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Michael Jackson Mania

Michael Jackson Mania

Michael Jackson and his three children return to Los Angeles on Wednesday night after a two week trip to Japan and England.

Paris, Prince, and Michael II wore caps and covered their faces with black sheets while Jacko greeted fans and signed autographs.

For more pictures of Michael Jackson, 48, and his kids, CLICK HERE!

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  • Jade

    Strange how he makes his kids cover their faces, I know he thinks he’s protecting them from the paparazzi, but IMO those kids are getting too old to be wearing masks 24/7 in public.

  • michaelmaximus

    He`s just a dad trying to protect his kids.I love you Michael and I`m glad you and your kids got home safe.

  • Nina

    They don´t wear masks 24/7 in public. Just when they are in public with him. Nobody really knows how they look like, so that they can move around with their friends and so without having paparazzi following them. It´s actually very clever…

  • New York Pundit

    I wonder how much “Jesus Juice Play” The Prince, and Mikey 2 get out of their Daddyphile…?

  • aw

    Those poor kids. They shouldn’t be ashamed to show their faces.
    They are going to be bothered by the paps whether they cover there faces of not so i see no point in having to wear masks. It would be better to try to act normal and make the best of it.

  • jennifer

    I like Michael…he’s crazy but no bad person…actually he donates very much money,etc..and he makes VERY good music…and he loves his children…his kids have a privileged live…so why is there so much drama?!

  • aveeno

    Nina Says:
    March 22nd, 2007 at 10:54 am
    You’re right, that’s the part people refuse to acknowledge. Those kids have been out without their dad, all without masks and with friends without any disturbance from paparrazzi’s purely because whenever they’re with their dad they’re covered. He’s just a dad trying to protect his kids..

    Paris is such a daddy’s little girls, she’s always been so so so attached to her dad its so cute to see. The hat she’s wearing was given to her recently by Michael’s fans in London. And the toy that “blacket” is holding was also given to him by a fan….

    Prince is going to be a tall guy. He’s just ten but looks like he’s 13 or 15yrs old and protective of his little brother.

  • mercredi

    Poor children! Living with a pedophile and now this.

  • Sarah

    I may completely be missing the mark here, but are those his biological children? I thought so, but their hands are whiter than white! Has he passed on his condition to his kids?

  • Fleasha

    Seriously, couldn’t he just have them put on Zorro eye masks? Just because daddy mastered the art of breathing through a tiny plastic schnozz, it doesn’t mean it would be any easier for the kids to breathe with effing fabric enveloping their effing heads!

  • Jan

    Look at Boris Becker’s children.

    One (Anna Ermakova) ist also more than white. And the mother is black. So all genes from the father, none from the mother.

    Same with Michael. All genes from Debbie and none from Michael. That’s why they’re white.

  • Danny

    He looks wonderful. Really, really hot. I love it when he’s smiling, it’s pure magic. Hope, he will visit Neverland for the first time after 2005…

    Paris, Prince and Blanket are really cute and it seems to be that Paris is already a little young lady. I think, it must have been really difficult for Michael deciding for a kind of protection. His decision, to cover his children’s faces when they are together with him, is the best for the 3 in my eyes. When the world would known their faces – they couldn’t go anywhere without having paparazzi around them. It was a good desicion and I can understand Michael why he do this. He only want to protect his children, they should never make the same experiences he made in childhood and make until today. We all should accept it.

  • angelina_mmm

    I don’t think that they are his kids.

  • Grievous

    Michael is back and innocent.

  • DePaul

    About the children’s masks, I think it’s a smart move actually even if I don’t agree with everything he does. When the children go out in public with someone other than Jackson (like their nannies), they can still lead relatively normal lives without the fear of being stalked and photographed by the paps hiding in bushes. Nobody but the diehards would ever recognize those children without masks, so nobody would think twice about them unless Michael Jackson was around and they had their trademark masks/veils on. Too bad I saw that one paparazzi outlet still outed them them in Vegas when they were out and about with the nanny and no masks, but overall I think the method works and nobody knows how often these kids get out and do regular kid stuff.

