is true about what they say, good or bad publicity is good publicity. You still get noticed and that’s what matters in this industry.

    I would never take the time to go look and write about someone I can’t stand or want to think about. You people really have that much time on your hands?

    Well to set some facts straight, Michael has three kids two boys and one girl,. and yes the girl is wearing pink. Let’s not make something of nothing here.

    Far as his face, have you looked in the mirror lately? are you happy what you see? I’m in the public everyday and thank god I look the way I do, and have chosen the way I want to look. Michael is happy with the way he looks, that’s what matters, not how you think he should look.

  • Brian

    Some other notes:
    For people that don’t hate, but want to understand.

    Michael Jackson: does not wear a wig. (Media made this rumor up).
    Michael Jackson: nose is not removable (Media made this rumor up).
    Michael Jackson’s: wire on his shirt is a mic. He is so huge, that he must record every move he makes in public, or something he says can be used against him, by lies and schemes from evil people like past alligations.
    Michael Jackson: has a new album soon.
    Michael Jackson’s: voice is still the same.
    Michael Jackson: The US Library of Congress has officially added Michael Jackson’s Thriller to its National Recording Registry
    Michael Jackson: is still the King of Pop, Rock, and Soul.
    Visit Michael’s new website:


    You’ll never be forgotten.

    I love you Michael! <3

  • jay

    Michael Jackson what an amazing human

  • Dakota

    Yall haters are just freakin jealous cause he has awesome hair.Love you Michael!

  • betty

    That’s actually his daughter Paris. Not his son.

  • betty

    michael jackson has three children not just two. A daughter, and 2 sons. get it right.

  • Lydia

    i think he looks gorgeous. You people bash him because he has a STRING on his shirt? You are so jealous and so full of hate for a beautiful man that you laugh at him for this? Pathetic.
    RIP Baby.

  • Angela MJLUVR

    @WHAT TH?: umm thats his daughter paris!

  • Shannon

    Look at all the nasty, rude, hateful comments on here just 2 years before he died.
    It is extremely sad how Michael had to die just to gain a LITTLE respect from people!
    Btw, it was a TAG! Who the hell cares?

  • Shannon

    My heart goes out to all the loyal fans who stuck up for him in his last days. <3

  • Brad


  • Brad

    @kate: Well said!

  • Brad

    Michael Was a KING of a person. He was so, so , so beautiful. His kindness, love, generosity, caring nature, gentleness, warmth were just a few of his beautiful qualities. He saw eberything with his heart, he had such a big heart. His smile and his laugh was the most beautiful thing in the world. And his face could light up any room. No matter what any one said about him, he kept on going. No matter what, he still cared for the world. Not matter what people said about him, he still cared about people. People need to understand what a beautiful person he really was, so that they can try to become more like him, so the world can become a better place.
    I LOVE YOU MICHAEL. I’ll never forget you. It brings me such joy to know that you are now in a better place, far away from the ungrateful, place that is earth. At least now they will leave you alone and you can live peacefully for ETERNITY. I LOVE YOU

  • Seriously! For Real!

    Everyone is an IDIOT !
    @WHAT TH? — Did your little brain ever take into account that the Little “Boy” in Pink may be his DAUGHTER! You know Paris.. The girl that is a year younger than Prince.. a GIRL!
    And i Agree with @Kate.. “People” if thats what they want to call you.. “People !?!” More like total MONSTERS.. Get a life.. !
    Also.. @Lookinggood, @Michaels#1fan, @Jason etc.. You all make sence and have way more than 1 brain cell like the magority of the other people! For real.. There so Stuck up there own Bottoms that there blind to the world! Just because his face in one pic, Lookes different from his face in another pic that doesnt mean he has suddenly had alot of sergery. He could be Thinner, The lighting could be different, angle of his face, Emotion could be different.. Anything can change a picture! And he DID have a Skin Disorder called Vitiligo weather you Believe it or Not.. There are pictures where he has patches (If your not to LAZY to look), Documents, Statments and much more to say that he DOES have Vitiligo AND Lupus! and he wasnt the only person in his family to have it (Not his sibling or parents but others) and YES he wore Alot of make-up to cover the blotches.. And YES it can cause you whole body to turn white (My father is a Doctor and has seen it) and YES… Michael had Blotches all over his chest and arms and legs.. There are also pictures for this (If you not to LAZY to look again). As for the hair… Most people know that he got VERY burned while filming a pepsi commercial and the Doctors said he was Lucky to be Alive.. So it may of been hard (Maybe even Impossible) for the hair to grow back.. And maybe he Didnt want to be bald! As for covering the Childeren.. It wasnt Michaels idea.. It was Debbies.. There MOTHER! And he just went with it because she got threatening letters saying that someone will take the Childeren so she covered them.. GOT A PROBLEM.. I DONT CARE !
    Also.. I dont know what gives you the right to think you can say ANYTHING about this man because you so Jack SHT for ANYBODY !He has donteden Millions and MILLIONS to charity while you have sat on your sorry butts all day not even thinking about those poor Dying people in accidents and poor countrys.. And untill you do SOMTHING.. Keep you mouths SHUT! And people PLEASE take your head out of your ass or at least make your stomachs glass so you can see what TOTAL pathetic looser IDIOTS your being! Grow up, Get a life, And do somthing Constructive with it ! and stop Hatin on this AMAZING person because you aint SHT! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Peace the FK out ! ! ! ! ! ! Pardon my Language ! ! ! ! !

  • Seriously! For Real!

    @WHAT TH?: Your and actualy Retard.. THATS HIS DAUGHTER YOU IDIOT ! ! !