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Wentworth Miller's Bean Pole Jeans Ad

Wentworth Miller's Bean Pole Jeans Ad

Moments after arriving at the studio, Prison Break hottie Wentworth Miller churned out this striking pose in his very first Bean Pole Jeans Ad.

Anybody else wondering about the bunk bed frame? (raises eyebrow)

UPDATE 1 :: Wentworth was spotted leaving the Bean Pole Jeans studio in his red hoodie, waving to fans being driven off by car service on Thursday afternoon.

UPDATE 2 :: Wentworth was spotted out and about on the streets of Korea with his red hoodie again. The t-shirt he’s wearing looks very Asian.

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wentworth miller bean pole jeans ad 01
wentworth miller bean pole jeans ad 02
wentworth miller bean pole jeans ad 03
wentworth miller bean pole jeans ad 04
wentworth miller bean pole jeans ad 05
wentworth miller bean pole jeans ad 06
wentworth miller bean pole jeans ad 07
wentworth miller bean pole jeans ad 08
wentworth miller bean pole jeans ad 09

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  • tia

    how is it possible that the ad is up already I wasn’t expecting to see any photos for atleast 6 months, not that I’m complaining but huh? didn’t he literally just take them?

  • Just Jared

    Yes. Literally.

    What can I say, them Koreans are quick!

  • Giuliettonzola

    thanks KOREA thanks JJ u r always our best source!! :) :) love wenty in the ad pic….he’s so hot.. im drooling

  • http://deleted Maldita

    That was way too fast for my still hyperventilating heart! He looks too fine! and yes Jared, the bunkbed frame? Hmmm…Prison Break feel, bootcamp effect?

  • Kellie

    Ok, is it just me, or has he bulked up abit, he seems abit more muscly.
    And my gawd that was quick getting those pics!
    Thanx Jared, always nice to see pretty pretty Went :)

  • pkharma

    yooowzaaa! JustJared, you officially rock all my sleeping socks. hahahaa. Yeah, the ad is up damn fast! Hahaha. =)

  • loli

    OMG what a hottie man!!! I can’t get him out of my head ;)
    The day I saw him for real in Cannes was a great moment that I can’t forget…
    Thanks for the picture!!!

  • Vi

    wow that was quick! a bit dissapointed that his not doing the shoot with gweneth or daniel henney =(..

  • Giuliettonzola

    for LOLI: u saw him…?in cannes…in october…?omg u r so a lucky girl :) did u also meet him? omg tell me about him im curious!

  • Dana

    Hot damn! i was just sneakin in here to see if there’s any new pics, wishful thinking really but HEY JJ! as usual you’re a legend! Love you and the net yo! and ofcourse Went i love you the most =)

  • angelina_mmm

    WOW :)

  • fefe

    the pic looks like one of the pic of Justin Timberlake did a few months ago!

  • angelina_mmm

    to loli
    please, share your expirience
    what is he like in person?
    i would really like to know

  • Shannon

    Could he be any hotter?! Thanks Jared!

  • Neeza

    thank you JJ … you rocks .. first in hand on the photo ad .. i love you .. my god that photo ad is smoking hot .. love it .. hope we can have more pics of him later …

  • Giuliettonzola

    these Korean people love to make pics….GREAT! wow i hope they will continue in these days… ^__^

  • Kristi

    He looks great!! I think they are going for the prison effect with the bunk beds and the bare room.

  • Wet For Went

    There are no words…

  • tina

    ben chan of bench, if you ever get to read this….. PLEASE HIRE HIM TO ENDORSE BENCH! i’ll spend all my money buying your stuff once you do.

  • Coco

    Thanks Jared! You never disappoint us with your latest posts of W.M. Keep them coming…I know that he has that fan meet tomorrow a.m. I could not make it to Seoul, but the Koreans will give us more great photos.

    Wentworth if you ever read this…I have had a bad day with my daughter ill and sleeping overnight at the hospital tonight. I struggled all day…but your new ad has brighten my day!

  • patty

    oh my goodness!! Just jared what are you trying to do.kill me?? Those are smoking pictures!! Just when i had given up all hope of seeing new wentworth pictures you throw this at me!!! WWOOOOWWWWW. i LOVE YOU JUST JARED!! MWAH big kiss to you. That guy is the definition of hotness! Look in the dictionaery for the meaning of sexy and you will find Wentworth Earl Miller!

  • tracy

    oh MY GOD!!!!!!!!! he looks so sexy in those clothes. i would love to see him in person. does anyone know what he’s doing this Spring / Summer before he starts with Prison Break 3?