    And I’ve read countless compliments about Michael’s parenting skills from those who actually spent a lot of time staying with MJ and his family. Even Martin Bashir himself was full of praises and approval about Michael’s parenting in the hours of outtakes that were cut from the televised special but were shown in court and on Fox or some other network.

  • JiJi

    Covering the kids is a good idea IMO. it has helped them get around freely when he’s not with them. I can only remember 3 times that they were photographed alone without their dad and that is a relevantly small number compared to how many times they would be followed if the press actually knew what they looked like.

  • Amy

    GAWD, I hate when people say this man is a pedophile. While he’s evidently lost most of his marbles, he ain’t pedo. That’s R. Kelly’s ground. He’s not a bad person, just very, very eccentric. With that being said, his face still creeps me out, and he needs to let those kids of his out for air sometimes. I mean, I understand wanting to protect children from all the cameras and stuff, but they just look like damn fools with the veils over their faces. Mike’s the one who needs to walk around with a bag over his mug.

  • mischa

    Though it does seem strange at first, after a second thought the idea of covering his kids 24/7 when they’re with him is actually quite clever. They get to have a fairly normal life without paparazzi stalking them all the time. I’m just afraid they’ll get to know their looks eventually. Too much sniffing around and too much money involved to let such a treat pass.

  • http://- BC

    I love him.
    That’s all I can say about Michael Jackson.

    The press and the ignorant haters won’t stop him.

  • Jade

    Give me a break! What, is he still gonna make them cover their faces at 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, years old????? Maybe he thinks its helping them out in the present, but when their older and look back at their childhood, they’ll always remember hiding their faces and I think that is a shame! and if the paparazzi wanted to find and stalk his kids they would and could. The masks aren’t doing anything but hurting the kids in the long run.

  • Anne

    It makes no sense that the kid’s faces are covered. The one paparazzi shot that exists from them (a few months back on LA airport without them covered prooves that they don’t look like him at all and they wouldn’t be recognised as being his kids when they are in public WITHOUT Michael Jackson. the point is that nobody knows anything about their regular daily routine (playing with friends, going to school, having friends their age and hobbies). Jackson’s intent to keep everyone about this in the dark makes it very suspicious that something is rotten in the state of Denmark…

    There are other ways to bring up children if mother or father are or happen to be celebrities and most of them do seem to work out fairly, but Jackson just refuses to acknowledge any of them and still thinks he is the bees knees in bringing children up in a celebrity envrionment – that is just delusion at its highest, not responsible parenting.

  • JiJi

    Michael has said it a million times. He wants it to be his children’s choice if they want to be in the public eye or not. So I’m sure when they grow up a little he’ll let them decide for themselves.

    And those children are very well adjusted from what I’ve seen. I saw them shopping in Dubai with Michael last year. Michael was the one in disguise and the kids weren’t covered at all. I talked to Michael and Paris. They all seemed like happy, polite children.

    They were very social and loving too. I gave them a stuffed teddy bear toy and the two older kids hugged me and said thank you.

  • Jade

    Yeah, but by the time they grow up they will be so used to having their faces covered, it will seem normal to them, when in fact, it is not NORMAL, so they most likely will be walking around with masks on as adults, much like their father does as an adult himself! Also, I never said they weren’t good kids, (most kids are indeed loving and good kids), But I still think it is a shame when their older and look back at their childhood, they’ll always remember hiding their faces! It’s not right! Come on’ what other celebrity makes their school age child wear a mask??? It’s strange & weird! Poor kids!

  • JiJi

    I know you didn’t say they were bad kids, but I mean that they were acting completely normal. Even better than normal kids honestly. They were very energetic. Especially the little girl. They seemed really happy, they laughed a lot but at the same time, they weren’t driving their nannies crazy and they were very polite.

