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The Rise & Shine of Halle Berry

The Rise & Shine of Halle Berry

Halle Berry looks frakkin’ gorgeous in the April 2007 issue of InStyle!!

Here are some highlights from Halle‘s interview with InStyle:

  • On keeping a pair of Mickey Mouse blue jeans that she’s had since she was 15: “It’s my annual test — I try them on once a year, and if I can still fit into them, then all is good in the world!” (JJ Note: She still fits them. That is INSANE!)
  • On her first impressions of her current squeeze, male model Gabriel Aubry: “After my last relationship broke up I was feeling like, well, it wasn’t that I didn’t want to be in a relationship. it’s just that I thought it would be OK to be on my own. But he was disarmingly sweet and caring and different. In the past I’ve been attracted to (gesturing) big personalities. Gabriel was shy. He hardly talked to me at first. I had to work at this a little. It wasn’t a slam dunk; it wasn’t the guy just showering affection on me. It made it more interesting. We were equally matched — put it that way.”
  • On Gabriel’s fashion sense: “He has certainly raised the bar. (laughs) He’s a fashionista. (looks at Gabriel’s watch that she’s wearing) It feels nice knowing it’s his. Now if he wears my stuff we’ve got a problem!”
  • On her and Gabriel’s shared interest of golf: “I’m not good at it. And it eats at me that I can’t master it, can’t get my brain around it. I even had lessons with David Leadbetter, one of the best instructors in the world. I just want to be a decent golfer and have the guys be happy that I’m with them, not like ‘Oh, damn, here comes Halle.’ “
  • On how she’s going to raise her kids in the future: I definitely want children. Very much. I want my kids to realize it’s only through hard work that any success or real joy comes. It’s not about money; it’s the intangible rewards — having integrity and doing what you say you’re going to do. My mom is that way.”
  • On her last meal: French toast with more syrip than anybody should, a bowl of pasta and give orders of bananas Foster.” (As a diabetic, Halle could not eat this meal in real life.)

Run out and buy those Gublo pumps. Those babies are hot.

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Photos: Jenny Gage, Tom Betterton
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  • PinkRose

    Love Halle. She gets more likable as she gets older. Maybe a little pain and suffering has rounded out her personality.

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    gorgeous – beautiful – perfection

    question: she who is her equal? none

    and she’s fresh 2 death

  • Fleasha

    Must. Have. Celine. Python. Trenchcoat.


    Halle is gorgeous and she has the best body in Hollywood. She is fabulous even when she is dressed down.

  • squid

    love her!

  • Gussie

    Love the trenchcoat! So spacesuit-ish… :)

  • Alicia

    wow, if she can wear jeans from when she was fifteen (at age 40) then my lazy 21-yr-old a$$ should be able to get back into those size 26′s

  • http://justjared dina#1

    Love her. Luv her. Luv her. Can’t wait for her movie. She took a lot of heat for Catwoman, but frankly it wasn’t any worse than some of Nicole Kidman’s or Jennifer Aniston’s movies. Plus she looks better than either of them.

  • nice

    If Gabriel was shy, it’s because he was so attracted to her, he didn’t know how to act.

    I always look for that from a man. When he’s too confident around you, he’s a player and you are a notch on his belt. That’s how I knew Ryan really loved Trista, and they are still together and having a baby. Yeah!

  • Ruth

    She is a beautiful woman and a good actress. I am really looking forward to her movie “Things We Lost in the Fire” in which she stars with Benicio del Toro.

  • [Fug Face Maniston]

    she is by far the best looking women in Hollywood, or anywhere else!

  • Jacinda

    Beautiful and classy!

  • Cherry-Lee

    she looks beautiful

  • chichi

    I was 98 pounds at 15, no way would I even think in any way being like my 15 year old self, how friggin self absorbed is she? Something isnt right in Halle-land

  • DA

    Oh my god I am so glad you said something ChiChi. I read that thing about fitting into jeans she bought at 15 and all I could thing was, “That is so not healthy. Way to be a good role model.” And then I read the first 13 comments that all supported her and wondered why no one else saw anything wrong with that.

  • 2985

    No wonder Gabriel was all shy at first, I would be too if I’d been in the presence of Halle’s gorgeous boobs! Well, BOTH she and her boobs are delish anyway. =) I wonder what size jeans she wore when she was 15 though, coz she doesn’t look like a stick insect, so it couldn’t be a teeny size to begin with? Just wondering, not bashing, maybe size 28? She has great hips to waist ratio. Enough drooling.

  • canuckistani

    Of course the girl looks good, she’s hittin it on a regular basis with a gorgeous younger man!!! You’d look good and have a smile on your face too!!!