  • Chickapoo

    Wowza, he’s too “h o t” for words! I love the ad and the candids! Is it just me or does that woman standing next to Went in the last pic, look like the same woman who gave him flowers at the airport?

  • meemee

    Wentworth is soooo fine ! :o)

  • Vada

    thx Jared!

  • ks

    I didn’t expect any ad pic until weeks from now, but I’m not complaining here. Keep them coming PLEASE! Very cool, love it!!

  • SUE

    I can’t see any ad pics, could you re post them please Jared.

  • Marleen

    Jared, you are the BEST!

    Went is so.. WOW! I don’t have enough words for him. He is so beautiful!

  • inkwerty’shumbleopinion

    (Jared) I knew you would be right on top of it! Woo Hoo……………* deep breaths * the hotness…..he should be illegal!

  • Nunya

    humenna humenna humenna – the man is too hot for words! Thanks for making my day, my week, probably my month, Jared!

  • rjb

    I can’t believe it. I’m going to be in Seoul next Friday–well, 8 hrs in the airport anyway, on my way down south. Wentworth, didn’t you get my email!? What are you doing there a week early? :(


    one word ” yum”

  • Kitty

    Went = catnip for Kitty

  • Nunya

    And I love how he always travels with a backpack – so collegiate!

  • SweetyKat


    I knew you would be the first to get them! Thanks a bunch! I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining because you kisk a–, but that’s it? There’s only one photo from the shoot? I know they didn’t draw up a contract, fly him all the way to Korea, just to take one photo of him in one outfit. There has to be more. Where are the rest?

    Went looks beautiful as always. He looks so young sometimes, like his 20s. Then he looks his age in some photos, like a man, which I love. He looks happy, but he also looks as though he didn’t care for all that attention.

    Thanks so much, Jared. I can’t wait to see the other photos for the ads. I know you’ll be the first to get those out there, too. You’re the best!

  • SweetyKat


    It should be “because you kick a$$”


  • Bunny

    Thanks Jared-great picture of Went looking all PB bad. Do hope there are more as a face like that should be be in more than one ad. He is a natural with the camera.

  • 22

    To be honest i thought that Wentworth was much hotter during season one & two of Prison break, and i was dissapointed that he no longer took my breathe away every time i saw him, like before during season three. But now from seeing this pictures he has defintely brought his sexiness back.

    May i add that i love his red shirt, not at all like his old im-60-years-old-clothes. Haha, sorry about the complaining, but look at him now. Hotter than ever!

  • marymi

    when does his korean TV commercial come out? he never did make one for GAP. although the the one they made with the girl and the guy (not wenty) dancing, and the girl rips off his GAP “boyfriend trousers” off him, ironically was shown during monday night’s prison break? :s

  • Mink

    Posted by ‘Sophia’ at the WMO board:

    “Because Bean Pole Jeans kept Korean fans in the dark about his schedule, fans waited outside Shilla hotel which was their only sure bet. Went’s been very nice and gentle to the fans, waving and putting on big smiles for them. ”

    Awwww! :D

  • Softspoken

    Wow!!! My husband Wentworth E. Miller keeps getting hotter and hotter as the days go by. Lord knows I enjoyed those pictures. OOOhhhh that hot son of an onion!!! He’s so damn hot it puzzles me. Hope he returns back here to L.A. soon. Love you Went!!

    You are the King and Master of websites!!! I swear!!! Every Wentworth post you put on your site is just amazing. I really love your site. keep up the good work and thanx for the Went update.

  • ikho


  • abc

    Wentworth if you read this : the difference between being a commodity and claiming to be one is the same as the difference between pornography and erotism.You’ll be smart enough to get that one

  • Maldita

    tina, i’m guessing your a Filipino coz i was actually thinking the same thing but he might fit Folded and Hung better than Bench. OMG! Red hoddie + WENT = H-O-T Sizzle!

  • inhwa

    I’ll see him !!!! I’m so excited!!!!!!!!!!!

  • silvarat

    hello jared, here’s an article about you:
    many koreans are really excited about SEOK HO FELL’s in korea now
    he’s leaving in a few hours, though…sigh…:(

  • prisonluv

    HOLY COW!!!Thanks so much. He is looking hott!! He should do ads for hoodies cause he is working them!

  • goodgirl
  • Cindyx0x0

    Oh my wenty goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As soon as I saw that Bean Pole Jeans ad pic , I instantly creamed up my panties. Thanks Wentworth Miller, now I gotta But Seriously he’s so damn HOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!! Why do you torture me Went? Why? You’re eye fucking the shit outta me!lol.

  • goodgirl