    And you know, Michael only the past couple of years started taking them out in public like this. And they are only covered for the walk out and they are uncovered when they are inside the car. So it’s really only a matter of minutes that they are covered. Unless they go shopping and there are cameras around of course. but that rarely happens.

    When they were children, they were rarely seen with him. The only pictures you’d be able to find are of them being carried in and out of cars and in and out of hotels, that was pretty much it.

    A lot of fans have met those children when they were covered. I think they understand the reasons they are being covered and they are comfortable with it, but I seriously doubt that they are going to be like you said Jade. They are simply not covered up as much as everyone believes they are.

    In a whole year, you would only see pictures from 5 or 6 different days out of a year max. and most times it’s even less than that. So they’re not covered up that much really. Just when they’re out with their father and they know there are cameras around.

  • Spirit

    I ccan’t understand why other people are always butting in Michael’s business. Those are his CHILDREN and what he sas goes. He is the parent! A good one at that.
    If you can say somwthing nice shut UP!

  • Spirit

    If he wants theier faces covered so what can you do about it? Sit there and bitch behind your computer screen.
    Look no matter what happens in the lives of his children, it ain’t yo business, ok? You can complain, and complain all you want to but it’s just hot air and it ain’t traveling anywhere. So, hush up!
    Michael I love you…you’re the best person on the universe…!!!

  • princesskatherine

    I agree, his cheildren will be better off when they are older b/c they can go anywhere without their pictures being posted all over internet and television. Also,he gets alot of threats so maybe this is his way of protecting his children.

  • Kibbell

    Boris Becker’ daughter Anna doesn’t have a black mother, but a WHITE Russian mother, so no wonder she is white! On the other hand, is Michael gaining back colour, because if you check the pic where he is holding his daughters hand, there is a definate difference in colour.

  • Jade

    Spirit Says:

    March 22nd, 2007 at 7:11 pm – flag comment

    I thought you said if you can’t say anything nice, then shut up! Do I smell a hypocrite?!?! Your post was not NICE! so maybe you should STFU!

  • Jade

    Spirit Says:

    March 22nd, 2007 at 7:11 pm – flag comment
    By the way, I’m not complaining, I’m voicing my opinion, which I’m entitled to! And if its nobody’s business, then BUTT OUT!

  • Anne

    Furthermore, people have to admit that they know nothing about the daily routines of Jackson’s kids..short meetings with fans tell little about how they are every day. To say that Jackson’s kids have no personality is probably too much, but you can say that they have no public identity whatsoever. And this added with a father who appears to have at least a Body Dysmorphic Disorder, the picture you get is at least very odd…

    In addition to this it is not Jackson’s private business at soon as he presents his children to the public, be it covered or otherwise, the way he does it, it is in a way not a private business of Jackson alone. Fromn the reactions from some fans here it seems at least sure that fandom can never be an excuse for Jackson’s way of treating children! ;-) It just gets in the way of judging correctly and objectively.

  • Betty

    To 31
    Anne Says:
    March 23rd, 2007 at 5:21 am – flag comment
    And how exactly does he treat children? You just mentioned that we don´t know nothing about the daily routines of his kids (which I agree with) but then you go on about how fans make excuses for his way of treating children……..I thought people don´t know nothing about their lives…….or are you saying that those short meetings with fans gives less insight in their lives then this half an hour of him signing autographs (which by the way was no presentation of his kids to the public, if you would read properly: he was returning from a trip and was nice enough to sign autographs)

  • Maggie

    To JiJi:

    You Said:
    “but I mean that they were acting completely normal. Even better than normal kids honestly.”

    Your statement: “Even better than normal kids honestly” confuses me, you compare MJ’s children to “normal” children, are you saying MJ’s children are not necessary “normal” per say?