  • eww

    well it would all depends on what size she was when she was 15. Frankly im the same size i was when i was 15 and im 18. I weighed about 125-130. surely you put on weight as you age but for my height im at a healthy weight. So if she was healthy then I see no problem with it. but if you were 98lbs then Id say you had a problem then and no way should you get that low again.

  • eseu

    I only just pray that she crowns her beauty with a child. It is very important. Otherwise, the whole essence of looking beautiful, having a gorgeous man will be wasted.

  • Kelly

    Chichi or DA you are not necessarly an insect when you’re 15,I already had a woman’s body when i was 13 and since then my body is still the same , and i was not extremely thin not at all! Everything depends on her height.Everyone is not like you chichi…


    #8 dina#1 says: ITA…and I bet that both those ladies would agree too.

  • Maki

    Chichi get over yourself!Everyone was not 98 lbs when they were 15!Lot’s of teens already have women’s body when they hit 13.

  • thisISweird

    Halle is a beautiful woman, but in life NOTHING IS PERFECT! And I think it starts with her logic. She is sooooo redundant. I remember “once upon a time” how Eric Benet was the “sweetest…most gentle man she had ever known,” now that seems to be Gabriel. I personally think only time will tell about this guy. Halle recently said on a television interview that the honeymoon stage in the relationship is the first year and then you start to see who the person really is, as opposed to the “representative” and then you sit back and you say, you know what I don’t think I “really like you.” It was almost like she was venting because I know she and Gabriel have been together for a year, but again time will tell. Also, Halle is full of contradictions…she talks about how “great” Gabriel is, but then in the next breath she’s already like “BUT I WILL NEVER MARRY AGAIN.” There’s just something wrong with the picture of them smiling in photos, Halle in one breath talking about how she’s “so happy” and then a headline…”HALLE WILL NEVER MARRY CANUK BOYFRIEND.” It’s weird! It’s almost like she’s saying he will never be good enough to be my husband. But if he’s happy with this position, then good for him. But there’s a lot of negative energy with this one, IN MY OPINION!

  • thisISweird

    Sorry I misspelled “CANUCK”

  • B.

    I still fit in pants I bought when I was 11, and I actually do the same test with a tight skirt I’ve had since I was 14. She has not had any children, she is not very tall, it is really not that strange.
    (The “then all is good in the world” quote is not to be taken literally, duh…)

  • ThanksJJ

    Thanks JJ. Great article. Haven’t seen the video from the photo shoot yet, but did see the awesome 7-8 photos from the photo shoot. I don’t even want to think about getting back into my old pair of Calvins, even though I still have two St. John’s knit dresses I am hoping to get back into. Cute about the Rolex, little high schoolish, but still cute nevertheless. Glad she is becoming happy and learning what she wants out of life. Rather refreshing to read on this blog for a change.

    Another awesome article is her interview in the April 2007 Reader’s Digest.

  • sharedinterests

    Shared interests in art and design. We all know about her dragging him all over Cali and the Big Apple shopping. Still say he’s a flamer and Halle’s trying to change him like she tried to change Eric from his philandering ways. Other than that I agree it was a good article too.

  • Page Six was wrong

    Looks like Page Six was wrong…no proposal….she didn’t say he’s moved in yet whether implied or not. How come no comments yet from LOL3, HalleGabriel or GoHalle!?

  • #27 don’t start

    Can’t we do without the gay innuendos on at least one Halle and Gabe JJ reference.

  • cindy

    I love Halle. I think she is beautiful but what kind of example is she setting for young girls saying if she fits in her same jeans that she wore when she was 15 than everything is alright. At 15 I was 95 pounds and now at 24 Im 115 pounds and I don’t consider myself fat at all but I know I can’t fit in my pants that I wore when I was 15.

  • canadian cutie

    Halle has never been stick thin – that is why she can still fit into her MM jeans! She looks voluptuous and healthy, and her face is beautiful. I loved her in Monster’s Ball with Billy Bob. She is a great actress, but somehow she always ends up heartbroken with abusive/and or cheating men. I hope she finds true love.

  • Go Halle!

    Halle is very shapely. Not to get too racial, but she has curves typical of many black women who are in shape. There is muscularity there and it gives the body good shape and curves if you aren’t carrying too much body fat. Halle is a great role model. Her weight has remained pretty stable over the years. With marriages and divorces and bad relationships… she still manages to take excellent care of her body and it shows.

  • HalleGabriel

    I’ve always admired Halle’s stellar, quadroon like beauty and I am glad she has maintained it. I’m also a big fashion follower and am a fan of Gabriel’s. I hope they have a happy future together.