  • Anne

    Trouble is nobody knows anything and Jackson is not somebody I would trust with anybodys children…including his own. short meetings with fans do not give any insights to neither Jackson’s nor his children’s lifes or non-life…..And as there are only the same fans turning up again and again on occaisons like these you can’t really say this is in any way going public or giving any insights into Jackson’s life. With “presenting” I meant simply seen in public, nothing else. Jackson obviuosly has developed a kind of phobia about moving and interacting with normal people in public according to his behaviour in public for about 20 years now….Certainly not a good platform for children to learn how to deal with fame…Jackson never was able to do it how can he teach his children any strategy?

  • Bear

    The Paparazzi has nothing to do with this….It’s clear, Michael makes his children hide their faces because the children look NOTHING like him whatsoever and the media will pounce on that fact! And his children’s faces will be plastered on every tabloid in the world, debating whether their his biologicial children or not!

  • JiJi

    To Maggie who said :

    “Your statement: “Even better than normal kids honestly” confuses me, you compare MJ’s children to “normal” children, are you saying MJ’s children are not necessary “normal” per say?”

    I simply meant that when I watched the way they behaved and talked they seemed very energetic, happy, healthy, funny kids but at the same time they were very polite.
    They were acting completely normal, which I must admit, was a surprise to me. I expected that they would either be spoiled little brats or would be afraid of meeting new people but they weren’t like that at all. They played and talked with other children who had no idea who they were.
    And his daughter Paris seemed to love meeting fans. She kept coming up to her father while I was talking to him and she kept looking and smiling at me and when I looked at her she would blush and walk away and then return a minute later. After that we followed them a little bit but kept our distance and she kept waving at us every few minutes.

    I was simply comparing them to little kids I know and kids I see everywhere I go. I know how whiny and annoying kids their age are. They’re all around me. I have at least 4 cousins that age.

    It was the first and only time that I’ve been anywhere near Michael or his children. I’ve only seen footage and pictures just like everyone else and I expected them to some how act abnormal. And they didn’t. That was all I was saying.

  • DNA


  • DNA

    Oh yeah-woman in red has been rumored to be the mother of mike’s next kid-(see pregnt stomach)been dating him secretly-her daughter on the right-buch of crapola?

  • Lalay

    he scares the shit out of me with that fugly face

    P.S He’s agreat singer and dancer

  • yaya

    I almost fell out of my chair becuz his nose is so scary

  • crankers

    why do Paris and Prince have such white hands?

    they ARE his kids right?

  • Michaels#1Fan!

    If you haters really hate MJ like you say you do then you wouldn’t be looking a pictures of him and taking the time to post comments about him!

    We Love You Michael!!!!

  • aa

    by covering there face when there with him, it allows them to go out without masks whenever they want to without him. He did it so they arnt always followed and can lead a semi-normal life.

  • flower

    Paris has got the exact same walk as Michael and looking closely her hands are the same as his when he was young!

  • A..E.

    They would be better off in foster care.

  • MIchael

    Michael jackson is g@y he looks gay if he was black he looks better

  • http://Michaeljackson Thayná

    eu amo Michael Jackson

  • A.E.

    Don’t know why his STEP-DAUGHTER is covering herself.
    Nobody can see her.

  • zizo

    i love michael
    i like michael
    i am fond of michael
    i love him all of it music dance …..all
    (((((((((((WE LOVE YOU MICHAEL))))))))))))))

  • D.B.

    Everyone has their way of protecting their kids, no matter what method is used, and how positive it looks, not everyone will agree on a given method. However, it is good to voice an opinion and also read someone’s opinion. Having said that michael loves and takes care of his kids as best as any caring parent can. One more thing, michael’s vitiligo is not by a chance; it is purposely planned by God to show the world that weither you are white or black; childlike or adult, have an image of a women and a man, you are God’s creation with a talent and a gift. However, people who say all these bad things about michael jackson are recognized by God as the Devil’s servants who claim to believe in God. The reason I am saying these is because there is a right way to criticize a person and there is a wrong way to criticize a person. Show respect and sensitivity through your criticisms, because God is listening.